Friday, September 09, 2016

In the Shadow of a Primeval Leviathan.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Here we sit, trying to make a reasonable Origami out of the construction paper of this time. We've taken under consideration chimerical creatures, fantastic creatures and creatures of legend and myth but we recognize that there are literal creatures who are as real and as terrifying as anything that never was.

Monsters do walk among us but we are as responsible for them as they are for the shapes taken, should we believe in those shapes taken. Every appearance of evil is a mask for something else that is concealed behind it. This is not to say that there is no evil. However, it is a complicated affair to identify and define its characteristics as they apply to you. In most cases, evil is relative and we more often define it as something we don't like. It turns out not to be evil at all but simply an expression of adopted or intrinsic tastes that vary widely across the human spectrum. Others see it as good. To me, most of what is really evil is the progeny of selfishness in one form or another. Abdicate the selfishness of the false self and evil will not come near you. Evil will not even see you, or it will fear you. Let us reference that great psalm;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

Powerful words indeed and made all the more powerful because they are literally true. These words are as true as you are and that is the point. They are as true as you are.

In recent times; certain trusted members of the alternative media now find themselves in hot water over some behavior and events that, on the surface are difficult to defend; given the evidence presently available. The key thing is that the evidence is not all present, so one should not rush to judgment. In the past I have occasionally been a loose canon ...but those days are gone. Unless I have incontrovertible facts, I am going to keep my mouth shut and... all the more so because I know some of the players personally. I do not bring this up to offer any kind of an opinion. I bring it up to point to Mr. Apocalypse. He is riding tall in the saddle these days and exercising his authority over one and all, according to his omniscience concerning everything under the sun. There is no telling what direction anything is going to go in and we would be wise to exercise discretion and restraint at all times and most certainly avoid schadenfreude; “there but for fortune goes you and I.”

I am seeing these classic, near Shakespearean dramas playing out these days. It's the usual girls and money and games scenarios. Considering how long life has been going on this go round, you would think that the basic lessons should have been learned. Still... I can look at my own life and see where I did not understand certain realities that I should have understood a long time before. It is a mystery and an irony about life how we can know so much and so little at the same time; about life and about ourselves as well. Then... out of nowhere come these flashes of revelation and suddenly we comprehend and understand more in the course of an evening or an afternoon more than we comprehended or understood across time lines of years previous.

The darkness of the pending election sweeps across the landscape like the shadow of some primeval Leviathan. There are infernal forms turning and twisting in it. Red eyes glow like those of predators in the tree line. The public dances like obese Shmoos, bending and genuflecting before those eyes, beneath which devilish Cheshire grins have now appeared. Mindless babble is coiling out of invisible speakers and the Shmoos nod their heads in understanding of whatever is being said. I can't translate it at all. It seems that whatever message is inherent there can be comprehended only by those programmed to that end. The rest of us hear nothing but gibberish. Ah well... whatever it is, it is coming in a full Monty, whose nakedness is an obscene travesty upon all things human. It has been coming for a long time and now, like fall, it is right around the corner. I guess we will either come to terms with ourselves or have to come to terms with it. I prefer the former.

The cross country trip is about to begin and it seems that we can only hit locations where there is a collective of readers within reasonable distance but... we can see everyone at some point, if not this time around. This journey takes place for several reasons. One of them has not been mentioned before and that is that we are looking for a location to live in. It is nice enough here but it is too crowded and there is not enough privacy or land. So... we have certain locations targeted, such as rural California, rural Arizona, rural Missouri, rural North Carolina and rural Pennsylvania and we will see them all. I apologize in advance for those of you that we will not see. I had thought to travel to certain places but the amount of time and distance involved is too much and when you factor in that there are well more than a dozen of such options, it becomes a Herculean engagement.

There is good news in all of this however and that is that once we have found our location you are all welcome to visit. Many of you have come here in the months since I arrived on the East Coast and that has been, in all cases wonderful, as it should be when good company and good food are both to be found in the same place. Cooking is one of my passions and it has been truly gratifying to have these occasions to be imaginative and creative in. We hope to find a place where these traditions can continue. Though I have little in the way of funds, my friends are in a position to purchase something reasonable and I have been amazed at the real estate I have viewed over the last few months. In Missouri I found examples, such as a solid three bedroom house with 80 acres for 135,000 dollars. There are so many similar options. I've found nicely appointed 3 bedroom trailers with guest trailers on 5 to 10 acres of land in forested MO just off a lake and sometimes right on it in the range of 40-60 thousand dollars. It is amazing how many fine deals are to be found if someone only takes the trouble to look.

It is time to be in a place where Nature is in surround sound and where gardening and landscaping is developed and enjoyed as only good and righteous labor can be. For a long time I wanted something in the way of a living space where folks could come and go and where life can be experienced in a community setting. I used to think I wanted a community but I realize now that I already have one. I don't know that it is the best thing to be in such a place with a lot of people milling about but it is certainly doable that people can come and go ('talking about Michelangelo' heh heh). In any case, since that is already happening here; has in fact been happening nearly every weekend, it looks like something more private and beautiful as well god infused is required.

There is still time to send your location and contact info in case you would like to have tea or dinner somewhere and it works out that you have caused the numbers to shift. We'll see (won't we?)

It's been a joy and a pleasure for me to communicate with so many of you over the years and regardless of the occasional hiccups or outbreaks of Visiblemania, the majority of all of the time has been outstanding. The hiccups have gone away and the Visiblemania is in permanent remission. As I was told about half a year ago, I have entered a new phase and everything is changed. Well... it's been all that time now and I experience the evidence of it every day. My heart is suffused with gratitude. I'll tell you, there were times when it seemed really touch and go and when events baffled and bewildered me. I could not understand how certain things could happen, despite all of one's best efforts to do the right thing and stay in balance. Sometimes high winds came out of nowhere and I am not speaking exclusively of external winds. Sooner or later you get somewhere and wherever you get in the world around you comes to mirror the world within.

The power, majesty and eternal presence of the almighty God is a wonder beyond words and which should be sought with all determination more than everything else put together. It is reasonable to expect that you will finally get there. If one does not quit then one cannot fail.

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Looks like there will be a radio broadcast this week.


Hereticdrummer said...

Beautiful Vis. "If one does not quit, one cannot fail." No one puts it better.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "In most cases, evil is relative and we more often define it as something we don't like. It turns out not to be evil at all but simply an expression of adopted or intrinsic tastes that vary widely across the human spectrum. Others see it as good."

This is very true. Go high-enough, and you get the 'detachment' of all-God. Everything just is. Shiva talking to Arjuna, just before the battle.

However, we-down-here know the cost. Particularly the pain. There is a contradiction - perhaps even an injustice - between those of higher realms who 'decree' that something must be done (for the experience, the learning, the adventure) but are not in-body to feel it, and those who get the first-hand-experience of Arjuna's battlefield (so to speak).

I have 'talked' to various higher entities (including those in my own 'line' back to all-God), and they truly don't understand why we might-not-appreciate being put through the mill. Sometimes, with my 'line', I ask that my pain be 'translated' upwards to whatever equivalent-version-of-pain that they can feel. Just so that they are aware of the costs. When they are 'hit' with that experience, mouths just open with 'we had no idea'.

Perhaps, on the Mr. Apocalypse front, Mr. Apocalypse himself is learning something...
On the Lord's Prayer, I am afraid that I derive little comfort from it. Powerful words, of course. Even beautiful. However, all-God puts us through the mill, anyway. The very people who supposedly-originated those words were much-later slaughtered en-masse by the Roman legions. If you trace-back the Prayer to where it really originated - to Akhenaton - that Pharaoh took-bad for his beliefs. All-God does not have our perspective on living/dying and pleasure/pain. Perhaps, this is a time of remedying that...
On the current (s)election, I see it in a woo-woo light because of my experiences of the last decade or so (if true and real, of course). There was that initial 'sweep' that cleared-out many upper-level baddies. Then, there has been in-the-trenches Clearing of many folk of different levels. I could see a combination of lack-of-baddie-leadership and grassroots-waking-up as resulting in the current amazing election cycle. All heading toward a boiling-point in November.

Perhaps, it is good that you (Vis & Co.) are traveling now...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, Visible.Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the road and look forward to visiting you wherever you set up shop, so to speak :)

much love


Ray B, interesting comments. Would you mind elaborating on the origins of the 23rd psalm, as it is near and dear to me and has become a mantra for me personally, or did you actually mean the Lord's Prayer? That is pretty much another mantra of mine, so either way,it would be much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Relative this on Captain Ajit's page. (Forgive me if it isn't exact! )

An Irish man and a Muslim man are sitting next to each other on a plane.
The host/ess comes with the drink cart and asks the Irish man if he would care for an alcoholic beverage.
He orders a double whiskey.
She then asks the Muslim man the same question.
He says " I would rather be raped to death by a dozen heathen infidel females!"
To which she replays " Well ok then"
The Irish man hands her back the drink saying
" Me too! I didn't know I had a choice!"

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

May peace be at your back for the rest of your life and beyond!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

the 'uppers' might not be able to feel our pain, but they also probably would not get the good feelings in life either. jealous of our reality I put it.. the 'downers' would not be able to tell the difference.

Ray B. said...

Alistar, I am hesitant in writing this, because I really do not mean to wean anyone away from their faith. (I also do not want to cause 'flame wars' over religion, particularly within such a sanctuary as Vis' pages.) So, I am just going to say a little, and let you see whether it resonates with you...

Author Ralph Ellis has written about a dozen books on the history of Egypt and on down through the Jesus days. (I have read all of them, Appendices included, and found them to be profoundly literate.) They read like a long-running detective story, parsing-out where Biblical narratives have been obscured by time or by intent. He does a good job. He is, of course, vilified and smeared for his efforts...

The main thrust of Ellis' early efforts is the 're-grounding' of the Old Testament into historical fact. (Many scriptural 'oddities' are explained along the way.) He basically proves that (a) Egyptians were a much more advanced culture than modern Egyptologists give them credit for (surprise!) and (b) the proto-Hebrews, known as Hyksos, were not only part of Egyptian culture but were also Kings/Pharaohs with lands and armies of their own.

The Hyksos' Egyptian heritage was 'camouflaged' after they were kicked-out of Egypt in a religious war, and then abandoned by the remaining Egyptians to be snapped-up and taken-away to Babylon in a later war. Many hard-feelings there...
"'Tempest & Exodus' reveals the true Egyptian origins of the Judaic faiths. An account of the biblical exodus has been located on an Egyptian stele, and this gives the clue to the true route of the exodus and the location of Mt. Sinai. This identification has profound consequences for the Judaic religions, as the mountain is located next to a number of Egyptian temples and remains." ~Ellis' summary.
"'Solomon, Falcon of Sheba' investigates the United Monarchy of King David and King Solomon, and demonstrates that these two illustrious monarchs were, in fact, pharaohs of Egypt. The storyline within Ralph's trilogy of religious works is now becoming clear; the Judaic people were undoubtedly the Hyksos tribes from Lower Egypt. But, the twist in this new epic is that the Hyksos held onto lands in the Nile Delta, even after the Israelite-Hyksos exodus from Egypt. These lands in the Delta eventually spawned the twenty-first dynasty of pharaohs, who rose to power in the tenth century BC in their capital city of Tanis. It so happens that the Tanis pharaohs were identical in every respect to the Judaic United Monarchy of King David and King Solomon. This is why these two monarchs were so powerful and famous; they were actually Egypto-Judaic monarchs whose kingdom stretched from Karnak to Jerusalem." ~Ellis' summary.

This gets us to Psalm 23 (A psalm of David). If "King David" was actually Pharaoh Pa-seba-kha-en-nuit (called Psusennes II by the Greeks), then Psalm 23 has Egypto-Judaic roots.


Ray B. said...


I did mis-remember around Akhneton. (Fifteen years ago.) Akhenaton had to do with the Book of Genesis:
"'Eden in Egypt': Since I had already discovered that the latter history of the Israelite United Monarchy was most definitely based upon the history of the Lower Egyptian monarchy, I began to idly wonder about the early sections of Genesis.

One of the first things I noticed was that between James Hoch, Wallis Budge and myself, there were some 500 words that were identical in both Egyptian and Hebrew. Hoch maintains that these were 'Hebrew loan words in Egyptian', but that struck me as being peculiar because Egypt was the dominant power here, not Israel. In addition, some of these similar words included ordinal numbers. Are we to believe that Egypt changed its numbering system because a few nomadic Israelite shepherds turned up on its doorstep? Far more likely is the scenario that the Israelites (Hyksos) used and took with them the Egyptian language, and that this formed the basis of Hebrew as we know it.

This discovery rather transformed the Book of Genesis, as it was now possible to read the same text in the Egyptian language. While the general thrust of the Genesis story remained the same, the new detail this technique provided demonstrated that most of this text was based upon the Hymn to the Aten, and that Adam and Eve must have been Akhenaton and Nefertiti." ~Ellis' summary.
On the Lord's Prayer, from T&E p.30-31, "Since we are looking at the New Testament, another good example of this reworking of much older Egyptian traditions into the biblical narrative can be seen in a text known as the 'Maxims of Ani'. This is a twenty-second dynasty text... The same Egyptian text continues to mimic Jesus' 'Sermon on the Mount' and in this similarity, perhaps the distant origins of what became known as the 'Lord's Prayer' can be seen..." (followed by a line-by-line comparison).

This is the best that I can do, without serious digging. I do find that having a more-historical basis for my Christian roots is both challenging and exhilarating.

Good articles at:

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. In the interests of full disclosure, Ellis is a self-avowed atheist and mason (interesting, because the masons require a belief in a creator). In spite of this, his Old Testament research seems free of bias. (I was aware of this aspect as I read them, and was looking carefully for an agenda. None noted.) I just add-in any spiritual angles that Ellis neglects, and have a well-rounded picture...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Bravo Visible prabhu! A wonderful opening paragraph, a great post.
Best of health to you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ray,

Thanks for the need to worry about weaning me from my faith, as honestly, I am not a Christian in the traditional sense... I am more from the "Visible School of thought" :)
The Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, were presented to my by my HS and other guides, just two of many from many different traditions....

I look forward to the second part of your comment...



Anonymous said...

I was looking at the volume of your posts over this last 12 years or so and thinking how you never ask for money, though some have asked for you. I was thinking about how with all your occasional troubles and difficulties you never swerve away at taking responsibility when you have gone off the rails now and then. I was looking at how you just keep coming and the way every one of your articles are filled with quotes that another might get- if ever- once a year or so. I was looking and looking while Ken O'Keefe goes for the money and David Icke scammed his followers out of millions {over that TV station} when he folded his tent and disappeared with all the money and no one seems to have said a word. I notice that you consistently bring your best near every day. I and I and most of the readers know that you may be erratic now and again but your decency and transparent honesty are not in dispute.

I loved the work you did with Patrick Willis. It was a fine joint effort and I often wish there were more but times come and go. I wonder what Patrick is doing now? I wonder about many situations in life. I notice this and that and I look. I am always looking. You have rung the bell so many times Vis. When your moment of departure comes you will find shining lights waiting on you. It's not what anyone gets here. It is where they discover themselves once they have passed. Many thanks to you Vis. I am very grateful. You have taught me what gratitude means.


Anonymous said...

makes sense, I'll follow up on Ellis too though I am doing the 'accentuate the +ve" version at present with Schaff.
what you/Ellis says there ties in with Lauren Morets presentations... and with J P Farrells pyramids stuff.
These elites ruled Egypt from Crete (she says). Mediterranean and Silk Road trade.
Egyptians who built the smaller temples, full of dead people, were imitators of those who built the Great pyramids. Joodoo Voodoo and Man-God Lite.
and yet I still utter "amen" on those few occasions in public that provoke it... short for Tutakamen I believe, Doc Marquis says 'tut tut' to all that occultism. and "Lord" is objectionable at some levels too. all depends on intent, sincerity (or not) and being lied to and not knowing it, hence forgiveness. Christianity took all that crap and transposed it into something more constructive. (so much for my accentuating the +ve)

or perhaps not, hard to 'find' Ellis' stuff.

(and Captain Aardvarks (as I call him) site )

Visible said...

Floyd; none of this works on me and I am not coming around. Make sense or make tracks. This is a nice and friendly zone and I am not a retard.

Anonymous said...

So... a bunch of beers later.... ok, some wine, too, but that was way earlier.. and maybe some contemplation, also earlier (good!).....

Light my fire from the Doors plays....and now ends. Now to the matter at hand.

If there is only ONE power in the universe and that ONE power controls EVERYTHING.... could it be that I've never made a mistake....

I suppose I've could've left it there and probably should have....

But... The Life Power controls it all... for the record, I claim no direct knowledge of this.. and I still feel my supposed mistakes. But... can I really act outside of God's Will????

I'm thinking...NO! I'm more powerful than He/She????


I just do as the Ultimate Will has me do. I just think its me doing the thinking, but it's the Life Power thinking through me... Us.

Looks like this post may be an example of that, or not. I don't know that either....

Anonymous.... for good reasons... or not, I don't really know! HAHAHAH!

Anonymous said...

Visible, is Floyd the pesky flat earth guy?

Ray B. said...

Alistair (and all), the second part of my posting is now available, back as Post #8. It had 'disappeared' after sending the two parts together. The Third Elf found it and put it in its proper place. (Thanks!) And for the record, I have no connection to Ellis...

(If you want to dip your toe into Ralph Ellis' material, there are many videos on YouTube. I would start with the earliest videos - Old Testament stuff - since some of his latest material is good but way-controversial.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I don't know since that person is anonymous. What I do know is that I'm not going to tolerate certain kinds of weird behavior that does not contribute to the general well being here. Strange comes and goes but from my position it is mostly going.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...oops

pierre said... Sunday, September 11, 2016 3:28:00 AM , though pierre made him do it.
( 9-11 , 2016 = 9, 3:28 = 13 ) I think though they have half the numbers sown up that way, and the other half as controlled opposition (striped ties down to the left rather than the right )..

The 3rd Elf said...

The latest Vis radio show just went up...

Anonymous said...

See how the spirit of truth working in me. During the crisis in 1933.
Implementing Regulation No. 6102 - Regulation signed on 5 April 1933 by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt prohibiting US citizens to collect gold coins, gold and gold certificates. Purchase the $ 20 per ounce. As He have already bought all the gold raised the price to $ 35 per ounce. This approx. 30 million ounces (933 tonnes)

After the Japanese attack on the American base of the Ministry of Finance released a special war bonds and stamps, and from their sale financed the costs of the war and support for veterans. My question is where is the gold that eight years earlier stole your parents?
You say that the asteroid hit sometime in the land, and would strike again. Show your ignorance.
It says that on the orders of the Lord in the beginning became his work and soon created them exactly defined their task, forever and never give up his job. NO One collides with SECOND. He created us and said, "Stay away from all unrighteousness"

1% of psychopathic serial killers. They do of you idiots and experimental rats. Raping and murdering your children. A serial killer is a psychopath who kills the same way. But you stupid are helping them. I am ashamed for you. Aggressive truth is more Aggressive how You thing and No one know how stop Him. Hare Krishna

Visible said...

Your grasp of the English language is similar to... you know what? I have no idea what it is similar to. I have no idea why you come around here. Isn't there a place somewhere where there are other people who like to argue like you do? Do you think that anyone reads what you say and a light bulb goes on over their head and they think, "Wow! this guy really moved me."?

I'm not going to let you hijack my sites with this pretend dialogue. You're pounding on the drums but not in a syncopation kind of way. This is the kind of thing that shows up at sites like mine, where cartoon characters show up with spray paint cans and write illegible nonsense purely to please themselves. No one else cares a wit about what you say. I'll let you through now and then but mostly I won't. Real people show up here to share their thoughts, like Bill Crowell and missingarab and they say beautiful things that are part of a sharing community of sincere souls,l seeking whatever virtual camaraderie is available. I suspect that you are not what you present yourself as but are a paid shill who is here for the purpose of disruption. You can't disrupt this place no matter how hard you try. I'm very good at analyzing syntax and that is why I know what I know about you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear R (anon @ Sept 11 12:38)

Thank you for expressing thoughts that I too have had over the years.

I never cease to be amazed by our dear friend Visible (and his invisible friend The Ineffable)

The comfort and guidance I’ve received over the years from reading these blogs can hardly be expressed in words… but you just did : )


Tyler Vincent said...

I already destroyed all the evil in the multiverse, so I was told by the divine... pulling it into my body, and transmuting it into pure love. I prayed using a powerful Aumakua prayer given by Chrism, a Kundalini awakened master. I prayed that all the fear, hell, egregores of collective belief in evil, satan, demons, and all kinds of negative thought forms, literal or not and for all pain and suffering in the entire multiverse, everywhere to be destroyed. Leading to, I was guided to penetrate into the depths of hell and pull up anything that could be saved. Apparently, all of the most pain and vile creation in the multiverse appeared to have jumped into my body. The lower astral, particularly in my great left toe which the divine had earlier guided me to shatter with a heavy object, was filled with all the most evil and vile shit in the multiverse. At times, my toe was literally trying to crawl away from my body. It would pop and snap up and down, left and right, wiggling in all directions, trying to detach itself from my body and run back to hell.... it looked like Satan's toe, literally. I was guided by the divine to chop it off with a hatchet in the basement of a nearby church. So, I walked there late one rainy night with my shattered toe bleeding all the way... jogging on it at points... the hounds of hell and Satanic creation galloping and whooping all around me. I was given an elaborate tale that a world war had nearly wiped out all of man from this earth. Upon arrival at the church, I found it was locked. The divine considered having me surrender to being put through a wood chipper at our local wood-mill instead. I saw a massive tornado pass over my home on my way back. As for what jumped into me, I was guided to burn all of this shit by myself alone in my home, and at one point, I was asked by the divine if I would like to burn all of hell karma of the cosmos for all eternity for others so they don't have to go through that kind of suffering themselves, which I eventually choose not to. She asked me if I wanted to spend an infinity burning hell for others, and I told her it was impossible, I am a mere mortal. She decided to do it herself, and flared up out into the multiverse, like balloon, like a caduceus folding upon itself for infinity and expanded out into the multiverse, and churned all of the karma created by this prayer by herself... however, I saw thousands of caduceus connected through a cosmic ohm, all merging with mine in an endless wave to hold the fabric of the cosmos together, which ended up creating an entire alternate universe of sorts, so I was told. Much like a cell dividing. By the end of this process, everyone in the multiverse had recreated all of hell and Satan, pain and suffering anyway, because life had no meaning for them without it. They were all a projection of the inner landscape of the individuals belief anyway. Part of the duality and polarity of expression that exists that allows everything to exist. I learned the value of pain, suffering, hell, satan and all the rest. I am free from burning karma for others, I am free from burning hell from my body. I am free from hell. I am blessed. I am strong. I am a champion. I am well able. I will not just survive, I will thrive.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

This, That, The Other and Meetings with The Mother.

Tyler Vincent said...

(cont) I had no fear the entire time this took place... the divine didn't allow fear to enter me in this process. I had nothing but faith and trust... as long as it was possible, so long as she allowed me to, I had faith. Recently, I realized I may not have faith outside of me, or in some expectation of what I think God is, I must have faith in myself, my higher self and in all the good that exists everywhere, no matter where it may be. I accept and love myself and the good in others no matter what. Every hug, every smile, every loving expression from one to another... I see this is God in action. In the heavy times, I wait for the divine to grant me inner peace. "The knife hangs over every head, until, God removes it." Maybe so long as my ego seek's and searches for him/her, he/she will remain elusive. Just having the Kundalini awakened doesn't mean a thing. Maybe by walking away from God, God will seek me out. Maybe I tried too hard in that direction. "God," I don't know what that word means. I take the reigns with my "I am's." I am God. I am a fragment of God. These words have power. They work! I am free from hell shit. I am not a sewer for cosmic shit. I am permanently free from all contracts and agreements from this lifetime and prior lifetimes that resulted in me burning other peoples karma from healing and otherwise, or burning in hell.

Teacher, where are you? Love letters to God... I wonder if she reads them, or if they get lost... in the stars.... stars. Where would you start? So much to hope for, so much greatness is on the way.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes.

Quidam said...

Hey Vis,

I haven't read this whole Origami because Bandit Dexter Morgan Luther Houdini, the third is getting restless. :)

I'm going across the Hocking River with him and pick PawPaw. I took a PawPaw cooking class yesterday and I volunteered and helped the cook, who wrote a PawPaw cookbook.

Consider the Amesville, Ohio area.

Later On

Visible said...

Here is-

This weeks radio broadcast..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Driving Down the Road and I Have no Idea Where.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

All Things in and Out of Time.

Ty said...

Dear vis, I think you may enjoy this one :) Kundalini and ETs and Spirit removal



Visible said...

A new Les Visible Blog posting is up now-

Truly Strange Days Have Found Us.

The 3rd Elf said...

A radio show just went up - this one from Sunday 9th October.

(The show from 16th October to follow shortly).

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's radio show broadcast Sunday 16th October.



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