Thursday, January 23, 2014

Six Flag Waving Nations over Fundie Land and Elsewhere.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are so many examples of people being shot by members of their family, or stabbed 30 times, or shooting colleagues and erstwhile friends, or random attacks on strangers that there's no point in linking them all, I'll just put up the main website. Of course, you can go to any of the other Crass Media sites and find even more. I'm bringing this up because you can look for this to increase and increase until it becomes horribly ludicrous (if that's the proper term). The greater the press of the economy and the weather and the lack of basic needs, the more exponential this is going to go. I hate to be the one who mentions it to you but I want you to be wary and observant as you go, should you be living in Police State U.S.A.

A reader, the BCth, posted a comment this morning over at Mirrors. Here it is:

"Re: Channeling

I've now read most of the piece of channeled material linked by walking hawk some days ago. (Thank you for that, wh!) To my senses, it appears to follow a familiar pattern: the best or cleanest material, the most resonant points, come near the beginning, followed by a trend toward less and less over time. I am not in a position to disprove or verify for myself much of what's there, so I have to pretty much go by gut feel.

They (whoever "they" being channeled are) tell us that this universe has been corrupted on every level, from the micro to the macro. They also stress the importance of personal integrity as a way to resonate with truth and positive, protective forces. (I would also add self-reliance and healthy skepticism as protection from being deceived. The "Dark" aspects of these higher-dimensional beings certainly know what buttons to push to get us to swallow dirt along with the good stuff.) What I can surmise from this is that whatever weaknesses of character these light workers and channelers may have is definitely exploited to the fullest by the Dark side to slip as much false hope and whatnot through as possible. You really see this when it comes to the "predictions" they put out...."

Does this not remind you of near exactly what gets said here on a regular basis? I've little use for channeling at the hands of most and especially those you see advertising on New Age websites, who have a list of their various titles of function that often make me laugh out loud. Here's one such site on channeling, only it doesn't have the funny listing. One of them I thought was channeling the Detroits Lions fabulous wide recveiver, Megatron but it is actually the archangel Metatron. Now just because Metatron is not listed as one of the original archangels, ANYWHERE, in the witten and archaeological sense, does not mean he hasn't just come up through the ranks in the meantime.

Here's a really funny one; you will note that the first entry says, "I will read your cards for $20" and the next one says, "I will read your cards for $5. Heh heh, someone there is doing Face/Soul readings. One of them will 'send you' 30 minutes; that's 30 minutes of Reiki healing for $5. As has been proven here more times than I can even recall, I'll send you the necessary healing for nothing and it usually has a noticeable effect and this is something readily accomplished by 'anyone' with the proper possession of the necessary amounts of source, will and certitude. At a particular level of belief, results are automatic. Sometimes they are less than what is sought and on occasion not permitted due to the necessity of the condition remaining, for some reason. They don't tell us anything about that. And... who doesn't want to take a stroll through The Psychics Mall? The U.S. is known for and is sure to be known for, by the time this year comes to a close, for Psycho Malls. Malls are going to become a real attraction zone for things other than what they've been for until now, for all sorts of reasons. The same for fast food locations. This kind of thing, I feel certain, could actually be predicted as on the menu by the use of theoretical and probability math. I think chaos theory has some of these elements too. No doubt there's even a website for it that has an animated avatar of Jeff Goldblum. The site has voice stress analyzing software, so that they can narrow down your possible interests and look all savvy and such. What does the magic 8 ball say? Psychics to the left of me, psychics to the right of me, into the valley of psychics rode the unwary, god help us.

A reader pointed out an interesting point about a psychic that got mentioned in the comments recently. He made so many predictions and many of them conveniently vague so that after awhile some of them have to happen, in some kind of recognizable way and then he can take credit for them, without mentioning the other ones that somehow slip off the page at that point.

Lots of people go to psychics for financial insight but... the truth of you having money or not having money depends on whether you have the gene or not, or whether your Karma is geared that way. That's subject to change upon your departure, if not before, should you lack the necessary generosity that speaks to an understanding of cosmic ebb and flow and all attendant cosmic laws that cover this sort of thing and... there are several. I am personally far richer than any billionaire on the planet and my wealth is not subject to getting taken from me, unless I abuse it and there are some pretty strict failsafes that are in place for that not happening. I am not alone in this regard. Anyone who knows the value of these things is equally as rich.

It is an obvious and observable fact that you cannot take your money or your titles with you. Both of these things and sundry, remain on the plane (in Spain?) which they are relevant to. How's the song go, "You can't take nothing with you but your soul"? More comprehensively said; you take with you that which has become a part of you. Maybe too many people miss the meaning of that and the fact that those things ARE currency elsewhere. They are actual passports and travel tickets to specific locations, should you choose any one of the ones your gifts and assets relate to and there are plenty of those.

People who have immersed themselves in the details and manifestations of this life, may have a wide or less wide awareness of what goes on down here but they know squat about elsewhere. Here is the primary and most terrible disconnect of the majority of humanity; all their concerns are focused here, in a temporary zone that they are in the process of leaving from the moment they arrive. It's like, duh... And, on the other hand, there's that large aggregate who are, by degrees, occupied with dogma and cant and the cavalier interpretation of scriptures for the benefit of an avaricous priest class or some big haired, or wide assed ministry. Now some might take exception to my use of particular terms, while seemingly speaking about esoteric matters that "goldurnit visible, this deserves a modicum of respect!" Well those issues might but the others doesn't so... discriminate.

Anyway... here we are in this viscous swamp of replicating delusion, grasping at will-o'-the-wisps and intoxicated with swamp gas and wandering about in some level of delirium and it is delirium, if it's not consciously self aware, which brings us back to that, "know thyself" meme that most people have heard in one form or another but which, apparently, few take seriously. It's that disconnect again. So... here you are, in a lights and sound saturated combination bus, train and plane station that also contains everything you've seen or heard about and it's open 24 hours a day and there's these intricate timers, clock-like and... there's millions, billions of them and each of them is relevant to one of the people you pass every day in this station. If you're capable of hearing at a certain level, then you can hear timers going off all the time and then they stop keeping time. The light goes out and it remains there with the hands frozen in a particular position.

Well, people aren't here all that long, relatively speaking, in fact it's an unimaginably brief and near immeasurable period of time, relatively speaking. It seems longer to those passing through it, long enough to get all kinds of tangled up in whatever it is they thought they might like or, were originally attracted to. Any mind that has proceeded to a certain level of awareness by replacing the usual demands of appetite and desire with another appetite, another desire for things unseen, discovers that this is far from the only world, discovers the extreme necessity of making contact with a more enduring consciousness so that they can share in the attributes of it. It becomes glaringly obvious that the temporal realm is a location of sham and delusion and that there are much finer locations one can come to dwell in. In fact, one discovers that one can actually dwell in such locations while they ARE STILL HERE. As has been said here any number of times, 'heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth'.

Sure, it's frustrating to put time into something and not have it leap right out and provide you with confirmation of its presence, such as a Big Mac will do, or a deep fried chicken butt ring, or some pointeless and useless diamond, or an unconscious fuck with an unconscious person (grin). Whoops! "the language visible! Why can't you talk like those other guys?" Hmmm, actually I consider many of them living obscenities, far more obscene in action than my language. It's a matter of degrees. Sucking money out of the bank accounts of the gullible under false pretenses is, I think, a far greater crime than colorful, not exactly the usual, syntax. Well, much worse is the common lingo of the day but we're talking about what one is making themselves representative of.

I've considered the persona of 'sweet and light, as well as its proximity to saccharine and the idea that swwet and light can turn into Sweet and Low, if it's just a pose. I've considered most, I'm sure, of the variety of possible personality garments, as they apply to particular ideologies. I've thought about how one can get into that white robed garlanded with flowers thing. Indeed, during the last stage of my stay in India it happened all by itself. All it took was for the right person to say something. I made arrangements to leave the next day. See... if you get into that white robed thing, prior to it simply appearing upon you, regardless of what you have on, you are going to be exposed in some way and... I hardly need mention that this is also an apocalypse we're in. So... I settled upon the most workable persona I could think of that would still allow me to do whatever this is. Everything is subject to change and so is this. This moment is only what the moment defines itself as on the way to the next moment.

So... on the one hand you've got this place of endless murk, disguised as a fascinating carnival of delights and we've got that traditional six flag waving, warring nations over fundie land. We've got New Age Nodwell-Land. Of course, we've got what purports to be Satanism and we got paganism; what doesn't seem to occur to most pagans is that in order to communicate with the relevant forces you MUST be in possession of certain keys. Then there's that whole area referred to as the occult, which in fact is a multi-leveled and quite enormous location, where all kinds of things can be located, including the truth, should one be able to identify it. Ergo, it stands to reason that people get frustrated in the efforts for discovery of what doesn't instantly present itself for acquisition, which pretty much forces the casual seeker to opt out for what's available and which, precisely because it is available, could not possibly be 'the thing itself'.

All the things people latch on to, they latch on to because they are convenient or available. And... all of this is intentionally constructed in this manner for the single purpose of weeding out the insincere; the dilletantes, the fickle, those in pursuit of gain and all those items of self interest on the shelves of the Wal-mart's of the world. They all, sooner or later find out that what they took possession of was not what they really wanted. What you really want takes possession of you. The inarguable truth is... the real is there. Others, across the span of times past have discovered it and their lives and works are direct evidence of this, for those with eyes to see.

Sure, it's not going to jump into your lap. It doesn't work like that. It takes real effort to get some of the more tantalizing items here so, you can 'rest assured' that the real thing is more elusive but... it is not beyond your reach or your abilities. It is certainly no match for determination and persistence and it cannot deny its appearance in the presence of real Love. A certain intensity and frequency of Love will absolutely guarantee a speedy arrival and a sustained presence. Believe it or not. Some will and some won't and both will get what they deserve as a result of whichever.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I love when you write like this. To me it's akin to The Visible Fire and Brimstone. :)

So... sounds like it's a really good idea to think about WHERE I'M GOING after I leave here. Which, quite literally, could be any second.

Infinite Thanks!


PS- Bodhati, I had the exact same experience with my ceiling on robitussin. Wow! :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"It becomes glaringly obvious that the temporal realm is a location of sham and delusion and that there are much finer locations one can come to dwell in. "

Yet people fight to stay in the HELL HOLE like their life depended on it. Silly humans.

Peter said...

I suppose this comment is grossly inappropriate, but hey, a bit of juicy slap stick can be most healing.
I heard this SONG watching Bill Murray, at a Tokyo strip bar, in the movie, Lost in Translation. I have been giddy ever since.
I pass that song on to any like minded simpletons like myself.Apologies to anyone offended. No harm intended.

Anonymous said...

Stick around a little longer. I believe it's going to get a lot more interesting out "there".

Peace and Health to ya.

walking hawk

Ginnie said...

This makes me sick!

And is shocked that others don't agree.

Anonymous said...

sweet and light into sweet n low. HAHA It's so much fun to think in non linear format. I just want to share this experience that takes the cake with me, in so far as taking psychedelics goes. My younger brother and I had eaten some really good shrooms and were just sitting in his parked honda, watching things dance on the foggy windshield. Now, I had fasted beforehand for 24 hours I believe, and had taken a little over an eighth. Now at some point we sort of branched off into different dimensions and I became drawn deeper and deeper into my center. Everything became kind of muffled around me. Then I began to hear the voice of a woman. The voice seemed to come from all around me and I actually thought the radio was turned on. I remember mashing at the dashboard trying to turn it off. I remember I actually found the volume knob which would stop this voice had it been coming from the radio. It was not. The voice was almost robotic if not from its sound, then from the near perfect grammar and pronunciation. I can't recall words per say, but the feeling was that this was an intelligence that knew intimately everything about me and my doings here. This intelligence had been watching me because it was rattling off specifics of my life experience. All the while I'm trying to figure out where this voice is coming from and how this is happening. My brother heard non of this and was involved in something separate.

So anyway, after this was over I remember walking back to the house with a true feeling of what it meant to be alive and me here. Also impressed was the certain insanity of how we were actually living here. I had a visceral sense of the danger here, but also the playful 'game- like' nature of our existence. I certainly understood the folly of 'privacy.' The overall feeling of majesty and meaning hit me like a ton of bricks so to speak. I will never forget it.

PS Jim HAHa we could have moved mountains on that Robitussin hu? Made me feel like the hulk. I remember once on a golf course on a star filled night we came up to a body of water. It was very clear and all the stars were reflecting back from the sky. Felt like we were standing on the edge of the earth and space was all around below and above.

David Widner said...

Hi V/All,

In regards to 'channeling' I prefer to just keep focusing on my 'cross' and help the rose bloom by letting everything be Okay.
The Law of Cause & Effect after wandering 'in the desert' comes into sharp focus when the conditions are right.

Vis, you are one of my many teachers in this journey. Thanks again for all you Do!

Love to all!

David Paul Widner

Anonymous said...

"It becomes glaringly obvious that the temporal realm is a location of sham and delusion and that there are much finer locations one can come to dwell in. "


"Once Indra, the King of heaven, was cursed by his spiritual master, Brhaspati, on account of his misbehavior, and he became a hog on this planet. After many days, when Brahma wanted to recall him to his heavenly kingdom, Indra, in the form of a hog, forgot everything of his royal position in the heavenly kingdom, and he refused to go back. This is the spell of maya. Even Indra forgets his heavenly standard of life and is satisfied with the standard of a hog's life."

When Indra Became A Hog

missingarib said...

vis,I believe they (and a good approximate of they is the tribe)know the signs are all present and that some things are fixed and some are consequences unknown.
Like the famous Donald Rumsfeld quandary The message is that there are no "knowns." There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know. So when we do the best we can and we pull all this information together, and we then say well that's basically what we see as the situation, that is really only the known knowns and the known unknowns. And each year, we discover a few more of those unknown unknowns.
It sounds like a riddle. It isn't a riddle. It is a very serious, important matter.

"The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?"
Matthew 16:1-3

So as you vis indulge the fixed stare of the somnambulists holding a mirror up to
"People who have immersed themselves in the details and manifestations of this life, may have a wide or less wide awareness of what goes on down here but they know squat about elsewhere. Here is the primary and most terrible disconnect of the majority of humanity; all their concerns are focused here, in a temporary zone that they are in the process of leaving from the moment they arrive." ,can't hurt. (grin)

live long

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#8 And it's a bitch to remember (thanks to an NDE in part), but we gotta do what we gotta do. And I wouldn't trade what I do remember and know for ANYTHING! After all, knowledge is the most valuable commodity there is, followed closely by time. For those who use it wisely, anyway. Not the idiots who watch TV 10 hours a day (like I used to do on Saturday when I was a younger teenager. I was also glued to that infernal machine after school, though I did do other things. I read a lot too, and spent a lot of my younger life obsessed with running, so I wasn't a complete moron).

3rd Elf from the left said...

For anyone who missed it - Visible's just recorded a new song; a catchy number called

You could Dance with Me

... and it's rather good!

Visible said...

Okay... about the song. that's a very rough demo with a scratch vocal that I ran off today. I'll polish it up for when it gets released but I'm going to be putting examples like this out a few times every week as I go. gives me something to do, since I got all this free time. Not!

Flecker's Magick said...

i Would add that, along with shopping malls, there's also going to be lots of terrible doings and goings-on at ATMs, gas stations, and super markets.

And just for the record, let it be known that the infernal tribe is at it again, trying to wurlitzer Assad out of his realm, no doubt so they might carry on with their diabolical plans for Iran.

From one of the most fearless anti-zionists out there, Brother Nathaniel, comes the following:

"IT’S WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION all over again. And now the runner up to that Jewish lie is being plastered all over the Jew York Times.

Their latest piece of warmongering is calling Assad a “torturer” of “his own people.”

Haven’t we had enough of JEW LIES by now?

It’s ‘Jew timing’ all the way.

No coincidence that a ‘confidential report’ of photos of tortured prisoners from an anonymous source propagated by the Qatari government was published on the very eve of the peace talks.

The Syrian Ministry of Information said there was “no evidence” they were taken in Syria. “I doubt this report,” contested Syria’s Information minister. “We should check these photos. Who are these people? Where are the names? From which prisons? Who is this person who has the authority to have these photos?”

Jew-owned Heinz Kerry took the cue the very first day of talks, saying: “The only thing standing in the way of peace is the stubborn clinging to power of one man. The right to lead a country does not come from torture.”

Wallid al-Moallem, Syria’s foreign minister, shotback at Kerry: “No one has the right to confer or withdraw the legitimacy of a president, a constitution, or a law, except for the Syrians themselves.”

And to another the tribe’s dupes, Ban Ki-moon, Moallem admonished: “You live in New York. I live in Syria. I have the right to give the Syrian version. After three years of suffering, this is my right.”

Of course, the zionist-owned press has blacked-out reports from Syria, while Jewmerica, Israhell, and Saudi Arabia control the narrative and confine it to propaganda from the “opposition.”

>>>> The rest is here:


And the torture propaganda was initially broken on tv by CNNs Christiane Anampour, a known MOSSAD asset, who sees fit to have herself photographed in her apartment beside a painting depicting the destruction of the the twin towers, replete with people jumping to their deaths. Check it out. It's right there in plain sight if you dare to look.

The price is eternal vigilance. Can you afford it?


Visible said...

Someone is grabbing readers well known to me, their email accounts that is and they are sending me messages with a clickable link. When I saw the first one this morning I went... hmmm. So I wrote the fellow and he said, "No! I didn't send you anything!" Now I just got one from Erin Parsley with a link, asking me why I felt had had to be so crude in an old blog posting. Hmmm

This is a warning folks that some weird shit is going on.

3rd Elf from the left said...

China dumps all US Bonds? (cached page)

Either CNN got hacked, or the times we live in are about to get more interesting still...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

All these Things: in the Context of The Apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

Great song!
Looking forward to the cd.

Anonymous said...




Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Stolen Alphabets and the Ministry of Death.



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