Wednesday, August 24, 2022

"The Impersonal Love of God is The Universal Harmonizing Agent that Puts You at Ease With EVERYTHING."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you see these mysterious conditions like transgenderism, and all manner of related sexual perversions, be aware that such things offend Heaven... and are intended so. Many odd and ridiculous efforts that suck in so many people are all skirmishes in the War against The Light.

The gay and phenom is based entirely on the state of Materialism as it presents in this phase of change. When that is swept away it will take all the madness of sexual perversity with it, including the transgender hysterics, engineered by the Usual Suspects, who also make up a great deal of the clientele.

The simple fact is that Materialism makes people insane. How many times have we said that here? God is the repository of all True Reason. Materialism draws The Mind AND The Heart away from God, into the land of fascination with form. The further one proceeds away from their central core; The Abode of God Within... the more crazy and deranged one becomes. Yet... they do not think themselves crazy and they have the double-edged sword of Logic to make sense of it for themselves.

You can explain anything to yourself with logic.

Materialism twists the sexual force out of whack. The out-of-whack trends more and more into wailing chaos. It is the search for meaning in what is meaningless. Ever greater perversities are needed because The Thrill is soon gone. Eventually, it leadeth unto destruction. That's just how it is... folks. That's just how it is.

Think of it like this. It is still in The Eye of the Hurricane. HOWEVER... the further you move toward the periphery, the greater the fury of the storm that greets you. If you keep moving through this periphery... let's say you've got some amount of Faith... Certitude, and Determination, eventually you move beyond the reach of The Howling Madness. You are once again in The Eye of the Hurricane, AND... you carry it with you wherever you go.

Once you have traversed The Howling Periphery of Material Things, you... are... made... free... of... it. The storm may continue to howl, but it howls AROUND you. It is not howling within you. Cease the storm within, and the storm without will fade away to nothing, b-e-c-a-u-s-e it is only weather that is created by The Unstable Mind, made unstable by Materialism.

It is ALWAYS the same challenges that come upon us. Forms may change their appearance but it is the same force of divisiveness that is created by The Separated Mind that continues to challenge us, until... the... separation... ends. Once you are caught in the net, no more attention is paid to you except at feeding time.

The... whole... point... of... the... material... world, is to distract you from your center and to whirl you through the threshing machine of runaway attractions and repulsions. They are MEANT to take your attention away from God. From soon after the moment of birth, the child reaches out for bright and shiny things. This... USUALLY... continues through the life. All disappointment does is to change the focus of distraction, which makes it possible for you to forget how much it let you down the last time.

Hope springs eternal.

The Truth IS that ONLY God provides sanctuary from The Storm. ONLY God gives Peace. God radiates throughout The Cosmos. Every shining star is beaming his love as far as the light will reach. Some far away stars, already long gone, are still bathing our world with their light. The brilliant Impersonal Love of God is the universal harmonizing agent that puts you at ease with EVERYTHING.

Is it your job to stomp through The World with whatever weapons you have; some shining knight on a quest to eradicate all injustice? What are you going to do about the new generations that are constantly being born and seeking justice and revenge of their own for whatever happened to them last time they were here? And... you will soon enough be gone as well. There is a CONSTANT flow of lives coming and lives going... in pursuit of The Object of Desire... in pursuit of The Satiation of Appetite... (which is a fire you throw fuel on) in pursuit of this, that, and the other thing.

How many of us come here with the sole purpose of realizing The Indwelling? God has said, many times and in many ways, through his vehicles of testimony that... he does not bother with the majority of us because we have what we are after or soon (or not so soon) will have.

When someone comes to God crying out for this, that, and the other thing, he provides a distraction. USUALLY, that serves the purpose of sending them on their way BECAUSE they were not calling for the company and Presence of God. That gets in the way of all kinds of desires, appetites, and pursuits. If you are carnally or materially minded, the company and Presence of God is a hindrance to your personal objectives. Most people DO NOT want to hear about it, and when they do... it has to come in the identifiable package of some religion.

Any time someone calls out to God or The Divine Mother, some bright and shiny object is tossed in their direction. If one persists and is not satisfied with the bright shiny object, which even for the dimmest bulb among us... does not fascinate forever. God/The Divine Mother will continue to provide ever more intriguing distractions, which imply that this... now THIS... is what you really want. If you STILL continue to be a pain in the metaphorical ass, The Divine narrows his focus on you and begins to see you in greater detail. There is a great deal more to us than you may think.

At this point, there is no telling what God might do. He might get all Job or Jonah-like on you. He might make you famous or rich. There is no question that he will use every device at his command to see what you are made of. OF COURSE... God knows all about you from The Giddy-up, I'm just weaving a little allegory here.

The point is... God is going to put you through the paces. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You do have to be worthy of God's Greater Interest. He will proceed to make you worthy, and that is what all the trials and temptations are about. He will purify you in the fire of his love, in order to burn away the dross from your being. Scriptures from every tradition say pretty much the same thing, if... you... bother... to... look... deeper... and... reflect.

God KNOWS that sooner or later, every soul will be kindled with a divine longing for their celestial homeland. God sent them here in the first place for the experience. He is having that experience vicariously through them.

People get all out of joint when you tell them that they are nothing more than temporary characters created for God's entertainment. Yes... there is the spark of eternity in each of us, but we are here talking about The Personality that interacts and conflicts with all of the other personalities, AND... will continue to do endlessly until some trauma or epiphany awakens The Individuality= The Self. That Self is God. That Self is also you as you really are behind all the posturing facades.

So... when you are shaking your fist at God. When you are screaming that God doesn't exist, (which is a form of proof that God actually does exist.) you are shaking your fist and screaming at yourself. We have long maintained here that the God that the atheist does not believe in, does... not... exist. We are in agreement with them about that. We are in agreement with The Satanists about their view of God as The Devil. That is how he looks to them... unfortunately for them.

In the beginning... both fear and awe of The Divine is a good thing. This changes as you come to love God, and enter more into the area spoken of in the 23rd Psalm. The closer you come to God, the more like God you become. From how I understand it, that... never... ends. It is a progression of endless becoming. Any sincere seeker is DEFINITELY going to find their way because they will... be... guided... whether... they... know... it... or... not.

Here's the deal... most everyone is running around playing God, like frogs dreaming they are princes at the bottom of a well. They are playing God and they are doing it badly. You... do... not... play... God. You step aside and let God play through you; do you mind if I play through? (grin)

Sooner or later... you come to realize that you have been doing a botched job of it on your own, and... you surrender. You stop playing The Fool. Persisting in your folly will have made you wise. Then... it's baby-steps for a good long while, USUALLY. Sometimes it comes all at once, BUT... you... must... have... done... the... necessary... work... at... another... time. There are no workarounds in bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

I don't know what else to tell you. Either you get with The Program or... you don't. Everyone has a program... divinely tailored to their strengths, and whatever gifts God can make use of that he invested in us in... the... first... place. Why not take it out on the highway and see what it will do? Why not step right off the highway and see what it will do without you? The World doesn't need you. There are all kinds of temporarily warm bodies to call on.

Once you let God handle ALL of your affairs, there will be plenty of work for you to do. There are never enough willing hands.

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hm. I came here not so much for stuff, but experience. I gotta be a poet, I gotta be a writer, I gotta be a musician, I gotta be an awesome corporate 'ho who makes enough to keep a nose perch as a pet, I've gotta make it to Arsehole to the 33rd Degree and I did all that. I'm now retired from my ego-driven ambitions. I'm DONE. Well, 'cept the Arsehole to the 33rd Degree thang. I'm still tryin' to get promoted to 34th Degree, but I get turned down all the time. I swear, it must be easier to get an Akashic Library Card, nose hair coat, or grow a tail.

Now I feel like an idiot for asking for this. I got it, I'm done, and I'm still feckin' here. I guess that means I earned my diploma? I guess I'm waitin' to get that piece of paper in hand to prove it before I can 'leave'? Speakin' in analogy, of course.

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!

Visible said...

Somehow a comment did not go up as intended. I guess I could say "it happens" but I suspect it is not a common event. What I remember is that it was anonymous and said something like "The Personal Self is Jesus." Feel free to elaborate or correct this as it pleases you, anonymous poster.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Vis. Always a tonic or is it a cuff?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"History is Personal. History is The Record of The Antics of Personality. There are No Records of The Self.."

Anonymous said...

"The same Vedic truth given to Arjuna is given to all persons in the world who pose themselves as very learned but factually have but a poor fund of knowledge. The Lord says clearly that He Himself, Arjuna and all the kings who are assembled on the battlefield are eternally individual beings and that the Lord is eternally the maintainer of the individual living entities both in their conditioned and in their liberated situations."

Frog said...

Really good one there Visible, thanks again.



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