Thursday, January 27, 2022

"The Carnal Mind Sees Him in the Anthropomorphic Absurdity of the False Self Writ Large."

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Sexual attraction might bring two magnetized units together, but... it won't keep them together. There is an Asian tale about beans in a jar. The couple is supposed to put a bean in a jar every time they have sex in the first year that they are together. Then they are supposed to take a bean out of the same jar every time they have sex thereafter. The supposition is that they will never empty the jar. Ardor diminishes and dies, so... if there is no other force than passion holding two people together... it won't last unless it is an uncommon passion.

In the yogic tradition, one trains the mind to see all women as embodiments of The Divine Mother, probably because they are that. It also assists in sublimating the raw attractive force. It bears a marked similarity to the term of greeting, Namaste... “I salute the God within you.” The idea is to spiritualize EVERYTHING.

I've had to play a lot of catch-up in later years, mostly because I was sometimes going in the wrong direction, and at other times in no direction at all. It is flat out amazing how much distance one can cover when they are determined to do so and are relentless in the consistent application of it. Then I discovered that I wasn't going anywhere at all. I found that it is my love that transports me and it is no linear thing. I further discovered that when I was made capable of not being attracted to anyone or anything on the material plane, my love naturally took me in the direction of Godhead. There was no longer anything to hold me back.

In the process of discovering that there was nothing to discover, I discovered that argument is a form of sexual interaction. I believe it is why they sometimes call it a mind-fuck. Anyone who likes to argue is not worth spending any time around unless you like to argue too. People are at war with themselves and they bring the war to you. They are all propelled by a growing disenchantment with each other because no one lives up to The Ideal; whatever that is. This creates frustration. The frustration generates anger. The anger leads to conflict, of which argument is an expression.

Sex and war have a great deal in common. It is a tenet of the drive for dominance. Men win that battle in the short run and women win it over the long haul. If you don't know what I am talking about, I am sorry, but... neither I, nor anyone who has ever lived, has enough time to satisfactorily explain this to you if you don't get it right off. Failing that, life will educate you over the long haul.

This brings me to The Rightness of Mind and The Wrongness of Mind. If you are in The Rightness of Mind, everything goes well for you because everything manifests in the right or... desirable way. If you are in that other mind, well... that is what you get for insisting you are right when you haven't a clue as to what that is.

You either see things as they are, and that is a rare thing, or... you see things as you want to see them because it furthers your personal interest to do so, and you find your companions among those of like mind. This is also one of the main sources of argument in life. A great many people ABSOLUTELY believe that they are right. The only person who is right is the one who knows that they do not know. THEN... then you can be informed.

The main crux of the problem cycles bio-rhythmically through your life and it has to do with whether God is real or not. Sometimes one feels more strongly that God is real, and other times there is less enthusiasm for that perspective. A lot of the problem has to do with WHAT God is, and that is something you can NEVER know, but... you can know what Love is; not entirely, but more so than you will ever know what God is. This is because Love... at a certain level... is a conscious force, and it can and will inform you of EVERYTHING you will EVER need to know.

It is a dead-end road to tell others that they should run from sexual attraction with all their strength, and instead run toward Higher Love with the same degree of force. The ears and eyes are closed and the mind is blind to reason. The heart doesn't reason, and it wants what it wants. There is Nature and there is Higher Nature. Nature wants you to mate with your kind so that life will constantly be replaced... here. Higher Nature wants you to achieve Union with God.

There is nothing wrong with the union of marriage. There can be plenty wrong with one's motivations to that estate. I recommend reading about the lives of enlightened Householder Yogis, like Lahiri Mahasaya, RamaKrishna, and others. If two are joined together in a common love for God, Divine Magic enters into that union. There are many old tales about how... long ago... we were all cut in half, and now we spend our incarnations in pursuit of that missing part of ourselves. Here we are on the border of Divine Mystery. Once again, it is not something you can talk about without confusing the issue. This is because no two separated minds see anything exactly the same. Their motivations are not the same... and there is that which The Separated Mind cannot see for as long as the separation continues.

Look at every religion in its ideal aspect, every spiritual path. They ALL teach union with God, however they understand what that is. They all speak in different terms about The One Mind. In reality, there is... ONLY one mind. Wisdom comes when the heart swallows the mind, and Love alone remains.

The yogic ideal is to achieve complete detachment from The World. This is how one discovers Impersonal Love. Impersonal Love is unattached. Personal Love is attached. Attachment is one of the key ingredients of Suffering. It is the fruit of what Ignorant Desire got you into. Take a look back at the events which took place in your life and how you tried to control your life... but... were unable to. Everything is already under control, AND NOT BY YOU. Does it not then make sense to seek out who it is that is in control?

What does one do in order to put themselves in harmony with The Supreme Controller? One surrenders. You see many dances in life that have endured for centuries. Some of them are celebratory. Some also double as a martial art. They are an effort to put one in resonance with celestial forces. Yoga is such a dance. Baraka and Dervish Dancing also qualify. One might find their understanding of such things improved by reading about the life of Morihei Ueshiba. God does all sorts of interesting things through people he has chosen to demonstrate them. If you knew how deeply embedded The Divine is in existence, you would seek him out with a greater passion than you have ever shown for anything else. Tantra is also such a dance, but VERY FEW have any real knowledge of this.

You can accomplish ANYTHING through the Power of Love. Love intuitively KNOWS the right and wrong of anything and passes right by every blind and trap. Love IS The Free Bird. Love has wings and will bear you to Heaven itself if you have the metal for it. We waste so much time looking for ourselves in others, and nearly always being disappointed. You CAN find IT in another if the two of you are both seeking Higher Love. Higher Love weds all similar souls into an unbreakable unity that resides above the murk and clamor below.

We would not be disappointed in others if we were to view them through the lens of Impersonal Love. Of course, we never find what we are looking for because we don't know what we are looking for in the first place. I am here to tell you that no matter what you think you are looking for, you are looking for God, even if you see him as The Devil, as some do. The Spiritual Mind sees him as the ineffable and the source of love that brings forth all good things. The Carnal Mind sees him in the anthropomorphic absurdity of the false self writ large. If you study real history, you can see the effects of both minds on the progression of human events.

Once again... whatever it is that you seek, let Love be your guide and your impetus. When your heart beats, let it beat for the love of all creation. Yes... some people are false and do evil things. If they knew better they would not do these things, and life will teach them the costs of their endeavors. There are some who do evil for the sheer joy of doing it and who KNOW what they are and what they are about. They too are deceived. You cannot (should not) spend your time agitating yourself and others about all the evil in The World. There is no positive outcome to spraying hatred on public figures. It will just come back on you... EVERYTHING DOES! Love exclusively and impersonally and see what happens.

Joe Rogan has a podcast. I have never heard him. I don't get out much, so to speak. God also has a podcast and it has a much wider reach. How to tune in seems to be the problem for most. Tuning in is a matter of tuning in, and having the certitude that the broadcast will come to you. Most of us don't bother to try to tune in. It's too amorphous for most. It's not commonplace enough; nobody else seems to be doing it. You might be surprised about that. It is not something you would see in the first place. It is something you can feel, however.

Sexual force can be turned into a passion for anything. If the object involves attachment, suffering, and sorrow WILL follow. I've heard it said, “if you love someone, set them free.” Impersonal Love does this. Liberate others, do not bind them. Do not make demands on others. If you are meeting the REAL NEEDS that there are in life it will not occur to you to make any demands because you will lack for nothing.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I can say about sexual attraction is I'm glad my hormones are dead. It's not there anymore. Looking back, me thinks it was a pain in the butt. I also NEVER had a desire to procreate. All I see is a irritating, inconvenient, expensive in so many ways liability. (Or 'A Modest Proposal' in times of famine. HAD to add that. After all, I am an Arsehole to the 33rd Degree. ;O)) My long term 'agape' relationship with my nosey-poo is the best I ever had. (Wasn't always platonic, but sex was on the back burner even in the old days.) We also have no fights for dominance. We are a total co-op. We do what we gotta do for the mutual benefit, no questions asked. We have no set roles. If one of us can't do something, the other one does it, or we hire someone who can. (Neither one of us can fix cars.)

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant! You seem to be working up to a crescendo.


Visible said...

I wonder... Bryan. It is certainly more than a little upsetting to some anonymous types over at The Truthseeker. I rarely read the comments there, but... sometimes I am informed of them despite my absence (grin).

just a fool said...

Greetings Cosmic Spiritual Guide LV!
Stop wanting is on loop and it is the key to getting through this realm of madness.
Worldling Zombies can't be helped and will never wake up as they run away from the God frequency as fast as possible.
They want no repercussions for Marxist Materialism Madness and do what thou wilt selfishness.
As long as you have what you need then what more do you need.
I know that I know nothing and any clues or puzzle pieces regarding the Big Picture were put there by God...and Cosmic Spiritual Guides!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"NONE OF THEM Comes Close to Being as Important as Having The Gene to Search for God."

Anonymous said...

More on the Neil Young nonsense;now Joni Mitchell has apparently joined Young. What a downer I quite liked Joni Mitchell's songs.


Visible said...

Yeah... I saw that. I think there is some kind of celebrity virus going around, a kind of Covid Cluelessrona. Something went wrong in their heads. They came up in a generation that did not trust authority and now they have bought into it. Look for the shadow shapes in the background. I'm guessing they run these people like remote cars.

Anonymous said...

Shucks, I remember when a bona fide Democrat/Liberal/Progressive, etc wouldn't piss on the FIB-(cia) if they were on fire. Nowadays though, it's kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch all day and all of the night. Some big neo-progressivism, uh-huh..

Missing Munich said...


what brilliant writing. Taking a weekend off from work, and quite enjoying it. Pepper (my rescue dog) and I have been visiting the resident state and national parks between KY snowmageddon events (and every flake qualifies in this state!!!). The quiet in nature is quite healing, my flurona is improving by the day.
Incidentally met a couple from Germany today at one of the parks, and learned that things are not at all well in the homeland. Apparently the politicians have lost their collective minds. The fact that those two actually came from my exes hometown made the meeting even more serendipitous.
Always looking forward to your postings, they're soothing for the soul.

Much love all around!!!

Visible said...

Always a comfort to know you are around, Missing in Munich.

My ex is in the homeland as well.



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