Monday, September 19, 2022

"They're Dancing Like Candy Cane Hookers in The Carnal Mind, with The Lord of Darkness as The Ringmaster."

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Have you ever wondered why Pop-Tart celebrities like Miley Cyrus... Paris Jackson... and many of the D-list actors and hangers-on have jailhouse tattoos? Why do they have what amounts to graffiti scattered about their form? They could easily afford beautiful artwork; not that I am a fan of tattoos. It is an act of Satanic devotion... to abuse and uglify the human body. The same applies to the regular harm done to it.

It's a common form of degenerate behavior, whose intent is to mock The Creator of the form. This includes the sexual perversity, running like a wildfire through the declining culture. Divide and conquer... by setting the races, and the classes, and the religions against each other; that is also Satanic. Despoiling children and childhood is very high on the list of the priorities of The Infernal Realm.

Maybe it was Little Big Man; I can't remember. There was an Indian that did everything backwards. He was contrary in all things. As we move deeper into the apocalypse, the sense of nihilism becomes more and more pervasive through the culture. Entropy becomes an art form to those caught in the backwash. They do things wrong because it feels good to do bad. It's an act of defiance toward what they don't understand.

These times? As significant as they are... represent a mere blip on the radar. The more caught up in something that you find yourself to be... the more important it is to you, and the more it hurts when you are separated from it, no... matter... what... it... is. It is best to retreat when possible from all things connected to a world gone sadly astray; the bad food... the toxic environments... the tawdry entertainments... the glittery nonsense... the brutal-animal-sex... the grunting, bleating power struggles of a game you are born... to... lose.

These are all the fruits of a badly drawn life, turned cannibal upon itself, in mimicry of The World around it, as if it really was a death dance of collective... ritual... suicide. Tell me, what... is... the... payoff? How does torturing the Living God, who dwells within, a smart career move? Either my eyes are becoming increasingly more clear or it is becoming more and more painfully obvious.

People rail about Artificial Intelligence. It is originally programmed by the human mind, so... AI can't be The Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is ALWAYS... ♫ the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine ♫ Yes... like Mammon, it is a collective effort... crystallized into representative form. It's not real, BUT so many people seeing it as real... makes the illusion more and more substantial. Looks real... doesn't it?

It is right there... in your face... Satanism coming on like the literal dark horse of all time... slipping into every area of the culture. Materialism sets the stage for this. It sets every man against his brother in a struggle for personal gain. The Religion of Satanism is... Materialism. So it is that Humanity gets slapped down every so often with a lighting-struck Tower of Babel.

We have the material representation of a spiritual war. The Infernal Kingdom makes war on Heaven, in relentless fashion, and it does this on the battlefield of the human heart. Material Culture pulls the eyes to the ground, and... awakens Carnal Love for the creations of the ground, brought forth into temporary form. This makes the heart heavy and fills it with sorrow because NOTHING manifest can ease the suffering of division in The Separated Mind.

In the midst of the appearance of plenty, one is resident in a wasteland of desolation... emptiness... emptiness... abounds. You can see it everywhere... the lack of purpose in the slacker mind. People's sense of The World is a blurred confusion, and... their sense of self, non-existent.

Now... Russia is going to turn the lights and the heat off in Western Europe BECAUSE Western Europe has been bullied by ZATO into becoming a stalking horse on its way to the glue factory. Ukraine as the main target for Ersatz Israel is The Killing Floor. Some have come to think that their time has come and all The World will be their slave. This... is... not... going... to... happen.

WHAT IS GOING ON... what I see, and this is only my perspective. It is not complete. I know very little, this is true, BUT... what I see is that ALL OF US are being challenged by The Fear of Appearances... the hopes of gain... the threat of loss... all the specters of material hallucination... dancing like candy cane hookers in The Carnal Mind, with The Lord of Darkness as the ringmaster.

We are ALL being tested according to our values and aspirations through the vehicle of our Intention. Portions of The World think hard winter is coming for everyone else. We're ALL going to get hit at the level of our resistance and denial. This is ALL... the singular reason behind ALL of the startling changes of this time. The World of fascination AND dread... rises like a curtain of mirrors reflecting back to you the apparition that your mind constructs, according to your aspirations and desires. You... see... what... you... are, just as you see what you desire or fear... just as you are what you see.

Those who created that hard winter are going to find it gift-wrapped on their doorstep. Those who do not know how The World really works are giving live performances of what happens when you don't, and think you do.

Never mind about World War 3... or the other three horsemen. Never mind about the Rolodexing threats... or the kaleidoscoping attractions that come and go like a desert mirage; the never-to-be-found oasis that exists only in the separated mind... on the trackless sands to nowhere. What are you chasing? If you don't catch it... you are spared the disappointment that comes from mistaking it for something else. If you do catch it, it turns into a cactus pear.

ONLY God can quench your thirst! Only God can give you succor and sanctuary in an endlessly uncertain world. Every loss and disappointment that you incur, is ONLY to turn you to God. How powerful can your resistance be... to sustain it against the will of God... from which you receive the will to resist in the first place? This is a battle you... cannot... win.

You cannot protect yourself against the conditions that YOU CREATED to conceal yourself from God. This goes back to The Garden... does it not? Of course... we only know these tales from allegory, and in the pictures our child-mind draws to explain the unexplainable. The stairs are hidden from The Carnal Mind, BUT... what will you tell the door wardens anyway, should... you... happen... to... arrive for The Purpose of Demonstration?

It could be so easy, and we make it so hard. The right way only s-e-e-m-s to be the more difficult course. So many of us hide in the distractions, hoping for satisfaction AND release. Relentless Hope yoke-robs the heart and mind, convincing it that this... time... will... be... different. This time will be different AND... heh heh... it is different, BUT... the results are ALWAYS the same; every moment of pleasure is counterpointed by an equal measure of pain. Every up must be accorded a relative down. It's how Real Science really works.

I'll say it again; You are either driving or you are being driven. It's either you sitting backwards on a runaway horse or... you sitting below The Divine who is powering your way AND steering... your... course, just like those Hindu posters, in case you've seen them.

WHO IS ADVISING YOU? That is a very serious question. Your advisor(s) are drawn... by... your... intentions. The highest love is Impersonal Love because it mimics God, who shines on everyone the same. Let go of The False Self, AND Nature... which they say abhors a vacuum will... bring... something... forth... to... replace... it.

What you seek is already there but misidentified. You don't become something new. You are returned to who you really are. Memory is the source of this, AND... The Divine is the source of Memory and Imagination. Go to the source. That seems clear to me, but... it is not a common perspective, for... some... strange... reason.

Everything you are going through is designed to save you from what you are going through, by your recognition of what causes it to happen. All this world-shaking change in front of you is... a contrived scenario to see where your true loyalties lie, AND... a portal to the world-shaking change that is coming within you. Get... them... into... harmonic... accord.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, and I finally joined Gab so as not to lose touch with your wonderful posts.

robert said...

Salamat, Visible!

For giving forth from your well being
Another piece of mastery, reminding us who we are becoming

It sets every man against his brother in a struggle for personal gain.

First scansion:

"It sets every man against his brother in a struggle for personal PAIN"

The gathering of "precious" personal pain to be human?
Insisting that we puppets needs no strings and can flail around meaningless without a master spirit?

We all want to become real boys and girls, yet try to piss off the puppet master at every turn!

It is fortunate that we are designed to be in direct communion and become more real with every meeting we make in our central comms consciousness!
We can choose the stillness of awareness above the fray, step out of the fraying nerves zone by letting go of personal pain, precious chains.

In the big picture, AKA the vision of hosters of higher consciousness, all human suffering is a choice
A personal preference to be ignorant, even willfully so!

Not the smart way to be but human habit favors the known stupidity over unknown states of awareness
Sin is stupidity embraced over awareness
Falling short of vision, giving up the ghost for something less

Our human forms, surrogate for carrying spirit around on tour, carry such an accumulation of soul chains, over lifetimes, that helpful souls must bring continual examples of reset, reboot get back to thye root!

But, as designed, the Observer is omnipresent, waiting with un-bated breath to say "I love you!"

We are never more than an act of will away from reunion, IF we can drop our boatload of bullshit at the door!

The Religion of Satanism is... Materialism

In other words, the religion of Anti-Life is to deify the illusion that the senses misinterpreted have made into mountains of madness.

Even western science corrupted by money has revealed the illusion to be only a superficial and conceptually lazy convenience to continue staying unresponsive to Reality

We have perfect examples of a death cult which has made tradition out of stupidity for purpose of demon-stration
Millennia of doing it wrong but making others pay to sustain the ritual madness
Personifying selfishness in the religion of psychopathy

The death cult is now in its death throes, thrashing out every ill-gotten gain
Being dead, it is oblivious to its own brains being eaten while persisting in playing out its grand delusions to the last drop

what I see is that ALL OF US are being challenged by The Fear of Appearances

You testify truly about the testing
Everyone observing still the patterns in their conscious life is seeing the test of fearful appearances is happening with greater frequency!

There is a crescendo in the noise of the naughty
Every day we are given our daily dread to overcome
We reconnect our broken connection and breathe a sigh of relief from anxiety

We are learning to relax and trust

The minions are training in the opposite rail line
Winding up the human nervous system to a breaking point
Being driven out of their minds to destructive climax

While we learn to let our minds expand with each soulful fusion

What we want is love embodied
Not emptied containers discarded after consumption

The meaning inside matter, enjoyed without digging out the kernel

Just like dancing in the presence of humans raises all vibrations
Taking nothing from anyone but amplifying all

We see a life that lasts by raising all boatloads above dragging desires

Who taught us to eat the fruit of knowledge
And forget the way of love discovered by growing our own fruit?

Stare not the dragon down
Aim our sights at perpetual crown

Step aside from doomsday drones
Lay down the pain of personal phones

Take the easy way out
Banish it with a shout

Have we had enough of our own lesson plan?
Captive to our beast or be the teacher's man?

Holding fast to seeing You everywhere
Knowing last being without You nowhere

There is joy in finding purpose
Feeling meaning we're not surplus!

word bird said...

Hi Les, which God do you refer to ? Yahweh, El, Elohim, Yaldabaoth ? There is most certainly the One true God, but the One is not the god of the old testament or the Qur'an. A clue as to who the One is and who the One is not can be found in the Apocryphon of John (Nag Hammadi) and in the biblical interpretations of Mauro Biglino and Paul Wallis.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Pressure in The Earth is Being Intensified by The Tension and Pressure in The Collective Subconscious."



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