Monday, March 14, 2011

The Pending Doom of Banker World.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Quite often I am not clear on what I am going to say. I like it that way because I don’t have to rely on my own abilities, which are limited. I have the good fortune to have a muse, without whose assistance I couldn’t do any of this. Any numbers of other people have had contact with this muse and she can come or go, depending of the behavior of the individual utilizing her prowess and access. You see it with musicians and in every area of art. She can be a strict taskmistress and she demands a certain coin of the realm for her services. I’ll leave it to the reader to determine what that is.

We’re all absorbed in the happenings in Japan. It keeps intensifying. A radioactive cloud passed over an American aircraft carrier 60 miles out at sea. Hawaii and California are some distance further on but this kind of thing, given proper conditions, could be there in a few hours, or so I have read. The radiation factor is impressive. We keep hearing more and more bad news, which means the news is certainly worse than we are hearing. We are hearing about things like MOX fuel which is supposed to be two million times worse than uranium or what got loose at Chernobyl. I don’t know how much of this is truth and how much is hysteria but that’s not the point, according to my muse, who works for the same firm that I do.

Everything is under control. This has been stated in every book that is advertised as being channeled from on high. You don’t control the hair on your head and just about anything else and when it comes to our thoughts, speech and actions, observation of the species tells you all you need to know. What do we make of this? What do we do? There isn’t anything we can do except to press deeper within, seeking a connection with the great rider in the chariot of the sun (metaphorically speaking because it rides in every sun). It composes and contains everything. Everything is a part of it and it is even apart from everything at the same time. None of the aforementioned books are in dispute about this.

Our separated minds and reliance upon external forms to identify ourselves and our place in the mix are not, in most people, tuned to the central radio station. We’re listening to and watching our own version of events and extracting our own meanings based on whatever agenda of self-interest ‘drives’ us.

There isn’t much we can do about what is happening in Japan. Throwing money at it is not going to reverse what happened. Precautions can be taken but this is just one incident in a series of incidents that are upon us. The world is being transformed and we’ve been hearing about it for awhile, here and other places.

Much is being made about HAARP being the culprit and one of the few writers that I actually admire has got his take on it, without presupposing more than he knows. We hear so much about it that it has a ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ aspect to it. I sincerely do not know. I know that quakes and volcanoes are going off all over the place and that this sort of thing was predicted by Cayce and others. Can HAARP really be a significant player in this regard? I sincerely don’t know.

What I’m doing is telling myself, ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’; not ‘supposed to be’ because that’s just how it is, but supposed to be due to the direction humanity has taken over the course of time. This is what it adds up to. This is how it is because of the way we are.

As I have said many times, Earth is a place of lessons. That is its purpose. Fundamentalist Christians like to talk about the original fall in the Garden of Eden and how we are all condemned by sin. The serpent in the Garden was God. He’s both ends of the equation and it all depends on how you handle your serpent. Regenerated innocence is a return to the garden. People go back there all the time. It’s not a large crowd and you don’t catch news about it in the terrestrial media but it happens. Life is an allegory. We live in a moral tale but we confuse our moralities. Should our moralities be based upon the prevailing dispositions of the time, or should it be based on something more eternal? You follow the temporary and you wind up temporary. You follow the eternal and you wind up eternal. There’s nothing more that needs to be said than that. I could have just said that and not had to write all these postings but that’s another story.

People were asking me when it was going to happen, whatever it is that I didn’t really specify, because I really don’t know. I think Japan qualifies and like I said, it’s going to get worse before it gets better because there’s no other way to drive the snakes out of their holes, or to compromise their engines of control.

The idea of original sin is a whip hand used by that business which presents itself as a church in whatever tradition it is operating in. You need to be made to feel criminal and unworthy so that you will obey and go along with the program. I’m not saying there isn’t something ‘like’ original sin, which is more like ignorance and which has to do with the separated self of a divided will. You are either in accord or you are not. You are either seeking to be in accord or life is bringing you into accord, over time, by methods varying in their degree of severity; depending on how many other methods were applied and ignored in the past.

This applies to nations as well as to individuals. Certainly the United States is in for some amount of it, given the horrors she has visited abroad for some time now at the dutiful command of the bankers. Bankers are no different than ticks. They follow prosperity and then they steal the fruits of the labor, which is why foreclosure is the centerpiece of their ambition. Like ticks, they will drink until they are bloated and then simply fall off of the host vehicle, when they can’t possibly drink any more blood, but they will drink it to the limits of their capacity.

The world operates according to certain temporal authorities who ‘supposedly’ rule and regulate commerce. The marketplace and the church are the two focal points of the majority and they are both operated by the same invisible entity that works through the bankers and puppets that feed off of the public’s blood. When they founded America they were well informed about what might follow. The initial idea of personal liberty, freedom of expression and opportunity to prosper, is a template that guarantees prosperity and riches. The bankers note this and they take it to a point where, by legal means they can no longer steal as much as they think they need and then they have the laws changed more and more drastically to allow them to steal everything, before they depart for their next port of call. You can trace Japan’s situation back to the bankers. You can trace most of humanities misfortunes to the pursuit of profit; whether it is the conquistadores in South America or the East Indies Tea and Spice operations, under whatever name they are using and which lead to opium wars and assorted havoc.

This is the material world. As a result, it is only as good or bad as the times in which it is operating. Because this is a dark age you have the expected results. The opposite of our collective best interests are celebrated and the rank and file is encouraged into selfish thought and action because this profits the bankers. Phony patriotism is encouraged because this provides bodies for the wars engineered by bankers. Bread and circuses prevail because these also fill the coffers and distract the populace from what is happening to them. Eventually the ruling elite make war on the people to reduce the population so that only a servant class remains. Such is their intent but they will never get there.

I know it looks dismal at the moment and is likely to get much more so but, while you can, you must hold on to the independence of your thought and seek within for the answers that are presenting themselves because in times like these, there is a great deal of help to be found.

End Transmission........

Last night’s radio show is now available for download. Check the link at the top of the page. Whatever I didn’t say here, I said there.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

There you go again, linking my favorite song.

It's all under control.

Whether they already started using the Scalar weapons or not, is immaterial. The reaction from using them will cause even more to occur than what would occur anyway.

I’ve been saying it all weekend, while the hysteria has grown, and here you are saying it also. There is no need to be afraid, not if you are embraced in the bosom of the divine.

Not a Cat Poet, just a ragged storyteller. (What was that anyway?)

Watching the unfolding of the new age beginning from deep in the alley,


wv: sporm - The birthing of something evil. "Beware the oncoming sporm!"

siamsam said...

Can tiks take out injunctions to prevent being called tiks?

mayaseri said...

The mastery of language and the message from this post says it all but humanity is not listening Les they never have never will they wiil eat and drink their way to the slaughter house...what a pity what could have been.
Thank you Les I need to get right with myself.

Anonymous said...

Unintended consequences - that's where the 'it's all under control' comes in.
Great write Les, thanks.

DaveS said...

Les and CO–

Thanks for keeping an island of sanity floating in the seas of insanity covering Mother Earth.

Looking at the potential fallout cloud from Japan gives me pause as I liked to believe I was living in a 'sheltered' zone. No one is... even those fucks down in Antarctica are sitting on thin ice. They would soon freeze to death without modern society shipping them every needed item. Imagine being one of those freaks and watching civilization completely collapse, knowing that civilization was keeping you alive.

I wonder how penguin taste?

If Mother Nature (or man) doesn't completely destroy my world, I'm about to embark on a couple of interesting life journeys that I'd love to have all of you sending me some positive thoughts to help smooth my travels. There is a wonderful collection of souls that hangout here and I feel your mental contribution to my success would do far more to further my journey than any monetary contribution. Just wish me well and the cosmic post office will make sure I receive the note ;)

Of course I'll immediately payback all these thoughts with the sort of interest usurers would drool over... but this is how love works, the more I give you the more I actually have. There are not many currencies that have a logarithmic return on an investment like love does and you can take that to the bank. Of course the steely-eyed owner of the bank won't accept such coin, and you're better-off for it. But it wouldn't hurt to spread a little true love around the offices of the too-big-to-fail banks. Maybe they'll eventually realize what they're missing.

I'm off, and I'll be thinking of all of you as I travel, wishing you all godspeed and good tiding to you and your loved ones. Damn, looking at Visible's counter, I'll be busy writing psychic love letters to a lot of good folks...


wv: kingf... shorthand way of writing King of Fuck, which is another way of saying, king of nothing. We call the office asshole kingf, which he likes ('cause he don't get it :)

Anonymous said...

Now Japan admits that three reactors are melting. If this is the level of admission, think how bad the reality is.

This is bad. A catastophe in itself apart from a 9.0 quake and tsunami.

kikz said...

light coming in thru the cracks.

if you are of the pirate persuasion, "arrrgh matey"...

peter kosminsky has put together a short drama series on the palestinian/israeli conflictthru bbc4; past/present history - you won't find on any MSM in the US...

i was amazed at the truths told in this drama... kosminsky should be proud of himself, although i have no idea as to how this even got made... needless to say, it has duals/israelis worldwide in an absolute uproar. :)

Tyler Durden said...

Tyler Durden: (about this system and the revolution that is starting to rise up against it)

“We are witnessing a decentralized global rebellion against Neo-Liberal economic imperialism. While each national uprising has its own internal characteristics, each one, at its core, is about the rising costs of living and lack of financial opportunity and security. Throughout the world the situation is the same: increasing levels of unemployment and poverty as price inflation on food and basic necessities is soaring.”

Whether national populations realize it or not, these uprisings are against systemic global economic policies that are strategically designed to exploit the working class, reduce living standards, increase personal debt and create severe inequalities of wealth. These global uprisings, which have only just begun, are the first wave of the inevitable reaction to the implementation of a centralized worldwide Neo-Feudal economic order. I am afraid we have yet to see how brutal western governments are going to get and to what lengths they will go to preserve the status quo.

There are hundreds of millions of people who will not know what hit them and the government and the press are certainly not warning anyone to prepare for anything. A huge segment of earth’s population who has been accustomed to the good life will be left with a whole lot of nothing when the next financial collapse occurs.

In the end it looks like it’s going to be: no services, no benefits, no jobs, no homes and lots of hungry people with empty stomachs. The world system based on debt and thin air is about to do a disappearing act but before it does it is going to go through an agonizing death dance."

abe said...

Hoka hey Cousin Les!!

Looks like the gloves are coming off as the JWO looks to keep any non-wetern industrials in line.

No ONE is talking about the timing of this:

An off shore, Indonesian-style quake&continental shelf tsunami hitting near a drill area?? For a second time in recent history?? And only a day or two after the Japanese gov takes it's people (and Children) off of vaccines??? Beyond coincidence if you ask me.

It shouldnt surprise anyone given that we've kept Japan and China hostage to our treasury bonds with HAARP blackmail ever since WW2. We should expect similar "accidents" in other first world nations moving out of the zionist orbit - like Pacific Asia and Peripheral Europe.

Dan said...

Even in the best of times we have to consume other life to live. I'm looking forward to leaving this crapper. I'm not looking forward to the dying but I am going to be grateful to not be here anymore. I am so tired of witnessing the suffering of this world. Bring it on but please be gentle, this feels like my first time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me that this is how its "supposed" to be. It's easy to forget sometimes. I wish our inner selves could manage a gentler world. I just hate the suffering

Thomas said...

Dear Les,

my view. Maybe I can teach you a bit in return for all that I have learned because of/from you... not that you need it,
but I think there are some things you are not aware of, and that might be the source of some confusion.
I hope the following will be useful to you, for it is simply
that that is my intention. I might as well state now that in the very large perspective, I think you are spot on.
I am of the same opinion as regards the Love of the One Creator, and letting oneself out of the way.

2012 or therearoundsss...

This physical Globe, Dearest Mother Earth, is angry, and she will shake off the lice. Many things will happen at
the same time. Many, perhaps most will die. 5th Density (there are 7, we are on 3rd) is the Death Zone. Some beings
are native to that density, but most go there to stay between incarnations.
It is peaceful and bright, gorgeous and in the Light of the Creators Reason and Grace.
There is a certain pointy time. And a Point. Perhaps it is the 21st Dec. 2012, but who can tell when the count began?
Then it will split. Mother Earth will split into
different dimensions, drawing her pattern in more Realms and densities. There will be a positive and a negative
4th density Earth. Some souls/consciousnesses go to 4th Density on/with these. The rest are recycled in death
to another 3D realm Earth, born as babes into probably a more peaceful, rythmic, harmonic at first,
but under the same basic influence of control.
Cold Maybe... The ones who don't die, and don't go to 4D, will continue living on the 3rd Density planet that we have
now, and will join the main flock after death on the other 3D realm Earth.
Our current 3rd Density Earth will coexist with the 4D earths, just like it is now (the 4th Density Earths are in the womb, soon
to be born, you might say - which is why the energies are getting more and more obvious, if ones inner antenna is tuned)
After the last 3rd Density human soul has left, Mother Earth as we know her in 3rd will rest and restore herself.

Thomas said...

Every 309.000 years there is a point like this. It is time for The Harvest soon.

4D is the next evolutionary "zone"/Layer. It consists of both positive and negative, just as our own realm. But there
is more Power there. You do not need to see the Bad in the same way, only know it's there and Willfully Resist its
intrusion. You graduate by Loving, and Serving others as The Creator, for All is One, is God.
If we graduate to 4D, we can build the new world. It has already begun. Jacque will probably have his drawings
done in concrete and stell and glass, which I personally would very much love to see.
We will wake up one day, and the storm will be over. We will be ourselves, but the world and we will be different.
Warped. It will be confusing at first, and we must learn to utilize this additional space. We will see it clearer.
It shall be Glorious Times for those who go there. I hope to, but I most humbly ask and do what I feel is right.
We must prove ourselves worthy. Or, if, now or in past lives, we've attained our worth, show it, knowing that
we must/should (if that is our Free Willed Choice) Love All as God. It's a Choice - Free Will is paramount and sacred.
Personally, we both look to express the driving Love of God, if I have not misunderstood you ;).
It is surely there, but it is much blurred here yet. Or, not as obvious.

This globe of Ours has long been in the control of 4D negative (309.000 years, I hear). There are different types, and
they come from different places. They will probably be displaced as regards good old standard 3D earth for a a while,
but will return to teach fresh souls. They are the outbreath of God.

Where we are now, these creatures work in the minds, and alternately our reality, should they wish to.
Their sustenance is negative Human emotions, which is why the world looks like it does now.
They have been called Demons, Djinn, and other names.
They exist in 4th Density Negative Space. They Shun the Light of God/Creator/Source.
And would rather not be seen in 3D reality either. They send their Drones, The Grey Aliens. They battle for
the might amongst eachother, bickering and nefarious backstabbers. Scheming and very cunning.
They know they must work and live together, but they believe only in themselves, me me me. they have no faith.
They will recieve a new batch of graduates as well. You speak of the candidates for this graduation often.
They will learn to be cunning themselves, filled with bitternes
and hate, incessantly masturbating. They enjoy the challenge and look to the top.

Thomas said...

The black magicians have opened their 3 top Chakras (sort of like splitting a branch from the top)
and let demons into their hearts. They do not know this.
The demon grants them powers. The brutalising and sacrifices recharge their spell energy and keep the channel open.
The englishman from the Isle of Wight who tells many true things attend this kind of thing also, but he is wiser,
probably 5D negative, or late 4D. They wield Prana/Chi, the
energy of God, twisting it into grotesque and macabre form, subtly and mightily influencing. Their spell books
are heavy and large, filled with many dark things. Lucifers fall
was the fall of a being Of enormous Love, Light and Wisdom (6D - they call God the 7th)
Lucifer split into fragments, becoming the bad (or, some of it).
To teach. And to serve God in knowing Itself. It is moving back towards God, but on the mean side.
Humans that are pulled with this energy Being have been said to worship Satan.
They are dupes, but it is their choice. Those closest to the Prince of Lies are the ones most lied to.
They are at the center of shadow on this planet now, and will be among the graduates to 4D negative.

Our field of mind, and our Chakra System should be consciously and gratefully (you ask) aligned and whole, since
these 4D creatures can and try to get us off track. I can especially imagine that you have been a point of
some negative attention since you spread so much light. The thing to remember is that they MUST respect Free Will,
so they try to trick you, and use your own crutches against you. This is why it is said that you must invite
the Devil over your doorstep.
You can shield your psyche by visualising a shield of energy flowing from your chakras/7 energy centers
and forming a hard, yet permeable shell around you. Love All that Is, as you know and say so beautifully in your blogs.

You have given me many good laughs, and some rock-solid advice. For that I thank you. I am honored to walk
the globe with you.

All the best, Thomas

p.s. if you treat your dogs really nice, they might graduate to 3D :)

Anonymous said...

Les, you are responsible as iyh, of what happened thee other day, in your words, ther was a wrathe to be met.

Your picture of the 2 had me put it, for this is what i saw -
Ther is a first and ther is a second, ther are 60 bits.
In this a calculation of time.
Goodman Les.

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

I knew if I let Pane Andov simmer in my mind’s inner layers for awhile that more information would arrive at my outer layers to help me better assess what he is trying to tell us. I listened to Clif High yesterday as he described our expanding planet. Result? Deep down deep inside where I really live I am feeling strangely detached from the implications of their predictions. I’m thinking well that’s really interesting but I’ll just keep doing the best I can in the here and now, help others according to my limited abilities, and hope that I have the grace and calmness to accept the inevitable.

Pane Andov offers a mystic shield (flower of life), activated by anyone with the ability to create it, but sadly that probably won’t be me because I don’t understand the instructions. I don’t think there is time for me to scale the learning curve to get to that level of control (or is it more a blissful surrender, not sure). Better for me to leap toward the blue-white light.

That’s where I am at this moment but who knows where I might go in the next. Curiosity nudges me on and right now I’m in the mood for some Peruvian pan flute music.

As for those for whom everything is never enough ... nothing (as in zero, zilch, zippo) is too much for them, after what they have done to mother earth and all her denizens.

Hang The Rich said...

This is rich:

"19.58 JPMorgan Chase has announced it will commit $5 million to near-term relief and recovery efforts in Japan. JPMorgan Chase is also encouraging employees to contribute to the rescue efforts being led by The American Red Cross and World Vision, with the firm matching these contributions."

Trying to buy good will out of another's misery - only the bankster forgot three to five zeroes.

The BONUS for one year to their head CEO is rumoured to be more than 2.3 billion (with a "b"), whereas the entire direct relief fund from the bankster Morgon Chase to the (HAARP attacked 127 million Japanese) is a paltry 5 million (with an "m").

What a cheap insult to devistated Japan.

Anonymous said...

I often would like to comment, but many times i find it is not warranted as you have already expressed what I was already thinking about.
As for the last couple of posts, I knew when they were posted before they were linked elsewhere. Saturday's post, I checked for before you posted it. Sunday's post, I was attuned - you are braodcasting much more than a weekly radio show. All of us should be sure to tune in for updates, I know I am! Long live your muse!
Same back channel, different times. Synchronicity or what... Thanks Les!

Billy said...

If I ever had a doubt about the truth it has been eliminated entirely. We here, have resolved to hunker down to ready ourselves for the coming difficulties. I have no doubt that the game is now upon us.
To remain asleep is a fatal condition affecting many. A voice from afar has has given me the motivation to not waste another moment dreaming and hoping for things to remain as they have been. Peace to ever one here,

long john said...


One of the greats of the 60s counterculture has just passed away (yesterday), Sunday March 13, 2011.

Augustus Owsley Stanley III, the infamous and very prolific acid chemist, and also early patron and sound engineer for the Greatful Dead, died in a car crash near his home near Cairns, Northern Queensland, Australia.

His profound contribution (millions of hits of high quality LSD, which resulted in millions of cosmic trips) to my generation, cannot be underestimated. He was also a strict and well reasoned carnivore for most of his life.

A brilliant fellow was he, and I for one, will truly miss him.

Younger folks, who for some reason may not be familar with his life story, you can go to wikipedia, and you can also do an info search. There are many articles and anecdotes out there about him.

Here is Owsley Stanley's own personal website:

Love you Bear. May you R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

be back next week sometime,no internet access where I am at the mo....

lovely stuff as usual mr visibles,

may your muses multiply the potency of the compassion that lies dormant in the hearts of the lost and missunderstood...

...peace gratitude and respects neil

Cancer Anyone? said...

"This is worrying." - Prof Chris Busby, a British scientist who specialises in the health effects of radiation.

(He) tells the BBC that he "fears authorities are playing down the scale of the disaster."

"This is already a radiological catastrophe. Particularly when talking about the plutonium reactor.
Plutonium can't be detected by the Geiger counter." (sic)

torus said...

And kind sir? What else can a Torus do but turn in...AND out "on" itself. "there's only one candy with the whOle in the middle..."
Torus is my magical name, acquired through inspiration, not bestowed. When I tell "you" to "shove your deities etc.." I of course am addressing nothing but the revelations occuring within "my" soul, world view, subconscious projections etc.
I talked to the ineffable a week ago regarding tarot, the Vedas, the whOle enchilada...something spoke back to me..."toss the tarot."
And I did. Numerous decks, books, B.O.T.A membership. Crystallized thought forms that may indeed aid memory, association, planetary attributions. But that stuff can become quite dogmatic in regard to the essential rigidity of just WHO the fOOl is, etc.
I'm tired due to the impact of "energies" lately...the energies of upheaval. The Torus is about to soon figure QUITE prominently as the quintessential archtype as it now begins to swallow the Vedas, the Bible, Koran, Talmud, Tao, countries, ghettos, yachts,dildo shops.
Yes...a certain WHIRLING is about to accelerate. whirling it has always been. Here comes jUStice...
Or, Yoda adapts The Pattern On The Trestle Board:
"Here NOW, is the pOwer that ever was or will be..."
"A center of expression for the Will to gOOd...PRIMAL am I...hmmmm"
"In thought and Word, its unfailing wisdOm takes form in"
"MOment by mOment, guided am I, filled with Understanding of its perfect law....hmmm!"
(along the liberation of the "path") <secret CIA transmit.
"All things needful draw I, both MATERIAL AND spiritual, from the exhaustless riches of its limitless substance."
(understanding the SUB-stance...Standing under "it".Open up everybody! there's only one candy with the hOle) like a flawed creation story, you have nO idea what is cOming. It's jazz, not jizz. < secret Mossad code for "Hava Tequila"
"The manifestation of the undeviating jUStice recognize I in all the circumstances of my life."
(anOther cUmStance...Out of the gutter everyOne. 8mm just doesn't cUt it like it used tOO.)
"The beauty of the divine expression, in all things...great and small see"
"The vicTORioUS life is mine. LIVING from that WILL, suppOrted by its unfailing wisdOm...yeesss"
Serpentine you say? almOst.
I bid you adieu...
"I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Light...LIMITLESSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
"upOn the sure foundation of eternal BEing. In thought word and deed, rest I...MY life."
"In MY flesh the Kingdom of Spirit embOdied...ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS."
I bid you adeiu...
Good luck everyOne.

Anonymous said...


Are you pretending to be Sheen on Owsley candy or just an immature troll?

Neko Kinoshita said...


There is all kinds of stuff showing up in here.

So many different perspectives on “What will be.”

I know that more is coming and that this is just the beginning. Beyond that, I just don’t know.

I should also say that I’m hesitant to suggest what I suspect will appear. No, I’m not afraid of looking like an idiot, I do that anyway. I just don’t want to be caught in the hubris of assuming that I know what the divine has intended for us all.

So much to do, and so little time remains, so I guess I’ll just work on self, and let the universe care for itself.

Patching the holes in the dumpster, just in case, and watching the wind blow through the alley,


wv: guitypo - When you can't get the text to come out right on the website...
I meant to say something else but a guitypo changed it all around...

Anonymous said...

les, you are helping us all get through this. god bless you a thousand times over. i'm at the news desk and the deaths of so many innocents in japan is traumatic for me. i keep saying prayers for the dead. may we all keep them in our thoughts. may they pass gently. and may we all know the right path when we come to the juncture.
praise god for this correction. may we undertand it and accept it and allow it to change us, with grace when it arrives at our own doorstep.
with great love,
a german farmer

Anonymous said...

The Powers-That-Be (‘Elite’) are building a society that reduces all of its citizens to a common standard of living. The resulting society does not value the individual, their rights or their achievements.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Henry Kissinger; a Loathsome Toad..

Unknown said...

to the truly "anonymous" troll @ 11:59. I see you're familiar with inane pOp "culture". Good on ya', as the tOrus is about to do JUST that..."turn me loose baby!!"

Too bad Les didn't publish the message I sent prior to the one posted. Or, did "zio-ogre" eat it?

Visible said...


I don't remember seeing a comment. Sometimes comments don't arrive and other things happen too. This blog is messed with internally (blogger-google) often.

I post just about everything. Maybe 1% I don't post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Belle/torus;

I agree with anonymous...maybe when you grow up your hemaphroditic problem will solve itself (grin).

Anonymous said...

The Hopi is calling for prayer for Japan.

I have a slight feeling the Hopi are calming things down through prayer and that things could be worse that it is now.
To be honest, I don't see another way to wipe out materialism unless you wipe out most of what supports it and bring in a new way of life.
However mother nature wants to do that, I respect her and have made my peace with myself about what will happen to me.
I know that my soul is eternal and love never dies.
It saddens me that we've made such a mess of things but there's always a way to remedy it such as what I think is happening now.
Love, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous duo. Excellent, a two for one special! A Sheen reference?!?!? Ya' wanna play rough? DADDY can play ROUGH!!! And Sigmund? you don't Shin from ShinOla..
I wonder if like me you also find it amusing that Nisargadatta Maharaj's "I AM THAT" was revised and edited by Sudhakar Dikshit. The surname is self-explanatory but I'll you two alone to resolve the first.

Dear Les! I can only provide geometric metaphors as to what is "unfurling". Regardless of personal upheavals which defy description. The Emperor in the B.O.T.A deck is staring INTENTLY at sOmething..Case almost got it with his six-sided cube of space. He's staring intently at a TORUS mounted upon an elongated T no less. Yet, he's almost wielding it like a sword. Yet, in my model, we are now reaching an extremity of the tOrus....Forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Seen the trailer for "Paul"? Fear of a forthcoming anal probe is joked about as Paul offers two bagels, or two tori, that are mounted on his fingers. Yeah, there's a reaming forthcOming, I'll say that much. You have also spoken of it, "who's your daddy bitch?" The thing is, were always on an extremity of the tOrus and collectively, we're about to go through the hOle. happy and whOle..."there's only one candy with the hOle in the middle...."
Lifesaver anyone? hahahahahahah....I'm going to go drown in my own tears again..

Anonymous said...

Tank you les, exactly so,
Mo visable

Anonymous said...

you know what strikes me about this POV? how everyone hops on board the doom train, like lemmings.

maybe everyone is so bored, that they fill their minds w "angels and angles" of doom to cheer themselves up?

I've come to the conclusion that there are too many stupid people. maybe after you all engage long enough, and the pole shift doesn't happen, you can all call up Pizza Hut and order a ten dollar pizza?

meanwhile, there are living beings that are attempting to survive real tragedy in Japan. don't you think it's time to start worrying about what is, rather than how it can be a sign to you that you're in some trouble? this is the ultimate self absorption.

the banksters, meanwhile, got away with it....nobody cares about 911, the palestinians are being genocided, the federal reserve is still in business, and all those idiots in cubicles in the gov't employ are still drawing their paychecks in american dollars.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

SummerRain said...

@Tyler has gotten it right. Just read a new book out about Revolution in America ( )

cause it's so real & this is the way it will probably happen. It's a must read.

It seems that, as bad as it gets, it can always get worse. Good article. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, if the sickfucks had anything to do with the quake it wasn't by means of HAARP but by means of a flux compression weapon, like a punch in the gut. Explosive energy channeled into a pulse that hits the fault zone. (Only other way is a direct hit with e.g. a warhead, no?) Could be done from a large ship. Any large US ships on manoeuvre there at that time? I couldn't say...

Biogreg777 said...

I wish to share a thought and a gem of knowledge given to me to share with all the readers of these blogs. The thought, "I will illuminate evil in all it's forms with an expotential multiplicity of light, knowledge and love. I attract and unite with all beings of light as I contract to the Singularity of the Prime Creators by rejoining and resonating with unity. By doing so I shatter lower vibrational paradigms at every level of the Omniverse."
Now the "gem" of beautiful truth. After meditation/prayer about how I can bring about a better "reality" I was drawn to the physicist Nassim Haramein who has explained many concepts of this reality that resonate highly with me. His papers and theories on creational physics and consiousness empower mankind and awaken the Human Family to it's potential for a quantum leap of spiritual strength and unity. His lectures are on YouTube. Enjoy!

Yancey Purcell said...

Why do poor people vote for rich people who hate them?

Why do poor peope do business with big banks that hate them?

Yancey Purcell

Anonymous said...

very much enjoyed the read....the realization money doesn't exist will remedy all.....very very hard to real-ize

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney said...

Total information blackout of what is about to occur.
The nightmare in Japan will overtake everything.
Spy satellite IR studies tell no lies to the VIPs.

Quite soon, the media and governments
will be discredited in spectacular fashion

Mercurial said...

Hi Les, With reference to "original sin" there was a fantastic programme this week on BBC2 - The Real Garden Of Eden.

It discusses how the Adam and Eve story was never meant to be a creation story, it is not about "original sin" at all. It originally appeared far later on not straight after Genesis, it was actually meant merely as a fable on man's [i]tendency[/i] to sin and nothing to do with the first man and first woman - just a man and a woman - which is clearly quite quite different. There has been so much manipulation of the bible, I've been aware for years that reincarnation and the female aspect of God were written out Oh yeah, and that all negative references to the Tribe were also removed. But this was a new one on me. Very interesting.
(available till next Tuesday)

"Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou refutes the traditional interpretation of the Garden of Eden, and visits the place she claims is the exact spot on which it stood."
(not sure how you view outside UK)

Love your blogs, thank you

Mercurial said...

Clarification to above post:
I'd only seen the end of the BBC programme when I posted and I'd slightly misinterpreted it. Just watched the whole whole thing - it's brilliant - it's only one woman's take on things but it's quite a journey - loved it, highly recommend and love to know your thoughts if you get a chance to see it.
She takes us through a number of current trouble spots, through Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to finally pinpoint Eden in Jerusalem - and more specifically, Mount Sion!



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