Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Anhedonia of Republican 'droit de seigneur'.

They can't really be enjoying it can they? Does Heaven have slums? Does Hell have an high rent district?

In the impersonal social world of Heaven, every citizen is equal, no one considers themselves above their neighbors although their avocation might be different. The joy shared is a common joy and there is no end to it.

In Hell one would think that every situation would be ironic; a sort of "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." kind of a place. A place where you get the best seat in the house every night but it's always some kind of experimental ballet; and you hate ballet; a place of sumptuous buffets where you can't taste anything and have no appetite; a world of Anhedonia.

bush goes to Hell and a demon is taking him to different rooms showing him choices where he can spend eternity. His initial choices are gruesome and he rejects them. Then he is shown a room where Bill Clinton is sprawled on a collection of cushions and is receiving felatio from a beautiful woman. bush nods his head, "yeah, this is more like it." The demon then asks, "so this is what you want?" "Absolutely." bush replies. So the demon claps his hands and the woman gets up and leaves.

Something like that.

I tend to believe that everything, including the pursuit of God, Truth, Peace, Harmony; whatever you call the higher end of aspiration; the most you can imagine unto the disolution of all self into whatever idea you may possess regarding fundamental, primary essence- is connected to sexual energy. It's all sex.

Everything works on the principle of attraction and everything seeks union. It may be that union already exists and that we merely separate in order to achieve it again and again; and that's life.

Building fortunes, waging war, achieving fame, Nirvana, Samadhi; or Conrad Black paying good money to be tied up and whipped by big, angry, merciless Arabs in a back room, several streets away from the marketplace in Old Tangiers; it's all sex.

Love is the humanization, some might say spiritualization, of sex; but there are many definitions of Love. We could say Love is the inspiration, the stage coach driver, with the coach being the body and the horses being the sex drive. We've got a lot coaches missing a driver.

Think of it as an elevator. Think of it as a drug. In either case you have lower and upper floors. Each elevator door opens into an entire world. Each drug is a state of mind; a kingdom peopled with specific thought forms.

It seems to me that to enjoy something you have to be connected to it. Loving something will surely provide enjoyment. It will also increase your understanding of it. This is why some people can learn a musical instrument so quickly and some people never do. You have to lose yourself in it. You can't remain apart or withhold your self while taking from it and then go your way, sated and unchanged.

Surely we live in a world of clumsy lovers. Selfishness, too much self consciousness, too much risk awareness will interfere with performance. The object of desire will not be impressed with your insincerity; your lack of passionate surrender.

The French have words for these things; petit morte, jois de vive. they've also got a word, droit de seigneur, about a certain right of kings.

"To the victor go the spoils".

The swing in this election comes down to a few things that don't really get as much front page mention as they deserve. One of them is 'gay marriage' and by extension gay sex and all that both imply. Another is that the basic principles of this 'Christian nation' are threatened by heretical enemies. These two symbolize the entirety of this administrations support. By extension they also imply a host of other perceived ills that challenge our bedrock, fundamental idea of what America is all about.

Gay sex and Islamic terror. These are the matchpoints of the whole game. Both are whips of fear laid to the back of those with no reign on their imagination. Few people possess a controlled imagination, nor realize the power of it.

If we were the recipient of loving intent from this administration, or all the examples history gives us of 'this type' of administration, it might not be so bad. Your parents may not have all the answers but they could well be right about a lot of things and usually they love you. Love has an inherent wisdom.

But I think this administration does not love you. I think they just want to fuck you. I don't think they're very good at it and I don't think they enjoy it either. Not being good at something and not giving joy or pleasure can make you angry. You know that the simulation of adoring eyes is based on fear, not satisfaction. And not enjoying it themselves, since it is an offense against what humanity they may possess, this confuses them. Why aren't they getting the last full measure of satisfaction? We know why you aren't getting off. But what about them?

If you're going to fuck somebody's brains out; leave them limp and heaving upon sweat soaked sheets in the aftermath of the minds own tropics, you've got to love your work. You've got to be lost in it. You've got to lose control while in control and never mind a tumble to the floor...when you can always come back and deliver more. Here is where Love inspires. Here is where Love will always win. It is consistently new and it returns again and again and again.

It's hard to get off on the romance of, "baby I'm going to stay the course." when they can't even get it up or when they are always trying to put it in the wrong hole; please read 'metaphorical' here. I don't want to wind up parsing pubic hairs.

Fear may compel someone to take off their clothes but they're not going to love you for it. Fear doesn't make you safe either. Empty words can't serve as food.

I know that Love will triumph over circumstance and time. Union makes a whole of every diversity. It weaves them together into the most fantastic flying carpet. In the long reach of our ever refining dreams we do come out of the shadow of these callow, unfortunate lovers. That's the good news. The bad news is that, until you master your fear, until you claim the authority of your love, you're going to have to keep taking your clothes off for every rape artist and bully with a police force and you're going to keep having bad, unsatisfying sex. You're going to have to give them your wife or your husband on your wedding night. You are going to have to give them your children. And you're going to hate yourself and each other in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Sex, yes..but fear, YES...The bushies have gone after the reptilian brain..the underpinning of sex..the Me all all costs, Me survive, Me get first pick of the kill. And, if you are not like me..in looks, class, race, religion, sexual orientation..you've got to be a germ, an enemy virus and removing your existence is no sin..it's my god given right to protect me and My own. The reptilian brain is in fashion now..it's the New Darwinism..the 'droit de Solipsique'..
More from Les is the best of more..



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