Saturday, February 15, 2020

"There is a Magic Show in the Land of Snakes BUT there is No Injustice Anywhere."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The timeless question of Evil; what is it? Can it be inflexibly identified? Does it shift in meaning? I see Good and Evil demonstrated in the undulatory locomotion of a snake. That serpentine slide, first to one side and then to the other. Certainly, much of what was once considered Evil is now no longer so defined. The same applies to Good. Sometimes it is more a question of Smart and Stupid and it can be said that the reason there seems to be so much Evil in the world is because there is so much Stupid.

Only purity can restore virtue out of vice. Vice is the product of our lower nature in action and Virtue is what is expressed by our higher nature. People tend to opt more for one than the other and it defines them. In times of Material Darkness, the lower nature comes to the fore. Excess is celebrated. Indulgence, like Greed, is considered Good. At least Ayn Rand thought so and that was some time ago. Rand's birth name was, 'Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum'. She died just as The Decade of Unbridled Greed was winding up into the modus operandi for the 'Me Generation'. It was originally said to have been The 70's. It may have started there but it went full bore in the 80's. It hit its zenith when Cocaine went mainstream.

I personally, broadly define Evil as the product of Selfishness and Good as the product of Selflessness. The latter reaches its most refined expression in a mother's love. Yes... I am being overly simplistic and exceedingly broad in my reach and exceptions abound. I tend to rely on the reader to interpret what I am really trying to say. People 'who want to understand' WILL GET a modicum on the surface and if they thoroughly chew... ruminating....... much more will come to them over time.

There are those who come here to taunt and belittle, never realizing they are performing it on themselves. It has zero impact on me. As Buddha said to a questioner, “If someone brings you a present and you do not accept it, to whom does the present then belong?” I have a nattering nabob who comes here seeking to harass me over cant and dogma that is IRRELEVANT. He/she/it keeps mentioning a crayfish, rather than lobster for the pool before the tarot card, The Moon. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!! It could be a snail, or anything with a carapace because THAT IS THE IMPORTANT FEATURE. Much of The Tarot is fluid imagery. Certain symbols and presentations are important but the environment and other more subtle variants are fluid, SO LONG AS THE 'CORRECT' COLORS, SYMBOLS AND OTHER FEATURES ARE PRESENT, all is well. I know this... so I am hardly affected by the uninformed, who are ONLY seeking to antagonize me anyway. They would be FAR BETTER OFF making me a friend and profiting from what gets said here BUT... that is their affair, as they will see... at some point, up around the bend (cue John Fogarty).

Like Krishna said;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on Earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Now... I am not Krishna but I work for him. He is the same incomprehensible supremacy that is resident in Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu and others, ALL SENT HERE TO BE OUR GUIDES. Some are avatars, some prophets, some sages, some illumined entities but THEY ARE ALL PRESENTATIONS OF THE ONE, OR DIRECT, OR INDIRECT, PORTALS TO THE ONE.

I received a comment at Petri Dish this morning and it resonated deeply with me. Perhaps I was in the mood, maybe I changed overnight (grin) well... of course I did. It is a whole new world today, as it will be tomorrow. Yes... for many it will be the same OLD WORLD, interminably but... not for me. I am reborn in the light of the ineffable each day and SO CAN IT BE FOR anyone.

Ignore the statements made about me in the comment. They are kind but not comprehensive. I'm just some guy trying to do his job. I'll probably make an error in judgment or a mistake today; just to put it all into perspective. I considered removing the referential portions but that seemed like overkill. Anyway, here it is, followed by my answer;

“Thanks again for your insights. They really connect with me at times. I struggle to get to somewhere like the state you have achieved. The thing that always causes me such dissatisfaction is the apparent injustices that don't seem to be ever punished. I accept that through incarnation that it will all even out eventually, but it is very difficult to watch the evil creatures prosper while great individuals and peoples are destroyed. You frequently state that it is for the purpose of demonstration but few seem to pay attention or learn from those demonstrating events. Yesterday, was the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden. All those good people were roasted and nothing ever came of it. The perpetrators prospered. Of course, our lives are only blips in the scheme of things and time will tell, as you say. The goal should be what you can do in your own small way. I know this intellectually but I struggle to feel it. I struggle to have an experience of 'God' as you describe is central to your life. I feel strongly that my life has been a waste. I feel that it has been spent completely on the periphery as an observer with little effect. Even the thought that I will be sent back to try again doesn't comfort much. Again, thank you for what you do. I am glad that I discovered you some years back and get comfort from what you write.”

“You pretty much covered the ground in what you said. As for payback; except in an apocalypse, and we're just getting to certain parts of that now, the scenery has to be arranged with a certain precision and that isn't always possible at times. People are often made to suffer internally without it being palpably evident to others. Sometimes one is born into animal form because their crimes were manifestations of that kingdom of being. Justice is ALWAYS served.”

“IN AN INSTANT EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE; "success is speedy for the energetic." When you think you are making no progress and all seems dark and stagnant within... great strides are often being made but you are unaware of it.”

“Try to remember that the evil you see being done, or heard or read about happening, without retribution IS RETRIBUTION for previous wrongs on the part of those you are witnessing being abused. Dresden, for instance, was a gathering of many from many times and climes. Often when something is happening to more than one person... war times... plane crashes... earthquakes, the injured and dead might have been gathered from across a vast spectrum of time. They were not all present for the same offense. God paints in both broad strokes and great detail.”

“STOP TRYING TO GET YOUR HEAD AROUND WHAT YOU SEE IN THE REALM OF APPEARANCES. Appearances LIE. They are a lie... most especially because the information is ALWAYS incomplete. Fix your thought upon the indwelling and maintain it there. Pray for help; KNOWING HELP WILL COME. Be relentless in your optimism. Convince and commit yourself of and to the certitude that all will be well and better and better as it goes. DO NOT ENTERTAIN DOUBT. Stop chasing your tail!”

“Immerse yourself in the love of the supreme by standing before the sun and ACKNOWLEDGING! See the fluid beauty, transparency and purity in water. Touch the fecundity of the Earth. Feel the power of its possibilities. Breathe in the spirit of God in the air that enters your lungs. Let it charge you with enthusiasm! Embrace the consuming beauty of fire that purifies everything and celebrate the fire that burns within. Don't give way to negativity. Powerful conning towers are broadcasting, this moment, a radiant darkness from the Lower Astral Plane. Reject it! Visualize angels hovering above and flying about and... THEY ARE AWARE OF YOU. Nature is a mirror, What are you thinking when you look into this mirror?”

“The Sun is the face of God on the material plane and evidence of the spiritual sun, which is literally God. The Sun is your friend. Speak to him. Angels circle the sun endlessly, carrying thoughts and statements pleas and prayers to him AND... HE IS RESIDENT IN YOU!”

When you see injustices being done THAT IS JUSTICE BEING DONE for previous injustices. You may not like that this is so. You may dispute the symmetry of the cosmos BUT THAT CHANGES NOTHING. Everywhere justice is being done all the time; “I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in every circumstance of my life” (Geburah; from the Pattern on the Trestleboard).

The flowing rays of The Sun are GOLD. They are actual gold. They penetrate the Earth and transform into the literal gold. Let these rays enter and transform you! That is... “The Operation of the Sun.”

There is no Injustice

There is often the extreme nearsightedness
of selfish intent

for as long as i stand here

and you stand there

the appearance of difference
is the God divided

and worshiped from a bloody altar
that man has built to his own dark needs

everything moves
toward a unity
gone missing

time and time again

until pain has brought forth the blossom
of loves symmetry
there is no injustice anywhere
there are no innocent bystanders
there are no accidents
and being sorry doesn’t help

its not your fault
it may not even be wrong

who knows...?

whose view is vast enough
that passing time does not soon compromise
their line of sight?
who sees well enough

to leave well enough

beautiful bubbles break inside the oceans foam
the water leaks into the sand
then swims away unseen

the wind stirs the leaves
the grass grows
the bees make honey
the fish laugh beneath the surface
and the horses gallop forever beneath and within the waves
that will never free them

it is only longing
and there is no injustice anywhere

clouds float by like dreams in a peaceful sleep
and the sky is blue
and the sun is brimming with life
and the moon is pregnant with form

the coyote howls
and the eagle screams
and longing and hunger will never end

Desire is the agent of Gods will!

and there is no injustice anywhere

the light changes
and gridlock comes
and the car horns honk in Hell's unfinished symphony

where the smoke from hidden fires
rises from the manholes and grates
as Jesus blows on his hands in a broken stairwell

with Bethlehem two thousand years away

its going to be a long night

but there is no injustice anywhere

the heat blisters the streets in these cities of wanting
the mad fire dance
the insane dervish in a suit

it fries the palate
all sense of taste is gone

it burns the bowels

and turns the earth an alkaline white
devoid of life

here in the pushing crowd
where loneliness is king
where no one makes love
but are only ashamed

and cannot speak

eyes do not meet

the money changes hands
but never the heart
nor the mind

a place
is what takes place

if you want something else
then go somewhere else
love will only be a problem for you here

It is incredible
and it is insane
it will not get better
it is supposed to be this way

a million years ahead
or a million years behind
t’was ever thus
the city is the same

the drama does not change
the cataclysm comes
and the fiery rain
vaporizes the stage
so that it might all begin again

and there is no injustice anywhere.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go uh huh... Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go uh huh... Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go... to the land of snakes for the magic show... uh huh.

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Anonymous said...

Well at least we share some common grounds, I'm not at all an Ayn Rand fan either.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. One step closer to peace of mind. I've wondered about what you said in this post, and it seems so right.

After all, are we ultimately not eternal? Didn't we decide to be here until our need and desire to be here is gone from the perspective of the Otherside of The Veil? Until we clean ourselves up, so to speak? Until we filter out ALL the garbage within ourselves?

Wonder where I stand, there? I feel I have no more need of this realm for my own sake (though others need me), but I hold it in extreme contempt; and think it's thoroughly disgusting, compared to the Higher Realms.

Ray B. said...

Your column is certainly 'justified', Vis, Thanks.

A friend is watching Finding Your Roots, a PBS series on genealogy and DNA tracking. I am watching it on two levels: (a) The good, bad, ugly, and beautiful story of (recent) humanity, tracked through photos and records. Touching and revolting, and it is interesting to watch & feel the reactions of the traced-one. (b) The slants, overtones, and omissions within a show & the series. There is definite 'programming' going-on here...

Back to your column, it is a tough time for those without close ties to the invisible. One teacher even said that this was a far-more difficult time to ascend than thousands of years ago. Too many distractions.

There is also the emphasis on the outer, rather than the inner. Even the act of just sitting quietly and 'listening' (with intent) is discouraged. Of course, mindless activity is the preferred state of humanity for its current 'managers'.

The good news is that the 'veils' are getting thinner. Plus, the baddies in the aethers are progressively getting Cleaned. Times are actually Good, in that respect. Those without direct Contact, take heart; the invisible is actually moving toward You...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

R. Banks said...

Biff bang pow
I think I get it now

Ant zen on to sum more humble pie for dessert after heating my hat. Cheers!

All the beast,

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity , is the persons whose face apprears on the video There is no injustice. A girl or a boy? I honestly cannot tell,

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

I personally, broadly define Evil as the product of Selfishness and Good as the product of Selflessness.

Succinct summary!

Selfishness is anti-Life, as centers of black-hole contraction oppose the expansiveness of all the stars radiating Love in endless generosity!

Selflessness IS Life, once we comprehend that it is only our hard knot of seperate consciousness which cuts us off from our true life!

All tech mind control cabals are literally pedo-crats; PEDOVORE bureaucracies!

Googoo, Netfixed, Amazombie, Faceplant, Bizney, Twatter etc

As the weak rely on the tools of censorship and bullying with the media Matrix to express the will of their butt-hole emperor (s8n), the strong continue to learn humility and self-sacrifice to the Divine will as they learn their limitations and how to transcend them!

That’s how we fight back against this technocracy; let the people and the forces of the market shrivel the parasites and swell the productive!

Fight for freedom, because we can’t hand over Western civilization to the lowest grifter portion of humanity, those that will gang up to steal other people’s lives and livelihoods without a second thought or feeling!

Those who don’t live up to their own rhetoric nor their signaled virtues! No alignment between their words and their actions! Communists are useful fools for their mind handlers.

Uncritical animals, whose minds were jacked by their favorite virtual idols in the media Matrix, trained to attack, degrade and destroy human civilization on command, so long as no personal risk, effort or creativity is required!

Useful idiots, intellectual-yet-idiot, are classic head cases...
People who value humanity with heart-centered values, are the heart cases!

The Apocalypse is uncovering all the layers of deception which made it hard to tell who self-selected themselves into which polarity:
head cases going down the spiral staircase and heart cases going up the spiral staircase.

If you like your slave life, you can keep your slave life, until your masters decide you are superfluous to their purposes, and then it is out of here, into the unknown of your deepest expectations

If you hated your life as a slave, you can transcend it into a life of service to the Divine and however your service turns out, you have a place in the timeless mansion, where souls may grow larger as they love.

What can we conclude but that the media minions are being programmed to be AVERSE TO FREEDOM!
Trained to be allergic to all ideas which equate freedom with individual responsibility, effort and choices!

What can we conclude from the results of globalist corporate rule for 70 years?
Training for control by social media, not any form of freedom or even prosperity, any more!

Who can shut down their mind enough to believe the "fraudcaster" narrative? Is this a skill acquired from years of suspending disbelief just to be able to get into the lame narratives of poorly plotted fiction?

First, to overlook the obvious plot failures and social engineering manipulation in the fiction labeled “entertainment” and then, to believe the fiction from the Matrix content labeled as “news”.

THIS is how we accepted mind control, one false idea at a time, until our minds SWIM IN A MENTAL AQUARIUM, not noticing that the water is now poisoned!

Luckily for the human souls remaining, the momentum of awakening cannot be resisted by the black magicians for much longer.

The new normal will eventually be: FREEDOM!

Visible said...

That's definitely a female. I had to go look. I'm not sure I'd even seen it before. Some of them I have not seen. There does seem to be a remarkable absence of breasts.

Chillease said...

Who is Hillary? She could be our next president. Why is she so powerful?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thought this video about cowardice might be of interest to you and the other posters here, enjoy.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Anonymous said...

A thought had occured to me, George Soros, you called him the 'anti-christ' or some such.
One thing is for sure, he doesn't hide his ugly face. With all that money and power and 'anti-christness' he has why not try and look look good to the mass of followers? Baby blood should make him look great and new shouldn't it? Well its very weird then that we can see him as an ugly old fart 'anti-christ' drinking babies blood. Kinda makes a dumb serf wonder why then?
Easy target I guess but not the right one is most likely. Stay sharp.
BTW, details do matter, and that's all that matter is, details.
Lobster crayfish flowing colours makes no difference, its the intent.
God's work is yet to be done my friend so stop wasting time.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible----
Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug

Visible said...

Jack... whatever your name is. This is the last post of its type that will be published here. I'm not stupid and I don't like being jerked around. New rule... anything that is even slightly suspicious no longer gets posted and no explanation I am given is going to work. I've no doubt that Marajit Guillermo Ray is behind some of this but you might just be another of the sociopaths. You can back off, if you are smart or you can see and experience just how creative I can be. It matters not to me. I will go on doing what I do without a thought concerning this childish nonsense... except of course for taking certain steps to dissuade future activities. I shouldn't have to comment further on the matter on this plane and so I won't.

Anonymous said...

Hey vis,

I am wrestling with something and was hoping you and your fellows might provide some perspective. Income tax. How can any of us, knowing what we do, voluntarily pay ?


Visible said...

That is a very sticky wicket my friend and as I am all right brain (mostly anyway) I cannot help you, though, no doubt, there are readers who can. People have argued this to the Supreme Court and then gone to jail. People have made this issue a consuming passion but to repeat an old saw, "You can't fight City Hall." They make the laws and they got the guns to back it. You are fortunate to live in an age though where this and many another shackle on our freedoms may well get addressed.

brian boru said...

You help with the perspective; it's up to me to be persistent, which is what I find the hardest.

Sukh said...

New Smoking Mirrors:


Anonymous said...

@ Ray B,

Thanks for this comment:

“Those without direct Contact, take heart; the invisible is actually moving toward You...”




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