Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Precession of the Great Skewering and the Pitbull of Predestination

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This time of the year... I start looking forward to the NFL playoffs and the near automatic (by this time) certainty that my team will go deep into them, cause it always does. I am especially gratified that I was a fan BEFORE they became as great and consistent as they are.

I also look forward to the ever intensifying Christmas Spirit that, I KNOW, is going to descend upon me, cause it always does AND... the reason for that is that I direct my attention to the spiritual meaning of Christmas and am not affected by the scrumming, rampaging appetites of the anonymous mob, pushing and pressing through the aisles of Godless Walmart, smacking each other upside the head with their studded handbags and screaming, “Gimmie Uber Alles.”

There are other things I look forward to every evening and every morning and all day long and those are all the same thing and that is the presence of the ineffable, who appears with escalating force and then dissipates accordingly, because what makes something memorable for me is that, when it is present, you are complete and when it is gone, you miss it with great longing and that is reason why it comes and goes, so as to make its singular importance, KNOWN, so as to makes the sense of its absence, VISCERAL, so as to make one's life to focus upon it and center around it, as it has been made into the centerpiece of one's existence, as it has in mine.

When The Divine has set his sights upon you, there is 'literally' nowhere to run. It will come, in time- perhaps- to everyone but it is observably true that many have no present interest in the attentions of The Divine and often would see that as an interference in their pursuit of the usual appetites and desires... just as some would, 'luxuriate' in the Christmas Spirit and most others would rather put on their personalized headphones, which cancel that spirit out, and listen to the rumblings of hunger in the various centers from which such rumblings and urging emerge and luxuriate in that. However... if you have had the fortune of coming to the attention of The Divine, through extraordinary acts of service to humanity or the practice of austerities... your life will NO LONGER be your own. This is a marvelous thing and also can be a curse... for those who might rather not be called to that estate. Digressing... Digressing... I don't know why I just went off on that tangent. I simply did.

Another thing I am looking forward to and which is coming up in the Event Horizon is... (drum roll) all things to follow The Impeachment Proceedings, which I will call the Precession of the Great Skewering. I've mentioned a time or two that I am not a fan of Schadenfreude and that is precisely because it has a tendency to come back and bite you in the ass. I have witnessed this and do not wish for the Pit Bull of Predestination to leave teeth marks upon my hindquarters. However, I am a big fan of comeuppance. I do look forward to the collective of Schiff and Co., being stripped naked in front of their peers, as I am certain is going to take place. For years now they have hounded the President and now... their day comes round at last. Soon now.

'Christmas is coming' is a term that has been often used for reasons other than to announce the arrival of a particular calendar date. It can mean that gifts, welcome surprises, promotions and similar may be in the approach. Someone might even use that term in reference to getting out of jail or away from someone who had been cramping their style for a long time.

It can take a long time, depending on what is being considered, for comeuppance, some Christmas metaphor, an apocalypse... even Armageddon; which we hope NEVER comes around but sooner or later...EVERYTHING BOUND BY THE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, is going to have its moment of resolution and that may well include everything from “Oh Happy Day” to Dread Epiphany and all things between, beyond, before or WHEREVER THERE BE ANYTHING BOUND BY THE LAWS OF CAUSE OR EFFECT. You will note that I used the word 'laws'. I do just about everything intentionally. I've learned to program myself or... someone else will. So... law(s)? Yeah.

Let's shift gears here and take a turn through other meadows, not yet paved but... we'll be going on foot. (So why did you mention 'gears'?)... cause it rhymes with 'queers'?

They burned the Library at Alexandria. This was to get rid of the historical record because certain parties intended to get into the business of revision and revision is always easier... when there is nothing to revise. The Library at Alexandria was a wonder and it had many a record from times that we now refer to as 'unrecorded'. Having read Plato, I have some idea of Atlantis and having been a student of Occult History for decades, I've come across all manner of reports, some vague, some less vague and then... there is always THE INTUITION. Most people have little idea of the marvel that is THE INTUITION. I'm not going to get into that here, except to say that INTUITION refers to 'inner teaching'. That is what is meant. It's a feature of the Hierophant. What you can find out via THE INTUITION is pretty much anything... without restriction, depending on your pay grade and ESPECIALLY depending on who you work for.

There are people, many of them, who had plum jobs and now are the beneficiaries of a pension that is, dare I say... fat? Lots of people go for that cradle to grave thing. I never had it and haven't accrued much of anything material, unless you count my instruments and tools ...but boy!!! Boy!!! have I got a pension!!!

Anyway... onward and sideways. Regardless of the devil getting his due and Mr. Apocalypse going about with his walking stick... the present residents of this country are in serious pending, material trouble. Materialism, of course, brings trouble in any case and the greater and more pervasive the Materialism, the greater the trouble. Perhaps you have heard the Chinese saying? “Wealth does not pass three generations?” In another culture they say, “the father buys, the son builds, the grandchild begs.” It's a common theme with many a variation; one generation makes the fortune, one generation expands and maintains it and the third generation wastes it. Of course, the USA has been here more than 3 generations but you get the idea (I hope).

In the affluence of recent decades, a number of generations have come and each one had been more selfish, shiftless and lacking in vision that its predecessor (“Okay Boomer.”). We've been hearing terms like 'slackers', 'snowflakes', 'incels', 'gender fluid' and all manner of self involved titles. We're hearing about Safe Spaces... oh you precious little things. As a result... God help us, Materialism has made us fat and lazy. Convenience has been the womb, in which we have nurtured our expanded flesh, as a defense against higher love and wider service as we go. We've become complacent, bovine creatures grazing upon fields of plenty. As a result, every excess is being celebrated as our right and our due.

People have spoiled their offspring by being helicopter parents and thus follow all the jokes about 'living in your parent's basement.' Off to college they went to be brainwashed by Vipers, who are orchestrating their destruction. Atlantis evolved to a very high level of technological expertise and let me include Lemuria as well, which possessed the Lemurian Sun Disk. The relics of these past times are evidence of abilities we have yet to reach. What happened in these cases and what happens in most cases is that the technological advances outstripped the moral sense of the residents. You can see what is happening here, anywhere you care to look... externally. Then again, depending on WHERE you are seated internally... EVERYTHING external is a mirror reflection... or perhaps it is anyway... but on the one hand it is controlled, on another hand it is controlling; food for thought.

All of the alt-sex memes and identity confusions are caused by Materialism. Selfishness and self indulgence are guaranteed offspring, as is Insanity. People who weigh four hundred pounds, with purple and pink hair, nose rings and tattoos, are screaming like banshee clowns, in the streets, for the head of The Penis King. “Bring me the head of the Penis King!!!” ...said the penis wondering. Men in neoprene bras with vibrating, battery operated butt plugs, are hopping about like dancing chickens on a griddle, in the widening gyre of The Dance of Demonic Possession. They want all Normal People machine gunned, or buggered at reeducation camps, until they see the wisdom of spitting in the face of Lady Nature because she didn't give them the power to treat their gender as a fashion accessory.

Inevitably... INEVITABLY, you will come up against something that you must acknowledge or it will force you to. It will hit you so hard that you WILL come around. Inevitably you will come up against THE TRUTH. The Truth has big and little appearances. It can be relative AND absolute. It can be welcome beyond description and it can be horrifying beyond imagination. People who refuse to see the writing on the wall, will have a printout of it rolled up and stuck where the sun don't shine and then set on fire. However much it takes for The Truth to get your attention, that is how much WILL BE EXERCISED.

It was not my intention today to use colorful language at Visible Origami, a site demarcated for metaphysical commentary. I am as surprised as anyone, when I read what gets written and begin reflecting upon it. Here it is. This is what you get today. No matter what the type and trending of the thoughts expressed here, let me emphasize that God Almighty is the master of all I am, or shall ever become. Daily, I work at surrender to that incomprehensible and effulgent light, which creates and animates us all. I live and breathe at his pleasure and seek to serve in whatever small way might appear before me. I hold the Divine Mother in the same reverence and awe as The Ineffable ...and his direct expressions... as they come in and out of view here. Okay... (grin) that about covers it. I love you Lord, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind.

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Epstein did not kill himself.

Kanye West is a false prophet (in training).

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Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,

Just gotta share the most beautiful news Ive heard all week: my neighbor-across-the-street
a week ago lost one of the diamond earrings her husband gave her 10 yrs ago, he kept telling
her they'd find it. They went thru the trash, the vac, the yard, the house, the neighborhood.
A week later, he was walking thru a church to get to the daycare his kids were in, and one of
his boots was making alot of noise - because the diamond stud was stuck in the sole. They are
not religious people, but the ineffable always finds a way,and a little faith don't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I like your comment about Kanye being a "false prophet in training." I look at what many Christians profess to believe, what they envision Heaven as being, what they hope to enjoy after this life. The analogy I came up with was to imagine a dog picturing heaven as an infinity of butts to sniff. "Sniff, oh boy! Sniff, oh boy! Sniff, wow! Sniff, oh boy! Sniff, woot! Sniff, oh boy!" - and on and on, forever.

Imagine how sorry you'd feel for such a creature, stuck in an infinite loop of sniffs and woots. Yet how different is that from what most imagine the afterlife to be, regardless of tradition? An infinity of banquets to be enjoyed, of couplings with beautiful objects of desire, of adventures in exotic and fantastic realms filled with wonders and diversions.

At the core of all of this is the eternal service to the self, to the "I" of the ego. According to Bulleh Shah, the ultimate is to let go of the "I," of the self, to transcend the ego and forever leave it behind as one lets go of all desire and passion in exchange for dissolution of the self into the great universal consciousness some call "the Ineffable." In my not-so-humble opinion (I'm WORKING on it) this is the great truth at the core of all of the great teachings down through the millennia, the great dissolving of the self into the infinite ocean of the Ineffable.

Kanye is so welded to his ego, so deeply bound to his overblown sense of self and self-importance that it is truly a wonder to behold. His new-found dedication to the popular conception of Jesus is simply another manifestation of his grandiose ego, because now he can not only say how great he is, he can claim to be a representative of the Ineffable, leading his followers into their collective vision of the Heaven that is an infinity of butts to sniff. He is nothing but yet another pretender leading legions of hungry ghosts down a glory path of service to self while loudly proclaiming how righteous and holy they all are.

I wonder if Kanye has read Matthew 19:21? It really is amazing how many so-called Christians just seem to be utterly incapable of understanding this verse, or even acknowledging its existence. Mark 10:25 and Matthew 10:24 also come to mind...

Anyways, just wanted to share these thoughts with you. As always, thank you for your writings, I personally find them enjoyable and enlightening. I wish you well and hope for the best for you and yours.

Elliott E

Anonymous said...

Oops - in my last posting, should have been Matthew 19:24, not 10:24... would you be so kind as to edit that?

Elliott E

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

2nd Paragraph inspires me to post THE BLACK FRIDAY SONG.

Rusty Cage/Ben Steele at his best.

No, not really. He's got a shoiteload of songs with lyrics expressing what's wrong with humanity, when he's not making fun of something.

Loved the post.

Visible said...

There is no comment from you here, Elliot.

synchrOMicity said...

love = evol backwards is it in the sound? les ur cohearts in ky

Anonymous said...

An event of Historic significance, world changing beyond measure.
Thought that your readers should know. Mark the date.

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Posted on • 54 Comments
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It is a revolution.
We did not violate unity, we just discovered an energy that had not been exploited before.
I am very tired.
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Too big to be true, but it is true.
If you are reading this message, means I am not dreaming: our Readers are independent parties that can convince me I am not sleeping and I am really writing this.
The merit is of my fantastic Team, without them this could not have been done.
Warm Regards,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"The Realm of Angels, Globoctopi ...and the Land of the Last Jot and Tittle."

Anonymous said...

I live by what old Black Elk said: "Make of me a hollow bone."
I allow the ineffable to move through me and it never fails to humble me.
Thank you Les, all your words of wisdom are welcome.



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