Monday, August 29, 2022

"Why Would God Want a Temple that Smelled Like a Tailgater's Buffet in The Parking Lot of an NFL Football Stadium?"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I do not like to comment on certain issues and conditions, BUT... I have no alternative. When something is so, and those who have made it so- conceal it as something else- while blaming everyone else for their own actions... well.../ Then there is also the time and place for it. This apocalypse is the time and place for it, and it becomes more clear... what has really been going on. The rocks and trees will soon cry out about it in... times... like... these; not to mention the mountains moving and the seas rising, which tend to dovetail into any real apocalypse.

What I say has long been known, and never has it been so glaring and in your face as it is now.

The World is immersed in Irony. The Ridiculous is now the yardstick for sanity. It is bent in several directions and frayed at both ends. If you build something with that, your measurements will arrive through The Salvador Dali filter with a soundtrack by John Cage. It is REALLY getting the appearance of being completely out-of-control, BUT... strange as it sounds, everything is under control BECAUSE everyone is being routed to their destination by air... traffic... controller... angels.

A vast and Byzantine cloverleaf of roads, leading in every direction... from the invisible to the visible, back to the invisible again, is on the drafting board of The Grand Architect.

Atziluth... Briah... Yetzirah... and Assiah. These are the mechanisms of design and transport that then materialize into the surrounding world. Do not be deceived by ALLEGED and revisionist sources of the terms. This first came through The Chaldeans and Hermetic Egyptians and from long before them. The switch happened the same way that Jesus became a Jew. He... was... not... a... Jew; not that that matters, except for the ends it has been put to.

I am going to explain the peculiarity that is the relationship between God, and The Usual Suspects. They screwed up big time with self-serving agendas in the past, so... they were reincarnated into that demographic with... The... Opportunity... to make The World a better place. This is the meaning of their Ticklish Onan.

They were given the opportunity and means to improve on their former bad showings. They were given the keys to The Candy Store. Most unfortunately for us... and as it will turn out, for them too, is that they have failed in epic fashion to do this in any collective fashion BECAUSE they... don't... play... well... with... others.

They have instead sought to cover The World with pornography and perversity. This... IS... easily... verifiable. It gets explained away as Freedom of Expression, being your authentic self, and other jingo-lingo-jargon.

Part of the reason is due to the periods of darkness through which humanity was/is passing. Another reason is their innate avarice. In the battle with their lower nature... they lost. I have met and seen some of those who did not fail. You really wish they were in greater numbers, but... the fallen are not alone in their errors. Two perspectives do battle in the human psyche, in an imagined war between Good and Evil. The better idea is to rise above them both because the conflict goes on forever within a certain bandwidth of awareness or... lack thereof.

Of course, we are all playing roles and someone has to be The Bad Guys. Hey! Don't shoot the messenger. I'm merely stating what casual observation will confirm. God has us all as he intended on... the... long... road... home. So... personally? I blame no one. I am more likely to blame my own stupidity should I ♫ get fooled again ♫

They reversed The Kabbalah, which has caused carnal nature to prevail in The World over our better nature. They are the ultimate materialists. Instead of using Abramelin's angelic language to communicate with the angels, they reversed the original intent to traffic with demons for material gain.

This accounts for all the blood sacrifice and burnt offerings. Why would God want a temple that smells like the parking lot at a tailgaters buffet outside the football stadium on Sunday? Are those the circumstances for our best interaction with Heaven... our inviting The Lord to a backyard barbecue without the sauce?

I SUSPECT that God... meaning God's angels because they are his sensors and experiencers... they are his invisible eyes and ears... they are his fingers and hands, which play through the physical fingers and hands of Humanity, where... it... is... permitted... to; I SUSPECT that God and his angels prefer something other than the smell of burning flesh.

A flower is an offering from Lady Nature. We might, certainly, offer something like that to Heaven; something that symbolized the flowering of his love in our hearts. Demonstrating The Qualities of God is a fine offering to Heaven, and... I... think... far more suitable than butchered livestock, burning and wafting infernal... incense... dreams of The Carnal Appetite at a carnivore carnival.

Where do you think the smell of burning flesh is more likely to be appreciated?

Now... Pride is celebrated as a desirable quality. I assure you it is not. “Pride goeth before a fall,” is a well tested axiom, as... history... convincingly... proves. Now we have celebrations and entire months for Pride in Sexual Depravity. See any irony here? The Traveling STD Carnival is moving from town to town. It's moving through the schools and headed toward the nurseries, and being served as Monkeypox Burgers in the cafeteria.

It is a part of the policy of all public workings. They passed a law through Obama that has opened the door for it all. Who do you think are the ones most involved in making all of this happen?

You can't be having sex with countless anonymous partners and remain healthy or sane. You can't be legitimizing sex with children, as Alan Ginsberg and his NAMBLA cohorts sought to do, and they are now headed toward the finish line. Alan's dead, but the spirit of his perversity soldiers on. The ghosts of his dead armada sail on pirate oceans of hijacked souls.

If I started listing even the names I know of... I would be here all day. Look at who sits on the boards of every group. Then fan out into regular industries of every kind. Look to all the government agencies, at Justice... at The CDC... at Homeland Security... at The State Department.

Look to the banks. Look WHEREVER power consolidates over the control of Humanity, and... you... will... see... what... I... mean, AND... along with that, consider that all wars are created by bankers looking to profit from the conflict. Look at who finances ALL events and conditions antithetical to The Greater Good.

Look at the head of The Teacher's Union. Look at the organizations created by them to tell us what is wrong and what is right, like The Southern Impoverished Law Center, the ACLU, The Anti-Defamation Leo-Frank Memorial, Rape and Murder League, and... I could go on, and on, and on.

Things have gone nova since The Real Jesus Christ by-some-other-name chased The Money Changers out of the temple.

When you move to a certain relationship with the external world where you become a materialist, it leads directly to atheism, AND then you arrive at the default religion, which... is Satanism. I don't blame them. I don't blame their master. He's the other side of God. He is the temptation factor, and he needs a workforce. God is in control of both ends. I do not worry about how God intends to work it all out. All I know is... that... he... will. Then... when God also becomes physical sex for you... sex as an objective, and... as a form of casual worship it... unfailingly degenerates. It goes backwards. Self-destruction is the ONLY possible outcome.

Well... I imagine they think they are sitting pretty. Oh... right... one can never be at ease when having to plot and strategize every living minute, just to stay in a position that is shifting the way The World rotates... that is being brought into The Light... and shown for all The World to see. Mark my words. Change is coming and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. The populations are on that cloverleaf and headed to The Land of their Intentions.

The small number of events and conditions that I have mentioned are, by-no-means complete. Why... I left out 9/11. I left out The Big Lie of World War 2, created to cover the largest mass genocide in history that they performed in Russia. They are presently at war in Ukraine. Look what they have done to The Middle East. It's all provable; who ARE the neo-cons? Paul Wolfowitz said that term was Anti-Semitic. Why would he say that?

Oh... it is about as clear as sober daylight, what has been and is going on, and who the names are behind so... very... many... of... the... offenses... against... Humanity. Why is it that control of the information flow is their chief interest, following material profit, and survival at all costs? Think about it.

The time has come, and many of you will see it occur. This is not my idea. I cannot unsee what I have seen... unless... of course... I lie to myself out of fear of loss... or promise of gain. I am merely stating what everyone who is not lying to themselves or... afraid, KNOWS... TO... BE... TRUE.

I can add it from right to left. I can add it from left to right. I can add the sides together as I calculate from the middle or either end. It... always... comes... out... the... same. The Founding Fathers warned us, BUT... the nation slept in their dreams of material comfort and gain, with analgesics to militate against the pain.

God is coming for The Shapeshifters and Depravity Dancers. The force of it is... IRRESISTIBLE. It happens on THE INSIDE... first!!! It happens right where you think and feel. How will you defend against that? How... will you protect yourself from the consequences of your crimes? The higher court is not for sale, and cannot be intimidated by threats or weapons of any kind. As for the naysayers and scornful self-fellators... you can be the cheerleaders along the way.

By no means do I believe a single group of people can be the source of all of The World's Seeming Evil. I do believe that they have a remarkable disposition toward self-interest. I know there is a collective of assorted types who play The Bad Guys. Material Life is an exposition of The Good Guys and the Bad Guys sorting out The Will of God. Since I know that God favors The Good Guys... well, I know which side my bread is buttered on. I know the source of my bread and butter, and... GRATEFULLY... I am aware that I do not live by bread alone.

There are more good guys than you might think among The Usual Suspects. I cannot wholesale entire races because of a few bad apples or... even a lot of bad apples. There are countries in far eastern Europe that are notorious for producing the criminals who show up in other countries. In Asia, they have their own organizations, like the Tongs and Yakuza. The Bad Guys change into other bad guys. Good guys go bad too. Especially in Times of Material Darkness when the attraction for material gain is so great.

I have never understood this attraction. The entity I work for owns EVERYTHING, and possesses power and riches beyond the reach of mortal dreams, AND... Glory to God... I KNOW he's real. I can have any of the things people strive for without ever even striving for them, just because of what I am really striving for to begin with; look first for The Kingdom of God and the best of everything else will come along at some point. This way you do not become attached or... possessed. You are then truly in The World but not of it. Jivanmukti!

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Ch said...

I dont see the links on gab. Am i missing something here

Anonymous said...

I needed that today. Thanks.
That anyone is still asleep is an amazement.
Everything is being shown, EVERYTHING.
The lid is off the sewer and the Shit is now
Hitting the Fan.
Between the stench and the flying feces
the sleeping sheep may get the Wake Up call.
Cognitive dissonance is a powerful sleep aid
We shall see soon enough who awakens, who
remains asleep and who decides to no longer
serve the dark side.

Visible said...

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Good Day!!!

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Why Would God Want a Temple that Smells Like a Tailgater's Buffet in The Parking Lot of an NFL Football Stadium?"

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am under the impression that anyone focused exclusively on the Physical Realm and what it offers is 5.9 cans short of a 6 pack on a good day. I can't understand why anyone would want to stay in a state of illusions, lies, limitations, and all the other rubbish this place traps you in.

Oh yeah. Programming. I used to be there a long time ago, sorta. Dreamed about having a Victorian house, Puritan style furniture, an a late 1970 Trans Am (I wonder how I could have been so stupid.), but now? I have what I need to get to where I'm goin' and I'm at an economic low point from my past. Bein' in commiepornia, this is good. Our overhead is low enough so we can make it, and we can make it lower yet. After all, I do work at a restaurant. Brought home two days worth of food yesterday. One of the cooks also fed me a bunch of very tasty kitchen screw ups so I didn't have to eat dinner yesterday, though all those scrumptious custard tarts meant I don't think I'm losing anymore pudge this week.

At least I never acted on materialism. Never had enough money. Spent it all taking care of somebody else. My initial motivation for this was ego, but that 'tude changed into something a bit more honourable some time ago. Ego and stupidity are synonymous a lot of times.

Anonymous said...

“Promise of gain.”

Vis, the only promise of gain you could ever succumb to is more love from God. Been coming here for 15 years now and I have to say, you are the most consistent bastard I’ve ever known. God love you my friend. Clearly that is true.


Nick said...

Vis, I've been reading and enjoying your articles for many years with great enjoyment and inspiration. I usually catch you on TTS. I think I'll come to Gab to connect with your blogs. Glad you found the Sunny SW and AZ to reside in. Edger Cayce said our little town would survive just fine when the SHTF. The ARE actually bought 60 acres here way back when Love and and Light Bro -Nick

Visible said...

Yes... this is one of the better places to live in... times... like... these. I was, this moment, writing about being here... indirectly for tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors. Synchronicity is so constant for me now. It's like living near bee hives.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
as you once said to a badish guy, the guy you work for, works for the guy I work for.
all in the bible.

Asil said...

I sometimes wonder about you - if you are one person or a treasure of brilliance that exists in a parallel world. God Blesses you . . . in the stillness there is an invisible and mysterious rising of souls bound hand in hand raised in worship of the Divine. It was all so simple, thy Kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven -

Sukh said...

Smoking Mirrors:
It is Not Your Imagination When You Feel Unwholesome or Inharmonious Thoughts and Feelings Pressing Down on You

Visible said...

Heh heh... I switched up my processes today and that one missed the cut. I appreciate you stepping in when I have these... ah... lapses.

Sukh said...

Oh, I'm just covering for Buttons covering for you haha.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Next. . .

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank you, Sukh. I was a total Space Cadet today. Been e-mailin' back and forth with my nose clone down south, and with that and the political research; I kinda lost the rest of my usual routine. Yeah, there's two of me/us.

Glog said...

Nice post, Les!!

I recently stumbled upon a podcast named Innerverse. Look it up, I think you'd enjoy it. A

Also, came across a book called "The Deaf Phoenicians" by Dylan Saccoccio. An excellent work so far - I'm still reading it.

Take care...




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