Friday, September 09, 2022

"EVERYTHING Rotates Around Something Rotating Around Something that Rotates Around The Perfect Stillness of God."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Because of a previous relationship with royalty and religion, in other times and climes, I am not a fan of either. However, I don't find it possible to get worked up about it anymore. I'm just not feeling it. (grin) So... I've got nothing to say about the passing of the queen. I had no reaction when I heard about it. I had no reaction throughout the whole of yesterday about it. I'm going to stay with that trend.

When I think of kings and queens and lesser nobility, it is almost exclusively in the context of life metaphors. It always has to do with fortunes changing. A king dies and comes back as a butler or maybe an actor who portrays one on TV. A queen returns as a scullery maid, an oil baron as a galley slave. The temporary routines of Personality come and go.

We are literally on the premise and the premises of that after which ALL stages are modeled. All performances are expositions of life experience... real or imagined, yet... there is very little that has not, at one time or another, actually occurred; Truth is stranger than Fiction... “there are more things in Heaven and Earth...” ♫ first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is ♫

Life is a continuous reel of replicating events, expressed through the lives and actions of an endless series of performers replacing each other. Imagine that every grain of sand on all the beaches of The World must at some point attain a human birth. Apply the same to every particle of Earth, and everything that has some composition that makes it a visible object, singularly or in combination. Then apply that to everything you can't see that meets the same criteria, AND...

All of it is destined to achieve human status and then Godhead... UNTIL every particle of seeming matter is spiritualized in conscious knowing that it is God; I am not saying that is how it is. I am saying that whatever goes on here involves the Evolution of every fragment of being into luminous... conscious... light.

Now consider, for reasons we will not be elaborating on, that very bad things have happened here on Planet Earth a time or two. These events were much worse than anything we have any record of, and happened in the long ago. All of this has to be resolved and refined. In fact... the whole of existence is simply an ongoing process of endless refinement, BUT... we are leaning toward... the universe when it knows itself as God.

Awaken sleepers! Such opportunities as these... which we have before us now... do not come round often. It is part of the reason that there are so many billions of people here. Because it is all part of a spiritual war, conceived for the entertainment of The Supreme Enjoyer, and due to our collective level of technical expertise at this time... The Magic Show has also gotten very sophisticated, while... at... the... same... time, humanity is being dumbed down as well.

Where any separated mind errs... is in the mistaken belief that there are equal and opposing sides that endlessly battle against one another. There is ONE RULING AUTHORITY, and... please cease off debating and explicating about what you... will NEVER... comprehend. Either come to terms with it or... do not. That's the hard road... the not coming to terms. This is because you are then compelled to make arrangements with The Left Hand of God (metaphorically speaking).

Either way, you are coming to terms, if only by default. So... there is this long hard road where you are worn away to nothing, FINALLY coming to terms... regardless. It really comes down to how much you can take. I know a lot of people are confused about this; vague generalities run like tumbleweeds across the empty desert landscapes of the minds... in search of meaning that NEVER appears because it does... not... exist... externally.

Out here... in the vastness of The World in extension, you are the puppet of the three modes of action and the levels of their perception. You can sit on a park bench anywhere in The World and watch The World pass by. Look... more... closely. Realize that everyone you see is you in a funhouse of mirrors, separated by... experience and awareness; however they have been come by.

You wind up either serving humanity or... preying on it. Somewhere on The Dial... your levels of Self-Interest and Selflessness are registered. Yes... there are other examples an argumentative-separated-mind can come up with, for... the... sake... of... argument. It is daytime everywhere that it is daytime, BUT... there are different degrees of daytime... and temperature... and location... and levels of threat... and so on and so on.

Everywhere that it is night... it is night. The same variations apply, BUT... day and night have different atmospheres. The nature and effect of The Sun and Moon are palpable. They create an entire appearance of reality. Meanwhile... The Moon moves through phases every month, and it enters different theaters of influence, represented by The Constellations, and these are understood as Houses of Influence. Furthermore... they interact in countless ways to bring about countless scenarios, AND it is all about a clock-like timepiece of the most extraordinary composition.

The same is true of The Sun... EVERYTHING rotates around something that rotates around something that rotates around the perfect stillness of God.

All the little wheels turn with the big wheels, connected by various sizes of intermediate wheels. It is The Cosmic Clock... and- the... whole... thing... is... alive. If you want to achieve a harmonious resonance with The Chief Architect in The Court of the Ineffable, you have to adjust and adapt... you have to adjust and adapt. You have to come into tune. You have to find the specific harmony that is your best expression of unity with the whole.

Something like this is not of interest to most people. It requires ALL OF YOU. So... people come to arrangements with that. They attend some churches at different frequencies. (in both senses of the word) They do this or that to reach some desired level of interplay, while God takes his football and goes home. God is not interested in weekend warriors... except for the crowd scenes, and the routing of extras across the stage, and here and there in the epic action takes.

We are in a momentous time. The conditions present, AND coming... are frightening, and/or exciting. It really depends on how you look at them. It depends on the position you have arrived at in relation to everything else. It depends... it depends... it depends. One might also say... it relies on what it depends on. No... it is not easy to talk about these things.

Without God... you would have no existence. It is The Life Force of God within you that maintains you. Otherwise, you would cease. Now... it is God's Nature to want to interact with you. To the extent that you refuse to play with him, his methods of getting your attention can be more and more severe.

Yes... God is incomprehensible and indefinable, BUT... there are aspects of God that can be understood simply by watching how the whole thing works, and also via The Intuition. So it is that I say it is God's Nature to want to interact with you. I know this first hand. I ALSO have the reports of those who have gone before, and whom... I implicitly trust. They are ALL in accord about certain features of Life.

Everything being spouted out of the runaway mouths of the verbally incontinent is bullshit or a reasonable facsimile thereof. The talking heads in media and wherever they be, are PAID and OWNED by the front office of those who think they are in charge. They just repeat what they are told and they are fine with being thoroughly corrupted by their relationship to The Breadlines of Mammon. They chatter like woodland creatures. They adjust and adapt however they are told to. They need the work.

You either buy into one system or the other. Both of them have many variables of costumery. You have to get past the appearances. Otherwise, you are either in The Clown Car performing a Chinese Fire Drill, or... you are at one masquerade ball or another. Everyone is in disguise... and pretending to be whatever gets them through the night.

Behind The Mask of Personality lies The Individuality that is in every... sentient... being. The two are OFTEN not in sync. The one is at war with the other in a mob scene of self-will run riot. Until The Personality is brought to heel, The Dog of Desire is going to do his thing.

It is simple to me. I am no longer comparison shopping. I have made peace with the truth that... I... don't... know. I will be informed when needs be.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Again, you make me wonder if every atom is sentient and self aware, and every electron, and proton, and quark, and what ever.

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

Hello, it's me. Again.

Never gave a rat's ass about "the Royal family". Any of them. I still don't. But another English citizen recently passed away that I DO give a rat's ass about. You've probably never heard of Steve Grimmett or the band he fronted: Grim Reaper. 80s metal.

I never got a chance to see them and now I never will. Replacing Grimmett would be like replacing Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil (They tried that with disastrous results.) Grimmett’s sustained note at the end of the song “See You in Hell” was recorded without effects. This is known as a "head voice".

For those of us who loved their music, he will be missed.

R.I.P. Steve

robert said...

Mille Grazie Visible!

For your conscious radiance gratis

All of it is destined to achieve human status and then Godhead... UNTIL every particle of seeming matter is spiritualized in conscious knowing that it is God; I am not saying that is how it is. I am saying that whatever goes on here involves the Evolution of every fragment of being into luminous... conscious... light.

Every thing in creation will come (grow) to sing praises (upturning tones of energy)

Ever notice the dissymmetry between being positive and being negative?

Turning our dial in one direction versus the other?
How one way aligns with the flow of consciousness expanding?
How the anti-way draws frictional heat from resisting the flow?
How our awareness gets nozzled down to a pissing contest against a century wave?

There is a positive feedback loop throughout creation
If your microphone gets intimate with your speaker, the howl goes instantly right up to heaven

Human emotional capacity, especially in male embodiment, prefers control right up to the big bang, throttling back the intensity, biding time until the next explosion.

What if we could sustain the feedback howl long enough to ratchet our rising kundalini up a chakra or two?

If you want to achieve a harmonious resonance with The Chief Architect in The Court of the Ineffable, you have to adjust and adapt... you have to adjust and adapt. You have to come into tune. You have to find the specific harmony that is your best expression of unity with the whole.

Why do we usually find it hard to get out of our own way?

We over identify with who we are not, our false self, so it speaks
We dare not give in to the splendor of who the I Am is in presenting as who we are.
We learn that to be too shiny brings eye-driven lusters and consumers of themselves hungry for more

Imagine shining so constantly, even with intermittent flares and spots before our eyes
That we blind the blindered day walkers and pass by all sink holes without dipping our toes

We have an unerring tuner resident in our central being point
Our hearts can sing in tune when we get our hands out of our heads
The sound of our own joie de vivre brings us home in tears
But we strangle the wailing wall of wasted emotional flows
Biting back against our little bit of horse high madness

Will we ever allow the wind of spirit take us for a ride higher than our attachment to grounding faults?

The degree of difficulty in diving makes up for minor flaws in execution.
The extreme noise of dark lovers being swept out into the light for dissolution makes for a challenging scene to transcend.
Finding our heart's hearth and staying close to the wisdom unwinding surfs our service through the chop.

To be a smooth stone, we get buffeted by endless water falls
All along, we body balance by believing in our inner vision

Though Defeat is looming large in manufactured madness magnified
Is just a shadow cast by a tiny insecticidal delusion pretending to be a real boy....

We laugh out loud in their general direction
We share the sound of one hand clapping
We free a million microbes with every exhale

We find that we are even when we think we are not
We stop thinking the way we are told by negative narrators
We begin the new day fuller of every promise ever made by lovers!

Anonymous said...

"I will be informed when needs be" reminds me of something Swami Vivekananda said about Socrates:

"It was said of Socrates that while marching with the army, there was a beautiful sunrise, and that set in motion in his mind a train of thought. He stood there for two days in the sun quite unconscious. It was such moments that gave Socratic knowledge to the world. So with all the great preachers and prophets, there were moments in their lives when they rise from consciousness, going above it. And when they come back to the plane of consciousness, they come radiant with light. They have brought news from the beyond, and they are the inspired seers of the world."

Guldur said...

5hat synchronicity again!... Now I just started reading and the "queen" thing popped out... Same here - no emotion, maybe a bit of contempt for those weeping plebs masses.. I have quadrillion tim3s more feelings for ANY child that passes out than for this "queen" parasite, sorry to any "woke" sheep.
And sorry for my inebriated status tonight..
Now for the rest of the post.
Enormous thanks once again.
God bless you Vis. (damn, how that God word is so insufficient, but still the best one..).

Anonymous said...

“But boy you gotta prayer in Memphis.”

“Dark to light.” Q

Tried to post the pic of the official video here that showed the singers face as he sang that at the 2:12 minute mark in the video. Half of his face was in the dark. The other half in the light. Dark to light.

Hey, either way, great song! I guess I’m lucky enough to have such great songs occupy my small mind day after day. 😊😊


Anonymous said...

"How marvelous it would be to completely trust Kṛṣṇa."

Prabhupāda: Reciprocal. If you fully surrender to Kṛṣṇa, then Kṛṣṇa takes full responsibility. If you keep some reservation, Kṛṣṇa also keeps reservation.

Iyou said...

“EVERYTHING Rotates Around Something
Rotating Around Something that Rotates
Around The Perfect Stillness of God"

That is a wonderful title. and so it is.
Every rotating cycle comes back on its
self from whence it started. and starts
again. we are now at the end of the great
rotating cycle..the end of hell the night
of self and the beginning of heaven the
day of self..

It is now the end and beginning..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Well... Questions are The Nature of The Quest, Eh? Who are You Asking, and... What is It that You Want to Know?"



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