Friday, September 24, 2004

No one knows what goes on behind barbed wire...


'Ashcroft sings Country' but it is probably not what Charlie Rich had in mind. Althought the result of injudicious sexual entanglement can lead to a similar kind of confinement, even if you're just trapped in your chest like the lady in the Eight of Swords.

I expect this site and the links therein will account for the volumes I might otherwise have added here. I'm the guy watching the horror movie who is always saying, "Don't go down the dark hallway.", "No, don't open that door!" That's when I'm not commenting on how stupid the people are for doing it.

When I have to investigate something of a suspicious nature I always proceed with caution and always with one of my curious weapons at the ready. I've seldom run into anything other than the lingering memory of unexplained noise but, I'm a Boy Scout (one merit badge shy of Eagle) and I remember the maxims; please, no condom jokes.

I've been aware of the build-up of domestic security camps for some time. They're a feature of the next four years. When the need arises they want to be ready from the gitmo.

If you've researched the conditions at the New York pier during the repub convention then you know the general comfort level of group confinement for perceived disorder is; Motel Six from Hell.

I've thought of rewriting The Bill of Rights and The Constitution to reflect the new sentiments of the NWO. You know, things like, "we hold these truths to be self evident," adding "that you'd better watch your ass" and so forth. My early experiments provided a rich vein of humor; except its not really funny. It's not funny the same way making fun of the situation in Iraq isn't funny; the same way laughing at a bad skateboard accident isn't really funny- but you're not the guy holding your crotch and crying. You're not in the pile of bodys with the smirking chick pointing for the cameras. You're divorced from the actual humiliation.

It's like all those jokes about "meeting bubba in your cell when you go to the joint." Unless you've had to face down Big Leroy with his mega-dick you don't know the score. It takes grit.

We've mostly, as a nation, got grit at a distance. We've got plenty of vicarious grit. Here in this forum we daily experience virtual grit. There's a disparity usually when virtual grit meets real life grit requirements. People don't see the connections between what they think and say and do in a world apart. But you're downloading the programs, whether you know it or not.

Bird calls in the wild will usually bring you the bird. Insults cast upon the vibratory medium; the invisible liquid transfer medium that surrounds us, will eventually bring the bird as well. People, for the most part do not recognize this law. It's part of a collection of laws that guarantee a return on your investment. If you walk around thinking bad things about yourself all day, knowing or unknowing, you'll receive coroboration.

The basic modus operandi of your present installed government is to create a problem, react to the problem and then solve the problem; creation, reaction, solution. You might well ask, "why create a problem just to solve it?" If you have to ask....

The thing is, certain forms of government always move toward particular conclusions. Please make reference to History for your examples. You can recognize what sort of a government you are dealing with or living under by the way they do business. Let's face it, there's only a few to choose from. Yes, there are variations with the basic groups, but it's not that complicated.

If a government is based on protecting property (stolen or otherwise acquired) and the status quo, certain techniques are employed, generic explantions are given and after that is the general scramble to keep what you have, increase what you have, take what you can get, work, scam, scheme, touch yourself while dreaming of shiny objects, etc: laws are usually configured to support the interests of whoever has the most. As that sage of the marketplace Sumner Redstone just said (prefacing his coming inter-office jihad), "I support bush because he's good for my business; deregulation et. al." But he thinks Kerry is a nice guy so relax. Dude, Sumner rocks!

Why am I not going on about the concentration camps? Well, I am, I'm just being oblique.

Nothing serves the cause better than disinformation. Were I to give just the obvious examples I'd be here typing for a good while yet. Let's just assume you know, or that you don't care, you support it, or you are totally clueless. All of the food groups are represented here.

So let's move on to another feature HERE

Now this fellow put some time into his work and the least you can do is read what he says. I spotted some of this myself to begin with. So when he says the same thing to me that I noticed then I get the feeling we are noticing the same things. He noticed more than I did though. You'll want to go to the Turkish Delight link to confirm or deny.

Yes, you're being lied to and defrauded every hour of every day. Why? Well, if you have to ask....

Eventually I'm going to stop pointing these things out and that will be good for me because I love doing other things and I live in a real democracy so I'm free to do them. Also, I don't have your problems and, let's face it, I can't solve them for you. When you think about it, all of this is just a logical progression any way. Certain lifestyles and governments always resolve in a certain way. It's a loop. Tyranny under the promise of providing Liberty...ever increasing security in the behalf of Freedom...mutating, pop-up replicant enemies on the borders of the's all happened before.

As I've said, I'm an optimist. I know it all works out. But when I think of the bad highway between here and there, I hope you'll forgive me if I sit this one out. I seldom cry because sorrow has become a foreign thing to me. Mostly I laugh, I laugh and shake my head and say things like, "good grief", "What the fuck?", "Oh my God.", "ah, not again." and "I don't believe it." but I do- and I'm not suprised either. I'm not even sure who to feel sorry for any more.

"oh Lord I got 99, yeah I got 99."




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