Monday, May 27, 2024

"It Happens When One Has Been... Fundamentally Shaken to The Core... by The Inescapable Truth of... I Don't Know."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There is a longstanding tradition of insanity that attends one's mind being fixed on sacred cows. One such sacred cow is this intelligence agency creation of The Flat Earth Theory. Recently, a fellow who had... previously... been giving the impression of being relatively sane... went off the hook... due to my repudiation of The Flat Earth Perspective.

He began to insist that he never said The Earth was flat. It was the water that was flat. Now I am a little confused about the geometry... that would allow for flat water... on a round Earth. I have considered this... for about a New York Minute, and I have a suggestion for anyone... at any future time... who believes the oceans are flat, and I should add that soda... beer, and various similar liquids all go flat if you leave them out, and... whaddya gonna do about that? Someone left the ocean out a long time ago; no wonder it's flat.

Okay. Are you ready? Do you have a sharpened pencil? Do not sharpen your pen if you are using a pen. I know some people have done this in the past with... uh... mixed results? Do you have a blank sheet of paper on your desk in front of you? Good. Good.

Okay! You're not going to need the pencil... or the pen... or the blank sheet of paper. You are going to need your desktop; an actual desktop, not a virtual desktop. This is important. You are going to need an eyedropper or a turkey baster; something that sucks up water, and then will deposit a drop of water... AKA, a bead of water; why would they call it a bead of water? Now that I think about it, I seem to remember people referring to a process that involved water forming in beads. No! I cannot remember who those people were.

Now right here... at this point in the demonstration that has not happened yet... I want you to consider the term, bead of water. Have you done this? Some of you might want to take the afternoon off at this point and come back later on.

The rest of you... who... so far... have not needed to take the afternoon off, I would like you to take your eyedropper... or your turkey baster, and get some water into it. You're going to be on your own with this. If you are having any serious, and... seemingly insurmountable difficulty... getting the water into the eyedropper or turkey baster... you're going to want to take the afternoon off too, and come back later.

Okay. Some amount of the participants should have some water in their eyedropper or turkey baster at this point. Point your unit (eyedropper or turkey baster) near (NOT ON!) the edge of the desktop and squeeze out one bead... or drop of water; either of these will be okay.

Now you can put your unit away. With me so far? Is the drop (or bead) of water on the desktop near the edge? Okay then!!! Now... I am asking you to crouch down... until you are at eye level... with the drop (or bead) of water. What do you see? What does this drop (or bead) of water look like to you?

Now... it could be that some of you have trouble viewing a drop of water. I suggest you get a magnifying glass... or a microscope and a glass slide... or even a set of binoculars; whatever it is that you need to see this drop (or bead) of water. Have you made the necessary adjustments... if any adjustments were needed? Now tell me; what does that drop (or bead) of water look like? It's rounded... isn't it? It's curved... isn't it? Isn't it? That's why the term bead is used... isn't it?

What do you think this means? Does it mean anything that the drop (or bead) of water is rounded... curved? Does it? Isn't the ocean simply one gigantic bead of water? If you prefer... you can think of it as an aggregate of many beads of water, BUT... wouldn't the same conditions that apply to a bead of water... also apply to an ocean full of beads of water; or drops... drops also... because drops are curved... and rounded... as well? Aren't they?

Moving right along... let us now consider linear thinking... as it is applied to the construct of a Divine Being. Is that even possible? Also... why would there be Physics and Metaphysics? What does that imply; that there is Physics and Meta-Physics?

Okay... so it seems clear to me... without having to go into all the tedious explications about God existent vs God non-existent, and how linear... rational... logical... thought cannot be applied to any useful or workable consideration of a Divine Being. A Divine Being exists beyond the reach of any tool... ever created... at any time... to measure it. Somewhere... inside the decomposing body of a dead guy... in a brain now reduced back to the original elements it was built up out of... there are... no doubt... still some number of angels dancing on the head of a pin. We still don't know how many.

Why do you think... at various times in history... people have tortured... raped... plundered and murdered men... women... and children, based on their literal interpretations of religious scriptures? It's a simple answer... really. These cinderblock heads... these literalists... these deranged Cromwells... were driven into a psychopathic frenzy... like mad dogs frothing at the mouth... over the fact that an irrational construct cannot be fitted into a rational template. It can't be done.

They could not make sense out of The Spirit of The Law, and... were left with only The Letter of The Law, and so... people in large numbers... died... in ever more ingenious and horrible ways. The worst offenders were the practitioners of Talmudic Judaism... who have been dedicated... through the entirety of their existence... to the enslavement and elimination of all other peoples and have also entered into and corrupted every other religion as well. This is prima facie truth... hiding in plain sight... for ANY courageous soul to see.

Even now... they are waist-deep in the genocidal bloodshed of... yet another... entire race of people... whose land they have stolen. How could any sane or humane person countenance this behavior? Yet... most of the leaders of the various national governments do so... no matter how terrible the carnage gets... no matter how vile the crimes that are committed; God... have... mercy... upon... their... souls... should any of them actually possess a soul... despite all evidence to the contrary. Here is a conversation between the Reverend Billy Graham and Richard Nixon some decades ago.

Now... I suppose there is a... not insignificant number of people... Out There... who... because of their hopes for gain... their dreams of personal advancement... their fear of loss... their hungers and appetites... their irrational mindsets... believe whatever they are told, and even if they do not believe it... profess to believe it, and will defend to the death... of anyone who gets in their way... their inalienable right to pretend to believe anything... that serves their appetites and ambitions... no matter how absurd or indefensible it may be.

This is The Mob, and these are The Tools... of The Monsters... who sway The Mob... when needs be. Without The Mob, and the paid footpads and leg-breakers... without the clowns playing dress-up in uniforms... that signify the temporal power to act on command... The Monsters could not do what they do. They need the ignorant armies of darkness... to serve their interests... wherever their interests may lie.

It is very clear to me... what is, and... what is not... because... I do not use reason or logic to understand existence. I do not have filters or magic glasses on my eyes... that show me The World... the way I want to see it. I use The Eyes of Higher Love... that allows me to see The World... the way it could be, and the way I am certain it will be... if I only... never cease to see it... the way I know it can be.

How am I able to do this? It is a very simple thing. Any fool could accomplish it. I simply do not see The World in personal terms; from a personal perspective. I step aside and allow The Silent Witness to see The World through me. I die in every moment... I die daily... so that the timeless self... can see without the hindrance of my personal interjections. One simply stills The Reactive Mind, and one accomplishes this... at the time... that one has reached the state of knowing... that one does not know. When one has... by the grace of God... been duly informed of the certainty that they do not know... everything else follows easily afterward.

It happens when one has been... fundamentally shaken to the core... by the inescapable truth that one does not know. This is that place... where the regeneration of the child-like nature... occurs. This is the initiation zone of regenerated innocence. It is knowing... that cost The Knowers... (who have eaten from the tree of... The Knowledge... of good and evil) their innocence.

It causes The World to divide into opposites... so that one thinks they know things because they have labeled them. For most people... most things are already labeled, and they just go along with the program. Eating from The Tree of Knowledge divides The World into male and female, and reveals the sense of nakedness... that then ignites the desire body... toward physical union... which is nothing more than a material metaphor... for a higher union... that is realized when The Mind is renewed. Behold! All things are made new.

Eating from that tree is how Death entered The World. The Avatar came to set the narrative straight again, and in what seemed like no time at all... it vanished into confusion... so that The World might prosper in corruption... through deception, and so on... and so on. Now The Avatar will come again, and set The Narrative straight again, and... Time will tell and we shall see... or not.

End Transmission.......

A new broadcast with James Jancik and myself
just went up on his Feet To The Fire network.

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Beginning excerpt from Chapter 4 from The Bhagavad Gita;

Wisdom in Action


I told this eternal secret to Vivasvan. Vivasvan taught Manu, and Manu taught Ishwara. Thus, Arjuna, eminent sages received knowledge of yoga in a continuous tradition. But through time the practice of yoga was lost in the world.

The secret of these teachings is profound. I have explained them to you today because you are my friend and devotee.


You were born much after Vivasvan; he lived very long ago. Why do you say that you taught this yoga in the beginning?


You and I have passed through many births, Arjuna.
You have forgotten, but I remember them all.

My true being is unborn and changeless. I am the Lord who dwells in every creature. Through the power of my own maya, I manifest myself in a finite form.

Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten,
I manifest myself on earth.
I am born in every age to protect the good,
to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma.

Those who know me as their own divine Self break through the belief that they are the body and are not reborn as separate creatures. Such a one, Arjuna, is united with me. Delivered from selfish attachment, fear, and anger, filled with me, surrendering themselves to me, purified in the fire of my being, many have reached the state of unity in me.

As they approach me, so I receive them.
All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.

And a song about dreaming and reflections=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression all wars boil down to economics. Those with the superior weapons steal all from those who can't defend themselves too much and massacre everyone after dehumanising them. This reminds me of the destruction of the First Nations all over again, and that travesty of the Albigensian Crusade, and the absolute and total destruction of the Tasmanian natives, and makes me think to Heart of Darkness by Joe Conrad. (Read that book 3 times, may read it again if ever I have the stomach for it in the future.) Same ol', same ol'.

Oh well. Have nothing vested in this place, can't stand it really, so what ever. At least I know I'm just passing through, I'm happy to be at the evening twilight of my existence, and good riddance to this garbage heap when I finally get parole from my self-imposed (reality defying) sentence of life.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom. In times of chaos one needs to walk away from the reactive mind that "knows". Your daily p0sts help one stay on task.

AL said...

Good stuff Les and I enjoyed hearing and seeing you speak for the first time ever. I have been reading your written word for I forget how many years but never knew you had audio or video presentations out. Must be akin to the old days when people only had the written word and finally one day met.

Also Feet to The Fire Radio is now a new avenue of the good stuff for me. You know the real good stuff, not the cut and filled crap they sell on the corner. It's funny how that terminology parallels my old way of living many moons ago.

I suppose our Lord has deemed it time for me to see anew in a few more ways.

Much Love Brutha

M - said...

I very much enjoyed the interview. I realize that I've been pronouncing "Les Visible" all wrong. I've been translating it en français...

Blessed Be on this beautiful day.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Director Cries, “Action!” and Endless Ranks of Torches... Wind Around The Mountain... to Castle Frankenstein."

Eauderay said...

Same the awakening has accentuated and now everything seems like a never ending bickering the fabric of this society... until my thoughts takes me deeper, and gently put my feet into someone else's shoes and the ah! moment like i understand now!
One of those ah! moment was that I at last comprehended why some religions wanted their woman veiled, it showed me the earth, the fertile soil, both female in essences are at their best when they are shaded, they co operate with nature so she flourish, and covers their banks and soil with plants and so shade herself, never naked really...It showed me in my mind eyes it was not because of certain Brahman hatred of woman but because of their own understanding of nature and transferred it to their own woman...
Like they say the road to hell is paved with great intentions...but now I am not sure of anything but one, that nothing is as it seems...Sorry for bad spellings and grammar....



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