Thursday, August 11, 2022

"Tumbling at The Will of Heaven, Or Resisting The Will of Heaven. It's All Necessary for The Drama of Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The blatant... and poorly thought out offense against the once and future president, is going to prove to be a critical domino. In the context of the metaphor, the first domino is the key player. However... in real life, (not often spotted in the wild... round these parts) every domino is critical; the ones who tumble at The Will of Heaven, AND those who resist as the product of self will. It's all necessary for the drama.

I know it pisses a lot of people off when the low-life's in search of the High Life (seemingly) get the upper hand, BUT... you got to remember this is a carnal playground here. The best you can hope for is some form of Tantra in the exchanges and interplays. In coarser times, like these present times, (just listen to the soundtrack!) the Diogenesians are vastly out numbered by those covering the light... so as to engage in what they do in darkness. Even in his own time, the numbers were small.

I mentioned Tantra for a reason. It's going to mean something different to everyone. A large segment of the population couldn't tell you what it is. Another large segment thinks it's about sex. A small few know that it has to do with every single thought, word, and deed being carried out with Love and conscious intention. Sex plays a greater role ONLY because intercourse is taking place at all times, and on all levels; mental intercourse, verbal intercourse, social intercourse, and... like that.

The modern world operates on plugs and sockets. One force can sure do a lot of surprising things. You wouldn't be far wrong if you said, anything's possible. It is... depending on who it is that wants to do it; has something to do with The Channeled Will; “all magic is in The Will.” Like we said recently, we all do magic. It just takes different lengths of time for different people to accomplish their intention. It also depends on what you are after in terms of outcome. Do you want to change the whole world or... only a part of it?

Sometimes that makes me wonder what's really going on when one tries to win the heart of another. We all engage in degrees of deception. Some do it merely by being polite. Concealing is not always deceiving. Sometimes it's good sense. This is where Wisdom comes in. Wisdom explains everything, within... its... own... time... frame. It is only Divine Luminous Wisdom that does it on the spot. Wisdom still gets it done, AND... e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y transforms into Divine Luminous Wisdom. This is right where patience proves its value.

If you can go through life with a loving touch, you don't need much; catch and release. Set everyone free. Whomever you encounter, set them free in your mind, AND in your heart. They might well... not notice it... at the time. Does that matter? No... it does not, and if you think it does... or it should, you wouldn't be able to do it anyway. The key to this is that there... is... only... one... mind.

You can perform Love Magic in every single moment. There are some few who do. There will be more of us once The Big Guy in the Small Car gets here. As we like to say, limousines don't always make a good first impression. Just about anyone can afford one now and then, but... then you need the suits, and the jewelry, and... the very expensive arm candy, and the security, and the big house (or two or three or four or more), AND more security, and the private plane, and the great big boat, but when harvest time comes around, the coffins are USUALLY more or less the same size. Sure... you could get a mausoleum. That's going to make a difference. (snicker)

Some words just don't sound good, do they? Snicker... would be one of those words. I saw him, he was snickering! Well.... so it goes. I had something funny happen the other day. I wouldn't mention it except for the irony that attended the whole event.

Someone I have never heard from before, at least under that name, took me to task in a snide and snickering way. It was even (gasp) patronizing. Well, I never! Anyway, this person was going off about one of the links at the end of the posting. It didn't have anything to do with the post. As much as I have tried to explain this, it just doesn't take with some people.

It was something along the lines of, Oh, Wow! Amber Heard dates billionaires, and then it got more insulting, and so on, and so on. The thing is, that had... nothing... to... do... with my putting the link in. It was put in because the article mentioned “Eye's Wide Shut,” and Heard's presence at gatherings of similar kind, and how she was some kind of royalty being carried around in a big chair. I captioned the link with something like, Well, I did not know that.

I figure he didn't even read the article. People... nothing is random here.

When I responded and clarified the matter for him, he slippered into some other perspective, as if that was what he meant to say all along. Yes, he's your garden variety troll that literally haunt the various watering holes of the internet (known as comments sections) like Hungry Ghosts.

The World has become a mosh pit of people yelling at each other. I know well what the reasons are, and they are an easy fix, BUT... some people don't want to fix them.

Then, I got some static about writing too much because they can't keep up with it... so, I should slow down considerably to factor in with their busy schedule (or would that be shedule?) I write every weekday, and it takes about 15 minutes (at most) to read the thing. I have been doing this since about the turn of the year. Previously, I might do it 3 times a week, miss a week entirely, stop for months at a time, or... write even more than 5 times a week. I used to do that a lot too.

Both of these grievances came at me from the same source, which is a place where people routinely hack at one another like they were in The Colosseum. I do read the comments from other articles because some very bright and intelligent people come there. I got tossed by Jeff Rense because I wouldn't stop posting there. It's a lot of history and I like and respect The Host, so... I put up with the occasional cat-calls. The dog's bark. The caravan moves on.

So... I have been on this schedule (or should I say, shedule?) for something over half a year or so, and I may well do it for longer, and then it will end, as all things do. I might well matriculate into another medium. There may be radio silence. The World may go through all manner of conniptions.

It doesn't matter if I write five days a week. It takes an hour or two to do this... if I am being thoughtful, and less if I am just transmitting. If the pace is too grueling for you, try the miniature golf or a Cornhole seminar. There's always Paddle-Ball. Anyway... thousands of people read these and almost no one complains.

I KNOW a Golden Age is coming. I KNOW it's not coming for everyone, so... I factor that in with my calculations... these mere approximations of what... I shall surely get wrong. Generally... though... it's not all going to turn to shit for everyone. It depends on The Revealing, and on what is revealed. It depends on how some people take being exposed before the eyes of The World. Like what is happening right now only... much... more... pervasively.

I should point out, as I often do, God is real, alive... AND listening. We are shaping our world with what tools we have; in concert with... or in defiance of... God. Those who permit it... are being shaped by God, in... loving... fashion. For some, more brutal sculpting is required. You can't get an ox to pull a cart by blowing in his ear. Hmm... these days, I would guess it depends on how that ox identifies. My point is... if you are too dense, it might take some amount of trauma to wake you up.

It is a difficult art, and the work of lifetimes to develop the loving touch, and yet... we always have it. The difficulty comes from seeing The World as an ever-conflicting battlefield of duality. It is much better to harmonize with the angels and be a more inspired Adam; a more informed, Namer of Things, or a better avenue for The Divine Mother. We do have options. We just don't exercise them... it's too hard. Aw... It's only hard in the beginning. Heaven gives you a tailwind when it sees who's at the rudder.

There is ONE FORCE. There is ONE Supreme Being. He is apart from, AND... completely integrated into every facet of existence. Imagine that!!! Act as if you know this and you are on the moving sidewalk. God is with you ALL... THE... TIME. “Cave! Deus Videt.” Beware! God is watching. He can be your friend or... whathaveyou?

We'll continue for the time being. Check your local listings for times and details.

End Transmission.......

Some links... THAT ARE ONLY PUT HERE as snapshots of The World of the moment, AND from various perspectives, which amount to an assortment of lies, that... we sincerely pray, are as transparent to the reader as they are to us. Mostly... it has to do with pointing out what Mr. Apocalypse has been up to, AND... Lady Awakening as well. As you can see in your own journeys through the forest... there are a lot of ways to be woken up=

Via Breitbart
The kind of people they make these days=

Via Fox News
There is a special place in Hell for this fellow=

Via Fox News
Happy landings in Corona CA=

Via Fox News
It was a strange day overall=

Via Top War
Wow! Look at that, why... that reads like The Truth.
You don't see that very often=

Via Fox News
Mr. Apocalypse gets them all;
the long and the short and the tall=

Via Breitbart
Jolly old England ain't such a jolly old place anymore=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

LOL!!!!!!! You did it again. Been goin' back and for with schedule and 'shedule' for weeks, along with other periodic occasional UK/Irish pronunciations since there's jokes about that in these part.

I personally like your writing schedule. Weekends are long shifts, everything else is usually off or short, so hey! Of course every now and then when the link to the next post ain't up, I forget to look at the side bar and end up reading 3 or 4 of your posts one after the other, which ain't bad. Postin' 'em to 4 sites is a pain, though. One site insists on capitalising the title, two sites insist on snips, and I throw the while thang on Bastion (Post Pocketnet) like you used to do, but some work is worth it even if I do cuss up a storm doin' it.

Oh, ye gods; if these posts get any better I'm gonna be rollin' on the floor in rapture. I wouldn't be surprised if the 'nose' who lives 450 odd miles south of me feels the same way.

M - said...

My Dad always said that if one didn't like what was on a given TV program, one of two choices were available:
(1) Change the channel
(2) Turn the TV off

One can certainly apply that to any manner of communications (such as "the internet")...

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting the links. It's always enjoyable to see Mr Apocalypse destroying this inhuman modern society and thus paving the way for a better world, a new age.

People say it's "negative" to be happy about watching the old society crumble and burn. For those who are spiritually awake tho, it's quite invigorating. What's wrong with being happy about the destruction of a soul-killing society?

Irish said...

Thanks for the laughs. Your writings remind me of Charles Mackey’s book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Maddening of Crowds” written in 1841. The book is both extremely sad and hilarious. The book is a look at crowd psychology during manias. It shows the total insanity of humans who go crazy in their beliefs. None of them ever end well and most people lose everything.
People who read something and must criticize are in the mania of their own mind! They are all gods and must set the rest of us straight. Thanks for the insights and definitely the humor!

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh a few times about things I've not heard since the late 70's ,early 80's in Alberta.
Schedule (ie shed-dule vs sked-dule) reminded me of trade school. On saying "sked -dule the math instructor was "corrected" by an apprentice thus: "Don't you mean "shed-dule"?" to which the instructor replied:"Well, I suppose that depends on what "shool" you went to." ...and the dogs barked and the caravan moved on.(snicker)
Then there's "cornhole" and conniptions.
What a blast from the past. Thanks.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Often... The Intentions of The Logos Make No Sense to Mortals... Coming and Going on The Slipstream of The Helix."



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