Thursday, September 02, 2004

This Sunday Night, Coming to a TV Near You...

I return to The Fray this morning to find more than a page has scrolled away as I slept in the wake of Wednesday nights demagogue-fest at the RNC. There's a flush to the face of the resident neo-con's, intoxicated with the feculent splendor of treachery and deceit. When the moneys on the table no man is your friend.

For months the online MSNBC poll has shown an average of 57 to 60% pro Kerry and something in the hi- 30's for gwb. Two days ago the numbers switched- ...just like that. Yes the numbers changed about 40% overnight. That can't happen and it didn't happen.

While the press were feasting on the blatant lies of the swift boat anschluss, trumpeting false charges across print and moving media, there was nary a word above the fold about the storm gathering on the periphery ...nary a word.

In recent weeks the tale of Ben Barnes, former LT. Governor of Texas has gone missing, been dismissed, been ignored. Dismissed as 'old news' by a scornful Washington Post reporter, barely mentioned at all by The New York Times. It will be ignored no longer. This Sunday night on 60 minutes, Ben Barnes will tell how he bowed to family pressure to get bush (who had the lowest possible scores for entrance) into the Champagne Division of the Texas Air National Guard. You can go to Salon for the info.

Consonant with this is the charge from Linda Allison, (top story at Salon) widow of Jimmy Allison; Texas newspaper owner and Republican campaign consultant that Elder bush leaned on him and ...leaned on him hard... to get the troubled son gwb out of Houston where he was getting into shit. Ms. Allison talks about Jimmy's wake-up call when he learned about the kind of hardball that can be played by 'friends'. Jimmy was told to make room for gwb on an Alabama campaign that he was running.

Ms. Allison point blank states that they NEVER saw gwb do ANY guard duty, this is re-inforced by others. Here's what she says about her husband in the aftermath of his contribution-
"Something happened that I don't know about. But I do know that Jimmy didn't expect it, and it broke his heart," she said, describing a ruthless side to the genial Bush clan of which few outsiders are aware."

I hope you are all well-fed from last nights graveyard buffet, the buffet at which you dined upon the death agonies of honor, integrity and all the other things whose names have gone missing and whose memory is no more. I hope you are flushed with the wine that was turned into blood. I hope you dance and posture and spread your wings and puff your chest while you strut across the farmyard in your splendor. I hope you dined well, as well as they shall dine on you.

This Sunday night, 'the man', the man who knows and 'the man who did', shall put the lie to the service of gwb, Mr. Mission Accomplished, Mr. Bring 'Em On. What shall he say then? What will you say? Will you say.... "bring it on"?

I've known from day one what un-nameable scum bush is. I've seen the collected viral life forms with which he surrounded himself. I watched them step aside for the New York attack and then run the fascist flag up the pole. I watched every dirty deed, I shall not list them.

I watched a large body of the American people in their sprawled obesity lay down and spread their legs for whatever pleasure and succor they might gain. I watched them writhe like snakes in their sanctimony and ignorance for the enjoyment of their horned god. There's no Jesus here fools. This isn't Jesus dicking your unlubricated ass. This isn't Jesus who sold your children into slavery.

I watched the media pimp your big behinds, everyone of which ought to have "Wide-Load" affixed to the cheeks. I watched you suck at the gloryhole; the burning sperm of the unknown donor washed over you and you thought it was The Balm of Gilead. You thought you were dancing in the valley with the Rose of Sharon. But you were on your knees drinking in the intoxicating piss of the big cats from the private club while Bitch Media cheered you on, photographed you, video-taped you and then showed the movie to your family and friends.

You haven't woken up yet but when you do the ballroom in your head where you went dancing will have turned into some dreadful alley off Houston St. where you lay beaten and alone, face down upon the ugly pavement of the things you proclaimed were real.

As much as I am moved to anger by your hypocrisy and awesome dim wit, I am more moved to shame for you, a shared embarrassment and pity too. Over the centuries, you, the uncountable hordes have marched to every dishonest drum, have walked into a million canonblasts, have screamed and cried and died to no purpose and to no understanding why. You are the eternal moron who swallows every lie like it were a cake from the table of your betters, when in fact it was swill from a trough. Though you walk in human form you most ressemble something with hoof as cloven as your masters own. And you think yourselves wise and prudent and worthy of regard.

Tonight I do not doubt you will wait with hope and awe for a man, with no principles nor any attendant virtue that can be named, to painfully read from paper what others have written down for him to say. Legions of whores will record it. Nymphomaniacal lampreys will afix themselves to the cocks of power, sucking at the poisons for an inspiration to report. You won't even get near that, you'll merely be bent over and waiting for a release that will never come.

Sunday night, still in your afterglow, come and watch what running sores are set to break out upon the face of the dung beetle from Crawford.

Whatever awaits this embattled nation of sheep it can't be good in the short term. It may be, even with all that I know is coming to the surface, that the punks in power are returned or simply refuse to go. God help you then. It may be that the light will break instead and you will stand and blink stupidly always a step short of comprehension. No one knows yet.

To those of you with the courage to come to New York and to speak, to put your bodies on the line for the hope that yet remains in the hearts of many, I salute and applaud you. You did good. It may be that the fire of the few will inspire the response of so many who have let confusion be their guide until this moment. For myself, I am not deceived in what has happened; is happening here. Sooner or later comes the piper and the awesome booming of Shiva's Drum.


Anonymous said...

Go get them old boy although, I did not see you there or myself for that matter. Keep up the vicious assault, some one needs to. We seemless silent ones are not so, just spreading the word in our own way.

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