Wednesday, February 05, 2020

"The Devil is God as he Appears to the Wicked. Don't be Wicked!"

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Traveled around a bit today, as I usually do, prior to composing a post, or having one composed through me... I gather in information... at random really; unless it is pre-selected for me to begin with (hmmm...)? It percolates in my subconscious and then... transformed through 'the Visible Filter', it appears in my commentaries. So... today I read about 'fear' and 'stress'- following my own comment about it (grin) and it mostly all took place on Pocketnet.

I also read about shadow apps, having to do with political concerns; like the Iowa Caucus. What's that all about? Then it occurred to me that even if it were about Bernie Sanders, he doesn't have a prayer when it comes to getting elected. Maybe in some other time. Maybe when it was not an apocalypse but... it is an apocalypse. AND THERE IS A MR. APOCALYPSE and anything that happens these days is dramatically for The Purpose of Demonstration. You are going to be a living example of whatever hypocrisy is operating below the fascia of your staged presentations. The way things were are no longer the way things are AND... the Jokers are now active in the deck. You can't predict outcomes anymore, as if you ever could. Now there is another conscious entity at work behind the veil of appearances, ALONG WITH ALL THOSE OTHER INFLUENCES, some of which have been there since the dawn of time.

We've talked much about Materialism in recent times and how one of its primary offspring is Insanity. We've mentioned that the religion of Materialism is Atheism and that the operating religion, most closely resembling Atheism, is Satanism. We haven't talked much about two of the main byproducts of Materialism and those are Stress and Fear. It can be stated, unequivocally, that both give birth to the other, automatically, upon appearance. If you had no Fear, you would have no stress. When I mention Fear, I do not mean only that generated by physical danger, or any imagined threat, but also that of Uncertainty of Outcome. I think it can be said, without argument, that Fear always generates Stress. What of the most ubiquitous Fear in times of Material Darkness? That would be Fear of Loss. Materialism fills those captivated by Materialism, with the Fear of Material Loss. Ah... the sad romance of temporary things, the love of what is passing, the affection for that which cannot return the affection, except perhaps as magnetism, which I would not define as a form of affection, though opinions (snicker) may differ.

(I just heard the greatly retarded Representative, Val Demings from the great state of Florida, mention 'unconverted evidence'. Perhaps I am wrong but... would that not more apply to 'uncontroverted evidence'? I find no references for 'unconverted evidence'. She made no effort to correct herself. I've heard her mangle the language several times by now so... I'm guessing this was just another event. Then again, it might be I who am in need of correction. It wouldn't be the first time.)

Stress is the biggest killer on the planet, because it is the precursor for all sorts of other maladies, from heart disease, stroke and cancer, among others. I don't know if Fear would be the number one generator of Stress but it would be in the top three, or so I imagine. Cowardice is a bottomless reservoir of Fear. It makes me think how “the coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man dies but one.” We have such a concern for our physical bodies. You would think we would take better care of them but we don't. We treat them horribly, in the pursuit of appetites. I rarely see a greater example of cognitive dissonance than this.

Recently I was watching a Paul Joseph Watson video. I can't remember which one it was but it had to do with Porn and Masturbation. A fellow appeared who said something to the effect that Masturbation is a necessary Stress valve and that not masturbating was unhealthy and that people who said or thought otherwise are crazy. I imagine there are all sorts of people out there, the majority of people actually, who think there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

I have exceptional health. So does any sincere and informed Yogi, or spiritually aware person. It is my contention, a contention I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF, that channeling the sex force, rather than regular, gratuitous discharging of it, is a major key, to not only abundant health, but life everlasting.

We live in a culture nowadays that is shaped by an assemblage of the incompetent and uninformed. We've got armies of deluded and diseased psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral scientists and crackpots of many stripes who have no idea what they are talking about. They studied at the feet of their mentors, who also did not know what they were talking about and who learned their own fallacies, through the teachings of long dead experts and founders of schools of thought, that were about as well informed as schools of fish.

That was as far as I got yesterday and now... in light of The State of the Union address by President Trump last night, I'm wondering where I should go... now. It came upon me by degrees. An impression was being formed in my mind, concerning the tremendous Rage and Anger that the politically Liberal have generated against President Trump. I've NEVER seen the like. Alcoholic Nancy ripped President Trump's speech in half on live TV. Perhaps the maintenance dose of Old Overcoat (aged for 12 years) had worn off and she went Full Compulsive.

This is Day 13 of the Senate Impeachment Hearing and well may be the last day of this throbbing hangnail. Each day, 5 or 6 House Representatives go to the lectern and REPEAT the same things they said the day before and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that. How can they not know that they have passed beyond the point of eyes glazed over, long ago? There are two heavy set, quasi blond, ladies who keep appearing. They are in their late 50's or somewhere in their 60's. I can't tell but... the buildup of hair spray seems to have been accruing for a very long time. Their outfits, though... no doubt... expensive, look like they came off the rack at Goodwill. It is a bizarre collective of dysfunctional, robotic Nimrods. I wonder how many people have been watching this mind numbing circus and are wondering like I am; why? Why has no one gone to Adam Shifty and told him about about the impact they are SURELY and NOT SO SURELY having on their audience? In the process of this Clown Car Impeachment Hearing, something... something keeps pressing up from the subconscious into the drama of the moment.

I can see the effect the presence of Mr. Apocalypse is having... invisibly, not just at these hearings but everywhere the Dream Web is present. I can see the tight hold people are having upon themselves, lest they go Postal... or sit down against the door of their bedroom, with an auto-erotic belt, cinched around their necks. I can see now that THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY that the two sides can come together in an agreement of some sort. It's not going to happen. Sooner or later, there is going to be an uprising.

I've been thinking and thinking about our leaders, about the political climate, about THE WIDE DISPARITY, existing between these two sides of The Impeachment Vendetta. Why... why has the decorum, dignity and integrity of these legislators gone so far South? Then it came into my mind last night. I asked my friend to please remind me to speak about Pelosi and her posse, concerning SATANISM.

For going on 4 years now, the residents of The Deep Swamp have been coming at President Trump, without respite. Their resistance to Trump being president is far, far greater than anything he might have done to cause it. Then it hit me. I had been watching Pelosi's face, trying to see into her mind and into the mentality that was arranging her features into such a state of grim disapproval. What could it be that holds so many of these legislators in such a hypnotic thrall? So I kept closing my eyes and searching for meaning.

My mind drifted to that famous quote by Albert Pike concerning World War 3 and the attendant chaos that would accompany it. Then I thought about the events of recent decades. I thought about the mindsets of the newest generations and it came to me. Something came to me and began to shape itself into recognizable form. It's full on Satanism that has taken up residence in the minds of many government employees. For years and decades of years, I have watched the subversion of Normal and Reasonable. BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM! When you see the news about Shit Francisco and the breakdown of order and morality, it becomes clearer and clearer. Satan has a few basic drives and desires. They are CHAOS... CONFUSION and the DESPOILING OF INNOCENCE.

It's past, long past the point, where those of us reading this and writing this are any longer deceived about the child trafficking, the rape of childhood and the presence of CHAOS and CONFUSION being spun into manifestation by the rich and powerful. These provide the best control mechanisms for getting people to obey. That is what Honey Pots are all about. It continues to get worse. Some of these employees of the Infernal Realm are CONSCIOUSLY engaged in Satanic practices and then there is the much larger body of those who are influenced and controlled, without knowing what is happening. They are obliged Minions and Footsoldiers for the Satanic Agenda, without knowing what they are.

As we have said here, many times, The Devil works for God. He IS God... as the wicked perceive him. This is the most important thing that anyone, presently trapped here, can realize. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL... EVERYTHING. Let your hearts be glad. Allow no conflicts to arise in your mind. All of this... the world as we think we know it, is in God's hands and once you accept this truth, then there is nothing for you to fear ever again. God is resident within. If this were not so, you would not be alive. There is no future in tilting at windmills. There is a wide reach between being consciously aware of God's indwelling presence and having no sense of that at all. If your attention is not fixed upon the kingdom, you are a bit player for the Purposes of Demonstration. You can change that. All that is required is recognition... you don't have to see God to believe God. Simply recognize the indwelling, whether you apprehend it or not. This is the nature of Faith. First accept it as true and then let it be proven upon you, because IT WILL.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, it all does make for interesting times. I think I'd be getting a lot of headaches if I had anything vested in this garbage that is currently occurring.

dave1010 said...

Thank you Mr. Visible.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a wickedly-good post (grin). Thanks!

Vis: "I can see the effect the presence of Mr. Apocalypse is having... invisibly, not just at these hearings but everywhere the Dream Web is present."

In this regard, Higher Self and I just got finished with a loonng Cleaning of a higher-level baddie (1am til 5pm). Where it relates here (including Down Here) is in the aftermath. HS and I ask the newly-Cleaned entity whether it would like to clean-up the damage it did ('below' it), while being the way it had been. All to date have said Yes...

This time, I had really good clarity on the 'setting right' of several mid-level Beings. Each one had to release what the higher-level baddie had done to them, and face-up to what they had done to Beings further down the ladder as a result. Once this was done, a very-delightful Being emerged. One even 'sparkled' in a crystalline way (hard to describe). Most importantly to us Down Here, each was now radiating good-vibes to lower levels, rather than bring-them-down vibes. (In addition, the original baddie-turned-goodie 'sprayed' the lower levels with unfocused good-energy to help with the general 'climate'.)

With enough 'people' working-on-this out in the aethers, a lot of the "chaos, confusion, and the despoiling of innocence" is going to disappear from within. Assuming the above is real, the "Dream Web" should also start to self-dismantle. Good times, if the 'process' is real and effective Down Here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wellllllll, jackin' off is better than bein' invaded by an unwanted intruder; but here's a video by Sadhguru that explains what you said, who are a'thinkin, 'say WHAAAAAAAAAT?:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"The Long Hard Roll of the Fixed Dice in the Neverland Casino where They Think They Win."



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