Thursday, September 01, 2022

"This is Why People Spend so Much Time Trying to Reinvent Themselves, and Changing All of The Wrong Things."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I have mentioned previously... quite a few times previously, that one can spiritualize physical processes. Hmm... perhaps there is no such thing as matter in the way it is traditionally misunderstood? I've heard it said that every 7 years, every cell in your body has been replaced, and you have a new body... a new older body actually with everything replaced over the course of those 7 years, for good or for ill, depending on what you invested in it.

The secret is to achieve a Divine Equilibrium where you don't get any older, AND that is handled further back behind the scenes.

That is most especially true about what the mind and the emotions traffic in. If you are able to contact The Causal Plane, which you should... because it is a part of you, you could manifest dynamic changes in yourself and The World around you. Unfortunately... in so many cases, it is blocked off by Material Culture. It is a similar sad story with The Pineal Gland. You have to make an effort.

Here's an image we have used many times... that of a mirror. If you leave it outside and leave it alone, the time will come that you can no longer distinctly see yourself in it. It can get to where you can't see yourself at all. The mirror must be polished so that you can see yourself (in others) more clearly. Getting along with yourself is... the... first... step... in... getting... along... with... everyone... else.

In this world, there are some number of people who can't get along with anyone. You do not run into them. You stop running into them because of The Law of Attraction, and... possibly, another law as well. (grin) When you polish your mirror, it shines in ways that the physical eye sometimes cannot see. HOWEVER... it can radiate so brightly that no creatures of darkness will draw near. You enter The Sanctuary by becoming The Sanctuary.

There was a period when I was in Palm Springs, one of the richest towns in the country. I had no money. I was surviving off of tangerines... and oranges picked from trees in the early morning. I used to see these rich guys... on their bicycles, dressed in their white outfits. They would pull up in front of the health food store and get their wheat grass and carrot juice. I guess they ate well. Maybe they even thought they were spiritual. Still... they moved with that studied elegance which bespeaks MONEY, and lots of it.

When you think you got it made, you're given the mindset that it will last forever. Borrowed time doesn't occur to you... except during your decline. The Purpose of Demonstration is that you are not to notice The Purpose of Demonstration when it has to do with you; not until the point when your noticing it is called for in... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

All I could think is that God is not impressed. People think they can eat and behave a certain way and they will be what they are pretending to be. People think if you can effectively act like whatever you are pretending to be... you will become that, until... you... want... to... be... someone... else. You want to become someone else because the personality you are operating in is false, and so there can be no sustaining joy. This is why people spend so much time trying to reinvent themselves, and... changing... all... of... the... wrong... things.

At the time I was in my early 20s, but the idea of being... and pretending to be... was clear in my mind. Everything was/is an act. We are all actors and we differ in one respect; we are either acting in resistance to the force that gives us the power to act or... that power is acting through us. Either way... that power is working upon us.

As I said; I had no money, and I could not work in the conventional sense... because the FBI was looking for me. What I find most amusing... upon reflection at this later date, is that the FBI knew where I was because friends told me that one of their parents had revealed this to agents; probably inadvertently because some of the young people who associated with me in L.A. drove to Palm Springs to warn me. The agents were going around telling the parents that I was an associate of Charlie Manson, who had recently been apprehended. I had had an altercation with Manson in San Francisco a couple of years earlier. Somehow, they had heard about it.

I had recently been released from custody and very soon after, jumped parole because... in my mind I had done nothing wrong and was not going to cooperate... EVER. So... I became a federally sought fugitive, again. Before I get toxically anecdotal here, let me say that I was not hiding in Palm Springs. I regularly sat on a park bench on Palm Canyon Drive, the main thoroughfare through the town every day for the few months I was there, and they never even saw me, apparently.

It was there that Elvis Presley drove by in his limo. He remembered me from LA where he had picked me up hitchhiking. I'd told him I was going to Phoenix. He made a point of rolling down his window to talk about it. Meanwhile... there were legions of young (and older women) wailing like the ones who got their hands on Orpheus... and chasing the limo down the street. A lot of people saw Elvis chatting with me. Then he drove down the street again, and again about a dozen times.

He was in love with his own celebrity, and the charisma that he had! It rolled off of him in waves. The people coming and going did not miss the acknowledgments that Elvis gave me every... time... he... drove... by. It was an odd event. I realized... later, as I have realized so many things... later... that this was another of those situations arranged by my invisible friends to assist me in my passage through this vale of tears.

Signs of protection were visible even in the darkest of times. The early days were just a preliminary warming up for the gauntlet I would have to run through... and then back again over the years. So... I recognize how difficult existence can be in a world where everything is eating everything else and it is all the same thing consuming it. One of the funniest ironies in life is the length people will go to... to survive, not realizing they are immortal; just not in the way they imagine it to be.

Later on, when I had to do those two years at The John Howard Pavilion, I discovered some profound truths having to do with meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Without being aware of it at the time, one is always moving within. I felt like a monk in a very strange monastery and I kept further detaching from The World, which was not difficult given that I was locked up at all times. (grin)

The oddest thing; and I noticed this with my friends from The DC area that came to visit. Every one of them was suffering from the disconnect that life was putting everyone through in those days. I was more free than any of them, and I marveled at that. It was made ABUNDANTLY clear to me during my incarceration that freedom is a state of mind that relies on no external conditions. I could also see that people put themselves in servitude to their hopes and fears.

There is nothing on this Earth or anywhere else, for that matter, that is even remotely as valuable as the presence of God, and everything else for a good long distance would still include the presence of God indirectly. We REALLY are lost in a hall of mirrors, and the whole point comes down to seeing clearly.

People are full-time hallucinating because of the filters they see their world through. You might also say that they are sleepwalking and in a dream. This is LITERALLY true. When you have a more meditative perspective, AND... you have achieved a detachment from your appetites... and your Dog of Desire is not barking all day long... the vision of life can be very different than the moving portrait being painted for us by the folks at Liars. Inc.

Right now, the thing seems to be to create a rising panic about basic life needs in the minds of the masses. All sorts of moving and shaking are going down. It is unsettling. It... is... supposed... to... be... unsettling. This is how THEY want it. Of course, they are not doing this. They only think they are doing it. Among those of us giving any objective thought to the matter, there are those who think the weather is being weaponized. If you move around through the paranoid zones of alternative media, there are people pulling wild claims out of their asses every time someone swings a dead cat in the room.

I don't know the details. That is not my department.

Your concern should not be what the evil and misguided among us do. Your concern should be what you get up to. It is quite possible that their plans do not even include you... except tangentially. Nothing can harm you if you are walking with The Lord. Sometimes God uses us to make a statement. Sometimes the idea of sacrifice may come into a person's mind... but it is NEVER the way the revisionists later paint it to be.

With God in residence, you... become... The... Sanctuary. Leave the pushing and shoving to those who have a taste for it. You don't have to fight for your share. The invisible monitors will see to your needs. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. I am pretty certain of everything I say or I would not say it. Sometimes I imagine it differently than another, BUT... it is not the shape or the symbol that contains what cannot be demonstrated by... either... form... or... symbol. It is you.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm 60 goin' on 14. Does that count?

Looks like economic collapse is certain this year, startin' with the bogus energy crises in Europe that de gubments have manufactured. Isn't it obvious yet they want us dead? I want me dead too, but on MY terms. Nuke, headshot, tsunami, earthquake, Rearrival of the Kolbrin Destroyer, what ever. NOT the bloody vax.

Also, comin' home from work today, there was evidence of a fire in the hills right next to the freeway. It was controlled fast, since not too many acres were charred, but I thought about the possibility of that happening. Just glad it was over when I had to commute home. Wonder if it was a sign?

Nostrils up. Gods, I live for these posts.

Anonymous said...

Well said and Thank You

robert said...

Danke, Visible!

Always well said and well read, to be read from the consiousness from which it stems!

At the time I was in my early 20s, but the idea of being... and pretending to be... was clear in my mind. Everything was/is an act. We are all actors and we differ in one respect; we are either acting in resistance to the force that gives us the power to act or... that power is acting through us. Either way... that power is working upon us.

Imagine people, the blessing or curse of seeing right through the veil while still seeming to be in command a youthful vehicle!

What to do with the energy most people just frivolously dissipate siccing their dog of desire on phantasms projected from their trapped minds?

Spend it on spiritual quests to discover all the chambers in our revolving mind?

Invent challenges to take the place, fill the space of relearning lessons learned in previous incarnations?

Follow the inner spirit to collect enough experiences to know what is up, deeply in our bones?

Any variation of those gambits will confirm our denial that we are players directed by a higher vision, though we can choose the low road and indulge egocentric madness or the high road and learn to be more than little self in every moment.

At this point, as Visible gives elucidation almost daily, there is no further need nor time for us to manufacture teaching moments!

The time wave of timeless intention is rolling up its sleeve and scrubbing all scabs off our wounds.
Events and their emotional baggage cars are rolling through China town and we can cheer or despair, depending upon what cards we are holding and what we are willing to lay on the table.

Like amusement parks, we can choose to be amused or depressed by the attempts to buy our attention, all depending on our attitude toward our self, our Real Self, who lives behind our perception and urges us to head home, even if the hard way!

Our visceral awareness of where we come from, the origination point of our awareness, the well from which we draw our will to live, this is where we instinctually focus when the ride overwhelms our daily quota of control.

We raise our hands in abandon, saying goodbye (a contraction of God Be With Ye, don't forget!) to driving our humanimals crazy with our overdrive.

Extending our bodies into ecstatic stretches to channel the sheer intensity of the energy...

Waving to all higher observers that, yes we are still here expecting the union of heaven and earth to be consummated right in front of us!

Shed the shells
Drop the pretenses
Emerge from the chrysalis

Meet on the outside what we are on the innermost plane

Through the cumulus cloudburst, we see the brightest day we care to imagine!!

Namaste, y'all! (grin)

Gregory said...

This is exquisite:

"There is nothing on this Earth or anywhere else, for that matter, that is even remotely as valuable as the presence of God, and everything else for a good long distance would still include the presence of God indirectly."

I second LTPTB's claim. I too live for these posts. Thank you.

Nostrils ever skyward!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Love is The Electromagnetic Force that Holds Creation Together. If You Can Find Real Love, You WILL Find God Too."

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much dear Les. What a wonderful and inspiring part of my life are your posts. Thank you.

"Your concern should not be what the evil and misguided among us do."

This resonated strongly as it is the reason I have often avoided most of your links. They can be such a downer after your inspired messages. But they can also be funny, poignant.

May the Loving GOD continue to Bless you Richly.


Visible said...

Interesting, Bill;

I didn't want to put the links into the post because it interrupted the flow. I knew there were people who did not want to see these things, however... not seeing them does not make them disappear (grin). Now it's been sorted and you have to go to an entirely different place to see them. God ALWAYS works these things out.

Anonymous said...

"God ALWAYS works these things out"
That is resonating more and more frequently in my life.
One of many great synchronicities that your writings continually produce.
I sense that GOD is very much alive in you as you consciously choose to live this way, and I Thank You for sharing, and educating us so generously.
This old combat pilot thanks you daily.
Much Love,



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