Tuesday, January 11, 2022

"You Would Know Better than Anyone Else what Your Footprints Look Like From The Moment You are Standing In."

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People have a window for various common experiences. For some, the window does not exist for very long. For some few... it goes on for much longer. There is The Window of Personal Attractiveness. Some don't get out of their teen years with any window at all... these days. There are Windows of Opportunity, and this is decided by two features; Karma and Grace. Your windows depend on them too.

How often do you see anyone say Grace over their food in a restaurant or their homes? It is a much-diminished pattern. God is very far away. The Material World is much closer and more accessible. It can taste good. It can look good. It can smell good. It can feel good and it can sound good, but not so much of the latter these days. The soundtrack is now a Satanic celebration of animal sex, random consumption of what-all, and something called Bling. Bling is a tiny progression from twinkly shit people paste on their faces at a third grade level to huge, cumbersome, and shiny, ugly crap they wear around their neck, usually their name (so they don't forget it) or some bestial slam dance of a Horizontal Hula reference.

Maturity and Class are no longer a thing. Acting out at a Third Grade level in tantrum mode is now a thing. How did we fall so far so quickly? Well... it ALL comes down to The Usual Suspects, in total control of The Media and The Money. They have been SHAPING the culture into a downward spiral of depraved appetite. They are the ones behind making gay marriage a right by law. No sooner did this happen than every other twist of the sex licorice came along behind it; teaching perverse sexual behaviors in elementary school, adoption to swell the numbers of programmed children who have not seen that the thorns on The Rainbow are worse than Natal Plum. This same thing has happened in EVERY CULTURAL DECLINE... since the beginning of time.

Black cultural emergence is now one of the main focuses of The Usual Suspects, BECAUSE... they want to control it. They took over all the civil rights orgs from the git-go way back, just as they have done with the whole sexual freak circus. They owned the slave ships that brought them here. They own the slums, real-estate-wise. They used to own all the pawnshops, AND... they had total control of black music until Barry Gordy came along. They were the loan sharks and most of the gangsters that came and went in America. They are ALWAYS the bankers. They finance Antifa and are the source of Communism.

A few things stand in the way of writhing Babylon rampant on a field of blood; religious traditions, The Family Unit, Natural Human Sexuality, personal honor and dignity... and love of country. Who owns the largest gay porn operation on the planet? It is a husband and wife team of The Usual Suspects, from Brooklyn... I think. They are senior citizens. Who runs the porno empire? The Usual Suspects. Who is the driving force behind The War on Christmas and Christianity? The Usual Suspects. Who has killed the largest numbers of people in more countries (by far) than ANY other group of people? The Usual Suspects. Who faked a holocaust to cover the greatest holocaust in history? Right.

Who created and distributes the vaccines? The Usual Suspects. Who is pressing for war in Eastern Europe, that also caused both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Whaddya know... same as it ever was. Who runs The Teacher's Union and the CDC? The Usual Suspects. Who controls the State Department? Who was behind creating and maintaining The Federal Reserve? Same again. Who killed presidents and anyone who got in the way of The Federal Reserve? Same again. Who runs both houses of Congress? Same again. Who controls the largest share of funds used by politicians in order to become catamites, bent over the table they signed the agreement on.

I could... LITERALLY, do this for the rest of the posting and far beyond it, but if you don't know all of this by now, the chances of you ever knowing... much less doing anything about it; have you met Slim and None? Yeah... if it weren't for The Divine Animating Principle and all his proxy personas (The Sun that causes all weather, in conjunction with mountains and oceans and all the rest) there would be no hope at this point. Every single event that occurs here, in Nature and in human affairs is a life play of divine archetypes interacting. Everything that happens is good for one and bad for another. Everyone who suffers IS... in some stage of resistance to The Divine Will.

People in life are subject to Karma they created at some time previous, while... at the same time... making new Karma to come. Here is where self-service and selfless service come into play. Self-service is a Karma generation device. Selfless Service is a Karma reduction device. The Usual Suspects are The Children of The Pit. They are here to play the relentless adversary against all your hopes and dreams. They are a part of it all, and they have an endless army of minions, who in one way or another, serve His Satanic Majesty. That is the fellow that God appointed to handle that side of things. You can argue about that all you want, BUT... since God is in ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Do the math! The Devil is the way that the wicked and fearful see God.

What... for reasons that escape me... is REALLY going on behind the scenes? What is going on with the horrible fates that befall so many people? WHY... do people persist in ignorant behavior that brings more and more suffering down on their heads? Karma IS NOT an inflexible, mechanical reality! EVERYTHING in your life is determined by the level of your resistance to The Divine. The Grace of God ALWAYS triumphs over Karma... if God so wills it. You CAN negotiate with God. You can get a loan from his Spiritual Bank to cover all your outstanding debts. Yes... you WILL have to pay it off in some way. Yes... service will be required of you, BUT... personally... if I had no debt, eternal service would STILL be my intention. It's the difference between working for a Living God or finding your way through an unfeeling machine of cause and effect.

There is some kind of cognitive dissonance that exists in the human mind about SERVICE. People work for their entire lives just to be able to do nothing but travel, play golf, indulge in fantasy pursuits. A large percentage of these people die soon after they retire. They can't adapt to all that free time.

I once managed resorts on Maui. A lot of middle management types had bought themselves a condo. They were not shy about letting you know that they knew everything about how you should do your job. They were a perpetual annoyance, like mosquitoes and buzzing flies. It soon occurred to me why this job had a high turnover rate. The first six months I didn't care. I did what was necessary to be the best resident manager they had ever had. Any dedicated and reasonably intelligent person can do this. The second six months I lived in the success zone of my accomplishments. Then... in the third phase as the mosquitoes and flies got worse I arranged with the property manager to fire me... with unemployment benefits.

What is wrong with being in service to Humanity by being in service to God? NOTHING! People who shirk at a life of service are simply blind to the rewards. Worried about your Karma? Go into service. Serve as you go, in the moment as it provides. You don't have to wear a collar. You don't have to wear a robe and change your name to Ramalamayakshit. You don't have to build an empire with zonked-out followers. You don't have to create an industry of seminars and videos, self-help books, and talk show appearances. You don't have to do the celebrity-publicity fame dance for what? Money and Power? Keep your head down and help at every opportunity. Don't call attention to your works. God sees. That's all that counts.

A certain level of disappointed characters sling shit like a chimpanzee at the zoo... but the caravan moves on. When you are mean-spirited and self-serving, the rancor and bile eat you up... you seethe while twisting in the wind. You die from a painful disease, alone or mostly alone. How many people love you for what you have said and done here? You would know better than anyone else what your footprints look like up to the moment you are standing in.

What is the biggest mystery? Indian tradition will say, according to the stork of dharma, that was talking to that Pandava brother, and... who asked what the biggest mystery was, and... the answer? “That although you see men dying all around you, you do not think you will die.” No one asks WHY one would think they would not die. It is because something within us tells us there is life after here, even if that is only life, after life, after life, after life... here. I think the biggest mystery is; where is God, and how far away is that?

God is closer to you than you are to yourself. This I KNOW so... take it as you like. God is you when you (finally) know who you are. You are God in microcosm BECOMING. You will never be the macrocosm, and... why would you want to be? Why do people want to be important? People who are will tell you there is a lot more to it. Rich? Do you have any idea what a drag that is? Famous? Now you can wear a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. I have DIRECTLY seen a lot of this, and in sufficient numbers to make an educated guess about the misfortunes that boob-tards call Fortune... Fame, Wealth, Power, and Position. Screw the lot of these masquerade pretenders that whisper in your ear and take you to Hell. I DO NOT exaggerate.

If you really want any of these temporary baubles of Material Culture, then... just ask God. He WILL fix you up and you will get the experience. You get THE REAL VERSION of all of these if you just bother to get God first. Do we promote any particular religious persuasion here? God is not concerned about the schematic through which you love and serve him. He is ONLY concerned about WHETHER you love or serve him. My objectives are about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, AND... I am CERTAIN that sooner or later, I can do it because I can do all things through God who strengthens me. My apologies to the specific scripture.

God's awareness is present in EVERY LIVING THING. He knows if someone starts to search for him, to seek him within. He knows this immediately. He might even be behind it. What most do not realize is that giving an indication of seeking God means you have opened yourself up for a roller coaster ride of transformation. Difficulty at the Beginning is a real thing. It is by this compression-intensification force that one is stripped of everything inconsequential until all that remains is the living conscious light. Most people drop out of doing this very quickly. They can't take the pressure. This is how God finds out what you are made of; wait a minute, God already knows what you are made of. This is how YOU find out what you are made of.

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Gregory said...

Devils are angels stripping us from that which keeps us away from God.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Find The One Who has Been Up and Down that Highway, Since that Highway Got Put There, and You'll be Fine."

Jamie Wave said...

Love it!
So True...



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