Friday, May 17, 2024

"Most People don't Know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and They Can't Find Their Ass with A Google-View and A Compass."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“Divine worship, he says, is the end for which all things are created, and therefore belongs to their original nature and constitution. The different forms of worship result from the variety of Names and Attributes by which God manifests Himself in creation. Every Name and Attribute produces its own characteristic effect. For example, God is the true Guide (al-Hádí); but He is also the Misleader (al-Muḍill), for the Koran says, "Allah shall lead the wicked into error." He is the Avenger (al-Muntaqim) as well as the Forgiver (al-Mun‘im). If any one of His Names had remained ineffectual and unrealized, His self-manifestation would not have been complete. Therefore He sent His prophets, in order that those who followed them might worship Him as the One who guides mankind to salvation, and that those who disobeyed them might worship Him as the One who leads mankind to perdition.

“All God's creatures worship Him in accordance with His will, and every form of worship expresses some aspect of His nature. Infidelity and sin are effects of the Divine activity and contribute to the Divine perfection. Satan himself glorifies God, inasmuch as his disobedience is subordinate to the eternal will.”

In respect of certain ideas we have been presenting here, I give these lines that I just discovered in the writings of Jili... with whom I wholeheartedly concur, AND... which confirm positions I have taken that some consider to be blasphemous. I do not believe in the folded... spindled... and mutilated teachings of The Christian Church. I see them as stock pens for people who are too afraid to think. Their dogma is like unto a cattle prod.

As for The Koran, it is often filled with such violent thoughts that I do not wonder at some of the acts that have followed since its publication. Christians and Muslims... of a fundie cast... are incredibly mean and unforgiving. That's the way it is with religion. People like to huddle together because they are terrified of what they don't understand about life. This makes it easy for The Controllers to herd them as they please... turn them into cannon fodder, and agitate them in the hate-ridden cities.

Lately... I have been getting flashes of insight that lift me to a view of conditions beyond the daylight... walking around perspective... that I have most of the time. It's impossible to describe except to say they take place in hyper-reality... attended by a stream of images that each... come with pages of dialogue that it is impossible (at least for me) to put down here.

One of the flashes I received recently... has to do with an entire area of political commentary that one runs into on the internet. On the one hand, there are people like Jack Posobiec... Charlie Kirk... Alex Jones and Mike Adams... Ron Unz and others. There are so many of these people. They have big websites, and like James O'Keefe, they style themselves as knights on a white charger... speaking Truth to Power. What I saw was that they have zero effect on anything... except their own levels of influence and the financial gain that comes through doing what they do.

Are they bad people? Are they good people? Are they gatekeepers? Are they entertainers in mufti?

I don't know. There are certain politicians too... that fit into this demographic, BUT... it seems that every... single... one... of... them... answers to The Synagogue of Satan. PERIOD. I was going to this Post Millennial website. I think it's a Canadian news portal. I liked their truthfulness, BUT... as soon as Israel arranged that false flag on October 7th... with the intent of wiping The Palestinian People from the face of The Earth, they rolled over on their backs with their legs in the air.

Everywhere that those protesting against The Gazacide appear... there are now Zionist Stormtroopers coming in. The police have been told... apparently... to stand back and let them sort it out, so people are getting beaten and pepper sprayed. A few hours later they come in to mop up!

The Synagogue of Satan is LITERALLY bombing women and children indiscriminately, and laughing about it! Dancing in the street! Tearing food deliveries from the aid trucks, and... scattering them by the roadside, AND... laughing about it... and dancing in the street! The entire nation of Israel is behind this effort. This is apocalypse-in-action.

As we have said here countless times, and as we fully believe without the possibility of doubt... God is in The Details in this horror, and... everywhere else at all times... and the entire insensate, and stupefied world sees The Gazacide... like something through the car window... on their way to the Disneyland Gay Bar for Kids, and The Divine has a resolution in mind. I can only... from what I have seen so far... determine with little likelihood of error... that he intends to deal with this nation of MONSTERS in the most serious and severe fashion.

The heinous crimes that include organ harvesting... broadcasting crying children and women calling for help... in the night... that brings people into the street to look for them, and then firing on them with drones... and so many... many other offenses... too numerous to mention. These are just shrugged off, BUT... Hamas! Hamas! Hamas! The hostages!!! The hostages!!! Bullshit! Bullshit like flaming planets and exponentially expanded!!! Bullshit!!!

Now this Ari Hoffman is showing up everywhere... writing about the outrages of alleged Hamas supporters and their protests... being inflicted on The Poor Israelis. He has become the main contributor at news-sites I never saw him at previously... including The Post Millennial. Bullshit!!!

This is genocide... clear and simple. This is ethnic cleansing! These Zionists are... MONSTERS!!! They have been killing The Palestinians and stealing their land for DECADES!!! That's it! There is no justification whatsoever. They are... MONSTERS!!!

Are the Gaza protests compromised and financed by the same people who are committing Gazacide? Very Likely. That's how they operate, BUT... millions of people all round The World are outraged, and I am one of them. Like the song says; ♫ Your time is gonna come ♫ It comes for all of us. It comes for us individually... in groups... in nations, and to entire planets. It comes soft as a caress from an invisible breeze, and it comes with tanks and ruthless killers... burning as they go.

Most people don't know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and they can't find their ass with a Google-View and a compass. They want what they want, and there are people who see that they get it because they are the people who arranged for them to want it in the first place. There are people who create those needs so that they can fill those needs, and as each generation wears out... they find another.

Now they are... also...with calculation... seeking to eliminate another entire race of people... through a variety of means. This is not up for argument. The Great Replacement is a provable given. They have found other groups of people... they are more compliant... more willing... to roll and run riot in the murk of Materialism... from The Land Where The Sun Don't Shine. There are those with a greater disposition toward certain features of Materialism. Certain things should be obvious to anyone paying attention, and... bottom is all about maintaining control.

Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... say that The Reins of Power... will be taken away from those who use appearances... as the mechanisms of deception. They are direct agents of Heavenly Force. The Will of The Divine is being done through them, and those who have held the power for deceiving the nations for such a length of time... are now very disturbed at what they see coming for them; shaping up, and forming in The Event Horizon. They are desperate, and... they are driven. It is only a matter of time and sequential events.

Everything that is happening is putting those who have worked from the shadows... front and center... into The Revealing Light. Vanity and Arrogance fuel their insanities. They are being driven mad. They are out of their minds with avarice... fear... and rage. Their world is imploding, and not all the soldiers that have ever been, are going to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

I have no apprehension about Things to Come. I know without a scintilla of doubt... that The Divine... the ineffable... rules supreme in Heaven and on Earth. It is a palpable reality in the one location, and something very hard to see in the other, BUT... nonetheless everything lives and dies... succeeds and fails... according to The Will of God. There is no wiggle room on that.

Many fools have pranced about here in their season. One does not become Carl Panzram in a single lifetime. Psychopathy is arrived at in stages. As one departs from The Light of God... psychopathy is one of the final stages before one becomes actualized as a demon. Everyone who has done massive harm on this planet... worked their way to that opportunity in stages. It was as much a development as; egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly... only in the opposite direction. Everything comes in stages.

There is nothing mysterious about life except for the appearances it is resident behind, AND which it demonstrates through. There is... What Is, and... There Is... What Seems. What seems is constructed by The Force of Wanting. It is desire... precipitated and channeled into form... and composed of The Substance of Things Unseen.

No one is denied anything here. That is the good news and the bad news. Seek and ye shall find... LITERALLY. If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind... that is also good news and bad news because it parallels the concept of casting your bread upon the waters.

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when; set out for anywhere and you will get there OR... to a reasonable or unreasonable facsimile. There may be barriers in the way... such as those experienced by Ulysses... Theseus... Perseus... or Milarepa, BUT you will get there... if you only continue; Desire and The Will... Desire and The Will.

End Transmission.......

Reynold A. Nicholson

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Anonymous said...

‘One of the flashes I received recently... has to do with an entire area of political commentary that one runs into on the internet. On the one hand, there are people like Jack Posobiec... Charlie Kirk... Alex Jones and Mike Adams... Ron Unz and others. There are so many of these people. They have big websites, and like James O'Keefe, they style themselves as knights on a white charger... speaking Truth to Power. What I saw was that they have zero effect on anything... except their own levels of influence and the financial gain that comes through doing what they do.’
Visible, I would say the above mentioned men brought a lot of light to the darkness. Many of us felt what they are saying and seeing it out there lends itself to waking up. It gives hope that a great many people are reading their works and seeing the evil being brandished about where as otherwise how would anyone know.
Maybe they get financial gain but that does not negate the good they do.
Now I know youre not a fan of being contradicted (grin) but I would not discount those men. I appreciate what they do and they put themselves on the line for getting at least some truth out there
No offense intended , just another way to look at something

Visible said...

I don't know what it is with my presentations. I try to be as clear as possible but somehow it doesn't come across. I don't know why; I said; "Are they bad people? Are they good people? Are they gatekeepers? Are they entertainers in mufti? I don't know."

I also said, and I include ALL of them in this=

"There are certain politicians too... that fit into this demographic, BUT... it seems that every... single... one... of... them... answers to The Synagogue of Satan. PERIOD."

I said I was having these flashes. I did not pass judgment on these people. I asked if they were good or bad? I don't have a problem with being contradicted. I am pretty clear on the fact that people have a different view of anything and anything than me. What I don't like is being misinterpreted, AND... all these people mentioned go into estrus around Israel. That's a fact. They either don't tell the truth here or they avoid saying anything that will get them in trouble. This could hardly be in dispute. Only Unz goes there now and then, and he happens to be one of them... so... yeah.

I guess I'm not very good at saying things that can get around The Reactive Mind in people whose opinions go one way while mine go another. Then again... No one is that good. It's rough and tumble in this world and I'm no shrinking violet, so... I don't get your take on me, but... we've never met. Obviously, something happened in the past tense between is, but I don't remember it. You do. That's fine. I don't expect others to understand me especially if we've never met and I have no history with them whatsoever... that I can remember.

I've watched these people plenty. I keep seeing corners getting cut. I keep seeing people tiptoeing through minefields. I keep seeing people going... "OH look at that! Look over there!" BUT... seldom if ever... "Look right here." So... nothing has changed here, and I've put days... months, and years into watching these people and listening to what they have to say.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From a more realistic standpoint, what I want more than anything is to be LEGALLY OFF THIS DISGUSTING PLANET, but I know I'm getting what I asked for before I got here.

The invaders. . .they may be very materialistic, but compliant? Tell that to Mara Salvatrucha, and they'll have you for lunch. . .maybe literally. And the rest of the vermin doing the best to destroy their hosts? We'll see where they are in another couple of years. I don't know if I'd call Hell bent on destruction compliant.

Awesome post, as always. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!

0 said...

Yep, the people the media spotlight were preselected in their roles before the series of events kicked off and they were vetted over the 2 decades after 9/11 to make sure they'd do as told.

The ones who are being allowed to say the truth and speak for right action are the inbred clowns they want to stand up as the good guys.

Its why they censored the people who saw thru it for the last 3 years so that they could only allow their own preselected sfb clowns to play the good guy roles. Or there would have been no censoring and this Engineered Agenda woulda been Cut off at its Knees.

If you watched that shitty film Asteroid City, that whole film was just about taking people from all walks of life, bringing them into a shared experience of "reality" and then letting them go back to their walks of life now sharing the shared experience as a binding between them. Didn't matter that the alien was faked, what mattered was getting people on the same page. And again this is why they only let their selected clowns reach the masses so the masses will dote on them.

Anyone willing to collude for personal gain and power should not be allowed Either. But thats how capitalism and business works today. Its why I intentionally did not go into management. I do not want to be part of the clown club that gets over paid and thus doesn't really care about accountability or right action. They got what they want, and the status quo enabled it, so they're Good.

Its ok to feel however you want about them. But check the thinking to see if its objective or biased. Correct if needful. Or indulge if desired huh. (grin)

It all takes me back to the old movie Wargames. Where when everything is manipulated so nobody wins, the only correct move to take is to Not Play. (tho really once the waters become less muddied and it becomes self-evident whos who, at that point both sides of the charade need to be held accountable for their silencing of the Actual people who called it out as well as for their usurping those peoples voices and the resulting karma that comes with Standing Upright.)

Guess we'll see how things shake out. The black sky event happened on the 16th, so now we'll see if its greenlit to target some region for the same to play out.


M - said...

Les Visible:

"go into estrus around Israel"

LOL!!! I love that. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Visible said...

Thank you. That's the plan... at all times... every minute waking and sleeping.

and the same to you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #5.

Does pack a little more punch than 'goin' on the rag', though I wonder how many who don't read this blog get it. Now for a bit off topic. Depopulation! Why be upset about it?

Ayuh, the systems that are will collapse. For the survivors, they might find they'll have to live a bit more like the Amish. More land, maybe barter instead of monetary economy. Relearning how to do stuff like grow crops, can, sew, cook your own damn food. No more productive individuals financing lazy parasites. One will have to become more self-sufficient.

No more factory farming, disgusting over-processed food, and noxious chemical fertilisers. Not gonna find 70% of the population in hollow point barrier mode, either. (Is that more politically correct than land whale? I'm a bit plump myself, though not in the Krispy Kreme model category. Gotta work on that.)

Probably be able to keep your doors unlocked again. Hopefully the survivors will also realise we're all the same species and not judge people by their genetic heritage. Hey! I'm the only honky-gringo-cracker (Technically 'honky-gringa-cracker'. All noses are chicks in the Spanish language, plumbing be damned.) where I work, and it's not a problem.

I'm too old for this world change, but when I was younger and still the macho bastard I was; I woulda gotten a kick out of it. I'd say it's all good. Being a slave to yourself beats being a slave to our stupid, stultifying gubment and other bottom feeders.

Anonymous said...

Islam was created as a reaction to the extreme violence and abuse of women that the idol worshippers were doing in Mecca at that time. Human sacrifice, abuse and rape of women, and so on. Why do you think so many women came to the Prophet for protection? That is why the Qu'ran speaks so strongly against idol worshippers.

Violence is required, sometimes, to protect women.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Doesn't Matter if You were Pure as The Driven Snow or... a Reprobate on The Outlaw Trail... Who Finally Saw The Light."

Anonymous said...

"It is a palpable reality in the one location, and something very hard to see in the other, BUT... nonetheless everything lives and dies... succeeds and fails... according to The Will of God. There is no wiggle room on that."

So, does this mean that there is no such thing as Free Will, Les? I mean... if everything we do is "the will of God", then it must be God controlling our every action through us. Wiggle my way out of that question for me. 😉

Visible said...

When Anonymous trolls me, the best thing to do is to refer the troll to the statement in Bold just below Leave your Comment. It is easy to explain any of that and I have done so here a thousand times I am sure. Your intention is not to learn anything but to be a nuisance, but I am not annoyed. I have a syntax-activated physiognomy that sees right through the insecurity, just as I did in your other comments at Mirrors earlier. Go away and play with yourself since no one else seems to want to.

You are not welcome here.

Joe said...

Les... sorry that you took offense to my query about the "free will" of man. I am NOT a troll. I read your opinions daily and appreciate your tolerant and wise outlook. I'm using my actual name here, Joe. When I wrote the comment yesterday, I just clicked on anonymous inadvertently.
If you don't have time to answer it, I understand. Repetition can be frustrating and time consuming. I guess I just don't understand the concept of God controlling everything that happens... and then the free-will of men at the same time. In my mind, they conflict. Logically, if this is the case, then we are all little pieces of God Himself. Maybe that's the point you make. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Visible said...

It is the way you presented it... coupled with a comment I had just gotten over at Mirrors only a short time before. This is why we need to pay more attention. I deceived myself about something, BUT... all the ducks were squawking a single tune. I am very sorry about that. Thank you for correcting the matter. I REALLY appreciate that. Ironically... I am just about to post a new Petri Dish that I HOPE will clarify some of your concerns, and I will give some thought and prayer to the right answer to give you... should The Divine inspire me in that regard.



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