Friday, February 28, 2020

"We Often Attend with Angels Unaware. They Await your Invitation to Friendship."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you can sense the rails beneath you and you know your train is on the track, every day becomes a wonder and a marvel; replete with all the things unseen, appearing as pop up affirmation confirmations along the way. It's as if a literal crowd of invisible friends has suddenly made their presence felt and... just so you know it's not some kind of deception, or hallucination, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Earlier in the week... maybe a day or two earlier, I began to get the sense of higher entities in the air all around me. Then I was informed that they were angels. Then I was informed that, “No... it's not some expression of Grace, you earned this.” I couldn't put that together because I am not the sort of person who believes he has earned anything, except maybe a cuff upside the head.

A couple of days went by and... suddenly mindful of their presence, I asked if they might accomplish something for me. I was told that they had to be on the interior to do this. It then occurred to me that they were external to me. I get mixed up about this sort of thing all the time. I said, “Okay?” and was told I had to invite them in (just like the bad guys). This I did and... interestingly enough, following that and right up to this moment, I became LESS AWARE OF THEM.

Since this has happened, the entire atmosphere around me has become palpably lighter and I have this sense of confidence and other qualities, that are now emergent, in a quiet but INCREASINGLY NOTICEABLE WAY.

I drink tea all through the day and whenever I go to get another cup, I have to heat it up and that means waiting a few minutes so... right by the stove is whatever Mikhail Aivanhov book I might be reading at the time. I just started, “Man. Master of his Destiny”. As I was getting my most recent cup of Morning Thunder I read the following;

“The secret of success, the secret of true happiness, is to manifest in your own behavior all that you would like to receive from others. If you want smiles and kind looks, offer smiles and kind looks to others. If you want an angel, a Heavenly Being, to come and instruct and guide you, find someone who has had less opportunity to learn and start sharing your light with him. Your actions will be reflected immediately in the Invisible World and spirits of light will be drawn to help you in the same way.”

As I am reading this, I thought of the blogs and all of the information that has passed through them over the last 20 years. I have been doing this for right around 20 years.

My heart leapt as I read those words and I went (in my mind) skipping through the living room from the kitchen and back into my studio. All I could think was, “It's real! IT'S REAL! I'm NOT imagining any of it!!! I hadn't thought so, not in the place where it counts, but... I am viciously intense with myself about preventing all possibility of lying to myself. This is a CRITICAL AREA for me. Nothing moves for me unless this is sorted. I realize there are people who don't like what I say, who don't like what I am and don't like me period. I am fine with that. In fact... I am most appreciative of it. The reality that people of a certain disposition and character, are opposed to and slander me, is every bit as good and useful as the majority of positive support I get from most people.

Alright... I was digressing a bit there. Master Aivanhov is often concerned about communicating to the rest of us that we are attended by a crowd of invisible beings, at all times, and the QUALITY OF THE CROWD is determined by the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds. YOU control the nature of the crowd of invisible entities that attend you and feed off of you. They also encourage certain behaviors in you that are commensurate with their own behaviors. They are, PERMITTED, to experience what you experience because, YOU INVITED THEM IN!

If something gets written here, it was intentional. It was also vetted so... even if it seems incidental, or unimportant, it's not. It is not unimportant to me or I wouldn't have said it. I don't engage in pointless and trivial exchanges. That is the currency of conversation these days, among so many people. It is not the currency that I employ. Words have power, as do thoughts and most certainly actions. There are people who get incensed about my mention of Karma. They scoff at it. It DOES NOT REQUIRE any great deal of rumination to figure out why they don't want to hear any mention of it. You don't have to take my word on the existence of Karma. Let me refer you to Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Krishna and a host of others, ALL OF WHOM ARE IN ACCORD ABOUT KARMA and have held forth at length on it. Jesus would not have said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” if he were not aware of Karma.

Jesus would not have said, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” if he were not aware of Karma. Buddha said, (not verbatim)

“Karma really is happening, it is not an illusion; we are responsible for our actions; you co-decide or decide something in your life by what you go along with; your actions have results, good or bad, depending on the quality of the intention behind the act.” As for Lord Krishna, there are extensive commentaries on what he said about Karma and the whole of the Bhagavad Gita is concerned with the outworking of Karma and how to best engage the consideration of it.

There are all sorts of pundits and pedants and people swollen up with the tiny sum of knowledge they 'think' they possess. They like to make the idea of Karma 'intricate' because that means they get to ponce about in a pseudo-intellectual tango, round the room, badly explaining and showing off their transparent limitations to all and sundry, never realizing the laughter they are generating among the crowd of invisible entities all around them. Yes... my friends, you are attended by a crowd everywhere you go and WE DO TREAT WITH ANGELS UNAWARE... OFTEN.

My greatest ambitions in this life are few; Self Realization and The Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel... it can be assumed that friendship and good standing with The Devic Realm is my most passionate desire. TO KNOW that it is possible and achieved simply by thinking, speaking and acting in a certain fashion, sends me OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing I can imagine, not anything... is equal to the company of angels and the presence of God, which they are in the attendance of at all times. If you want to find God, one of the best ways is to find his angels. The job of angels is to report to God what they see and hear. Certain angels are the actual force of seeing and hearing that we all use.

You can be a habitation of angels! Yes... my friends, this is possible for you BUT... you must court them. You must impress them with your love and sincerity and especially by your service in life BECAUSE THEY NOTICE THAT. They see everything you do and hear everything you say. There is an angel called, The Recording Angel. Think about it.

It doesn't matter if you might be a tad murked up, or shabby round the edges. We ALL clean up good, once the right angels get their hands on us. Go into nature and call out to them! Tell them that you have come to your senses and you want to be their friend. Tell them you are willing to go through whatever you have to and that you will think and speak and act NOW and from then on... in accordance with what is demanded of anyone who wants to have angelic companions.

Yes... you might have to endure some discomfort. Think about when you were a child and you got all dirty playing outside and your mom put you into the bathtub and scrubbed you clean. You might not have liked it at the time but AFTERWARDS... she wrapped you in a fluffy towel. She might have dressed you in your pajamas and ALL WAS AGAIN RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. It is not unlike this. Before angels will agree to consort with you, certain tendencies and behavior patterns MUST END. They are no loss, believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went through all of what I went through so that I could be an example of the grace, compassion and mercy of God. I... like all of you, am FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! The hour is late, my friends and the companionship of angels is far better than having all kinds of money in the bank. It's real money though, not that fake wallpaper we use in the streets. There is very little in existence that can compare to the friendship of angels and they are not gay little sprites that run around with pink unicorns. They can be truly fearsome and express tremendous power and I speak from some small measure of experience here.

They are waiting to hear from you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Those 'angels', by any other name occasionally take you over and save your arse; and when you are at a loss in dire straits, they will 'TALK TO YOU' on how to get out of them. Been there, done that. Am a little wiser for it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Viz that was lovely;I greatly appreciated your writing it

Unknown said...

. Y'mean that fake wallpaper we use in the fake wallstreet(s)?

. and the shitty (of londone)

. moind 'ow y'goe

. ��

Ray B. said...

Vis, an angelic column. Thanks!

There are all kinds of Beings existing at various Consciousness Levels. I have an especial fondness for those I call (Real) Elves. I even had an 'anthropological' elf ask to read my past lives a couple of decades back. It allowed me to 'tag along' to gain insight. Very interesting...

What I call (Real) Angels are waaay up there. Most of the time we have contact with Higher Beings, the beings are not (Real) Angels (it is really hard for them to 'reach down' this far) but rather 'intermediates' whom the angels have tapped to deliver a message. They can still be far-higher than everyday humans...

For those interested in Angelic Realms, Vis forwarded-on how angels exist in 'spheres' and my Higher Self 'translated' those named-categories into my Consciousness Levels. HS surveying them seemed to provoke further conversation and learning, so thank you, Vis...

There is a whole 'smorgasbord' of Higher Entities of helpful and harmful natures all around us. They have their own lives, so to speak, and thus only 'hang around' if there is a chance of growth (or change, for baddies) in us. Discernment then becomes important. Helpful beings tend to ask before entering (outside of emergencies); harmful beings tend to barge-in. However, harmful beings can also be charming, until they get inside. Use your intuition, and also call-in 'proven' helpful beings to check-out an asker.

Lots of beings of all levels are coming to visit. The age-old 'stratification' has been shook-up mightily. Take advantage of it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


I often study this ranking and then let my creative visualization go to work in the imagination.

One time I was in Virginia, where I will be in a few months for a visit; same exact place actually AND I had this young boy on my shoulders; good thing it was then and not now as he weighs around 250 pounds now. Anyway... I was tripping and then I heard HEAVY wing beats above my head and my head was forced down to face the ground. It was a very immediarte and involuntary thing. There was no question of what it was. I never got, 'who'. I remember saying, "Yes... yes... I understand." Something like that but I remember not consciously understanding what got said.

Later I told his mother. I'm pretty sure she didn't believe me. This is one of those times when, "You had to be there." would most certainly apply.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the link (interesting!) and the personal story (also interesting!) Yeah, the 'reaction' to Higher Beings is often instinctual/involuntary (including to the darkside ones). I have done that, too. It is also tricky to determine who/what was really there, because the brain/mind 'fills in' unknown phenomena with the closest imagery it has from personal experience or religious conditioning.

Plus, the recipient of a visit gets temporarily 'elevated' into a higher state for the duration of the visit, and info is received while in that state. When we 'drift down' after the visit ends, much of that info becomes unavailable to the day-to-day consciousness. Frustrating. (It is still there and 'operating', just at a higher level.)

The good news is that enough 'meetings' often makes one sensitive to unseen presences. Then, you can directly ask for contact with those just floating-about. Makes life interesting... (grin)

Sukh said...

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