Thursday, September 22, 2022

"Nature Gets Herself All Gussied Up to Draw in Potential Candidates for Long Enough to Get The Pollen from A to B."

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A fellow asked Guru Bawa what he should do about all the beautiful young women he sees and is attracted to... while having no control over the force of the attraction. Yes... that is an interesting phenomenon and we'll look into that today. Bawa said, “put your hand on your chest and say, Oh what a wonder!” I get it now. I didn't get it at the time.

Sexual attraction propagates the species. That is its design. I should add that it also (and in these days, OFTEN) propagates other things, and feeds the appetites of invisible creatures. Nature gets herself all gussied up to draw in potential candidates long enough to get the pollen from A to B. The World is a sex act and that is all it is. Sex takes place on every plane... processing to product.

It's a good idea to keep your frolic on the plane you want to remain on (or higher), lest you get pulled along in a downward sweep to weep. What we are REALLY after is that which is behind... what is behind... what is behind... what is behind... the appearances. Once the pollen thing is accomplished, Nature fires it up again. It can take all kinds of shapes and you get your Adam Levine's pulling an Anthony Weiner because they have poor impulse control.

Sex is incredibly powerful. It has caused all sorts of sorrow and misery among The Clueless. Was it St. Paul that said, “I wish all men were like me but... it is better to marry than to burn?” I probably didn't get that verbatim, BUT... neither did verbatim survive the first printing where it got written down. I am not a fan of Mr. Hard-Line of Tarsus. He made a lot of rules and regulations that got into the wrong hands, BUT... that one thought... I get that.

I believe in seeking union with The Divine. I also believe in higher forms of Sex that don't require a shower after. Even though this was a driving theme in my life all along, being a poet... I had a hard time with the attractions until I was able to master them and route them accordingly OR... rather... have them mastered. It is a kind of Hell in the interim of getting there. I maxed out my American Express Suffering Card many times on the way.

I was ALWAYS in love with The Divine Mother, but I too often saw her through the lens of her manifest expressions. She obliged me by coming into view now and again, BUT... also retreating at the worst possible moments. Either you want the pedestrian and mortal or you want the eternal. Sometimes you think you can find the eternal in the mortal, and... you... cannot. Because it is pedestrian and mortal, people fall out of love with great regularity. It turns out not to be what was generating the magic; “where did The Magic go?”

IN... NO... WAY am I seeking to diminish that love that CAN occur between two people. I would be a real hypocrite were I to do that, and I am not a real hypocrite. I only play one sometimes in bad company when I am called to the subterfuge. You have to know how to play your hand. Swordfish is not the password.

Have you come across several lines and statements here so far that seem to make no sense? Yeah... it happens. The people who are supposed to know or get what I am saying, will it get. Those who do not are sometimes better off. What do you know? I went and did it again.

If you want to see where Modern Romance has progressed to these days, I recommend going to an Adult Sex Toy Convention. Pay special attention to the nature and origins of the main players. We've come a long way from mere hooking-up and friends with benefits. As this continues, the pleasure diminishes accordingly... until there is none and Pain becomes the attraction. If you look at modern sexual practices, you... will... see... what... I... mean.

All the BDSM and hanging from piercing cages will inform you, AND... if you watch Billions you can see it's all gone mainstream. Years ago, I lived off and on in NYC. Because of the streets I walked in the neighborhoods I was in, I used to often pass a place called Paddles. It had an interesting front. There was a very expensive wooden door set in a framework of black windows. It looked like an exclusive club. I found out it was an S&M joint. I never went in. That sort of thing is definitely not my sort of thing.

On cruise ships, people put images of upside-down pineapples on their cabin doors to let you know they are up for swinging.

Now we got full-blown Pedophilia, goose-stepping toward legality. We got Furries. We got snuff-cults. We got Satanic orgies with child sacrifice. These are all old practices that are making a return. As religious traditions break down, the older wilder shit comes back into play. You got your purple-haired, pierced, and tatted Pagans. You got Wicca on the way to The Wicker Man. You got all kinds of sex cults. You got Abortion and Transsexual Churches. The list is long and ridiculous.

There is a group of committed Satanists of different stripes and orders who are behind all of the nasty business going down in these times. Consider the nature and origins of the main players. They got lots of money and influence. This is visibly evident. Most importantly, they got Black Magic, and that will convince plenty of people who might not be impressed by money and influence, though... money and influence will do for most of us.

A large percentage of The Public is intoxicated with celebrity. They will do practically anything to get it OR... be near it. Serial Killers in prison get, by far... the most mail. They are celebrities. It is important to understand the hero-anti-hero thing. Lots of people don't care what kind of celebrity they are as long as they are a celebrity. Outlaws at one time were big celebrities in The West. They are still big celebrities now. Mostly they SEEM to run the place.

I know that if one is devoted to The Divine Mother as The Mother of All Things, one will be much more advantaged than when running about and picking off her representations. Payback is a Bitch. Karma is a Bitch, AND... all malefactors are born again and again through... the... agency... of... woman, AND... some of them are bad... to... the... bone. Check out the news stories that we get in regular fashion these days.

The Divine Mother seen in Total Aspect can be so terrifying that The Mind can no longer function. I prefer to see her in specific ways where her beauty and qualities are a splendor and a glory.

One does not have to be celibate through life. One ABSOLUTELY does have to be celibate for a certain period of time to pass through certain territory on The Inward Course. It's a requirement and it is of different lengths for different individuals. Sometimes it does run through the whole of a life for the purpose of specific accomplishments.

When you are all tangled up in The Blood Tie Dynamic, your mother in one life can be your girlfriend in another. Your worst enemy can be your father or brother or... mother, which is why a whole lot of men, in... these... times... are telepathically invaded by their mothers and turned into whatever you want to call it. It is a common theme among such poor souls that the personality of their mother replaces their own. Everything is all screwed up at the moment, BUT... Heaven will sort it out, I... assure... you... of... that.

So... call me kinky, BUT... my only romantic attraction is God, as demonstrated by The Hermit Trump. I want the fireworks INSIDE. I want to be able to make love to everyone at once, all... the... time. I had to make some plumbing and routing adjustments, BUT... it looks like the graft has taken.

Of course... there is Tantra, BUT... I should point out that Tantra is generally not what the three weekends and a four-day intensive people will tell you it is. That might be in your curriculum on the way to complete union, AND... it may not be. EVERYONE gets some true approximation of what cannot be put into words on the way to that union.

To be born in these times is to have the possibility of a spiritual quantum leap. That's why all of these people are here. Most of them have completely forgotten why they came OR... are busy at taking care of all the desires and appetites they came here to have temporary access to.

In no way did I cover the ground I intended to cover today. It's not possible in the first place, AND... it takes far more than a single posting to cover what you can talk about. Maybe you'll find something useful, and... maybe not. We'll be back again tomorrow, and every week until the process is complete.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Tantra. Am I right or am I wrong, but isn't the real goal of that; complete and total self-mastery in every aspect of existence?

Wonderful post, even though I personally think the concept of breeding is absolutely repulsive, not the mention the fact I have things to do and a life to live without some biological accident taking up any discretionary time and resources I would otherwise have for someone I actually wanted to devote these to. Hence I made sure I'd never have that problem, thank you Planned Parenthood. (A package deal of an organisation, but hey.)

I also do not like my 'prison sentence' here, though I did ask for it before I got here like the total idiotic addict of electric fence pissing I am, and have come to the conclusion this realm of the demiurge can go the where the sun don't shine after bein' completely flayed and dipped in a lye solution.

Nostrils to the sky despite me being contrary to all that is in this cesspit of an existence.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Sorbet at a French Restaurant; Let Us Move on to Greener Meadows of Promise in Hoped for Tomorrows Realized."



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