Wednesday, May 22, 2024

"There's Only One Source of Power in The Entire Universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone Works for Him."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was talking about a slow-walking tsunami yesterday. The kind of thing that you see way off in the distance. It's taking forever to get where you are... so... you kinda forget it's there. Every now and then... you look up and you see it's gotten incrementally closer, BUT... it's still way off on the far horizon. You've learned to live with it. Maybe it won't ever show up.

Maybe The Earth is flat and the tsunami is on another planetary body, like The Sun... which any card-carrying retard will tell you is only 30 kilometers away... off in the land where pigs fly and politicians don't lie, and Drano's a good chaser... for a double shot of Monsanto... straight up. If you want to order that in a bar, you ask for a Last Roundup; “I'll have a Last Roundup and one for the little lady at the end down there”

Okay... maybe I got a little sidetracked there. This is Origami, not Petri Dish, and the good news is that the tsunami is only marginally closer. I'm not sure what marginal means here, but I suspect it's no real distance. That's the good news. The bad news is that the tsunami is an optical illusion, and it could close whatever the apparent distance is in a heartbeat. I could even say it's all in your mind, and... I'd be right. It is all in your mind, and so is everything else. Really.

The tsunami is in your mind too. The tsunami is the total aggregate of all the nasty stuff that The Deep State, and their agents... have been getting up to since they started getting up to it. The Deep State is the enforcement arm of His Satanic Majesty who... happens to work for His Celestial Majesty, but... most people are unaware of this relationship, and their being clueless about this long-standing dynamic is a big part of what messes their lives up.

There's only one source of power in the entire universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone works for him... whether they know it or not, and... the illusion that there is a supreme good guy who is opposed by a supreme bad guy... is a big steaming load of horseshit. The truth is that the entire drama of life... exists for no other purpose... than as entertainment for His Celestial Majesty. The seeming duality... is for him to get the chance... to see what you are going to do... in the mix. Will you go looking for him or... will you handle life on your own?

That's how it goes down for everyone... one way or another. Every life you see... every life you occupy... is measured in terms of one's compliance with The Life Power or one's resistance to The Life Power.

It seems that just about no one can get their heads around The Fact that this whole production... let's call it Existence... is simply an entertainment platform for The Main Player... who shows up in all kinds of people and never lets them know he's there, but usually it is to demonstrate excellence at something. He's having fun. He wants you to have fun too. He especially wants you to have fun with Him/Her. We see The Divine through the lens of our own being, though... in essence... He/She is neither. That's why I call him (grin) The Ineffable.

God wants to hang out with you more than anything. At least this is what he tells me. He knows it might take a long time to convince some of you, BUT... he's got forever. He's like the kid who doesn't get picked when they are choosing sides for a game. He's the odd man out because he's never actually in; not the same way that everyone else is. He's The Invisible Friend that so many children have. That relationship seldom survives into adulthood. I thank... with great gratitude... whoever it was... that that... did not go away from me.

The relationship has to mean more than anything else... or it doesn't work. Most of the time... The Divine sets up a protracted length of hard highway for those he wants to hang out with so that they will see the value of this relationship. At least that's how it went for me. Now it's smooth skating like a moonbeam gliding over a frozen lake.

Saying something like that is usually followed by the speaker tapping his knuckles on a table and saying, “Knock on wood.” I don't do that. I don't have to. I don't believe in luck... or coincidence... or happenstance. I believe in flexible fate. Usually... fate is hardwired if you are. If you are taking it light; who knows?

Three Israelis walk into a gay zombie bar, and one of them says to the other two; “I feel like I've been here before.” The guy next to him says, “Anytime now.” Don't get it? It's a Zen thing. It's like wearing Chinese handcuffs in your mind. You're actually a closed circuit that way. When the handcuffs are removed the circuit is broken. We all live in the mindset we have convinced ourselves of. Sooner or later it plays out according to the images you keep producing in your mind.

Most people are handcuffed in their minds and don't even know it. They are trapped in a simulated reality that bears no resemblance to reality. It's the thinking that does it because... as The Man said some time ago... you think and so you are. That is why all the big operations that want to rule The World first set about ruling the way you think. The very first time I took LSD, it all appeared crystal clear to me, and I was set free... for a while anyway. You get sent back until you've been worn thin with suffering and made clean in the fire of God's Love.

What if you paid no mind to anything passing through your mind... realizing that that is just how one performs the yoga of detachment? Instead... you send out a homing signal like The Om. Sooner or later someone shows up and says, “You rang?” From that point on... it's a fait accompli if... if you can resist the compelling desire to interfere; you know... like for some inexplicable reason... you became possessed by the delusion that you know what's going on. That is the state of The World at any time.

Of course... most people don't have someone showing up and saying; “you rang?” If you don't get proactive... someone... or something... will get proactive for you. Stand on the corner in certain neighborhoods and someone will ask you... probably sooner rather than later... what you are doing there. It's THE SAME THING inside your mind... if you hang around in a certain location there.

Think of your mind as being like a crowded bar... department store... national park, and... you announce that it's closing time. It's your bar or whatever, so... You can do this. You tell the bouncer to clear the room. The bouncer is The Will. Once the room is empty... you sit and wait.

You can't defeat Evil except in yourself. Then it won't come around you anyway. You can't overcome The World, but you can overcome yourself. The whole point of being here is self-mastery so that you can share that state with others. Otherwise... there is everything else Out There, AND... you are welcome to it. You are either liberating people or you are binding them.

We are all searching in The World for completion. There is someone else out there who is going to complete us. This is what we think... because this is what we are told, but there is no one out there. That completion is within you... between your soul and The Originator. I see everyone I encounter as my significant other for that moment of exchange. We are all making love to everyone we meet, but most of the time we are doing it badly... and when The Desire Body gets involved... yikes! ♫ I put a spell on you ♫

We are mirrors. The mirror is dirty and casts a distorted image OR it is clean. In Times of Material Darkness... most mirrors are cloudy, except in children, and THEY are seeing to that too. Don't worry about it... everything is under control.

So what do you do? What do you do in a world where there is a seeming war between good and evil? You recognize that no such dynamic exists. If you're not pinging off of it, it won't be pinging off of you, and... for blocking no one's way... no one blames him. Liberate others without making a point of it. Do it without seeming to be doing it. You simply see them as being free, AND... that sets the process in motion.

Once you have attained to lasting freedom by mastering the force of wanting... you get a magic wand that you can tap people with. It's magic cause it does what it's supposed to do, and because no one can see it. It's not that kind of wand; it's channeled sexual energy raised to a higher level of application. It is no longer violating others. It is healing them without having to announce the fact OR engage in tedious rituals because ALL healing comes from The Divine.

All praise and glory goes to The Divine because The Divine accomplishes everything. We are given the illusion of free will... so that we can choose to serve Heaven or our own appetites. That's all there is to free will. If you are not in the service of The Authority Within, you will be under the rule of The Authority Without.

You are just so sure that He or She... Out There... is The One! I will admit there are some beautiful moments, BUT... all of that is part of God's game of Hide and Seek. What you are really looking for is within you, and has been there all the time. Once you find it... The World loses all its charm. It loses its hold over you. The spell is broken. Your suffering is at an end, except for your sharing in and commiserating with the sorrow of all, just as you share in the joy of all.

It's not for everyone. Certainly, it is not for everyone right now, and it's an acquired taste anyway. Like Paul said... and I am no fan of Paul; “I wish all men were like me, But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.” He forgets that The World must go on so that the opportunity to discover this is always there. Jesus knew what he was talking about. I can't say that for many of the rest of them since.

My queen is The Kundalini... My awakened soul... on its way to The Bridegroom waiting in the chamber of eternity. I am complete within myself, but it is still a progression, nonetheless.

Brilliant as dawn everlasting
on the day that never ends
radiant as the spinning songs of angels
where mortals dare not tread

warm as the glow of a mother's love
enfolding the child's life
in the land of The Great Companions;
the midwives of immortality
in the time of the walking dead

we hold this truth self-evident
if you can see yourself instead

of the ruin that surrounds you
of a world fallen in decay
twas ever the way of things
in the penitentiary of the mind

The mind renewed is a thing beyond
that place where the cities end
It's the jewel in the night where Buddha sits
and watches the shadows play.

On the silken road to Samarkand
to the fires of Karakum sands
past the bloodstained lands of the dancing Khans
to a time before iron and steel

in the bowers of the lady
who spins the loom
and the tapestry falls
from the eyes of the moon

that weaver of spells
that deep well of shapes
that bottomless sleep
where no dreamer escapes

The Divine knows the way
that everything went
He waits on the road of return

Time is the sentence that measures your stay
Time is the wheel and the water
Eternity beckons in endless recline
they reach but no one has caught her

The whole is a gift
and the part is a lie
you must bow your head or
it goes right on by

the pyramids sleep as the touchstones of time
they are found everywhere
like the points of a star
we are lost in a dream
we don't know who we are.

End Transmission.......

new broadcast with James Jancik and myself just went up

From Chapter 3 of The Bhagavad Gita (Selfless Service)


O Krishna, you have said that knowledge is greater than action;
why then do you ask me to wage this terrible war?
Your advice seems inconsistent.
Give me one path to follow to the supreme good.


At the beginning of time, I declared two paths for the pure heart:
jnana yoga, the contemplative path of spiritual wisdom,
and karma yoga, the active path of selfless service.

One who shirks action does not attain freedom;
no one can gain perfection by abstaining from work.
Indeed, there is no one who rests for even an instant;
all creatures are driven to action by their own nature.

Those who abstain from action while allowing the mind to dwell
on sensual pleasure cannot be called sincere spiritual aspirants.
But they excel who control their senses through the mind,
using them for selfless service.

Fulfill all your duties; action is better than inaction.
Even to maintain your body, Arjuna, you are obliged to act.
Selfish action imprisons the world.
Act selflessly, without any thought of personal profit.

At the beginning, mankind and the
obligation of selfless service were created together.
Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful
and find the fulfillment of your desire:
this is the promise of the Creator.

Honor and cherish the devas as they honor and cherish you;
through this honor and love you will attain the supreme good.
All human desires are fulfilled by the devas,
who are pleased by selfless service.
But anyone who enjoys the things given by the devas
without offering selfless acts in return is a thief.

The spiritually minded, who eat in the spirit of service,
are freed from all their sins;
but the selfish, who prepare food for their own satisfaction, eat sin.
Living creatures are nourished by food, and food is nourished by rain;
rain itself is the water of life, which comes from selfless worship and service.

Every selfless act, Arjuna, is born from Brahman, the eternal, infinite Godhead.
Brahman is present in every act of service.
All life turns on this law, O Arjuna.
Those who violate it, indulging the senses for their own pleasure and ignoring the needs of others, have wasted their life.

But those who realize the Self are always satisfied.
Having found the source of joy and fulfillment,
they no longer seek happiness from the external world.
They have nothing to gain or lose by any action;
neither people nor things can affect their security.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Freedom. Ayuh, freedom from want. It's kinda liberating to only want this garbage in the cesspit of this planet to be over. Better than wanting anything and everything else. There's also the freedom of no obligations. Of course I'm not there, but I have very few obligations compared to the majority. Everyone you are close to is an obligation. So is a job, bills, gubment extortion fees, and I do my best to keep the latter to a minimum. I wouldn't buy a new car if I won PCH, but I'd ask my knight in shining armour mechanic if he could do an engine transplant with something that gets better than 22 MPG. Come to think of it, I keep the whole list to a minimum. My circle of allies is small, my car registration is as cheap as you can get, my bills are minimal since I don't have superfluous crap like a telly, cell phone, credit cards, and whatever else I don't absolutely NEED, and though I have the option of working full time, I DON'T, since the way my part time job is takes care of my expenses. I like my discretionary time more than money I don't need, not to mention I like to keep my tax base low so I can be more of a gubment liability rather than a gubment asset. Being a minimalist of isolationistic tendencies rocks in so many ways. It's a rather low stress life, statistically. I don't see why more don't do it.

Oh yeah! Programming. Oh well. Not my problem. In some ways it's actually a boon to me, but I don't think I'll talk about that.

A mother's love? Hmm. How many sprog are unwanted and mistreated, or killed? Mine was a psycho bitch, and I think the term is a bit over-rated. Why else are so many societies so messed up? Also, those who breed deliberately, in so many cultures it's for pragmatic reasons. Economics. Future 401K slave, or free help on the farm. Maternal love does exist, but in how many? My psychic twin got throttled once by her 'incubator' as a young teen. I never asked for the details on how she. . .uh, 'it' (Fellow nose.) won that battle, but. . .

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Arjuna and Krishna explaining our lives and
deeply beautiful original poetry shining upon our pathways;
Thank you Vis! It's been a rough few days for me with the sudden deaths of two friends.
I so appreciate you letting the Lord of the Universes come through.
I am going to keep sounding that homing signal till He comes.

AL said...

"His Satanic Majesty who... happens to work for His Celestial Majesty, but... most people are unaware of this relationship, and their being clueless about this long-standing dynamic is a big part of what messes their lives up."

Ahhhh duality at it's finest and so many get stuck there. My take and we all have one don't we, is that my Father does not have me here for his amusement although I'm sure he laughs at my shortbus ass quite often. The words "in his likeness and image" "his children" comes into focus for me because we are in fact going to have to run our own universes one day and that takes a fair bit of experience and schooling. My Father seems to have expansion in mind and lots of it so someone is going to have to run all those new universes and why not his children ascending higher and higher until they can actually handle that.

Aim higher all yea of me and don't get stuck in this classroom for there are never ending more awaiting those who graduate duality school.

Visible said...

Yes... that is also true, and well put. I was referring to the classic explanation of The Eastern Tradition that says Existence is God's Lila. He created it to have a place to play in. He was lonely (In a matter of speaking) and wanted playmates. He wanted to discover himself in his creation. Of course, there's more. There's always more. That certain details are left out (it is impossible for them not to be) does not mean they are excluded. (grin)

AL said...

Oh I wasn't questioning or judging you Les, I'm not into that and hopefully was just adding to it from this little dot of creation. I get a kick out of people that pass the judgement of anyone even remotely interested in bettering themselves through getting closer to our Mother Father God and Yeshi.

Visible said...

Not at all. That never entered my mind. This is the problem I run into consistently where I intend one thing and it presents as another. I never for a moment thought you were doing that. I was simply clarifying. When I am put off. I never put (grin) to imply a shared humor when I meant otherwise. That's Clint's job. He's the one that likes to smile through his teeth.

Asil said...

The poems you write light my soul. I am speechless. I know God and God’s Angels live with you. I am grateful - thank you.

Iyou said...

Every root. branch. twig. leaf. flower and fruit of the gigantic tree emanated from is influenced and nourished by the tiniest seed..

The one called God. is a zero point of conscious light. his name is Shiva .

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It's the STD-Ridden Glamour Groupies who Fellate The Auto Tune Rappers from The Basilica of Howling Incoherence."

Tutudid said...

Perhaps you will find this interesting vis, at least the intro:

Tutudid said...

Great concert visible:



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