Wednesday, May 01, 2024

"The Sad and Punishing Routines of Life Amidst The Clutter of Endless Variations of the Same Thing, and... Searching in Vain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Sun is a radiant fountain of life-giving... impersonal love. It doesn't give any thought to what it does. It simply does it, without regard for who might receive that love. The Sun does not personalize its gift. It just shines. It is what we should do. Like the children's Sunday School song; ♫ this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ♫

I am presuming that you have all been in love, and been loved. Possibly you remember how love shone between and upon you. It is a magical thing. The Wise know the value and the joy of always being in love. This they accomplish by the continuous awareness of The Beloved... present in every living thing, and... everything is alive... even rocks. So... one can proceed with wonder... wherever one might go... in whatever direction one's glance may precede them... love goes forth ahead. It shines upon the pathway of the arriving moment.

Children know that life is a single unbroken moment. When The World is divided on us... it is broken up into single increments of time. Time has weight. One's attitude is affected by appearances that give Time its weight and density. So... there are people effectively imprisoned (many people) who are not constrained in a cell. There are people free as a bird... who are indeed within a cage. Richard Lovelace wrote a poem about that.

In that poem, he states that it is Love that makes him free... though he be locked up in a dungeon cell.

The body itself is a prison.

Here is one area in which Justice is done. Those who do terrible things to others... have little or no love in their hearts. They have condemned themselves to a loveless existence, and... where there is no love... that is where Fear makes its home. Fear does not go where Real Love is present. It trembles at the very thought. Time is never so heavy as when one makes a prisoner of love.

The Sun is the chief medium... through which love enters the manifest realm. Personal love shines upon a single person or thing; if you could call that love. Impersonal Love shines on everyone and everything... just like The Sun. One of the reasons it was placed in the sky... above our heads... is to be a daily reminder of this, AND... an inspiration. The Power of The Sun is the power you can expect to channel as well... if you emulate The Sun.

Love is THE force of healing BECAUSE... the intention of love is to unify; whether it draws two bodies together... or holds the planets in their courses through space. There are those who are in love with love itself at the higher end and... those driven by carnal appetite at the lower end. They flit from flower to flower like a hummingbird or bee. They will not stay long, and they leave a trail of broken hearts behind them as they go, but who is the offender here? Everyone should know that if you love someone... then... you set them free... or it is not love.

That is not love that seeks to stay the course of another. The greatest love sets everyone free. That is the act it performs upon greeting and going. The spirit of that one... resides in the heart of everyone... so it does not go anywhere anyway. It is always present, BUT... one is not going to find it looking Out There. So... young Lochinvar, and Romeo... Casanova and the rest... have not gotten over on anyone but themselves. They are doing it to themselves.

Then there is the consideration of... give the people what they want. (grin)

Love is a great teacher. Perhaps it is the greatest of teachers. Whatever offenses we commit against love, love will cause us to encounter the same for ourselves... in order to learn the deeper meanings of love. Love goes in stages. It moves from chemical attractions and seasonal ruts... all the way to that which is unspeakable and indefinable... where the knower and the known are made one. That is Divine Unity. It is the state that Love effects, and the origin of the statement; “wherever two or more are gathered in my name.”

Love is the poet's best friend. There would be no song and dance without it. Fundies rail against song and dance. It is unseemly! That is what they say. It is merely a particular stage of love acting out. Singing and dancing bring us into unity with one another. That is the objective... even if we are to be taken far above what we presently understand as song and dance. The planets make music when their auras rub against each other in passing.

Om is the hum of divine unity. Ultimately... it is the resolution of Higher Love back into itself. It is the origin and dissolution of all forms. The saints and mystics tell of dissolving into God's ocean of divine love. One ceases to be, and yet... one simply becomes again... what one originally was... without all the overlay. Truth is naked and Love clothes itself in colors, though Love and Truth are eternally interactive. The combination of Love and Wisdom results in the birth of Truth. It's a good reason to fall in love with wisdom.

Does it matter if Love (God) removes every hindrance and reveals us as we were in the beginning or... simply transforms us into itself through proximity to it? The result is the same. However... people argue about such things. They will insist on an exact number of angels on a pin, and they might well kill or dishonor you if you do not agree.

I should have fallen in love with wisdom, to begin with. Indeed... I always did love wisdom, BUT... when you are young... love often finds a greater attraction to passing fancy... Wisdom grows in beauty... the more one's heart is broken by passing fancies.

It's what life is all about... that we should love first this, then that... then the other thing, and not finding what we are seeking in any of them... we are FINALLY inspired to seek that one thing that makes our love eternal... when we look into the mirror and see the face of our creator... once we have become pure of heart.

It's the purification rituals that turn everyone off. Damn! That Hurts! Yeah... well... so did Mother's hands on your head when she washed your hair; did you get soap in your eyes? Once we have grown tired of getting dirty over, and over, and over again... The Mother will come and wash us clean, AND... depending on how dirty we have gotten... well... yeah.

Of course, the pull... the attraction... back into The Dark Splendor, and all those forms we dallied with; that hurts a great deal as well. Somehow we are sure we haven't gotten our fill. Maybe... maybe just one more turn on the wheel, Mr. Creosote.

Heh heh... and back on the (not so) merry-go-round you go... forgetting all about the musical chairs, and someone wanting to see your documents; I ain't got to show you no stinking papers! The sad and punishing routines of life... amidst the clutter of endless variations of the same thing, and... searching in vain.

Fools all of them... chasing doomed flowers... round and round the circle of the seasons. Petals fall, and the stems wither, and something cuts them down, and... they are gone, but they were gone the moment the blush went off the rose... as far as your carnal eye was concerned.

When you can love The Divine within... you will be in the company of The Divine, and The Divine is all that you will see. It will not age. It will not die, and it lives in everyone you encounter... hidden though it may be. When one falls in love... it is The Beloved that one sees, BUT... Time and Circumstance serve to veil The Beloved again, and... all we see is the pedestrian persona; The Mask. Love has gone into hiding... again.

In healing... what one seeks to do (should seek to do) is to heal the infirmity within oneself, and that will cause a sympathetic response in the one being treated. One has to step out of the way... so that The Divine can attend to the matter... BECAUSE... it is ONLY The Divine who can heal. Everyone else claiming to be of any kind of use is... an impostor... like those who pretend to love. If you are in desperate need of being fooled, perhaps that will be enough for the moment.

Many times people have been healed by charlatans because they believed completely. It was the same with The Centurion whose servant was healed by Christ. Christ said he would come to his house, and The Centurion said, “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof.” Christ said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.”

You have to do things... believing. It is the same with healing as it is with prayer. God has only to think something into being and... it is. We are made in his image and he wishes the same for us, BUT... sin is the blocking mechanism that hinders the passage of Grace! Sin translated means; missing the mark. When God is acting through us there is no sin because God never misses. If we insist upon acting as an independent contractor, we will be permitted to do that... with mixed results.

Love heals every injury. It brings everything into unity with itself because Unity is the objective of Love. In our separations from The Love of God... we suffer all sorts of conditions. They are illusory, as is our sense of separation, it... is... all... a... trick... of... The... Mind.

Still The Reactive Mind and The Voice of The Stillness will come. Following that... you will need NOTHING MORE... ever again. Your eternal guide will have stamped your passport to everywhere you will ever be, and no matter where you go... you will always be where you are. When they say, “You can't take it with you.” They weren't talking about Love.

Blessings upon you all.

End Transmission.......

I must put this treatise on Sufi teachings in yet again You will be entranced once you get far enough along.

by Reynold A. Nicholson

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

I just signed-up to receive a Daily Poem from the Poetry Foundation. Thanks for turning us on to that site!

Tim Allen, in his book "I'm Not Really Here", said that Fear is the antithesis of Love.

robert said...

Visible, dear to seekers of Wisdom and Beauty

Beautiful wisdom!

Wisdom loves Beauty

Wisdom IS Beautiful!

What does anyone want that Wisdom in Love with Beauty bringing forth Truth does not fulfill?

0 said...

From the Sufi link.

"Those who seek God, says Niffari, are of three kinds: firstly, the worshippers to whom God makes Himself known by means of bounty, i.e. they worship Him in the hope of winning Paradise or some spiritual recompense such as dreams and miracles; secondly, the philosophers and scholastic theologians, to whom God makes Himself known by means of glory, i.e. they can never find the glorious God whom they seek, wherefore they assert that His essence is unknowable, saying, "We know that we know Him not, and that is our knowledge"; thirdly, the gnostics, to whom God makes Himself known by means of ecstasy, i.e. they are possessed and controlled by a rapture that deprives them of the consciousness of individual existence.

Niffari bids the gnostic perform only such acts of worship as are in accordance with his vision of God, though in so doing he will necessarily disobey the religious law which was made for the vulgar. His inward feeling must decide how far the external forms of religion are good for him.

"God said to me, Ask Me and say, 'O Lord, how shall I cleave to Thee, so that when my day (of judgment)

{p. 73}

comes, Thou wilt not punish me nor avert Thy face from me?' Then I will answer thee and say, 'Cleave in thy outward theory and practice to the Sunna (the rule of the Prophet), and cleave in thy inward feeling to the gnosis which I have given thee; and know that when I make Myself known to thee, I will not accept from thee anything of the Sunna but what My gnosis brings to thee, because thou art one of those to whom I speak: thou hearest Me and knowest that thou hearest Me, and thou seest that I am the source of all things.'""

Yep. If one does not supercede their religion in their own being, they will not be more than the first type. Bargainers looking for a deal in exchange for "being good".

It is a curious interaction these days with my pops who is mormon and a zionist. For him its about picking and choosing what to believe and treat as Real. So hes a bargainer, picked the bargain and is Acting on it as if it was real for himself, such that the All will likely honor it if pops is able to adhere to his end of it. Pops likes obedience so he doesn't have to think about if he should or shouldn't. Its all delineated in the religion, which seems to use the root religo as its foundation which means bound. We were talking about the impending potential nuclear war... he brought up the cuban missile crisis from when he was younger... nuclear war was a threat then too with JFK encircling cuba with a blockage. Curiously he did agree with me that it was LBJ that put kennedy down. Ironically he didn't grasp the zionist aspect of LBJ and crew. Sometimes I wonder if the current speaker Johnson is somehow related to LBJohnson. They seem to share the same Ethics, along with everyone else in the fed gov uniparty.

Eh, it will be what it will be. Game on.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Mr. Creosote. Once I had to clean up customer vomit. (All dishwashers at my place of employment are also janitors.) It took me 45 minutes. I sent my boss the whole Creosote clip over that. She was grossed out by it, but I thought it was one of the funniest thangs I ever saw.

Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,
Love a good earworm, this morning woke to 3 dog night singing, "How does your lite shine, on the road to Shamballa?"
So where did all that 'joyful noise' go?
Still hear!

0 said...

Hehehe LTPTB yeah the meaning of life whole flick is a classic! Just a tiny thin mint... kaboom.. nevermind the waiter not wanting to be told how to be...

I dig the universe song while they're taking their organs. Puts things in perspective. And those targets are just about what the context has turned the obedient into. :P


0 said...

Anyone here read "Americas 60 families"? From 1937?



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They're a Scheming Pack of Hyenas... Circling The Offal Buffet. It's To Be Hosted by Offal Winfrey... in The Offal Office."



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