Monday, July 27, 2015

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is.

Big change is in the wind both collectively and individually. To get some idea of the shape it is going to take on the pedestrian level, imagine the French Revolution and the extreme decadence of the ruling class, juxtaposed by the ever worsening state of the ever growing peasant class. There is a great deal of similarity with what was then and what is now. The level of indifference and disconnect on the part of the ruling class is truly impressive. In many cases they could care less but they will care. They will care. These massive cultural changes seem to come out of nowhere but that is never the case. They seem to come out of nowhere because most people aren't paying any attention to anything besides the allurements of self interest. It renders one totally subjective and only an objective mind can see things ahead of time. The less you can see, the more it is capable of acting on you. The more you can see, the greater your ability to identify and evade what is not in your best interest.

Speaking of seeing things ahead of time; those caught in the thrall of magnetized materialism are capable of calculation and seeing ahead but only in terms of what they are engaged in and seldom in terms of the moral implications of what they do or the consequences that attend their actions. There is something about the atmosphere of ubiquitous corruption that grants an impression of immunity from the usual karmic syndrome. Witness the bankers and their vast crimes and zero retribution for any of them. For those who have reached a certain level of influence and cozy interplay with authority, there's a sense of succor and protective armor. It's fascinating to watch.

Many a time I have sat in reflection, thinking upon all those things that might occur to one when they study the spectacle of a culture in free fall and it's not simply a localized phenomena in these times. It's everywhere. I've asked myself, "what can I do?" The response I have gotten is that it is not in my hands but it will be taken care of. It is definitely going to be taken care of.

People hear the term, 'avatar' and they have some personalized idea of what that means. In just about every case, I would have to say that their view of the subject is not comprehensive. Yes, the avatar comes to awaken sleeping humanity. Yes, the avatar is a direct physical manifestation of the ineffable and invested with all the powers of the same. There's more though. Every avatar is a unique expression of the one. Sometimes an expression comes as the highest expression of Love in terms of sacrifice, like Jesus Christ, or Krishna. Sometimes it comes as a teaching instrument for the entire age. Sometimes it is both and sometimes it is even more. Sometimes it comes to adjust the scales of justice and to give guidelines for living to the faithful in times of chaos. Yes, sometimes the avatar is a punisher and so it is in this time, along with considerable else.

The avatar never comes in alone. Many people, designed to play various roles, also come along. Some come to prepare the way and some come to be present in the presence. Some mop up, so to speak. As the avatar moves from station to station in the process of becoming the avatar, over the course of long time, he makes relationships which act out in archetypal fashion during his passage through this plane.

In the past, the populations were considerably smaller. Today there are billions of us on an endangered planet. There is a reason that so many souls are here at this time and on the cosmic level that is because of the opportunity for a quantum leap in being. That quantum leap can only be achieved by the indwelling presence of the avatar. Most of the people here have no recollection of why they came or the fantastic opportunity that awaits any and every soul who seeks to provide a hosting space for the one who is coming; the one who is already here.

Into the swirling chaos comes the harmonizer and dispenser of blessings and judgments. He sets it all in order for the age to come. Out of the mystery of his being comes the divine blueprint. It's just a movie. It is always a movie, followed by a movie, preceded by a movie... one reel after another. Seemingly without exception, the plot gets lost all too soon and it becomes a parody upon itself. The Catholic Church is a good example; a gaggle of exceedingly vain and perverse men dressed up in Halloween costumes, making signs and chanting nonsense. Surely there is verity somewhere and surely one or two are sincere and capable. You can find them out on the margins or living somewhere near Marooned, Idaho.

I find myself paying a terrible price being here. No matter how sincere, devoted and determined I may be or attempt to be, unfortunate events conspire in the wings and strange outbreaks, of some form of delusional virus manifest in and out of my person. Those are the real faith killers. It seems at times that one of the most choreographed routines is an unceasing effort to make us hate ourselves. I can only comfort myself with the thought that things are not what they seem, nor am I either, nor are you. I have never felt so much like a displaced person as I have these last couple of years and certainly into the present. I've no idea where I am supposed to be, I hang in mid stride seeking some kind of interactive dynamic and there is nothing but the waiting for whatever it is that is coming or already here.

I'm guessing it's like that everywhere. When everything becomes unfamiliar, what was formerly familiar is pretty much all that's left. I remember the sense of community. I remember the dependable reality of the day to day; the anticipation of things to come. I remember that I was only tangentially part of any of it (grin). One would think that as unpredictable and strange as my life has been that I would be among the most comfortable amidst the unpredictable and strange. I think my time in Europe made me complacent in ways I wish had not happened. It's rough when the only stability one has ever known comes so much later on and then vanishes like tendrils of mist under a heretofore unknown sun.

It's said that one is right where they are supposed to be. What this should mean, I am guessing, is that regardless of how one feels about it, accommodating that understanding should be job one. It stands to reason that it doesn't matter where you are when the avatar comes. It matters who you are. The avatar exists at a certain level and then radiates down and out to every other level. The level he is at is so fine that it easily interpenetrates every other level. That level is also much more enduring and far less subject to change, unlike the level we think we are existing at. Once again it comes back to what we think because as we think so are we. This seldom involves the pristine fluidity of a timeless center in a radiating bliss. It more often involves our reaction to things that happen to us and around us. This is the relative dance of our being; the meaning we give to the things that happen and the emotion we experience in relation to them. How we are affected sets the tone for how we are. You can find this defined and argued endlessly through scriptures and philosophical discourses.

I find myself in a challenging state at the moment. I have a problem that can only be effectively handled in Europe and I am not there, nor am I in a position just to fly in for the time needed and then return again. It seems I must handle it here but the ability to do it requires a near miracle. I can run around in search of a solution or I can let the solution come to me if my faith is great enough. My instinct is to go with what I have been repeatedly told to do and that is to just be in the presence and all that is necessary will follow. You can know this and not know it.

My thoughts return over and over to; faith certitude and determination. Masters of the art can near instantaneously materialize whatever is needed but then there are those special circumstances where one has no choice one way or the other and one's situation is wholly dependent upon some purpose of demonstration that is unknown to the participant and remains so until it reveals itself. Yes, there are techniques and there are rules and laws of existence but sometimes none of these apply in terms of any solution. One's situation is of a more mysterious order and one just has to wait and have faith.
I say these things knowing that there are many out there at the moment who do not know what to do about all kinds of things. Whatever gets done is somehow not enough and any radical transiting can turn into something worse than one had to begin with. It's not an easy course at the moment for many of us. We have to find that place within from which all blessings flow and we have to have the endurance and focus to remain there. Sometimes there is nothing we can do and doing nothing often proves harder than doing something. Every case is different. For the moment, confusion and the darkness of the world is a powerful influence. There are far more powerful influences but they can be oh so subtle and hard to grasp.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Wonderful methodic post good Sir.
Have a postcard to you from Canada but no address in Hawaii.
Peace and love

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Well, I pray for you all, those who are suffering from attacks from enemies that you have that are pretty desperate to cause more chaos; won't work out ultimately...

Kazz said...

It pains my heart that you are struggling, and it pains my heart that I am too. Somehow I awoke in this corporate controlled heartless machine, and all the people that should be standing against it have been enlisted by it. It really is a WTF moment. My spiritual training tells me I am an observer, but this seems to play right into the hands of those working diligently to enslave the rest of us. My concerns are doubly fuelled because I have children who are going to deal with what our generation fails to. I still have faith in the goodness of humanity and see that many people working for the corpse are not malicious or bad people, they are mostly ignorant. The people I don't understand are the one's like the CEO, that is referred to as Prime Minister Abbott, who spent 10 years as a Jesuit priest and now it appears he has decided to serve that which chooses to obliterate God and God's authority, undermining all law to leave us in a Darwinian survival of the fittest nightmare. What are these people thinking??

I simply cannot wrap my head around why so many well informed people are willing to enslave humanity and themselves along with it. Can they not see the methods that have been employed to gain control of this planet are detrimental to humanity and the host planet we depend upon for our survival? Talk about shitting in your own backyard!!

We truly are in crazy times. Less than a month ago a man threatened to kill me in the local super market because I suggested it would be a good thing to be as informed about what our government is doing as what the footy scores are.

All I can say is thank you Father for the faith I have in your divine love, compassion, and forgiveness, because that is the only thing that is constant in this ever changing world of insanity.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Wish I could help.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible. just dawned on me! my friend are the Lord Bryon of our time!

Anonymous said...

"It seems at times that one of the most choreographed routines is an unceasing effort to make us hate ourselves."

My Lord, I had forgotten that. Thank you.

Dear Visible I have to ask whether or no you have a dog?


Visible said...

No dog, sad to say. My status is a little minimalist at the moment.

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dancing in the Drip Fest of the Lords of the Stomach and the Groin.

Diane said...

I've always been on the clean-up crew, even before I knew it. Learn by others' foibles at a distance; move in to mop up; clear out.

A. Dundee said...

Response to Karen Norman: The vast majority of humanity live in and ritually practice fundamental tenets of Satanism, and the vast majority of those are unaware of the fact.

Kazz said...

A. Dundee,

When I studied ancient Roman history I was a bit puzzled why the ancients would fight to the death rather then become slaves. If the men fighting against the Roman legions lost, their women would slaughter their own children and then commit suicide. Even in Greece, on one particular sacking, if my memory serves me right it was General Marius, offered each soldier money if he they could capture the Greeks alive, because the Greeks were all throwing themselves off buildings, and jumping into fires. These ancients knew the Roman's were satanists, and they also knew if they were taken their entire lineage would be slowly converted to satanism (become Babylonians). I see how this force has marched throughout history capturing people, entire races, and then it takes in their religion/belief/dogma and integrates it, only to bastardise it as time marches on. This has been accomplished with all major religions.

When I was first inspired to start my spiritual journey I was encouraged by source to read the Bible. It soon became evident to me that without the Holy Spirit and a pure heart how easy it was to misinterpret the material presented. It also took lots of research outside of theology for me to pierce through the illusion we live under. I am well aware of what is going on, but I tell you this, JESUS IS REAL! Although those within the satanist system are intent on creating a new Kingdom this is not the agenda of Jesus. Jesus stood against this very system, which is why he was crucified. He is here, in spirit, to free people from this system of slavery, which is clearly evident when you read the New Testament.

All I know is I don't feel frightened. I have been well trained for this journey. I do not fear the satanist's, even though I am in their midst, because Christ has paid my passage to freedom with his blood, which is why he is my hero. The Father leads me from within, through the 'Valley of the Shadow of Death', so I am never alone, which is why I fear no evil, and mother provides my earthly needs as I sojourn through this dimension. We are one big happy family :o).

My feeling is that we are waking to a new dawn of humanity, which will push us into a higher dimensional reality, where compassion, forgiveness, and love will replace the current structure of judgement, greed, and hatred.

As I have said before, we are all seeds that have been planted in the dark soil to grow. The satanist's provide the manure necessary for this process. Already some of us have pushed up through the dark soil to find sunlight, the rest will not be far behind. Those who refuse efforts to help them grow and evolve are too immature so they will be ploughed back under, hopefully to flourish and ripen for next season, which is, I think, approximately 24,000 - 26,000 years.

I don't feel fear because my heart is full of love and compassion for myself and my fellow sojourners. We are all on a most wonderful journey that can be described as nothing less then AWESOME :o).

Luv Kazz

Andy said...

Thank you for keeping on :)

Peace, Love and Happiness


When Plato gave Socrates's definition of man as "featherless bipeds" and was much praised for the definition, Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man."

After this incident, "with broad flat nails" was added to Plato's definition.

Anonymous said...

Eureka! The missing link between apes and human beings is discovered!

It's called man..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Out on the High Mesa with the Tattered Ghosts of the Night.

A. Dundee said...


And the Living Truth breathed forth from these same Ancients who felt and knew they were not their bodies, nor their minds, fearing nothing, meeting violent assaults upon individual Free Will with equal force, and in dignified gratitude to the Divine, and Divinely demonstrating that upon first and once should they have failed to align their "mine with Thine" their very being would at once have turned to becoming the very thing they would've said they hate -- the very thing we are even more so now with an additional roughly two thousand years of integration, bastardization and indoctrination (namely, Babylonian Talmudists, or Satanists).

Jesus, too, like those Greeks before and many others before and after to boot, knew he was neither his body or his mind, illuminated the Light of the Divine by maintaining alignment of his human will with his Father's Divine -- And the Holy Spirit purifies humanity's capacity to know and understand through Jesus' Resurrection, that Purity of Heart, Rightness of Reason, and Holy Wisdom can increase in those who Will to unite their individual hearts, minds, and guts with the Life, Light, and Truth of the Will of the Divine.

Jesus is without question Real! And I, for one, as I am, good enough not only to be included in His Divine Creation, but with an eternal Soul no less!, do and will continuously battle to NOT allow my eternal consciousness, my eternal Soul, to be hijacked by those same Satanic Babylonian/Talmudists who, assaulting Jesus with the promise of their "kingdom" and those Greeks with the assurance of their own "lives", were rejected and "ploughed back under" by the Wisdom of equivalent force meeting the violence of their initial assault upon individual-Free-Will aligned with Ineffable's own.

I believe that when certain capture means not the end of bodily existence, but rather the end of Free Will, then the discontinuance of the body, should ones Will be aligned with the Divine's, equates to a Soul's monumentally speedier Resurrection into a more fullness of Life nearer the Divine. Those brave Greeks, and Jesus, too, who gave their bodies to the bosom of their Mother who bore them and brought them up, who nourished and nurtured them, lovingly received them back into Her Heart; as their Father accepted their Souls so much the closer to His Mind.

Death's only Death when Free-Will's not aligned with our Creator's own. These "sacrifices", these "suicides" scream out for our mindfulness of their Wisdom. Jesus' sacrifice directed us, humanity, to the continuous exercise of Free-Will in mutual Love of all for all, with never the necessity of a single one in that exercise to ever have to choose the discontinuance of the body's existence to ensure the beauty of the Soul's own. But, alas... he didn't fail us, only we have him. And two thousand years hence are our days improved from those of the Ancients in light of this gift? I'd say they're even worse. Our days are so much the worse due so much to what Visible constantly highlights; our distracted attention, our debased science, philosophy, religion, our commitment to materialism, materialism, and more materialism. We are disconnected from Source like no other time in our common humanity's past. It is good though that we have the Gospels, and each other; and pure Hearts, Minds, and Guts of the present and the past to help teach us and guide us on our way.

In Gratitude and in Love,


Anonymous said...

That Diogenes sure was a character, wasn't he?




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