Friday, June 04, 2021

"When They don't Get It, They Lose It; if That Makes any Sense."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It comes to me several times a day. That is a lot. I am talking about this sense of accelerating madness that is doing Jack-the-Box, Wack-a-Mole impersonations, ♫ here there and everywhere ♫, like a deranged Scarlet Pimpernel. It is one of Mr. Apocalypse's chief associates. Imagine a band of Texas Rangers set lose like Hounds of Heaven in the collective mind. Imagine also that the Rangers are after a band of Comanches for cultural appropriation, due to the wearing of Union Soldier Jackets taken from the dead bodies of ambushed cavalry in the aftermath. You might say that the head ranger is Major Crazy, and his posse represents all the various personas of Corporal Hysteria, Sgt. Neurosis, Private Psychosis, and whathaveyou. Wherever the weakest link is located, they are coming through the perimeter like Ninjas in the night; ♫ ninjas in the night. All you can see are their shining teeth so bright, like Cheshire Cats in the moonlight ♫

There have been SO MANY episodes of celebrities losing it that my link here is to a search engine page, followed by more and more pages. It sounds like a Congressional Democrat orgy during session breaks. They say that congressmen keep their place in the book of life by bending over the Pages. They are saying it was the result of the pandemic. It is really due to their being attention junkies. They feed like vampires on the adulation of the entranced. When they don't get it, they lose it; if that makes any sense. Actors are good at pretending to be someone else because there is no one home in the first place. You will note, at this location the comments prove interesting, and that is the case these days all over. If you want to know what the buzz on the streets is, read the comments sections that follows the articles and statements online. People are waking up despite all of the efforts to keep them asleep, and the Overlords are NOT pleased.

I mentioned Regenerated Innocence and Senility yesterday. You can think of Awakened and Woke as being opposites. To become awakened it to see more often at a causal level. It takes some amount of personal discipline to deal with Awakening. For those who have none, and who continue to tremble in restless sleep, you have Woke.

See... the agents of The Dark Side KNOW that an awakening is coming. They KNOW this is an apocalypse. All of their present efforts, are to stave it off, or bypass it, so that business as usual, can go on as usual. This is the reason behind the ubiquitous mention of Wokeness. They are selling the vision of humanity coming to see life in a wakened fashion, but the entire panorama is presented in False Light. There is no presence of anything real in what they are selling, and there never has been.

Certain Big Time Celebrities are losing it Big Time. The article is very revealing if you are paying attention while reading it (grin). Consider the Belief System of this particular actor.

You see strange events at celebrity gatherings, once again, the article reveals more than you might think if you are paying attention. Sure, things happen. Michael Jackson's hair catches on fire; somebody falls off a stage. Still... if you are paying attention you can see that these sorts of anomalies; that were once anomalies, are no longer anomalies. Strange things are happening in the halls of legislature across the country.

Last night, basketball's biggest baby, was present at the demolition of the LA Lakers, who got bounced out of the NBA playoffs. He was in a bit of a snit after being beaten, for the first time in his career in the opening round of the playoffs. He showed no class on a big stage, though that stage is a lot smaller these days. Meanwhile, the worm has turned for D. Falsie. It is a little like it was for Robespierre after his 90 day run, ran out unexpectedly (for him).

I could add dozens and dozens of examples here. I could do this EVERY DAY. I could add in the random street violence. Is it random? I could add in the polarization between anti-vaxers and the vaccinated, between the Left and the Right, between black and white, and Critical Race theory. I could call attention to the Open Borders fiasco, and the insanity of Sanctuary Cities. I could go into the school systems teaching 5 year-olds to masturbate, and teaching those even younger, the Gay Alphabet. If you can't see what is going on, you don't want to.

What it all looks like is not what it is. People are seeing these changes through the lenses of their desires and fears. None of it, whether Supernally, or Infernally influenced, is about making life fair. Life will ALWAYS have the appearance of unfairness because people have no understanding of Karma, nor do they wish to. The idea of Karma INTERFERES with their motivations. I am not here to say that I understand Karma, or that the idea of Karma can be communicated in any comprehensive sense. Neither of these are true. I am here to say that Karma IS. Karma is a fact, just as the motion of The Sun and planets are, just like the seeming fixity of stars in space. Karma is LAW, and ONLY Grace has any militating effect.

Many times people come here as a reaction to what they got up to last time. You would be amazed at the ironies of it. Back and forth they go on the pendulum of inevitability. You can learn a lot about people simply by ACTUALLY listening to what they say, and watching what they do. Mortal eyes are blind.

All of what is taking place is a procession toward a COSMICALLY destined result. I should add also that the wheels still in spin. Yes, it is. The I-Ching has a hexagram titled, “Difficulty at the Beginning.” There are ALWAYS difficulties at the beginning of anything, and the reasons are too numerous to mention. The evidence of great change is everywhere to be seen, though it remains unseen by most. We are at The Turning of an Age. This is a big deal in our world. The archetypes and the fascia are about to undergo a remarkable transition. Some would like the design to be guided by a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. There are powerful and well-financed interests that want a much darker outcome. The thing is, it's NOT up to them. They have no say. They can get out of the way or get run over. The Cosmos is presently engaged in mulching the outdated and outworn. There is NOTHING anyone can do about this.

There are other sites where my work is posted and that gives me an opportunity to see how certain mindsets respond. What I notice... actually what I almost never notice, is reasoned discourse. Some twisted mentality told me there was no unity in existence. There is ONLY duality and the two sides of my vertical body prove this. It does? Wow! Now there is something I did not know, nor ever shall. Then there are those who write literal novellas that have nothing to do with the post but exist as mere launching pads for whatever ego-driven perspective is driving them. I had a fellow come around who wrote an awfully long- even for him- screed about something or other and then he closed by saying he was answering someone else at another post. Unreal. I see this madness percolating, and then surfacing here and there, and I marvel at the utter lack of awareness that attends it. Somebody has broken their rudders and their compasses, and they drift on an ocean of desperation. No matter what, they are determined that their perspective prevails, and... of course, it cannot.

Personally, celebrating Unity while in Duality is my preference. I can bring the two sides of my body together when I press my hands in prayer. Alternatively, I could make war on myself. People do.

This futile writhing of the self-abusing ego is painful to watch. It is amazing what one can see when they let go of the personal and become impersonal. Nothing is harder than to give up one's false sense of self. The Mind is the culprit and it won't let them go. It will use every trick in the book to protect itself but the personal self is an illusion and sooner or later... sooner or later, one comes to that particular purpose of demonstration.

If you are not looking for The Truth then none of this matters, but if you are, then you need to be aware of the costs. It doesn't take too long for most Sunday Seekers to figure out that they can't afford it. Once you find The Truth, if you do, you can't tell anyone about it anyway. It can be transmitted, but ONLY in a non-verbal fashion. There is nothing for the materialist in the search for truth, and they seldom bother to even look, cause The Competition otherwise is gaining on them. That is not all that is gaining on them. The negative desires that drive them, come naturally to a dreadful epiphany, where the lasting thought is that it really wasn't worth it after all.

It is easier for people to fabricate their own version of things, or to adopt the philosophy of another than it is to be stripped of all personal falsities, as The Truth will SURELY require of them. Don't expect a crowd at the end of the affair. Hardly anyone makes it that far. Ruthless Self-Inquiry is a Herculean affair, BUT... you do have help. Once you make up your mind about it and will brook no argument to the contrary, the process is managed by the particular department that handles such affairs. The Universe is VERY orderly and nothing gets missed. You might think it does because you and everyone you know forgets in a regular fashion. That IS NOT the case cosmically.

I would really like for the reader not to be troubled by appearances. I can tell you that they are scheduled for being extremely troubling, but... that ONLY applies to you if it applies to you. Occasionally, I think of finding somewhere in rural Idaho. Then I catch myself, and remind myself, that my life is not in my hands unless I insist on it (God forbid). God's Power is IMMENSE and ABSOLUTE. We shall see if my, or your, reliance on this proves out. I am QUITE CERTAIN that any other alternative would be a serious mistake in judgment. I prefer... No! Let me say, “I insist” that God's Will prevail in my life, and yours as well.

End Transmission.......

Speaking of such matters. Here is a classic example of what is okay for some and not for others;

Biden in Lust


robert said...

Visible One,

Some twisted mentality told me there was no unity in existence. There is ONLY duality and the two sides of my vertical body prove this. It does? Wow! Now there is something I did not know, nor ever shall

Is there anything more hilarious than human will (or the proxy will of the dark hole ring holder) pitted against Unity?
Not the deceptive verbiage rolled out to move the mob but the indivisible, undenial reality pointed to by the word symbol?

That the entire Creation is ONE is the only indisputable comprehension which unifies and integrates all human approaches to truth, spiritual, scientific or even emotional truth!

Hold back a tsunami?
Eradicate the life force?
Forbid the exercise of free will?

Bad luck with that!

Notice how twisted must the intellect become when straining to maintain an illusion partial to personalized desire?

Telling the truth is so much simpler, though risky in times of unconscious turmoil.
Selling the inversion of the truth, even to slumbering souls now awakening, requires strenuous effort and results on the tangled web which makes prey out the spider in the end.

This futile writhing of the self-abusing ego is painful to watch. It is amazing what one can see when they let go of the personal and become impersonal. Nothing is harder than to give up one's false sense of self. The Mind is the culprit and it won't let them go

This is why we need to access Humor, Divine Humor (Bond, James Bond)

The contortions of the hissy fitting minions, watching their promised dystopia wane away, ARE painful to witness if we identify with the egotists.

Egotists in residence?
or egotists not in residence, having abandoned their life boat at the suggestion of the shit whisperer!

Who or what is present in those thrashing their bodies and expelling their soul fragments in demonstration of demonic possession?

Compassion does not require anyone to identify with the false identity going through their motions but to broadcast love toward the the soul, the actual, the fractal of the One.

They also serve who stand and LOVE!

TotoFromOz said...

♫Ninjas in the night...exchanging glances..ninjas in the night...♫ :)

Anonymous said...

All the material insanity and increasing mental insanity, I mean I realized the only real solution is divine prem. I'm just praying to God, quite desperately, please show me to some saint or someone who has that prem, divine love. It's the only answer...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, there is one thing for certain. This is NOT a good time to make plans.

I'm just goin' with the flow, and am ready to accept whatever comes my way.

Ya know, Vis. . .I get the feeling we're in the same boat. . .in more ways than one.

Here's a few virtual nose snorfles and nose pets for ya. . .


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Lies of This World are The Shadows Cast by The Light of The Truth when Apart from It."

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old,

So, I relate to this guy. Story has it in the next town over, the local college is going to demolish the physics building and put a diversity studies and cultural preservation department in its place. Apparently there was an old man, waving a broom, screaming at the administration building that there was a secret nuclear experiment in the basement from WWII and they need to take it down brick by brick or they could blow up the whole campus and maybe the town. He was hauled away by the police and it was found out he was a former janitor. They inpected the basement, but found nothing. Demolition is on schedule after a brief controversy in town. Some one pointed out they could sell the bricks on E-bay.

Strange times indeed. I'm puzzled by your closing lines though.

This statement in particular seems self-contradictory: "Then I catch myself, and remind myself, that my life is not in my hands unless I insist on it (God forbid). God's Power is IMMENSE and ABSOLUTE."

The first part seems to indicate that you can override God's will, and the second says that is not possible. Was this intentional "literary tension"? If so, I think you stretched it too far.

In terms of free will, God's will, and determinism there is so much to digest there. I think of Job in the Bible. The story is meant to highlight God's respect for man's free will, and God's faith in that man's faith in Him. But what about the other players in the story? Doesn't God have to somehow delegate their free will to the Accuser in order that Job can be tested?

I'm old, but not old enough to know that. (Then I read you next column, saw you had addressed this, considered trashing this, but nah, here it is.)


Mr. Nah

Visible said...

Quite simply, we have the right to resist God or not. That is all there is of free will. Of course, I can insist on doing it my own way, and God will let me, and I will experience the consequences of my choice. I have made this same point many times. Fallen Angels are those who oppose the will of God and were cast out of Heaven. They work on this plane to deceive and corrupt the unwary. I have not been unwary in this respect for some time.

Miggy said...

I don't write witty but enjoy reading it but I am sure you can see the irony in that statement. It is a gift of God, as usual: As the world tumbles headlong into darkness we are moving at breakneck speed but the worm will turn as it always does. And when it does things will slow down and the Law of Regeneration will be able to be savored and enjoyed like the long morning sun.

View pictures and videos of the elation in the streets when WWII ended. How can one possibly understand that type of happiness without first experiencing utter blackness? The ones that suffered and did not make it are the lucky ones. They gave it all to allow the world to experience unrelenting relief and joy and will remember this for eternity. Oh, The Greatness of God!

It was said gaining back your innocence is much easier than losing it which is very true. And The Master says this is a requirement. The wise are able to use times like these to their advantage and force the issue back to their innocence.

Oh, The Greatness of God!

Visible said...

thank you for the perspective. I'm thinking you meant to say that losing your innocence is much easier than regaining it, which is what I said and which I think you were referencing. Don't mean to be schoolmarmish. It just seemed you meant other than how it posted.



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