Tuesday, May 14, 2024

"They are Duckwalking Anachronisms that can't Get Back through The Doorway They Claim to Have Emerged From."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to try to make an important point. It has to do with this ineffable being that goes by so many different names... in different religions... in different cultures... at different times. For a very... very... very long time... people have been arguing about what it is... this ineffable thing.

Religions have fought long and bloody wars over the letter of the law. People have been stoned... burned at the stake... tortured on awful medieval devices... banished... shunned... slandered; you name it... it's been done in the name of religion. Fuck Religion.

God is INDEFINABLE... and... INCOMPREHENSIBLE... and... here is only one reason why. God is like a clock with a moving hand; minute hand... second hand... hour hand... take your pick. It is any or all of them at certain times... depending on imminence... or the lack of any pressure to that effect.

Think of this clock as having demarcation lines... as many clocks and watches do. Sometimes the second hand sweeps, and sometimes it clicks or jumps from one line to the next. Now think of God as being The Sun in the sky, and certainly... in a certain manner... The Sun is most definitely God. Think of how The Sun seems to be moving across the sky... when actually... we are what is moving because the planet we are resident on is spinning, and the turning is what makes it look like The Sun is moving.

Imagine that there are demarcation lines in the sky, but... you can't see them. Every day... The Sun moves from one line on The Dial to the next... until it disappears over the horizon, BUT... it is still moving from one demarcation line to the next. So, The Sun is like a hand on a clock. It just goes round, and round, and round... or at least it appears to, and that is fine because EVERYTHING appears to be this or that and do this or that.

In fact... The Everything that appears to be this or that... that does this or that... is just another form or force that conceals the presence of God behind it... who makes everything out of itself, and is the power from which everything is accomplished. Yesterday, I linked an article from Back to Godhead that a reader had posted.

I think if you didn't read it yesterday, maybe you will read it today. It presents the same thing we are talking about here... from another demarcation line on that clock... or on The Sun's position in the sky.

Wherever The Sun is in the sky... the perspective is changed from where it was a moment ago. It is the same sun, but its place in the sky is not the same. Religions capture the passage of The Divine through a SPECIFIC series of demarcation lines... on the clock or on the sky... and declare that that... that right there... is the definitive explanation of God, AND NOTHING ELSE IS. Most cash register religions do this.

Religions... as they presently exist are a joke without humor... where the parishioners are the punch line. The atheists are right. The God that religions believe in, does... not... exist. That does not mean that God does not exist. Most atheists have a problem with Religion. Unfortunately for most atheists... they are not smart enough to make the leap between seeming appearance and actual essence.

In any case... all religions are screen captures of something in motion, and whose appearance is constantly changing because the perspective is constantly changing... because the clock and The Sun are always in motion or... appear to be in motion. So... the look of The Thing... is always in transformation. HOWEVER... The Thing Itself... is unchanging and it does not move.

These screen captures become antiquated. They are atavistic. They wear out and become irrelevant as everything with an appearance does. They are duckwalking anachronisms that can't get back through the doorway they claim to have emerged from. They are no different than an advertisement that claims features and assets about a product that it does not possess. What part of INDEFINABLE and INCOMPREHENSIBLE do people not get?

These are all cash register religions. They took a picture of something and the background... in the picture... kept moving but the foreground stood still (or maybe it was the other way around), so... over time... the image blurred. It went out of focus. It went out of phase. It no longer looked like what it was, and it was always a picture of something that was only the form... the temporary appearance... which concealed The Thing Itself, so... you were never able to see it in the first place; not even when the picture was taken.

That was a rough effort at describing the difficulties in describing what cannot be described. It was also blurred, out of focus, and... possibly... out of phase. I suppose all analogies and allegories are. Think about it; why would we need to have allegories and analogies in the first place?

Religion... just like war... is a racket. It's a money-making scam. I do believe that all those temples and cathedrals are amazing. Wow! Think of the spirit at work in their construction!!! The idea of it all is marvelous, BUT... SOMETHING HAS GOTTEN LOST IN THE TRANSLATION... over... time!

Someone tells someone something. That person goes and tells it to someone else, who tells it to someone else... who tells it to someone else. Pretty soon... what is being told bears very little resemblance to the original statement.

People live and die... often in miserable circumstances. Many people lose their way, and even more people never knew the way to begin with. They hope and they yearn for something better... something beyond this Vale of Tears. God... in his compassion... comes down from his Heaven of Light... personally, and gives hope where there was none; gives a roadmap to his house... hands out invitations... RSVP... sells the idea like no one in 2000 years has sold the idea, and... for a while... that works.

Then... in the passage of time... it all falls into disorder... for reasons already illustrated here from several angles... from several perspectives, and even in the time that has passed since they were written, and... the moment in which this is being written... the appearances have changed. The Hands on The Clock have moved. The Sun has moved. The perspective on The Thing... which cannot be clearly seen... since it is wearing a garment... that conceals a number of features beneath it; BUT... maybe there are no features beneath it?

I don't know.

The World has fallen into disorder. Anyone could see this clearly... if they were not already distracted by something else. Religions have fallen into disorder. They have become a travesty and a mockery of themselves.

9/11 was a big deal. It changed The World. It was orchestrated and carried out by The Synagogue of Satan. There were two following events... both of these were easily as impactful as 9/11, and both of them were also orchestrated and carried out by the same infernal agency. They were the legalizing and mainstreaming of gay marriage, and... the COVID Scamdemic.

That two people of the same sex could marry is not the issue. It is the relentless press of perversity that has followed in the wake of it. That certain depraved collectives got together to defraud The World under the pretense of a virus... that was no more than the seasonal cold and flu... is not the issue. There are scams aplenty that come and go with the seasons. It was The Killer Vaccines... that followed after the set-up that did the real harm. In both cases... it was what followed in the aftermath.

How did we get from The Sun crossing the sky, and the ticks of a clock... to international false flags and scamdemics? When a world teacher... and avatar comes to this plane... he not only sets everything back in order BUT... he is often the main player in an act of divine sacrifice who... by his passing... infuses the age with virtue and the lifeblood that sustains the following age. Eventually, and it always happens... the currency that sustained the age... the virtue... the lifeblood... runs out.

Another visitation is required... there is little juice remaining to run the great wheels of existence. There is very little oil left to lubricate their turnings. If nothing is done... the friction will cause a conflagration. This is how it all ends... further up the road... at the end of The World... when The Day of Brahma concludes... when only the most resistant lifeforms remain unchanged and unredeemed.

(Maybe that night... is actually the day... while God is sleeping and dreaming. When he wakes up to celebrate with the friends he made... while he was dreaming; maybe that is The Day of Brahma, and all other life forms are in a state of quiescence. It's something to think about.)

This is not that time, so... an infusion of virtue and grace is on the way, an investment of divine love and some variation on the blood of the lamb will be made, and all things will be renewed. This does not mean that the coming avatar will go the same way as so many other avatars have gone. There's more than one way to get the thing done.

Even now... as degenerate psychopaths plot the culling and enslavement of The World...

...the living light of God is descending down the planes into manifestation. He will come as he is... clothed in various degrees of concentrated light, and he will come also... into vehicles that have been prepared for his residence; each of them to a specific task.

Dutifully... the culture follows the degenerates to The (Bill) Gates of Hell... celebrating it all the way.

He will show up in the midst of these degenerates, and reveal them to themselves and each other, and then... they will see him too... in whatever dreadful form they have imagined him into... as the fruit of their works.

The hands of the clock move from line to line. The Sun moves across the sky... tick... tick... tick, and suddenly... nothing is what it seemed to be only a moment before; just... like... (snap!)... that. everything is changed.

End Transmission.......

Reynold A. Nicholson

Links are over at GAB=

Since I know a lot of people don't read the links, check out this OUTSTANDING nailing of one of the monsters of our times.

Thank you, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening!!!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The world has 'fallen' into disorder? I think it always was in disorder. A few cultures got the gist and lived right here and there, but they had a tendency to get destroyed, sometimes to the very last person.

This realm sucks the big one, but I and everybody else seems to have come here a gazillion times. What masochistic idiots we have been, and some still are. Some of us still wanna come back. I'm not one of them. As we know, I think this place is worth a final flush, and nothing more. The realm of slavery, perpetual obligation and inconvenience is nothing to celebrate in my book. And it took me a long time to come to that conclusion, though I haven't liked being here for a lot longer than that.

Nostrils to the sky!

robert said...

Another rich tapestry!

Had to interrupt to respond to this impression:

The World has fallen into disorder. Anyone could see this clearly... if they were not already distracted by something else. Religions have fallen into disorder. They have become a travesty and a mockery of themselves.

If we define the world as our human perception of it
As the manifestation of human dissonant delusion marring the perfection
As the out picturing of millennia of miscreation

"Fallen into disorder" passes as a valid summary

What if the world has always been falling into disorder, curling like a leaf under the magnifying glass of Divine Attention?
The result of a perfect vision passed down through multiple layers of density
or rather, from a greater density of light to ever more ephemeral dimensions of light
To the level where shadows can actually obscure light?

What if what has fallen is simply human consciousness
From a pure harmonious communion with the Source
Out of our minds into a wilderness of distracting imperatives?

We have learned the hard way to see the worst possible scenarios from our imagined creative dreaming

We are dreaming that we are awake in a nightmare
We are reinforcing the nightmare with every acceptance of the appearances of our errors

The fact that most of our errors are mindless imitations of deliberate opposition to Love's harmony
does not excuse us of our mishandling of our power to create reality out of something more real than our bodies

Underneath and above our human perspective, there is a perfect vision coming into manifestation
From our perception of time, it takes forever to show up in our lives

it comes to town like a freight train bearing good tidings for some and end of indulgence for others

Rapid development, like a Polaroid picture, raising hell above the high water to be washed off the stage of our limited awareness

Turns out, there was only ever perfection at play
An irresistible inevitability of plot and resolution
Retarded by those who chose to play the fools, the villains of stubborn selfishness

The miserable, bred for millennia to lie to themselves and all others, that they are the happiest of misers, tyrants and consumers of "good sex"

The empty vessels trying to fill themselves from other's life force
The know-it-alls, knowledgeable about all ways to control things the hard way

The stain of straining to express only hollow hearts has suffused our collective vision of this world

But the world stands immaculate, untouched by our disbelieving dissonance

We are the sun blocks , the block heads who see only what selfishness has whispered in our ears throughout lifetimes.

When we relax back from the fear of the moment we put in our face
We expand our minute focus out from our personal phantom pursuits
We feel the constant embrace of our inner sunshine
We step away from our repetitious recitation of our woes
We see with widening eyes that we are immersed in a dream of perfection

Becoming real in the moment we become real

0 said...

That was a pretty funny gates clip from twitter tho the video quality is so bad you can't see their mouth move properly when they speak. Hope its Real! cuz FUKEM.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Set Your Mind on Healing Rather than Joining The Injury-Making Sociopathy that is Driving The Culture at This Time."



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