Monday, September 13, 2004

Stalking Horses and Prestidigitators.

One of my favorite quotes by the redoubtable Sherlock Holmes is, "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

I like to think I've got a canny mind that sees around corners and that I possess good objective reasoning powers. This could be bullshit along with most of the things I say. It could also be true. The reason we've got phrases like, "to smell out the truth." is because the sense of smell is the only sense that transmits directly to the brain. That's my thinking anyway, parse it how you like.

As I watch the scenery unfold in it's present unattractive Fall walkway colors, leaving most of what I see looking like a pimpmobile done by a very drunk and pissed off Peter Max, I have to wonder. Like Sherlock says, "once you've eliminated the impossible....."

I suppose the fact that Kerry is Skull and Bones might be a clue. But I don't have to scan the past to see the present. Here's what I do see. bushco has more weaknesses, more mistakes, more lies, more crime, more utter disregard, more venal capacity, more fascist intent and more screw the people history than any president this country has ever seen AND he wasn't elected in the first place.

It should be an automatic that Kerry wins, yet he and his people are doing everything possible to lose. Let's not forget Sherlock, we'll be getting back to him.

I have wrestled with accepting the base stupidity of genus Americana. These people drive cars, run businesses and most of them tie their own shoes and hopefully wipe their own asses. I've wrestled with the possibility that it's not just stupidity but selfishness, greed and appetite that control their interests. I've struggled to be egalitarian and mused about the possibility that it was a combination of all of them.

I've no doubt the media is controlled by neo-con intent, either deliberately pandering to its agenda or shutting up from fear. I'm hip to Clear Channel and the FCC. I'm hip to the republican SWAT teams in communities throughout America working to steal yet another election through absentee balloting fraud. They're catching them all over the place but you hardly hear about it.

You've got rats at the top and rats at the bottom and a great stinking landfill of swag betwixt.

But one thing puzzles me and the more I think about it,... I am forced to think what I don't want to think and that is that Kerry may be part of an actual design. See, I've eliminated the impossible and all I'm left with is that Kerry is working WITH the bush people to lose. I'm beginning to think Kerry is a stalking horse.

Sure, I looked at the MSNBC online presidential poll today and bush is up at 57% again. Two days ago Kerry was at 57%. For months Kerry was 60% or so and bush hovering at the hi-20's. then, a few weeks ago it tilted the other way- almost 40 points. Now it ping pongs back and forth every other day. You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out. The Blue Meanie's are organized and unlike the Democrats, they are not restrained by conscience.
Why is Kerry being guided by that idiot Shrum? Why do we, the lay personnel, know more about what he should be doing than he does? Why did he not show up at the Jessie Jackson/Wille Nelson event in West Virginia? He was IN West Virginia. Why did he make that stupid Iraq comment? Why did he lag on the Swift Boat liars?

Yes, the lap dog press grants him no slack. Major newspapers were referencing 'blogs' for their fact input on the documents for Christ's sake.

But bush is vulnerable everywhere and on everything. He's an incoherant bumbling robodroid who not only hasn't a clue how to govern, he's also going against national interest in every area where he operates.

It should be a slam dunk.

If Kerry loses this election I am going to have to learn toward the explanation that he is just part of the whole charade.

Regardless of what some may think, I do not believe I am smarter than everyone else. And because I KNOW I'm not smarter than everyone else it bothers me that I can see the obvious and the aggregate stunned frogs in the moonlight can't. They think the approaching headlights are new moons.

I'm surprised at myself for caring as much as I do. I shouldn't really, it's of no benefit to me. I left too and I don't ever have to come back. There will always be a free zone in the world for me to go to. I'm not trapped on the rusting freighter in the Bermuda Triangle. What I am surprised at it why so many who ARE THERE do not care.

Well anyway, who are you going to believe... them? or your lying eyes?




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