Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Can't Levitate if you don't Meditate

It always seem like a wheel to me... the operation of the manifest world. The operation of creation always seems like a spiral. I know that there are undiscovered laws that apply to all of this and though I can sense and sometimes see their operation I don’t understand them. I don’t have to understand them. I just have to be aware of the one and cooperating with the other.

You can see this wheel of the manifest going on all of the time. You can see it on a great many levels. You see it in the seasons and the cycle of day and night. You see it in the predictability of patterns. You see it in the way people repeat themselves. You see it in the sameness of appetite and all the things that repeat in the lives of people, animals, plants and rocks.

Things grow strong in the turning of the wheel. Patterns reinforced by repetition become more difficult to break; like a rut made in a dirt road. The idea of moving the vehicle out of the rut over and over until a new rut is formed is not something most people get into and not something they like to have visited upon them by outside force. Parents discover this when they raise their children. You can discover it in marriage and in prison. Sometimes the patterns replacing patterns are worse than the ones replaced.

The wheel’s on fire. You can’t get motion without desire or some kind of power to turn the wheel. You could call it a wheel of confusion. It always keeps moving through some kind of countryside of color and sound. All these things are happening. You weren’t here and now you are. You’re young. You’re in the middle. You’re old. You seem to be gone and then you’re right back on the wheel again. Now a wheel can turn forever and still never be anything but a wheel. A spiral is a different matter, even if it does have characteristics similar to a wheel.

If you tell people they are on a wheel to nowhere they might agree with you and they might get annoyed with you. In many cases they won’t know what you’re talking about. That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is when they know what you are talking about but don’t do anything about it. Another interesting feature is the way the mind slips around considering it. The mind doesn’t like to contemplate this because it interferes with the familiar.

For thousands of years the wheel of the manifest continues to turn. It’s probably much longer than that but the different periods of existence only record so much of it in their history before some new cycle with new history replaces any memory of what came before. During any particular cycle, if you were to speed up the movie, it would be like riding the rapids through wild gorges. Cities and cultures would rise and fall like undulating waves. Every drama imaginable would repeat in new costumes with all manner of technologies. They’d be the same dramas regardless of the time period. Finally it would all end somehow and then begin again.

You have to ask yourself what the point of this is. The same things keep happening. There’s an endless agony of pain and loss counter-pointing an endless continuum of pleasure and gain. They’d be changing places routinely within the lives of every living thing. What is the point? Seen from a wide perspective there wouldn’t be much point besides the desire to go through it. One could speculate that any and all of the souls involved just didn’t get what they were looking for so they kept coming back again and again in the hope of finding whatever that was. For some it was enough just to keep doing it. From the wider perspective that would seem insane.

It comes back to that interesting feature about the mind slipping around the consideration of its situation. Maybe all that the mind can know about anything is confined within the operation of the wheel. I don’t think it matters what is the cause of the confinement and endless repeating as much as whether there’s a way out of the loop.

You can’t talk about these things in any satisfactory way. You can only hint at something. If you’re successful with the hint it triggers the image factory and then the mind so activated is able to carry on with the process according to its own means of interpretation.

Almost all of the time, almost all of the minds have only so long to consider anything outside of the usual turning before the wheel slips right back into the rut. When you cut your finger you are constantly aware of it for a while, then less so, then less so, then not at all.

It stands to reason that this wheel is a location where the same things repeat over and over again. Sometimes it’s enjoyable and sometimes it isn’t but it’s always more or less the same. Even in terms of what is called ‘progress’ and as the scenery is continuously altered because of new implements and environments... the dramas do not essentially change. As long as you’re on the wheel you are going to keep recycling and being recycled. You might eventually be everyone and everything if no great epiphany occurs before that.

Talking to people on a wheel about a spiral can be a delicate art. It’s probably best to just rely on depth charges and go your way.

Existence and consciousness seem to have a spiraling relationship. The more conscious you are the more existence tends to appear differently than it does to those less conscious. Consciousness is something that can be increased and decreased. Let’s use meditation on the one hand and alcohol on the other as examples of this.

If you consistently meditate you are going to become more aware of something that doesn’t make itself apparent unless you do meditate. If you keep drinking alcohol at some point you will pass out. You could pass out completely for that matter.

It seems to me- and of course, that’s subjective but never-the-less, it seems to me that we are dealing with degrees of density; for some the greater the density the greater the security. Some people put on large masses of flesh to protect their feelings. It doesn’t achieve anything but it is the motivation. Density is imprisonment. It is also a kind of security. The less dense you become the wider the vista and the greater the potential for a certain kind of giddiness. This is a scary thing for those reliant upon solid and substantial circumstances. In a way you could say that the pursuit of money is a desire for density.

The only important thing to take from this is that there is a way out. There is a way off of the wheel. But you will not get off of the wheel by applying actions that are connected to the wheel. To get off of the wheel you have to take action connected to the manner in which a spiral works.

Sooner or later everyone discovers this. They discover it because the pain has become too much to bear. They discover it because they lost everything they cherished. They discover it through trauma and sometimes through grace. It’s there all of the time regardless of whether it’s been forcefully brought to your attention. Anyone could set out for freedom at any time. They would have to be inclined to lift the carriage from the ruts as a full time consideration. There would be significant work and attention required but it could be done. Faithful meditation will take you there, regardless of your faith in divinity or anything else, so long as you were practicing it correctly.

Well, it’s a matter of choice and only relevant to those interested. In the meantime the wheel will roll on forever so don’t worry about missing anything other than the way out.

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Anonymous said...

Well the wheel can have it's charm and it serves a certain purpose but after awhile it should start to become less and less interesting. I'm not a person that has specific past-life remembrances but I do feel that I have been on this wheel for a long, long time. (And I think the wheel encompasses alot more than just planet earth and the cycle of human experience.) You can tell that the wheel is losing it's appeal to someone when they stop looking 'out there' for meaning and fulfillment and start opening themselves to the experience of wisdom and happiness flowing from the inside out. I think that's happening more and more with people but we'll probably see more cases of both extremes before this is any large-scale change. (Great title by the way...)


Anonymous said...

funny how us kids got taught all about PI (for circle math) and nothing about PHI (for spiral math)... ah yes, the "other" irrational number that describes our reality - funny that! for a good meditation on the irrational, contemplate the square root of 5 -
the distance between 1x2 at right angles - like the letter "L" (for Elohim perhaps) - plenty of room in root5 land for all our stories!!!
: )

Visible said...

I don't know but I suspect that the truth is at right angles to everything else.

Anonymous said...

As I read this Visible, I am reminded of my trip from the nearest reasonable commercial centre to where I live in the nearby countryside.
As I leave town and travel on my way home I take note of the railway line on the outskirts of town. The next I know I am driving past the golf course just outside the small town in which I live. The 50km or so between both centres is, well, not recorded in my mind. Points are remembered; probably because I have done the trip so often but nothing is forthcoming of this particular trip.
This article was like that. From 'It always seem like a wheel to me…' to 'Well, it’s a matter of choice and only relevant to those interested.' I have no recollection of what went on in between. It hasn’t registered. So I read it again. Same thing. Do you think this is relevant?

Visible said...

apparently the wheel is still in spin.

Nicely said by the way because it makes the point well.

abel said...

Greetings Visible,
I enjoyed the analogy of the differences between meditation and drinking. I spent many years trying to make the details fade away with alcohol. Unfortunately the details become overwhelming once I sobered up. Its no accident that alcoholism is described as a merry go round.
Meditation on the other hand seems to be a focus on detail till they disappear and new details ( realties ) appear that have been overlooked by the clutter.
My peace comes from realizing that these other realties coexist within my ordinary life.
I enjoy reflecting with you.
Peace, Al B.

Anonymous said...

something i jotted down after a little reflection about a few of your topics recently, not sure it fits here but nonetheless hope it spurs some thought.

by the way, i enjoy indulging in a lil brew from time to time, just happens that i may of had one too many tonight.

In the end where have we gone
everyone stranding themselves apart
for fun
for nothing
how many days are spent here useless
how come the lives of many are used less
and less
and less
does the organization occur from out or within
does revolution ever end
or must we begin
has it aready begun
and has the linen already been sewed
and how many us truly realize
that most of us shall never know
shall never know the suns true place
shall never know true love without a face
shall never find the youth that everyone tends to lose
shall always search but rarely ever brush upon the truth
how many bottles shall be emptied
with our answers never found
how many days and nights are we all allowed
and will the questions ever stop
is that our purpose on this rock
and is an answer just another question unlocked
and why should one search for freedom if oppression is its tail
and why do i want to succeed in life if just means another fails
the cradle now is crowded
and we're all looking to get out
to crawl into another cradle and claim its truth that we have found
its a saviour the masses want
just a man to stand in front
just a man to hide behind
just a scapegoat to make accuses with words we claim divine
infants searching outward
toddlers looking in
asking others who are just babies
but yet we see them to be men
washing mistakes with future goals
masking tomorrow with today
half of life being correct
and the other half the wrong way
so how could we choose sides of a coin thats made of one
how can few undue what many have already undone
one way must be salvation
the other way a plastic gun
some day maybe well be serious
but lifes so much easier having fun

Visible said...

new posting here


Visible said...

Wanderer; I'm sorry I didn't take the time to reply when I read you poem. I just want to tell you there is some real brilliance in parts there.

My wife came into the room and asked me why I was saying "Wow."

Thanks for posting that.

annemarie said...


Yes, as Les said that is Wow-full :)

Muchas gracias for sharing. I've found too that sometimes the spirit/s do arrive via a lil brew a.k.a. the liquidy spirits. Methinks that they enjoy a lil drink too ;)

ta, annemarie

Freddamedgjedda said...

It feels like your posts gives my soul experience-points. Did that make any sense? Anyway since I until the last 3-4 years have been a non believer. Or rather a believer in Darwin. I have always been terrified of death and according to what I have always been told the chance of me ever being born was like second to none. So everyone alive won the billion dollar lottery. You have probably heard it before...

During my life I have asked myself many times, even when I was a kid: Would you rather be without? Like never experience nothing. So I didn`t have to lie awake at night frightened and with a feeling of uselessness, I hate that feeling!!! My answer to myself has always been no,I would not be without, I would rather be miserable than non-existing so to speak.
I now believe (and it is proven a long time ago) that everything is pure energy and I have transformed my life and continue to do so. But the answer to the same question is still no. Because now I see my usefulness, I love that feeling!!! So maybe we choose to come back to rewithflesh. ("in carne" means with flesh(But you probably knew)) Even if beeing without flesh, a free soul, must be: (I won`t even try to find words that can describe it).
I think we are her to help Gaia(Earth) in transforming energy... That is why people at some point feel to bad to stay on the wheel, often after having done some "damage" to their own soul and others. And they become more spiritual aware. Then the positive energy is in some way or another flowing again. Because that is why we are here and as long as we don`t do our "work" whe feel bad... Then again maybe I`m just way off I have been in the past obviesly...

Anonymous said...

I think by actually being here we are meant to be.
I have asked my kids in the past when they have complained,
"Would you rather be than not''?
The answer of course is "Yes".
I, like you, 'the chance of me ever being born was like second to none'.
My mother was not supposed to have children because of a debilitating disease.
When it was discovered 'I' was on the way the doctor insisted she have a curette.
Which was done, however, here 'I' am!
My mum died soon after my birth through a lack of medical knowledge and no doctors in the hospital, during WWII.
So I consider myself here for a reason; still don't know why yet and may never.
My life is enhanced with this blog and the people who come here. Thanks.



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