Friday, September 17, 2004

You Turn Your Back and Look What Happens.

Much as the weather took a sharp turn for the worst down on America's Bible Belt Mosquito Coast, so, suddenly the entire envelope of the bushernaught has caught a wheel in the suicide lane and gone into the ditch.

Hey, isn't that the section of Fla. that went late for bush? The polls are even again and bush dropping as we speak. The war in Iraq has gone behind a curtain and come back out in an entirely new outfit. Boy, whoever made that getup really does hate women.

Bad news is howling in the alley, it's hanging Volkswagens from the flagpole. They are saying the war is lost, the Green Zone has been penetrated and NOBODY is safe anymore. Was that 60 unexploded rockets they found after the most recent shelling? The number of insurgents has quintupled and the orgy is about to begin. It's a given that you'd start to hear about the air attack headed for Iran. And you do.

The National Inquirer is landing on bush's head (coming to a supermarket checkout line near you) about the guard affair and sundry. They're following in Kelley's wake; real bad news for the clown president. When 'the stupids' start broadcasting and printing, 'the stupids' start listening.

It's all coming apart.

'the center cannot hold'"

Yeah sure visible, put down the pom poms and take off the cheerleaders outfit, you don't have the legs"actually I do have the legs but the pom poms make me itch.

Let's just move along to my point and stop fidgiting, you'll get your chance. You know, waiting for your chance to speak is not really listening?

Can you see what's going on in front of you? Do you have any idea how bad it is in Iraq right now? You do know that means it will get worse right? Imagine 18 billion dollar+ that was supposed to be used for reconstructing the country. Imagine the 6% of that which got spent. Ask yourself why nothing else has been? One can get the feeling that the whole point of Iraq was about destabilizing it- feeding the resentment, finally sucking in Iran and Syria and then bombing the living shit out of them. Because if that isn't the point, why are we headed there and why does it look that way?

Certain very powerful forces in the background, including major economic figures, moderate and conservative republicans and others are very unhappy... very unhappy. Let's face it, just about everybody is unhappy; they just don't know why.

But they will. I am aware of how this post appears. I designed it myself (short pause for buffing of nails on navy cable knit sweater).... I threw out some buzz thoughts, made a few wild assumptions (all true) and then (presently) started walking away with my arm over the shoulder of my invisible friend. I'm whistling that Casablanca tune. I'm not really leaving though, I'm headed for my blanket and the picnic basket, I've got a great seat.

The real show is about to begin. You are watching something that comes around very seldom. You are watching one of life's great moral tales outplaying for your edification and enjoyment, for reassurance and to the long term chagrin of more than a few. How's it end visible? It ends with the credits rolling...

Well, it doesn't end... but I digress.

Between now and Christmas you are going to see and hear more than you bargained for. I know I'm going out on a limb but then maybe you haven't been watching the trailers. Can you imagine what 'they' are talking about now? Can you feel the energy? Does it excite you? It does me. Of course, I know the director and that helps.

Shakespeare is no longer in the attic. He's wearing his cloak of invisibility, true- but you can see it in the faces of the actors. You'll note they're not as confident as they were. Former phrases have lost their force, postures feel, well, uncomfortable. There's a sense of mounting embarrassment as everybody moves away from everyone else. A few people are pointing. Some are eyeing the exits. Salma Hayek is about to come out and do that dance.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's just a movie. The only thing that should concern you is to play your part well. Do you believe in your part? Remember, there's gonna be a Q&A so keep it in mind.

I realize that real people are dying. I realize that many don't think they are real people or only care about their team. But you need to remember what Krishna said to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. That's just what is happening. Be strong and, dare I say it? Stay the course.




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