Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Locusts who Eat what is Outside of You and the Locusts who Eat What is Within.

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Ah... the many sinuous windings of life, the convoluted twists and turns of the serpent, half in and out of view, materializing and dematerializing, from one form to the next, each of them in temporary composition of that radiant energy, composed of it and animated by it. We view the transitory nature of existence upon the dream web. We attempt to interpret and to calculate it according to the registrar of the senses. They are the windows of experience, through which everything is, imperfectly, labeled and defined. The whole of it is no more than weaving smoke, shifting from one temporary presentation to the next.

My heart aches for humanity, forever building and tearing down, in pursuit of that perfect residence, formed ever nearer to the heart's desire and never arriving there... sand trickling through their hands, sands that were once cultures and continents and countries, now vanished forever more. Up it all goes and down it all goes. We wander and we wonder what and who we were before. We know the meaning of nothing and yet we have placed such value on it. It grieves us to lose any part of it and we lose all of it, over and over and over again. Why can't we remember who and what we were before? How can we not know where we are headed? Is it a curse? Is it a blessing?

I am led to believe it is a blessing because it is only the very spiritually advanced who are permitted such information and prophetic insight, save for the occasional anomalies. Some of us, for reasons, once again not known, have some amount of second sight, clairvoyance, clairaudience. Those with the powers, when asked, have said they are as much a curse as anything could be.

My early life was a horror movie and it did not get better after that. Even still, I could see many who were more unfortunate than I. I would have brief episodes of serendipity and respite from the struggle against adversity. Many were the occasions when I cursed my life and wished that I had never been born. However... all through the darkness and despair, there was an unflagging optimism. It was as if I knew something, something intrinsic at my core, so that no matter what the particular tragedy of the hour, I was confident that some brighter day would come.

How many times I was told internally, or given the sense, that I did not know at all what the meaning of my life was. I simply kept moving forward and by immeasurably slight degrees, the quality of life began to shift. There was still many an episode of trauma and loss... inexplicable, all of it, downright Shakespearean at times, but little by little, clarity began to intrude and now... I count the cost of it all as nothing, by comparison with what has been realized out of the strife and the striving. I now know that the difficulty was nothing. It is the objective and the intention that defines the worth of every action. I also now know. I know viscerally, that one cannot fail if one does not quit. Those words can seem like a platitude, something off of a greeting card and for some, they are no more than a platitude but... for others, they ring with authenticity and certitude.

We get caught up in physical passions and they consume us from the inside out. They leave us as a husk. Life is trial but... it is trial with a purpose. I did not know this at the time. I do now. We must court the fire of Heaven and let it turn our metal white. Then it is plunged into the cold water and hardened. This is what trial does for us. It tempers us. I now realize with fulsome gratitude that God was doing me a great service when subjecting me to the trials and the trauma that he did. It seems crazy to say that hardship is a blessing.

I could not understand why the gifts that I knew I possessed, were not bringing me success in the world. Now I see... intensified... what I have been seeing all along. Last night I watched the Academy Awards and I was truly grateful that I was not among these self adulating, self congratulating fire flies. Now I realize why it was that I could never stay around these people when I did happen to be around them. I am constantly reminded of scenes from Alice in Wonderland; “You're nothing but a pack of cards!” All the fuss people make about themselves, or obversely, the fuss they make about whichever celebrity they are obsessing over. You really have to be some kind of clueless to be taking yourself seriously at all. I think I dislike Vanity more than just about anything. It can hobble you spiritually. It can cripple you as a human being and make you a laughingstock in front of millions of eyes that you never imagined even existed. WE ARE ALL ON TV ALL THE TIME!

It is one thing to know that certain personal postures are unbecoming and to try to contain the demonstration of them, if you can remember to, but we NEVER remember to with any real consistency and it is yet another thing to KNOW VISCERALLY that setting yourself above the rest, only serves to make you are target of both public and private scorn but SOME OF US are gifted (or you might say cursed) with a total lack of awareness. These life forms are no different than the moths you see flitting about a light bulb or a candle flame. Sooner or later they get too close but they go crazy well before this.

The most amazing feature of manifest life is that which remains unmanifest. It is the secret heart of existence that produces The Sun, which produces the life, which produces the riot of color and sound that comes and goes. It is ALWAYS coming and ALWAYS going and it seems never to occur to so many people that they are here today and gone tomorrow and that what they did and did not do here today, orchestrates and scripts all that they will do and not do in their next go round and on all sides you see the present results of past actions and... and... people whine and complain about the injustice and unfairness of life but it is immaculately precise and fair to the last jot and tittle.

WE JUST DON'T SEE the origins of past causes which produced the outcomes of the moment but we DO INDEED see the origin of present causes for Future Dynamics of cause and effect. Hopefully I don't get hung up on the Byzantine twists and turns of my own words here. I suspect you do know what I am trying to say and I think you also know that there is so much I CAN NEVER SAY.

I never guessed I would wind up as I have, here in the latter stages of this go round. I've little of any greater material value but I do have all of my tools, some fine guitars and keyboards. I've a serious wealth of friends. I live in the absence of fear and the sure and certain knowledge of pending revelation and the descent of the quintessence, which is also called Spiritual Fire and known by other names in other traditions in other lands. I KNOW this is coming and had been reserved for a specific time. I've no apprehension that I will be in a state of want, mostly because I don't want anything material and everything else is an inheritance; which comes to every one of us WHO HAVE PUT OURSELVES IN THE WAY OF IT.

Because of the suffocating, wet carpet of materialism, that hangs over modern life we, mostly, fail to see the incredible spiritual blessings and opportunities that are present. It hearkens back to that mention of the unmanifest, which mostly goes unnoticed because it is unseen. Oh... my friends... such great changes are coming!!! I submit for your watching, two videos of travel through Ethiopia with this guy who travels for food.

Here is the one in an urban setting;

...and then one that is in rural area.

You get insight into the lives of people who are at a far, far reach from your own. As interesting as this all is, that is not the reason I bring it to your attention. As I understand it, it is out of Ethiopia and Somalia that the locust plague is coming and which is hitting Kenya and other places. It is unlikely you have ever seen a plague of locusts. They swarm in the millions and they EAT EVERY GREEN THING. They are bad now, but after the rains, they say there will be many, many, many times more locusts and this means a serious hunger problem in Africa; something to bookend with the Coronavirus. When you imagine what may be coming to these people, perhaps these videos will make you weep. What these people have is what you have when you have Love and Friendship. What we have... is often something very different.

Here in America, in a dancing hypnotic trance of Materialism, the mass of us twirl and spin in the false ecstasies of our appetites... eating... and drinking... and hungering after one another, as if in one exotic form or another, we might gain surcease, or peace... It is a tranquility that will never come in such actions and environs. The more we have, the less peace and joy will we possess. The richer we are, the more paranoid and selfish we become. THERE ARE LAWS HERE! THERE ARE LAWS THAT CONTROL THESE STATES OF BEING.

Yes... there was a time I considered myself one of the unfortunate people here. Trouble came at me from every side. I did not know which way to go and when I did go, I went in the wrong direction (grin); true story. Yet there was a purpose here. There was a grand design, a sculpture, if you will, that God hewed out of the hard granite of my resisting ignorance. Now I see, upon closing my eyes, the undying splendor of the Kingdom of God. The spiritual waters of the Divine Mother flow over and through me, restoring purity and regenerated innocence and I know this to be true because... I will walk in no other direction. I will countenance no other result. It is the fixed directive of my every effort and thought. God IS the living reality of every life that recognizes the presence!

My friends... do not let the darkness come upon you. Let your attention be upon the inner light that animates and inspires you. The first of these is intrinsic. The second is a matter of choice.

I leave you with one last video from the irrepressible Mark Wiens.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

(This is from back when I first started recording and didn't have the computer savvy or the musical chops; I still don't have those (grin).)

I'm considering no longer posting on Pocketnet. There are some fine people there and there are some spiteful types whose only pleasure comes from giving harm and I've no use for that. If people want to find me, they can always come here.


Anonymous said...

5 STARS!!!!! (weaning off Pocketnet :) )

There's a whole lot to be said for the aging process, isn't there? Not half as distasteful as I thought it would be. Of course, one needs be on the other side of wanting anything other than the sight of the Light of the Almighty. And once that is your only purpose (most) everything else becomes meaningless and worthless; desire wanes and disappears.

The food videos were delightful as were the people involved and the cultures represented.

Thanks for putting things in perspective, Visible. It's not all as evil as it seems if you look in the right direction and have the best intentions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis. Edgar Cayce said that if we remembered our past lives then we would not learn what we needed in this incarnation. Sorry about Pocketnet, but I understand. I never posted anything but one of the jew haters blocked me for a comment I made. I was unaware until I tried to give one of his post five stars. Oh well. PeaceMaker

Eric M. said...

Mr. Visible,

Very nice, as always! As for Pocketnet, not so nice! It seems that every time I go there with the intention of up-voting you, my key no longer grants access. I've re-enlisted several times to no avail. An anti-Visible conspiracy? Perhaps, or maybe just crappy software at Pocketnet. In any case, keep fighting the good fight and I'll keep reading. I very much appreciate your work!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, we do get what we deserve. And my contract says I get what I deserve right away. Kind convenient, really.

Nostrils up, of course!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vis, please tell me if you know. My guess is that if anyone contactable would know it would likely be you.

Did 'ancient Egyptians' develop and employ a holographic LED fan into their pyramid repertoire?

I've seriously dying to know. Thanks!

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Your story of your progress, through regress, has a cautionary effect.

Having used intuition to sidestep conflict as much as possible, the thought of having to go through a gauntlet late in life, to make up for all the heat tempering missed by cowardice, simply defeats the daily supply of energy.

To transcend the mind control corrupting our language daily, I go back to basics. Formerly definitive words to describe the dynamics of the material madness are being word-jacked by the mind-control media, so we must re-language for ourselves.

To live or to be evil, by living off of other people's lives?

In the English language, it is significant that the verb of "live" is mirrored or reversed by the noun of "evil".

The current crop of bigger fools following the paid piper down the black hole and out of this world, have been trained over time to identify with evil, as if it was a way out of here with egos intact!

Too much retarded sophistry has been expended by the crafters of mind control media to obfuscate the real meaning behind all the deadly deception.

Our little engine of mind can chug through the bullshit if we apply some corrective to the constant assault by the media Matrix.

There is life and there is all the reactive echoes, or anti-life.

Because this physical creation is woven from the primary Immanence and all of the structural resonances which take Love and run with it, we may become confused as to which is the ORIGINAL and which is but the partial reflection!

For example, the dissipation of emotion in dramatic fashion may be mistaken for the Passion behind Creation.

We chase phantoms of LIMITED passion, in the belief that we are approaching the throne, the source of all emotional energy. Too bad that we tangle ourselves up in blue just to follow our deep desire to merge with the Passion.

The paid resistance now on full display, is the final attempt of the slum lords of this world to hold back the inevitable awakening and harvest of souls.

Even as children, we could see how easy it was to passively react to authority, to mock, to exasperate, to frustrate our parents and others in loco parentis, using simple MINDLESS mirroring of anyone leading the dance.

Easy to mock, imitate and pile on along the rutted pathways of demons past.

The many fallen have grooved this world with numberless pathways to hell, ever empowered by the genetic paranoia of the selfish stealers of others’ souls.

The fewer aspirants to freedom have laid down their lives to leave useful trails back to our own hearts, but these paths must be sought, against the momentum of mind-killing fear.

The point is, to be able to discern with practiced ease WHICH polarity rules a given personality’s expression, Life or Anti-life, simplifies the journey through this gauntlet of pain.

Knowing from where comes an expression provides useful metadata from a deeper level than personality. Discerning “friend or foe” is still a required survival skill, even when intuition is operating freely in real time.

This is psychological jiu-jitsu:
Instead of deflecting an attack of lies by weighing each insincere argument coming from an industrial scale truth trashing machine, one at a time, discern the source of the mindset behind the spew: from the Original Source or merely another counterfeit copy pretending….

There is no point in dropping pearls before swine, so reserving soul attention for those who are seeking yet confused, is simply wise.

Those operating from their lower frequency stations can only attack free souls when face to face, so why engage the zombies? Be wary of spiritual hubris, where when we have a rare day of feeling good, we try to be generous and magnanimous toward the demon-possessed, feeling instead of thinking straight.

The are two bins: those in possession of their own souls, by having an ongoing relationship with the One and those who have allowed Anti-Life, Anti-Self miasma’s to inhabit their subjective minds and control their intellects.

We are here to sort ourselves!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Actually Accessing the Truth, is the Hitch in the Giddyup to the Staircase of Interior Stars."

Anonymous said...

Been meaning to pop up and say thank God for you.
Your way of words always hits spot like nothing / nobody else could.
And always your messages appear like synchronicity .Keep me afloat . Rekindle hope.
Huge hug and I wish you continual grace and blessings .

Visible said...

I haven't the slightest idea about holographic LED fans. Actual historical data concerning technological devices is pretty much unavailable or questionable.

Robert; there is so much information and perspective in your comment that I wouldn't know where to begin. It's all more like statements that one can agree on or not but there isn't much anyone can say because ultimately... it all comes down to opinion formed from a particular perspective in each case and in each case the perspective is different. I can heartedly agree with the last statement that we are here to sort it out but I have always maintained that myself. It is what it is and we are what we are and so defined by how we sort. The aggregate of it all creates a living mural of what we are at any point in the flow of the river that... whoops, it just changed again. It is like trying to keep a liquid from flowing through your fingers. I am just trying to find a way to amplify and concentrate my love, as more parts of me are worn away, there is more room for love to flow through.



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