Monday, February 14, 2022

"They are Trapped in The Paddle-Boat Wheel on The Ship of Destiny, Turning... and Turning."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Powers that are not The Powers... are behind The Transylvania Trans-mania. They are behind all the gratuitous wars, the bad food, the bad music, the bad entertainment overall, the virus AND the vaccines (that are not vaccines), the Global Warming Scam, the race hatred, and pretty much everything that makes these times something less than a Golden Age; and... like I said, WAR. They're drumming it up big time now, as they do periodically, but... so far... both The Russians AND the Ukrainians are laughing about it. Things are just not going the way THEY want them to.

The process of bringing Hell on Earth begins with twisting the sexual nature of Humanity. After that it attacks The Bastions of Faith. It seeks to erode our human nature and bestialize the enduring rituals we celebrate; they want to take human fate out of the hands of a higher authority in the HEARTS and MINDS of Humanity; out of sight, out of mind takes on a whole new meaning when you can't see it in the first place. This is how they do it. They take the most mentally ill members of the human condition and they showcase them as the new normal. They make wrong seem right and vice versa.

You are like something a cat plays with. Remember, it doesn't work if you don't get sucked in.

We are separated from each other by the vanity dances of our weaker being. Divide and conquer is another way of putting it. We've come out of a history of treachery upon treachery. It is a blood-soaked legacy of the millions... processing through a ubiquitous abattoir of assisted suicide. They are trapped in the paddle boat wheel on The Ship of Destiny, turning... turning upon the endless river of existence... in role after role, animated slot-cars on a superhighway to nowhere.

Their world is falling apart... as they seek to destroy our world. They know very little of Heavenly Law. It doesn't work that way. Everything that happens here is an act in a stage play of individual and collective plots, that create the storyline of the real-life, dream drama you are in. You can influence this. You can be influenced by this. You can do both. That is generally the case (grin). Those playing the hard guys, the bad guys, the villains... are actually in the wrong part of the movie for things to go their way. Things have already gone their way for centuries. The time of transition is upon us, and... not everyone is going to appreciate how it plays out. That is to be expected.

Why is it so comically outrageous these days? They are exposing themselves to the eyes of The World. They really feel omnipotent and think they can do whatever they want. That was the idea behind making someone like Obama president; laughing in the face of the stupid public. Even as large pieces of their war on humanity crumbles away from the crumbling whole, their denial resists all acknowledgment of The Real. They really believe that if they don't see it, don't look at it, its not there. Uh... Yeah... it is.

Agitating The Truckers of the World is a mistake they will regret for a very long time. They woke up a sleeping giant of can-do independent-minded souls. The truckers KNOW what power they have and their intentions are HONORABLE. That is a BIG part of the certainty of their success. As The Awakening continues, all The World's peoples will be uniting against the tyranny of The Deep States in every country. I remember a quote. I think it was by some general. He said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.” The light is going to be shining on those waters soon. My friends, this IS an apocalypse, attended by a Grand Awakening.

Consider it a flowering of consciousness. Some parts of the hearts of many were together for beautiful moments in the 60s. That was another flowering. This one is going to be different; much more dramatic, much more lasting... in those places... in those hearts and minds where such things are cherished... it will last a very long time indeed.

You can see them falling apart everywhere in every public place, in all virtual locations as well. Big stars like Adele are being driven into a megalomaniac fever. These are tense times in the world of celebrities... whose fame is everything to them. That is what makes Infamy carry such a clout. There is a big difference between notoriety and fame. When you can't tell the difference you are in big trouble, and yes... there is such a thing as Bad Publicity. By the day we are seeing that there is more than one screw loose in La La Land. These people are not tightly wrapped in the first place. Their boat is NOT securely moored. They think they are someone else. That is why they are actors in the first place or... they desperately want to be someone else... anyone else... except who they are>>>

>>>That is why that industry has the largest percentage of sexual degenerates. Degenerates flock to that industry. Everything they could hope for is decomposing there.

The masses, with the dream vapors of burning oil slicks in their eyes, think that celebrities have a high old time of it; carefree... independent... rich... admired... adulated. They have no idea what a pestiferous existence it can be, and need I remind the reader... just think of the kinds of people you have to hang out with. They are also living their lives in a public way so... when things go wrong, the more famous you are, the bigger the deal it becomes. You can be sure the press will get it wrong, and... I suppose you know they can turn on you in a heartbeat?

Few of them... when they are up... think about the possibilities of being down. Some of them clawed their way up by ANY means necessary. I've heard tales, and even seen things... nothing would surprise me. You can learn a lot about human nature by reading about it. There are some things though that it is best to have the experience of. Rough times can be real character-building events. Disappointment can be invaluable, depending on what it is you are disappointed by.

The apocalypse is undressing people while they are unaware of it taking place. They are saying and doing things they never imagined they would say or do. The World is also SEEING it because of The Awakening. The Royal Family, The Synagogue of Satan, The Vatican, WEF, and sundry, Luciferian anagram organizations... are all headed for Dreadful Epiphany. I remember Mr. Apocalypse (who identified himself as that) telling me he was going to INGENIOUSLY pull their pants down in front of The World. He said... “And Visible, I suspect you have some idea of how ingenious I can be? NO... you don't.” You had to be there. Since I was there, I can tell you two things came through stronger than anything else; Authority... and Sincerity.

The Power, when it is flowing through you from Central Command can be a thrilling experience. That is the real reason we are here, besides providing God with playmates and entertainment. We are supposed to be channels for The Divine, we block that out by focusing instead on pedestrian desires and appetites. We are also here to reap our investments from previous turns on the wheel... on that paddle wheel. Perhaps we have made bad investments. Perhaps we have made good investments, but... almost everything comes with some amount of what you don't remember having ordered up, so... it is best to seek no return on your investment at all. I like to think that I work for The Common Fund that we all draw from.

It is very good indeed to have the bounty of Love. It is even more wonderful to be able to share it, to give it away... forever and a day. I feel genuinely sorry for many of the characters I see on The World Stage. I can see how it is going to turn out if I put any real attention on it, but I am not a rubbernecker at the scene of a mishap. I take the lesson from The Purpose of Demonstration and thank The Good Lord... there but for fortune goes you and I. Once again; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

You can see The World around you. You can see it from a distance. You can see... these days... practically anything. You can see it up close too. Some are into that, especially when they are young, stupid... or both. We've all been there. The trick is not to stay there any longer than you have to. Very little turns out to be as advertised.. you learn that. How long it takes you to learn is up to you. How much punishment can you take?

These are VERY special times. A person can make a great deal of progress now, given the Degree of Difficulty. You get points for that. Sure... there is a big... wide... dirty world for you to roll around in. You could be under an enchantment. I know Circe and the others are all still employed at their arts. I see their representatives every day, in the media and... in the media, but not when I close my eyes.

Don't let it weigh your heart down. This is all temporary here anyway. It's permanently here, when its here, and then it's quiescent for a time... until its here again. It goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on. It's there if you enjoy that sort of thing. Sometimes The World holds you in its sway, and sometimes you hold The World in Sway, and sometimes... sometimes you walk away.

End Transmission.......

Some links=

I appeared at a seminar hosted by this Lady in London a few years ago. Now she is in trouble with The Usual Suspects. I suppose we are all vulnerable in this way, and we might have handled the matter differently, but some of us say things because they are the truth. Some people just don't like hearing about it. We KNOW that those of whom she speaks, have MOST CERTAINLY done this sort of thing more than once. I don't know what the case is here, but I hope you will offer a prayer for Tahra=

Just another day in the life=

Sooner or later. Sooner or later=

On and on, the caravan of dung and darkness continues, but... the light is breaking... somewhere=

Look at this poor deluded soul from The King of Hearts. I'll bet he thinks he is some kind of a spiritual force instead of the head of the biggest sexual perversity organization on the planet. What is the silver cattle prod for?=

Can you imagine how many other things are true? This is more convincing than any of the apocryphal fodder from urban tales. Much for glaring revelations are due... SOON.=

Some of the events that really take place but you don't hear about them=

Materialism causes the Insanity, the drug and alcohol abuse. It creates that dirty kitchen that the opportunistic insects run wild in. It is the depravity of the parents that feeds the dysfunction of the children=

Mr. Apocalypse hard at work=

Sent in by a reader; pretty funny=

Golly gee wiz. I think the government's biggest domestic export is Hypocrisy. They seem to never run out of the stuff. The clueless imperialism is a nice mix, kinda like an exotic cocktail=


Anonymous said...

You inspire great hope. I pray Mr Apocalypse is on the same page time wise as those of us who may be holding our breath in anticipation of a peaceful victory over the dark side. Trudy and Bidie are looking to start great mischief or rather their handlers are .
Also pray you’ve got the word from on High that the Man in charge is paying attention.
Thanks as always ......

robert said...

Visible One of Many to Many

We are separated from each other by the vanity dances of our weaker being

Pure inspired prose poetry.

After finding Visible's voice 14 years ago, still rocking the world!

Gracias brother!

As a bonus to watching the Spirit move through an artist conveying unlimitedness through the limits of words, we also are thrilled to see the unseen manifest before us.

Genius is the Spirit, the unseen, shining through whomever will allow She/He/It room enough to resonate.

Genius is not a talent, a set of genomic advantages or an entitled attitude riding on a former inspiration.

It is simply the presence of the Christ Child Mind, the Word, moving, without regard for personality, into manifest art forms or designs or words of the deepest passion coming forth.

Pure pleasure for the humble impervious to envy!

This world is coming into a love fest, where the fear-burdened haters will be self-offended off the stage.

The creative will continue conveying their freed spirits, sharing praise for being alive into the common experience enjoyed life, the only treasure of civilization

Those who followed hoary rituals of abuse and exploitation for millennia, who never learned or wanted to learn to be creative with the borrowed authority of the simply One, will be knashing their teeth on the outside, as envy leaks onto the ground from the inside.

All the children who can enjoy the joy of others without impeding it, without wanting to own or control it, will rise above the clashing amongst thirsting thieves and the crashing calamity of their long game of conquest.

Cracking the Cosmic egg, sloughing off the skin too confining, breaking up the death grip on remembered pain is a messy, noisy experience.

But we will know what is our reality, meet our real Lover, and seek union with our divine nature and never again look back in anger.

I remind myself and my brothers and sisters and confused, to detach from taking anything personal and just find the humor from the perspective of sitting on the mountain as perfection plays out the distorted chords of a rock anthem.

Laughing at the irony of instant karma, the ludicrous egotism melting down in the crucible, the absurdity that is blind to its own limits is the best medicine to souls folded up much longer than necessary

Are the players for the butt team having their pants pulled down by Mr Apocalypse?
Or were they ALWAYS nakedly strutting in fictional finery but we were too blind, polite or contrite to point it out and the wool is being pulled down from our eyes?
Or both

Is it uncaring to laugh away the delusions, the illusions the spun webs of self-deception?
Or is it compassion that shines joy of living toward the miscreants no matter what they do, with the promise of the offer to join in the merriment at any moment?

What is the sound of a heart releasing its burdens?
It may begin in tears but life returns to reclaim its own and laughter lifts us all back from the pit of despair.

Belly laughs not mulish braying from the head!
Mirth which fills the eyes with tears of joy returned.
A dancing twinkle that signifies the indwelling of a higher perspective.

No, they can't take that away from us as long as we displace fear with love and there is no reason not to embrace love over being squeezed by crazed compulsion.

To ride the roller coaster, we raise our hands to open our chest and let our our voice to the wind so that we can breathe through the phantoms of fear...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yet so many still fight for a future that will never be. I can't wait until the illusions are shattered. I am beyond fed up, as if we don't already know that.

Oh well. 'Tis not like physical existence is here for our convenience. Seems to be here for the opposite of that, really. Thank the gods we don't live here forever. I really wonder about those that don't agree with me in that respect. 'May you live a long life' is a curse, to me.

KnowThanx said...

Mr. Apocalypse has been sighted on the streets of Ottawa. Watch Karma in glorious action:


KnowThanx said...

You have a very different writing style than Visible however you are every bit as eloquent.

Visible can't keep up this pace of daily posting forever... if you started your own blog of musings on The Ineffable, I'd be proud to be a subscriber : )

Peter in Ottawa

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Great Hall of Mirrors, Also Known as The World Reflecting Endlessly Back Upon Itself."

TotoFromOz said...

Bravo...another beauty Les & another keeper. I keep pretty much all that you do. I frequently print them off for the benefit of my help get her with the program quicker than she otherwise would. Massive love & gratitude to you Les :)



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