Thursday, May 09, 2024

"Well, You See, A Time ALWAYS Comes... when The Terrestrial Runs Seriously Afoul of The Celestial, and... that Time is Now."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The sheep spend their whole life afraid of the wolves only to wind up being eaten by the shepherd. Once you understand this... the game changes, and you can understand politics.

Now there's a nice start to the day! Did you know that around 300 years ago, British royalty ate human flesh? It was a not uncommon trend among the aristocrats and the rich.

It was called corpse medicine. Of course, The Gutter-Slime Press is shrieking about cannibalism. I have no doubt that some amount of that was... and is... always going on, BUT it turns out that the article... as usual... is misleading.

This is yet one more indication of the protracted delusional state of the medical community. They used to bleed people who were already weak from some malady. They have this habit of being in the right ballpark about something, but completely wrong about the nature of the game being played there. Yes... the poisons are in the blood, BUT... that is not how you get them out.

Are you surprised that they march in lock-step... through one horrible practice after another... still? This same programmed blindness exists in Religion, which once tortured confessions out of people and then burned them at the stake. The Lie that developed over time... following these practices... was that they were being done to the people who were actually doing them. It is a lot like how the revisionists now portray Bolshevik Russia. However... ♫ Torquemad-oh was a Marrano ♫

The delusional strain runs through Politics. It runs through the educational system. It runs through everything... everywhere... that manages to get buildings constructed as evidence of legitimacy, BUT NOW! Now comes The Awakening... growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger.

Ms. America AND Ms. Teenage America both have abdicated from their positions. You don't get much more self-involved and empty-headed than these two. That whole industry produces role models of vain stupidity... as they take their place... on the conveyor belt... of Future Arm Candies of The Rich and Powerful. They deserve each other.

I wonder what the story is there? Eh? It seems to have to do with NDAs... non-disclosure agreements. What sort of story... do you suppose... they have to tell? Of course... it has to do with sex, and I do not doubt the heavy hand of The AshkeNAZI-weaponized movement in there.

It's a wonder that The Met (home of The Met Gala) does not yet have a wing for ♫ Pedophilia Memorabilia ♫ After all... they are a museum. They're already in the planning stages for this and have contracted with suppliers to provide them with vending machines that dispense the used underwear of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, and you don't want to know... for a discriminating clientele. They already have them in Japan... or did... sort of. Well... it's in The Media!

All sorts of curious deflections are appearing everywhere; these new antisemitism regulations... that have been spawned by the college demonstrations... for The Gazacide, and... the general elimination of The Palestinians... where it turns out the same people are financing both sides of the protests; ♫ gimme that old time controlled opposition ♫ Gee... what do you think is going on here?

It appears... to me... that The Same People are being caught out at what they have been caught out at for centuries... and several millennia past. How is it that they are being caught out when they have so much money and power that was acquired... over the years... through usury... blackmail, and threats? It is because of The Awakening. It is the ritual dance... the occasional dance... of Lady Awakening and her consort, Mr. Apocalypse.

I know that some amount of readers do not fancy anthropomorphisms and euphemistic allusions. They want more direct hardcore commentary... instead of Mr. Visible's elegant sidestepping, BUT... I am merely involved in a pas de trois with my friends, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. This is just my little ring-around-the-rosie. It's how we get The Truth out there, AND... continue to.

Time to bring The Divine into the equation. The Divine is deeply involved with all three of these dancers. That is where we get our dancing orders from. Most people... like the aforementioned from the various rigidified, and... stratified industries of... Church and State... The Medical Community... The Lying Media, and sundry... all get marching orders. My friends and I get dancing orders. We hear music. They hear only drums.

Well... you see... the time comes... the time ALWAYS comes when The Terrestrial has reached such a point that it goes seriously afoul of The Celestial. At that point... Heaven is set in motion. It is an automatic motion that occurs when certain parameters of behavior are breached. It is when The War on Heaven becomes 'a thing' on Earth. It precipitates the need for... steps to be taken; dancing steps. Something along the lines of a Tandava... perhaps? Maybe not an actual Tandava, but... something like a Tandava.

Heaven ALWAYS wins because Heaven is The Land of Light, and there are many heavens of ever greater densities and clarities of light... as it has to do with... consciousness. Everything here in manifestation... is crystallized light... light in extension... light that is frozen into form within the gravitational area of Time. Time exists in a number of the heavens, but it moves at a different rate of passage. Then there is that heaven where there is no time at all.

Somebody once said something about Heaven and Earth passing away, but that his word would not pass away. His word was a part of the timeless differentiations of the OM... that produced the worlds of form... that made it possible for him to say... before Abraham was I.

The Church is a lying... malevolent... blood-drinking monster that excluded all the important aspects of The Real Doctrine.

We live in a world of half-truths... or even more greatly diluted versions of truth, BUT... The World... being one of appearances... cannot by its nature... contain The Truth. There is a persistent, and natural antagonism there... that endures for great lengths of time. You have to go somewhere else for that. You have to visit The World Inside. That is the real world. The World external to you is a projection of The Mind. It feels real enough, said The Body talking music.

So... in fact... this war on Heaven is over before it even begins, BUT... The Show must go on. We are the characters acting out on God's TV screen... for his amusement, and as the recipients of his Love and his Wrath. Both of these are Love but they are received in a different fashion... depending on the mindset of the recipient.

The reason a war on Heaven even starts... at any time... is due to a perpetual plot construct that is always a part of the dynamics of Existence. It is a matter of righteousness and wickedness. The Divine is on both sides of this... because he is also The Devil as he appears to The Wicked. The members of that mindset... and in Times of Material Darkness there is a bumper crop of them... believe what they are told by The Father of Lies; that they will be protected... that they will triumph... that The World will be theirs, and that they will reign in Hell with their father.

Of course... many atheists do believe that there is no God. However... those who directly represent The Father of Lies... as his agents... know damned well that there is a God, and... they hate and fear him with all their might. This is where the great power of The Divine shines... in its compassion and forgiveness for those who know... not... what... they... do.

In any case... my friends... things are not what they seem. This is a manifested plane of blind idiots... groping themselves, and each other... in an orgy room of collective torments... in a world of personal darkness without light... where the soundtrack is composed of wailings, and the gnashing of teeth. They writhe and twist in the flames of unrequited desire... for so long as their objectives are carnal... they are on an endless loop.

So... we have reached a point in the narrative where the heat is on, and they know... many of them without actually knowing... that their time is up, and judgment awaits. They are scrambling to contain the veil of ignorance... the dream-sleep that imprisons the hearts and minds of ALMOST everyone else, BUT... The Awakening gets stronger and stronger, and stronger, and... there is nothing they can do. Their voodoo is no longer working like it did before.

You are seeing the appearances... that they are waving in front of... what is actually taking place behind the appearances, and the veil is moving from gossamer... to diaphanous... to transparently naked and afraid.

End Transmission.......

A reader sent me this link

This is some of the most powerful writing I have seen in many a day. I don't know this fellow, so I can't speak to the true integrity of his being, BUT... there is a great deal of indication as to some amount of it... to be found in his words.

I did not know much about Andrew Tate, so I was impressed with some of his statements. He seemed truthful, also... bloody but unbowed. This was before I found out that he was fantastically rich... that he owned an immense fleet of extremely expensive vanity-enhancing cars... made some of his money off of women doing things on webcams, and this and that and the other thing. He is incredibly full of himself, and... I suspect... one of God's projects for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Still... it's not my place to judge him. I don't know the whole story, BUT... read this article written by an ex-convict about Andrew Tate. The prose rings of street-cred and authenticity. That was my first take. I'll leave you to be the judge of what you read. If you feel inclined... leave him a comment telling him what you think. I believe he would appreciate it. He got right back to me.

Links appear at GAB.

Here is the rest of the chapter (Two Paths) from The Bhagavad Gita that I posted yesterday about The Wicked.

12 Bound on all sides by scheming and anxiety,
driven by anger and greed, they amass by any means they can
a hoard of money for the satisfaction of their cravings.

13 “I got this today,” they say;
“tomorrow I shall get that.
This wealth is mine, and that will be mine too.”

14 I have destroyed my enemies. I shall destroy others too!
Am I not like God? I enjoy what I want.
I am successful. I am powerful. I am happy.

15 I am rich and well-born. Who is equal to me?
I will perform sacrifices and give gifts, and rejoice in my own generosity.”
This is how they go on, deluded by ignorance.

16 Bound by their greed and entangled in a web of delusion,
whirled about by a fragmented mind,
they fall into a dark hell.

17 Self-important, obstinate, swept away by the pride of wealth,
they ostentatiously perform sacrifices
without any regard for their purpose.

18 Egotistical, violent, arrogant, lustful, angry,
envious of everyone, they abuse my presence
within their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

19 Life after life I cast those who are malicious, hateful,
cruel, and degraded
into the wombs of those with similar demonic natures.

20 Birth after birth they find themselves with demonic tendencies.
Degraded in this way, Arjuna,
they fail to reach me and fall lower still.

21 There are three gates to this self-destructive hell:
lust, anger, and greed.
Renounce these three.

22 Those who escape from these three gates of darkness, Arjuna,
seek what is best and attain life’s supreme goal.

23 Others disregard the teachings of the scriptures.
Driven by selfish desire, they miss the goal of life,
miss even happiness and success.

24 Therefore let the scriptures be your guide
in what to do and what not to do. Understand their teachings;
then act in accordance with them.


0 said...

"The sheep spend their whole life afraid of the wolves only to wind up being eaten by the shepherd. Once you understand this... the game changes, and you can understand politics."

I was saying something similar earlier this week.... and it still applies at the level of Nature and the iterations of forms she produces. All she produces she consumes. Its no wonder then that the parasitic predators keep being vomited back into forms until they have had all they can have of their desires thru taking and recognize no satiation from it. Usually they just get something else to distract from the dissappointment felt from the last thing they got that they thought would make them more than they are... tho no-thing can ever do that for oneself... except oneself.

If one wants to be consumed and integrated back into the All at time of departure, its best to be as aligned in phase with how the All works so as to be integrated into ever greater uses to the Alls own ends as opposed to ones own ends... Or at least thats my take.


Visible said...

" its best to be as aligned in phase with how the All works so as to be integrated into ever greater uses to the Alls own ends"

That is exactly so unless one goes some other way, and most do... for reasons known best to themselves. That's way too much work from my perspective... to contend with forces beyond my ken that only seek to carry me to the best of all possible outcomes in the first place; ah... duh. Selfishness... seen with any degree of clarity... is clinical insanity.

M - said...

Your commenting about Non-Disclosure Agreements made me think of this. What Gunn speaks of is an NDA which the first winner of Project Runway was asked to sign before he received his winnings.

BTW, Jay turned down the money and the mentorship, citing a contractual clause stipulating that the Project Runway production company (Weinstein connected) would own a 10% stake of all his professional ventures in perpetuity.

Tim Gunn reveals a Harvey Weinstein and Project Runway SHOCKER

0 said...

10%... funny how often that number comes up. Mormons give 10% as tithing and then more as fast offerings... to a church that has a 100 billion "extra tithing" hidden across multiple incorporated fronts. Why do they still make the congregation Pay for what they can fund off the interest of their 100 billion? cuz if they stopped, they'd lose control and expose the fraud of their claims that it was to help more people, rather than be invested and turn the church into just another corporation milking its congregation to obey the other corporations its in collusion with.

Religions are a shit show, they exist so the thinking individuals who are made to participate in such by their parents can find their way out of that GROUPTHINK and into be-coming. Its amazing how many take the parroted stories and call it a bargain and never try to understand how what it claims could be true or objective.

I imagine all the inbred have some sort of inter-pay agreements with those who stood them up on the level they're at. I imagine they thought they had critical mass before they kicked off the series of engineered events. Thankfully the All didn't have to imagine.

Chop Chop, time for the reaping...


0 said...

Oh... and Israel did 9/11.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The divine. Yesterday musta been totally divine intervention, in a paradoxical way. Need new glasses. Called optometrist on Tuesday, someone cancelled on Wednesday morn', so I got a next day appointment. I went down early because if I had waited close to appointment time I couldn't have gotten out of the driveway due to traffic and sidewalk cloggers since we're surrounded by schools. Car wouldn't start. Dead battery. Walked to my optometrist which is less than 3/4 miles away (And VERY good.), got there early, walked home, called my mechanic who I never need an appointment for, called tow truck who got there in under 15 minutes. Tow truck dude started my car and told me he'd follow me. Thank the gods, because the car died at a stop light and had to be restarted by him. My mechanic who's also my buddy had his driveway cleared for me, and took care of me the minute I got there. He also went to pick up the battery in person so I wouldn't have to wait hours for it to be delivered, calling up one of his on call employees to cover for him whilst he was gone, leaving me to guard the shop until the on call dude got there. What was more amazing is that due to a price drop, I was inspired to buy my 1/2 and 1/2 on Tuesday at Grocery Outlet so I didn't have to go to Trader Joe's on Wednesday. Also, thank the gods I don't work Wednesday unless it's a holiday. It was a HELL of an expensive day, but hey! If it had happened on a work day, it would have been a disaster.

Amazing how the lighter gods can still favour a bastich like I.

Gods, me thinks people are masochistic idiots for keeping the human race continuing in this vile realm. I think if they knew the truth they might have a vested interest in going extinct. I have a feeling the planet herself might like that, considering all the damage we've done. I can't help but feel the epitome of contempt for this effluvia vat.

Nostrils to the sky, namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

Anonymous said...

ooo so funny!!!

Letgoist said...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Harmony Struggles Like a Dutiful Schoolboy Going to Class... While Bottles and Rocks Bounce Off of His Head."

Pod said...

I sent your comment "Well... you see... the time comes... the time ALWAYS comes when The Terrestrial has reached such a point that it goes seriously afoul of The Celestial. At that point... Heaven is set in motion. It is an automatic motion that occurs when certain parameters of behavior are breached."

to a friend this morning because it struck me as so very apt. She loved it.

Tonight here in Dumfries, Scotland we are having the most incredible light show as the Aurora from the solar flares bathes us in light.

Heaven has truly been set in motion.

Thank you for your wonderful word craft.



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