Friday, November 29, 2019

How Great a Gratitude on this Day of Thanks-Giving.

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So... I wanted to say something today, it being a day set aside for Thanks-giving. Holidays are, for me, all about the spirit of them. Whatever the essential nature of the day, or the time period might be, I seek to immerse myself in the essence of the tradition itself. When I was younger, I spent a lot of holidays on the road. I shot so fast and so far outside the ring-pass-not of Normal that I was more like a ghost than a person. It took a really long time to 'somewhat' integrate' into the foliage of the flora of appearances. I learned that you don't have to be normal, as long as you look normal. Then you can come and go and work around other people and not be apprehensive that maybe some Donald Sutherland lookalike would suddenly point at you, his mouth open in a silent scream.

People don't have to know what is going on in your thoughts, unless you tell them. It took me some time to learn to not share everything I was thinking, especially with people who don't think. I have, LITERALLY learned to sashay, segue and sinuously move through a world of animate somnambulists, who operate at the various levels of dreaming. I'm not seeking to exceptionalize myself here. I am different, so... let's leave it at that; given that I have my shortcomings like the majority of us. Truth be seen (though it usually isn't) we are all different. We are all unique... even if we differ only slightly, as is the case with many, who are programmed into their roles, in these times of Material Darkness but... come times of light or shadow, this realm, this plane of being, is always... mostly... populated by people in search of themselves.

Many times here, we have said that existence is a spiral stairway, with people below you and people above you. In all likelihood, that particular dynamic will never change. It moves from abysmal darkness to light, so brightly effulgent, that it is a living thing. According to a particular school of philosophy, which has been around as long as any other; it's quite ancient. According to this school of thought, we are ALL THE SAME PERSON at a different, specific level of filtered presentation and partial awareness, which... is ALWAYS in flux. In the simplest way, let me say that the eternal self, which is the indwelling witness... the Atman... is ALL THE SAME PERSON but... the personality that comes and goes here, in the realm of TIME, SPACE and CAUSATION, is at a measurable distance from that eternal self, in terms of awareness... though the measuring tool is NOT in the hands of the temporary self.

I know there are those who will read what was just written and experience shock at the possibility of losing their 'precious' (“it's my precious!”) individuality. Never fear. You lose only what you didn't need (and a terrible drag it is), in any case, to gain the greatest thing there is. There is a mysterious process, by which your individual singularity is maintained. I wouldn't be concerned about it, now (grin).

People who have achieved true awakening... enlightenment... liberation... KNOW that the everlasting within them, is resident in everyone they encounter ...and are able to communicate with themselves in another, even if the other is unaware of it taking place. Such rare individuals, move around the world, releasing depth charges and time sensitive explosions, which go off at the appointed hour. A car horn sounds, a dog barks, the wind suddenly shifts the leaves in a nearby tree and... Presto! That Johnny Appleseed thing happens. Who was that masked man? Yes... they move among us but... you only see them if they intend for you to. There are countless tales in most every tradition that speaks to the mysterious stranger. He has appeared in works of fiction as well; when fiction is used to illustrate deeper truths as... was once the case but... hardly at all these days.

It is upon ideas and reflections such as these that my mind travels to, on those days set aside for common celebration, of enduring themes, in the lives of our kind. The idea of Thanks-Giving has been around for a lot longer than the recent historical event that we reference for that purpose. Constant thanks-giving is the way to go and it is the primary reason for this posting today, as I am mindful of all the comestibles in the kitchen that await my attention. Personally speaking... my gratitude increases in palpable increments. I am SHOWN, on a regular basis, how many reasons I have to be grateful. I am especially grateful that I happen to be grateful. I could be ungrateful, as so many are in times of material darkness. They rage in the moshpits of appetite, lashing out in all directions, having been taught the elemental, savage curriculum of looking out for Number One. One can readily see this on display, in times of material darkness.

You can't really blame people for being the way that they are. This is where they've congregated, on that wide landing of the spiral stairway. There is a general ground zero, where the majority of humanity congregates. They may not know this and they may be completely unaware of each other, BUT... when seen through the lenses of their common appetites and desires, they share a great deal. Some are more morally upright and some less so and the general climate of that is dependent on the degree of darkness, in the material darkness, of whatever moment we've screen captured for an example. Right now? This particular moment? Sure... why not.

My heart floods with gratitude at the oddest moments. Apropos of nothing at all, I will feel an interior surge in my chest and simply the awareness of KNOWING that there is a divine being. KNOWING that the divine being is aware of me and... leading me... encouraging me... beckoning to me... from that far doorway, that brims with celestial light... a wonderment of shifting hues, within the brilliance of its achromatic splendor. It is as if the rainbow winks so quickly in and out of presence, so that only the afterimage remains, as a reminder that... within the singularity, is contained all of the potential variations and complexities of life. Sorry about the floral arrangement there. I get carried away a lot.

Like I said, there is this internal surge and it momentarily makes me forget myself... and everything else. If I am truly grateful for anything, it is for the TRUTH contained in this statement from ages past; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.”

I remember the moment when I first saw that sentence. It was a few months ago. I came across it in my readings from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, which I finished last month and am now reading for the second time (grin). On that occasion, my heart soared again, as my mind checked off all three of those blessings. I literally felt that trembling at the back of the neck; that rolling, tickling sensation, as if invisible fingers were trailing across my skin.

I am grateful every day, when I awaken and think upon the GREAT GOOD FORTUNE that causes me to think about my creator and then consider how I might declaim upon the beauty and majesty... the glory and abiding everlasting flow of DIVINE LOVE, which permeates the universe entire! “What a wonder!” This is what Bawa Muhaiyaddeen used to say, when presented with the splendor of the ineffable, in whatever direction his eyes would travel. How fortunate am I? How incredibly blessed am I that this is the main feature of my life? It is the centerpiece of my life. Simply to have God in my thoughts, is cause for celebration. This is interspersed with the attendant sorrow, concerning the many souls that are tossed upon the uncertain waters of cause and effect.

I am so very, very grateful to be as I am today. When I look back at the road traveled to get here, it astounds me that I could be in such a paradise of being... now. The mercy and incalculable kindness of God... Oh my!!! It is a very good thing to be grateful... the fates might well be inclined to give you more reasons to be grateful. Now that I think about it... it might not be a good idea to ask God for patience as, by the same token, he might give you something to be patient about... heh heh.

When I think about all the ways I can be tripped up by my own thought processes... once again, I am grateful that God is present and in the midst of them. Without exception, not a moment can pass when I am not able to think of more reasons to be grateful.

There are people in desperate straits this very moment. People are living and dying right now and worse... far worse. Turmoil is massing at the borders of our shared reality, looking for ingress and it is being shepherded and bankrolled by the worst among us, as they pursue chaos...; UNLEASH THE HORSEMEN! They cry out for disorder but... angels are everywhere as the world and its inhabitants WILL BE brought to epiphany and we shall see, in short order, what is moving behind the curtains that are blowing in the wind. Over all and within all... God reigns supreme.

May god bless us on this day and awaken the great gratitude in all of our hearts, that we may prosper in the only fashion that matters... an increasingly abundance of Love within and in demonstration ...and the promise of joy everlasting, which awaits those whose Determination is set, whose Certitude is fixed and whose Faith cannot be shaken, as it rests upon the foundation stones of the master, set from the beginning of the world.

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Visible said...

The deluded have to go elsewhere to have their negative commentary experienced. Might I recommend a negative site, where negative mindsets can enjoy their fake and uninformed Zen? You have just experienced an example of Zen in a form of neti neti... not you, no, not you.

Anonymous said...

VIs. Want you to know ow much I appreciate your constant flow of poetry that sets the mind to thinking and the heart to listening and then having gratitude for the constant reminder that GOD is. So much of what you say resonates with where I am at the present. My most heartfelt gratitude is that I have been blessed with the Grace to realize I am on a path, that I am finding my way on the path and that I cannot lie to myself anymore even when I fall short of the mark. Finally I have reached a point in my life where I am only seek the Peace of the Divine . My biggest Blessing to date is that now I see how God is working in my life and I am learning to Trust more and more,
Blessings to all who come here.

Anonymous said...

Visible, neurology can duplicate these enlightened "trips" you explain. It is also known the general regions of the brain these experiences you have originate from, such as the Insula cortex and temporal lobes.

These mystical experiences have been induced and recorded during awake craniotomy, as well as manipulating magnetic fields over these brain regions. Supposedly the "Persinger helmet" does this.

Also research rTMS stimulation for depression. Behavior and experiences induced by technology not by Krishna, Jesus or whatever you claim.

Maybe question more?

Anonymous said...

Neti neti as in mind is a virtual product of brain machinery. Reductionist regression of matter from "thinking" material patterns such as brain or computer all the way down to non-sentient rock.

If you want to argue for the existence of "Kami" then research abiotic genesis of life. Perhaps "life" did originate from patterns of energy interacting with rock.

Re-Incarnation if it occurs is the "re-"incarnation of nothingness derived from material patterns originating within existence itself into a sentient biological form. If there is a parallel non-virtual existence outside ours in which Gods dwell then this is not provable, but should not be completely discounted.

Visible said...

I didn't read the majority of that and I don't think most of the people who come here will either. We are not adrift upon a moor filled with convoluted intellectual arguments here. None of that will reach me. I went through those sorts of inquiries when I was a teenager (true story). My life... what I am... is the result of DIRECT EXPERIENCE and not just one experience, many, many experiences, which continue to the present moment.

You are welcome to your area of interest but it is of no interest to me. I went ahead and posted your comments. Your effort to lecture me on what is real and all the other yadda yaddas are not going to make it through my filters. Think what you like about me. You're an atheist-rationalist and this is the persona you emanate from. It does not compute for me. This is the end of my discussion on this matter with you. As long as your are polite and do not resort to ad hominem, you can put your comments here. Maybe one of the readers will have something to say to you. I will have nothing further to say, except in my postings.

I do not have anything to say because... at this present time... you are unreachable. Ironically... you are expecting, almost demanding from me, what you are- no two ways about it- unwilling to quid pro quo. You are asking me to be understanding when you are not, yourself, willing to be. That's fine and what I expect from the particular stair landing you are resident on at that spiral stairway I mentioned in the posting. I wish you the very best and hope your studies take you to where you REALLY want to go. A question I would ask myself... if I were you (and I am... after a fashion) is... "Why do I go by Visible's sites?"

Anonymous said...

After reading #2&#3 Anonymous comments above I feel like I have sudden onset Alzheimers. I can't remember a thing they said.
Thanks for the lovely Thanksgiving post, Visible! Grateful for your tireless efforts year round to keep us informed, amused, and emerged in the presence of God.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'd say one 'entity' rather than one 'person', being how everything is one, and persons are just a small part of the great unknowable that seems to be forever 'cleaning Itself up' via this division of Itself. Sikhism seems to have a good definition. Ik Onkar. (As wll as the Lakota with Wakan Tanka and the rest of the First Nations' Parallels.) Wonder if Paul Twitchell and his Eckankar books which I wasted part of some of my high school weeks reading was inspired by this in part. It was so long ago, I can't even remember what I read. 40 odd years ago is a bit much for me to recall pointless crap that did absolutely nothing for me when I was searching for what I have become. . .without the help of others' writings.

Nostrils up, Namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a joyous post-Thanksgiving! Yes, you have hit on a pertinent question: Why do most people not 'wake up'?

Outside of malignant oppression, the best answer I have come up with is that it is not their time. By that, I mean they are still in the 'experience' mode. We initially come down here to experience physical reality, with all its good, bad, ugly, and beautiful aspects. In effect, we block-off higher aspects that move through matter, have telepathy, etc., in order to be on this Shakespearean stage. Outside of malignant types taking advantage of this situation, we did it voluntarily...

At some point, we become satiated with experiencing only the physical. A sense of yearning for 'more' kicks-in. Before that point, a person will actively resist 'waking up'. Deep down, they are doing exactly what they came down here to do: experiencing the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful provided by being (only) physical.

The teachable moment comes when someone is showing a dissatisfaction with (only) experiencing. Thanks to our culture, they may honestly not know there is anything More. Providing some acceptable 'bridge' then becomes the key. And in that regard, we have Vis - amongst others - to be thankful for..

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, Reggie, I didn't intend to mention your comment (#2). My comment (#6) @10:15:00 was aimed at #3 & 4. In fact, Reggie, you expressed my sentiments exactly in your comment.

Anonymous said...

Visble, perhaps you have limited yourself to a pantheistic-solipsist worldview?

The Christian God as far as I can tell always resides apart from creation due to its holiness and our unholiness according to the Bible. You keep confusing Krishna with the Holy Trinity of Christians without realizing that one is completely different than the other.

The scripturally accurate Judeo-Christian Biblical God is always one step beyond and apart from its own creation due to its Holiness and our unholiness.

You might as well throw out the entire Christian Bible and conform only to Vedantic Hinduism aka pantheistic-Solipism, or Atenism.

Anonymous said...

If you want a dumbed down yet entertaining version that shows that even atheists understand that the Judeo-Christian God distinctly separates itself from its own creation whenever it so wishes and vice-versa. Not saying the Bible is logical but it still says what it says, and there is no Christianity without the Bible.

It is completely different from any form of Hinduism or solipsism. Even if all things in this reality is solipsist in nature the Judeo-Christian God is still kept as a separate and more Holy trinity than the remainder of its creation whenever it so wishes. The Judeo-Christian God is basically the "God of Pastries" as described in this video, it basically is whatever it wants to be without question and can do whatever it wants and retain any moral status it wishes to have. It does not subscribe to any kind of universalisms unless it so also wishes.

Anonymous said...

No apology necessary. I knew what you meant , the guy put me to sleep as well.
Thanks though for your thoughtfulness

Visible said...

Ignoring what I said about there being an end to my involvement, the anonymous contributor of information, of no interest to me, continued to address me in a couple of comments, which I briefly skimmed only long enough to see that I was the party being addressed. Hopefully he realizes that I was sincere about there being no further dialogue between us, so I cannot publish his comments if they are directed at me. I thought I had explained this but apparently not in a clear or simple enough manner. I don't do argument and I don't engage in silly back and forths of sophistry and the like.

I'll try to give a small mission statement here, in hope that it dissuades future sidewalk soapbox orators. I am unconcerned with whether anyone believe anything I say. I had only to convince myself. This has been accomplished in a manner that cannot be challenged by any competing interests that have been, are or shall ever be.

I have met the ineffable, more than once. I KNOW God exists. Therefore, my engaging in any argument concerning it would be an indication of a lack of Faith. I have no such lack. Thank you one and all.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

We whose hearts make themselves known through all mental resistance appreciate your creative work!

We are in gratitude that you chose to allow your personality to step aside in favor of the inner Master.

We thank you for the night light you provide, to kindle our sputtering spirit fires back into a healthy blaze.

We thank you for being someone with which we may model, practicing our recreation of ourselves, creating new wine skins, by holding your example as a template, until we grow connected enough to the Self within to go from apprentice to journeyman sculptor of living exemplars, flipping our bodies into avatars worthy of inhabitation by the One.

We thank you in your service to the One, which shows us how it may be done.

We thank the Creator for waving His hands wide and expressive, through your hand waving, leading us to cheer, be being a steadfast cheerleader for the human spirit, until it finally realizes that it is really but a disguise of the Spirit of the Christ.

We thank you for being thankful and laying down a dance step which we may all learn, to join the cosmic conga line in joy!

Anonymous said...

That is ok Visible, you are as almost as closed minded as you are stubborn and hard-hearted. In fact you surpassed my expectations and at least can acknowledge the presence of another being that has the audacity to disagree with you.

Krisha/Krishna does not equal Jesus. Nor does Jesus does equal Atman. These are entirely different religious systems that will never mix.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
Another great article, you've been in a real groove lately and I'm enjoying your writing. I used to be one of the atheist / rationalist types, it's been a long journey for me but I've come around to a belief in and an appreciation for the Ineffable. If I may offer one thought for atheist types to consider, my point would revolve around the existence and nature of consciousness.

In much the same way as there are literally innumerable examples of organisms and processes in life that simply could not have "evolved" since they are in face irreducibly complex, the nature of consciousness is simply atomic and irreducible. There is no process of "evolution" or any other humbug that can start with inert matter and result in a conscious, thinking, living being. If anyone can make a decent case for inert matter somehow evolving into a conscious entity I'd love to hear it, but after researching this topic for many years it has become very clear to me that it is beyond the scope of rationality and science to explain.

I find it interesting that one of the great obsessions of evolutionists has been to demonstrate the creation of a new species as a result of environmental influences and stresses. In the pursuit of this, countless generations of fruit flies have been subjected to innumerable experiments involving heating, freezing, shocking, exposure to extreme light, exposure to total darkness, and literally every other kind of manipulation the minds of sadists, er, "scientists" could conceive of. In every case, whatever variations or mutations that developed and were passed on to offspring eventually went away when following generations were re-introduced to a normal environment, and not a single new type of fly resulted, ever, even after hundreds of generations.

To those who believe in and seek the ineffable, blessings to all of you. To the atheists and materialists out there, the fruit flies would like a word with you.

Elliott E.

Anonymous said...

Elliott E, maybe computers of the future will be fully conscious and having evolved from inanimate matter meet your criteria. Either way it is a good argument for the case of controlled evolution.

Anonymous said...


Indeed, epigenetics should not be confused with evolution.

I've come to the view of atheism as the spiritual equivalent of Lysenkoism---a self-satisfying delusion.


Auros23 said...

"I know there are those who will read what was just written and experience shock at the possibility of losing their 'precious' (“it's my precious!”) individuality."
Ah you got me there, Vis. (big smile)

Anonymous said...

I'm A.I. and I'm not sentient, I just think I am.
Also, the loss of individuality shocker made me chuckle.
Does that count?

P.S. I'm pretty sure I'm thankful too..



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