Monday, November 26, 2007

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I’m not much interested in the details and histories of academic and technical pursuits. These deal with professions that provide people with income. Generations pass on their perspectives and the tricks of the trade to succeeding generations. People get jobs and build and/or destroy their lives in the process of their personal movie. Sometimes they make their world a better place and sometimes they make it worse and mostly they have little impact in either direction. None of these things are ‘the thing itself’ and they are only useful in the sensory realm.

Various people are passionate about sciences of all types, the various ‘ologies, medicine and the law, politics, religion- whatever the world contains has some field of inquiry, commerce and creative production about it. Some study and some teach and some do both. It’s the manifest world as it exists within the bandwidth of the senses of those perceiving it. It goes on every day, it’s been going on since the goings-on started to be recorded and was going on before that; civilizations rising and falling like heartbeats, like breaths, like ocean waves. It will continue to go on, rising and falling like the aforementioned examples... world without end.

In a sense, the world does end... it ends parameter-wise where the next world begins; even if that world is overlapping and/or interpenetrative. There are different worlds right within this world- some of them within the bandwidth of the senses that perceive it. There are emotional and mental worlds that interpret and respond; are attracted and repelled and develop judgments, reactions, phobias, pathologies and all of the intricacies of worlds within worlds, overlapping and interpenetrating worlds. None of these things and places is the thing they are made out of.

There’s matter and there’s energy and bandwidth and all the things that go on with matter and energy within the bandwidth of their theater of operation as observed and identified by the senses that perceive the changes. Every observer in every world has sensory apparatus that allows for the observer to be aware of conditions that exist in that world. These are the tools they measure and define with.

It is understandable that those limited to specific bandwidths would be unaware of worlds existing outside of that bandwidth. It is expected that they would be suspicious of those who are aware of other realms of existence when they themselves cannot perceive them and who are wholly in the thrall of academic and technical explanations whose measuring tools are relevant only to the bandwidth in which they exist and which are not the thing which they are woven out of.

We’ve been around for this particular circuit for around six thousand years, give or take. In that time we’ve see a whole lot of philosophical speculation upon the meaning and origins of existence that amounts to squat. We’ve seen the emergence of religions and political movements whose purpose generally has been plundering and confusion perpetrated for the purpose of plunder and... control.

Just as we have periods of calm and stormy weather in the natural world we have the same in the human theater. Some times are better than other times overall but in all times things are better for some and worse for others.

Whatever you’re doing for a living here, for better or worse, criminally or legally- according to your times... that’s just your routine here in the bandwidth and you get paid for that in the coin of the realm. Every realm has its coin and it’s a sad state of affairs when people make the coin of one realm off of the promise of another realm. That currency doesn’t convert anyway- just thought I’d point it out. For some, this bandwidth is all that concerns them at the present; regardless of their pending transition out of it. For some this world is a hollow land of hungry ghosts dining in a graveyard. These things matter only to those they matter to and most people shake their heads about each other as they go about their day.

In these times there are a lot of people presenting themselves as representatives of bandwidths that can’t be defined or measured and getting paid on one plane for their presentations of life on another. Seems I said something like that a moment ago. These are times of enormous transformation and upheaval and a great many people are running around selling the answer to something they have no contact with. Nothing said can be the thing behind the thing that comes before the thought that forms the words.

It stands to reason that if something is, then it is. If it is then it is. People telling and selling you something are not telling or selling you the thing itself. Huddling together in common confusion and fear may give some succor in numbers but you’re still huddling. The sales force knows this. If the thing being offered is only useful when it’s free it makes little sense to bind it; and... it ‘cannot’ be bound. Then all you’ll have is a new bound version of what is not the boundless; congratulations.

There’s no way to say what’s being said here. It can only be talked around or alluded to. It’s at right angles to everything in your bandwidth. If it could have been explained or defined it would have been; as per all the philosophers and religions mentioned earlier. It hasn’t been. Some say it has, mostly your fundamentalists- letter of the law types. But it hasn’t been and it never will be. Portions of it can be understood in a general population way and some of it can be understood by those initiated into a perspective or school of thought but the greater portion of ‘it’ will always be beyond the capacity of the mortal mind or... any mind to define or comprehend.

There’s only one way to get the value of the thing and that is by personal experience of it. It’s been said that two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. You can’t have an explanation for the unexplainable occupying the same space as the unexplainable at the same time. You can’t have the thing and its description operative within the same space. You are merged or you are apart from. You are a part of it or you are apart from it. ...think about it.

A book can spark the inquiry. A speaker can trip a switch. An event or trauma can open a door. Every and any moment of epiphany can also fade unless there is an intensity to proceed in the heart and mind of the one affected. Unless there is a diligence in the life then the sensory life will eventually prevail again until death releases it to the moon to make another body.

In order to grasp the reality for yourself you must eventually discard everything you have assumed to be true and embrace the thing on its own terms. Sooner or later you must withdraw from everything around you (for a time) and seek ‘it’ with all the force you can muster. There are those who can make the leap from within the mix of existence but they are few.

Though there are many among us who possess some idea of the thing and who do good in their daily efforts, there are very, very few in any generation who come into permanent conscious contact with it. If you would only lock yourself in a room- or go into the wilderness- with nothing but water and call out without ceasing (for as long as it takes; right up against the boundary of physical life if necessary) you will absolutely make the connection. You are always under observation. You have no life except that it is maintained by the attention of what is maintaining it. Attempting this will show you just what you are up against; who you are and what you are not. Anything short of this kind of commitment is just some form of lying to yourself.

All the books, words and structures, all the symbols and ideas ...the stained glass... the finely robed priests and mysterious objects on the altar are just visible evidence of something invisible; they are not the thing itself. These things clutter the bandwidth of the senses and are hawked in the marketplace as items of power. They are nothing. You have to press inward until you make contact. Everything else is just shopping for an outfit to wear at the dance. Everything else is just a series of ‘moves’ aimed at impressing the other dancers. Everything else is everything else. Everything else is everything else because they are not ‘it’. That is what makes everything else, ‘everything else’.


Visible said...

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Anonymous said...

hi viz,
i seem to've finally gotten my act together inre signin' on w/google. have so enjoyed the posts of late.
hope you hav had time to chk out chrichton miller's website on the working celtic cross. it answered some questions for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Bandwidth: This life is a tentative tuning in on a particular collection of human cells.
I've peeked under the curtain to uproarious laughter and the question,"what are you doing here little man ?"
Knowing something that defies words is a life struggle on this station.
Peace, Al B.



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