Monday, August 08, 2022

"The Problem with Science is that It Has No Compassion. If Science were A Person... It would be A Sociopath."

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Have you noticed the level at which people are now being unmasked... exposed... revealed as... and by, the... face... behind... the... mask? Everywhere there is evidence of name players... the known, and the soon-to-be-known, behaving badly... overreacting... getting captured on the cellphone cameras, and... from the forest among the trees, come the whistle-blowing finches and... deep roller pigeons, crying out in the wilderness about a world gone wrong, AND... pointing at each other, BUT... benefiting from modern technology, and... thereby being heard round The World through electronic media like... it... had... eyes.

Welcome to Whine Country. We have every vintage of whine that there is. We specialize in the forms and kinds of whine. What's that about Miami?

The problem with science is that it has no compassion. If Science were a person... it would be a sociopath. The biggest problem with science is that it is ALWAYS looking outward instead of inward, where the cause of everything it seeks is located, NO... MATTER... WHAT... IT... IS! Science imagines that it is improving life, while STUDIOUSLY omitting the irreplaceable element of successful living, having to do with quality-of-life, via harmonious accord... between the INNER, and... OUTER life.

Science is supposed to be impartial; only concerned with the facts... “just the facts, mam.” However... h-o-w-e-v-e-r... it ALWAYS skews its research toward creature comforts and market value. Civilization is humanity's reaction to pain. It ESPECIALLY skews its research toward the ends sought by those offering the highest return on their efforts. It's a septic tank of hypocrisy, stewing in its own juices; try making a cocktail out of that! Not to worry... they are compelled to drink it... and show relish when they do. It's a requirement of the blind side sophistry they engage in. Sophistry and Hypocrisy are Siamese twins.

Mostly it is about feeding and profiting from the diseases that cause pain, and then selling the analgesic. Also, without fail, everything Science does, dovetails toward war, and... goes... through... that... industry BEFORE it goes anywhere else.

All this, and... so... much... more, can easily be seen ...and intuited by any honest and uncompromising mind, BUT... if you can't be honest about what you do, you can't be honest about who you are, and so you are NEVER honest about what you see and hear. You really are blind in one eye and can't hear out of the other. You are a waste of life... or worse.

We have to have eyes in the back of our heads, due to all the roving ass-bandits, in search of a dark escape into nowhere, while establishing their dominance... and marking their territory. Science seeks to brutalize; to rape Lady Nature and compel her to give up her secrets. Never... in a million years, would it occur to them that Nature... is... a... living... thing. Even though... even though this is demonstrably apparent. What is also not evident to those who have ritually put out their own eyes, and turned their minds, and bodies over to The Ass-Bandits, is... that Nature is... also... conscious.

Anyone who has taken the trouble and shown the necessary QUALITY and ardor of love... WILL discover that Nature is conscious, and... capable of conversation through any of the millions of mediums that have been birthed by Lady Nature. Along with reading The Living Book of Nature, there is also an audio feature that inspires Nature to speak, should you be more enabled in the one channel than the other.

Paramhansa Yogananda was fascinated by Luther Burbank and went to visit him. Luther had a siddhi. Yogananda visited a number of westerners who had something the Hindus call by another name. Like the Kundalini Rising of The Shakers (celibates) and Quakers. In the beginning, it is most important to fear trespassing against God. When you finally understand that he is also the one that leads you out of it... well, it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Working with Nature... brings to mind Findhorn, as well as sciences like Permaculture and other modalities. I never entirely bought into Findhorn. I have always imagined there was a great deal of smoke and mirrors about the place and premises (the word has more than one meaning).

I encountered this fellow, Peter... one of the founders of Findhorn; can't remember his last name now, while I was living on Maui. He came into my restaurant one day. As I was a friend of the ex-wife of Bill Graham, who came in with him, she introduced us.

Let me be clear here. I've no intention to besmirch the reputation of Findhorn. I am ONLY relying on the intuitive hit I get when I go... inside... with... something, in order to see what pings from... and to it. I did not get a good hit about it, nor was it an equivocal read. It was a definite no-go, to me. I've had any number of things hit me this way; Scientology, The Urantia Book... A Curse of Miracles... Bhagwan Rajneesh, BEFORE he became Osho... ♫ late at night, while you're sleeping, Roger Nietzsche comes a creeping around ♫

We are in THAT time where the truth about everything is coming out. As the Awakening intensifies... counterpointed and accelerated by world events, truth is going to appear in the human mind a-u-t-o-m-a-t-i-c-a-l-l-y, en-masse. Reality is LITERALLY going to rear its ugly head inside our own... and leave us with the commission of beautifying it. If you haven't encountered The Truth in a long time... it can have a frightening first appearance... before the beauty comes into a clear image upon the pool you disturbed... with your restless nature... caused by unmastered appetites.

Some things require stillness in order to be observed, AND perceived. You can't make a quality judgment of what you see if the mirror is jumping all over the place or... (somehow) got bent out of shape by... The... World... it... was/is... reflecting. Until you have command over your interior nature and the submerged beasts who howl at the altar of appetite, you... won't... be... able... to... see.... clearly.

The sanctums of higher knowledge are guarded, and you don't get in unless you have the proper credentials. This is not the same as getting a false passport or driver's license on The Dark Web. They KNOW who to admit and who to deny. Heh heh... it's in their DNA. Besides... if your mirror is still shaking all over the place, their appearance will scare the shit out of you; word to the wise or... otherwise. The tendentious and radical will learn nothing... as they force and swagger their way into the dark backwards.

I recently saw where Hippocrates said, "all disease begins in the gut," isn't that where the Visceral Intelligence resides? Surely it connects to... might in fact... be The Intuition by another name? Does this seem to indirectly indicate that we poison ourselves? Isn't that area also called The Solar Plexus? You know, there's all sorts of implications here. “It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.”

Let me get this clear in my head; we create poisonous thoughts and feelings, plotting crimes against ourselves and others. This causes a reaction in The Body called... disease... born from disharmony with The Celestial Order, also known as The Way of Life. The Intuition is the medium that translates angelic messages into our own language by using a part of our mind as the vehicle of transport. (It means we are talking to ourselves.) If we listen. If we become still. If we cease to war against ourselves, we will no longer hear those other voices, and... we can, more clearly, hear The Voice in the Silence.

This voice can... and does... tell us EVERYTHING we need to know and it SHOULD BE your primary port of call BEFORE you head off to parts unknown. Why not have a chat with someone who has already been there? Works for me.

The cost of anything is directly proportionate to the disappointment you experience, shortly after coming into possession of the item. Everything in existence has a built-in condition that precipitates into manifestation, and the pain of attachment can be measured by how badly you wanted it in the first place. In other words, the more you want it, the more it will hurt after you get it.

There are laws concerning existence that most people are completely unaware of. As a result, they transgress against them in regular fashion and... automatically receive a return on their investment, each time... in the form of a reaction, via... time... release. After going wrong... for so long, the effect of whiplash intensifies toward lasting remembrance of the moment where one got caught up short, in abrupt fashion; good to know. Don't force God to pick you up and shake you or... grab a 2 x 4 when you could be getting along just fine.

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Anonymous said...

Many good and helpful things have become corrupted over time. Religion to name one, Tarot cards, get your free reading over the net well get my drift. Etc. I had a friend who would not even walk by a crystal display saying it was the work of the devil. Nothing could convince her otherwise. Most people are like that even the ones that are learned and know much. They form an opinion and nothing can change their mind even if someone said how much good they got from something. No one is perfect I suppose, and some opinions are born out of stubbornness and held on to by those who refuse to ever see a point of view other then their own. Its a major flaw, hopefully we are all working on the things that make us imperfect.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gods, I am so glad I'm not a 'normie'. Quite frankly, I'm doing the best I can to have as little to do with this place as possible in every way possible. . .when I can.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

how much longer will God allow this hell to go on? At this point, even the awakened people are starting to wish that the world would just end already. What a complete nightmare this is

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"A Cabal of Tamasic Retrogressive Orcs has Taken Over The School Cafeteria, and... We have A Hostage Situation."



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