Friday, January 03, 2014

People get Ready for the Changes Coming!

Dog Poet Transcending......

May your noses always be registers of truth.

What would the new year, any new year be, without something from the Twilight Zone and... since we presently live in the Twilight Zone, it stands to reason, inasmuch as either reason or logic may apply in these environs, in these times, that this might well be true (it’s even more telling that he is a character from the Lord of the Rings. No doubt this was Gandalf’s long lost Hassidic brother, even though he looks a great deal like Radagast) and certainly, easily as true as anything that passes for truth these days. What this site needs is a Miley Cyrus twerking avatar who does a ‘mad booty butt slalom’ every time the truth is written or read here and we be hoping that would mean she be shaking it all day long. If you’re going to be in the Twilight Zone, you got to act like you’re in the Twilight Zone. Comprende? Uh huh... you clowns in the back are in the wrong sector. This is the Department of Demonstrations and Expositions. What you want is Nimrods and Nitwits. Go out that virtual door at the back, turn left to the elevators and go down to the sub basement. Once there you can ask any of the white coated attendants for assistance.

Where was I? Good grief! I was in Origami, sorry about that, To make up for it, here is another gift, if you have not read this yet you are in for a major treat. Proof positive of many things doesn’t get much better than this. Then, also, there’s the documented fact that he laid in state after his mahasamadhi for over a month with NO VISIBLE SIGNS of decay. Some of you may have problems with the BOTA lessons that go on for a very long time. Why you would have a problem with them I couldn’t guess but it might be just from being on a different ray. That said, you can’t do much better than this as an alternative. I do have other options too. I’ve given out plenty for Christians and there’s always more. I’m often surprised that people seriously into that sort of thing don’t look deeper into what’s available, such as the work of Swedenborg, Kierkegaard and of course Meister Eckart. These are serious player but for those with intellectual capacity there’s some real wisdom to be gleaned.

I know I mentioned Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes any number of times. One of the keys to survival in these coming transitionary years, is possessing mental preparedness. Few books provide such a serious system in that respect as Holmes and... Holmes didn’t just write this book. He lived the truth of it as many who knew nor met him attested to. These are the characters that move me, people who walk the talk, as opposed to that other Eckhart, Mr. Tolle-Booth and all the other money sucking charlatans abroad in these times. We’re knee deep in false prophets these days, whether they be faux-spiritual, economic, political, or the general across the board corruption of temporal religions. What has happened to the latter is that it’s been around so long it’s become no more than a cash register for the priest class. In the age of irony and the demonstration of the ridiculous, it is a guarantee that celibacy would transform into pederasty according to the ‘weakest kink (heh heh, I wrote ‘kink’ by accident, it was supposed to be ‘link’. Damn that’s funny! I was told this kind of thing would become more and more apparent in my work; unintended output.) hypothesis’.

Anyway. You’ve had years to prepare for what’s coming. What have you done? Have you piled up a lot of assets and set up a bolthole? Good luck with that. I’d say, even if you possess nothing, or very little, externally, if you’ve got it wired internally you have a lot more going for you than those seeking to plan against the unexpected. The unexpected is just that. If this weren’t the case then Evil would have a much better edge for its plots. I look at the unexpected as the X factor of the combined and mostly basic reflexing of Lady Nature and the ineffable. The House always wins just as the invisible hierarchy prevails and predominates over the external hierarchy. The individual will and the self interest focused mind refuses to integrate this problematic into its schematic. Invictus may look good when John Philip Sousa is playing but it’s out of step with the archetypal rhythm, much like Steve Martin was in “The Jerk” trying to snap his fingers to the music of his adopted family.

What is going to be happening (is happening) is that a new cosmic template is going to be superimposed over the old template and everything we knew, symbolically, iconically and externally is going to be changed, whether you like it or not. You might compare it to the way Christianity was superimposed over the religious rituals it replaced and the way the deities and archetypes, were replaced by a new cast of characters; gods, saints, prophets, animal totems, whatever. If you are a traditionalist, a dogmatist, a letter, instead of the spirit, of the law type, an embracer of cant over the intuitive, you’re in big trouble because everything familiar to you is going to become unfamiliar; not that you were ever really familiar with it in the first place, which is the point. For those who have managed to grasp the essentials behind the temporary forms, you can adapt with little problem.

An Age of Brotherhood is coming. That is the hallmark integrity of the coming age. If you are not receptive of this, if you are selfish or militaristic, you’re in trouble, you’re a dinosaur. You’re going to become fuel to heat the moments of the times you were unable to progress into otherwise. Well, heck, at least you’re useful for once.

You have to get ready, ♫people get ready ♫ cue Curtis Mayfield! If you haven’t gone here to fill in the petition please do so, do it as a favor for me. It’s taking me a lot longer to write this than it will for you to do that (grin).

You have to get ready. Daily routine intensity based on the power of recurring memory is hard to stop as long as it never does. Of great importance too, is to be in a community of kindred spirits who embrace that hallmark integrity of the coming age. This is why I’ve tried over the years to build a community but... that hasn’t been possible so far. Maybe it just wasn’t time but I have seen the power that gets unlocked when even a few are gathered in single purpose. It can be, quite frankly, amazing and I have seen it. I have seen it. Hopefully we will get a shot at that at some point. Knowing your astrocartography positives is a real plus. Having the sort of friends that don’t book on you in critical moments is a real acquisition for those acquiring. I’ve said it at other times. People have 3 faces. They have the face they first present to you. It’s what they want you to believe about them and in many cases what they want to believe about themselves. Then you have face number 2 that appears over time and which very few have the power to prevent from appearing. Face 3 you see when danger threatens.

I want to hammer this home. Mental and emotional preparedness is crucial. Get it into your head that certain things are about to go down over the near field monitor, vibrational range of the manifest (what the Hell did he just say there?) plane. You can’t be in sync if you don’t sync up with the main synchronicity groove. The cosmic rhythm is going to change and you need to be able to dance to it or you’re headed aleman left.

Help is present and help is on the way. You have to be able to tell the difference between help and hindrance. This is all arranged according to your value system. If your value system is askew then so will be you. Selah!

End Transmission.......

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Happy New(ish) Year!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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McKenna Fan said...

Viz, you`re like a cross between Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh, and Cad Bane, the blue bounty hunter with the big hat, from The Clone Wars cartoon. Don`t ask me why. (And don`t ask me why Billy Joel is moving into Madison Sq. Garden.)

Oh, and they finally legalized weeed- in like 3 juris-my-diction craps, so they can shove it up their ass.

Those laws were for your protection, captain. Your men are already dead.

3 Places! It`s a Trinity!

And soon Neo will have the Agents on the run.

Oh, yeah- they legalized weed, so I guess that means that "civilization has hit the iceberg" in the words of the Shroom Philosopher.

High Noon Year!!!

Anonymous said...

on a breath of meadow flower
drawing butterfly
a hum the bumble bees
mountain reaching sky
blowing spring and summer
roar the falling rain
liberation sweeps
reaching cross the plain
a shine of multicolor
lifting conscious root
feather trails in patterns
charging living truth
swift as speeding lightning
tempered on the chords
multiplying harmony
of all is all is all


Sunday, February 13, 2011 3:20:00 PM

zepheri said...

A crackhead named help is on the way from Columbus Ohio happens to be the best crackhead who has ever done it. Those that know him best say he is his own walmart with delivery. This fine gentleman can get you anything you need anytime at 90 percent off. Next time you need gas to go to walmart save yourself trouble and money and call help for he is on the way.

Visible said...

So, we know who you're waiting on. I'm happy for you.,

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible,

I am curious how you feel about weed. I read 'spiritual survival in a temporal world' but was hoping you could reveal more on the subject. I am sure Ray B could chime in with some interesting opinions as well. How does marijuana compare to the heavy hitters like shrooms and cactus in terms of transforming a persons aperture?


Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue what to think about the link about the rabbi. I guess we shall see. I do find it interesting, that the filthy beast ariel sharon has been on life support for what seems like forever and they do seem to be doing their all to keep him "alive". I always wondered what was the point, unless he knew what was coming to him :)

Visible said...

Marijuana, hash, black gum opium, never move out of the astral and the astral is of no concern to me these days. It's been decades since I smoked pot or any of the others more than very rarely. Psychedelics move into a whole other country, planet, various planets and lokas, at least for me they do.

This is meant as no criticism of these comestibles, or the people who use them. It's simply a matter of the purpose I apply what I ingest to; to whatever end that is. Pot won't take me there.

It's been a good while since I've taken anything, a longer stretch of time than any period in recent memory. That will change once I find a conducive location. I've got some fine Ayahuasca waiting for the proper moment. I and Lord Ayahuasca await that opportunity.

robert said...

(post 1 of 2)

Dear Visible Heart,

One of the mind control tricks used against Americans in particular, raised on idealism (however corrupted and hypocritical that idealism has become) is to coerce guilt into the minds of those who have experienced, even if only for a moment, the freedom of spirit intended by the spiritual architects of the American dream.

“You are free by accident of birth so you MUST sacrifice your freedom so that others may have some!”

Freedom as a zero-sum game, LOL!

Like all cons, it only works because it partially mimics the truth (in the deepest heart of “What Is”, we are all One), enough so that the deliberately confused feel an instinctive attraction for the faux choice offered.

In order to blunt and confound the spirit of self-sufficiency/non-dependence, there is a sick meme being pushed by the hypocritical Totalitarian collaborators, which denigrates the individual (and “individualism”) as the cause of all social problems!

Straw man: When individuals are motivated by self-interest (even enlightened self-interest?), the “social good” is diminished.

Corollary: The highest good is to conform to your herd and to the “guidance” of the wolves in sheepdog clothing herding you.

Pure projection from the evildoers: their pure selfishness does indeed diminish the social good!

Ironically, the gang of willing demon-suckers are really the broken people, co-dependent fearballs who could never stand alone on their own merits.

Sorry superficial ones! This school is not about learning to conform but about learning to express the absolute authority and unlimited creativity of your sovereign being, REGARDLESS of the reaction of the herd you happen to be among.

Ever since Talmudic Bolshevism demonstrated error writ large on the world stage, the pattern of agitprop is essentially the same: the way to “good” social behavior is simply to train human beings from birth to be mindlessly subservient to the good of the “The People” (a token for the good of the “State”).

Implicit in this marketing spiel is the justification for using the COERCIVE power of the State to FORCE this enlightenment on the cattle (I mean the people), to squeeze egotists into joining the tribe, umm the elite gang, oops! I mean the unitary social milieu, for all you lesser beings!

(continued in post 2)

robert said...

(continued - post 2 of 2)

Dear Visible Heart,

I must agree with Visibles’ concept of “free will”: we are granted total freedom by the Ineffable to f*@# things up, to make a mess, to deviate from the intention of our higher being, to miss the mark (definition of sin) and to pay the consequences of our actions guided by aborted perception.

Life is a “learning to target better” game and it NEVER ENDS, since the target (The Heart of the Ineffable) is alive and always moving; we learn to handle always being off target to some extent, as it is the nature of living beings, and grow our powers of perception daily, to approach, ever more nearly, the heart of the Universe.

As any wise parent understands, the children MUST be allowed the space/time to learn to manage their own egos, how to balance the survival instinct against the higher good and to protect personal sovereignty AGAINST the encroachment of unconscious social forces.

Eventually, we learn (the hard way usually...) that our best path to meeting our true heart's desire is to aim high and attempt to follow the promptings of our higher being, through experience with our intuition. It appears especially foolish when the pack all around you is diligently employing animal ferocity in service of acquiring material (superficial) targets.

As always, our refusal to use language with precision, to define all terms for our own processing, leads to unnecessary confusion and consequent disempowerment.

So, the first necessary distinction is between the metaphysical absolute of the Divine sovereignty of the individual being and the relative fallibility of the ego’s perception within any individual.

We have full support from the Universe to learn how to program and grow our limited perception between the extremes of terminal self-centricity and terminal altruism, to make the persona, the mask, the ego transparent enough to allow the Divine player to shine through undistorted, to learn to be sane, to balance the needs of the one with the needs of the many and vice versa.

After we have tried (for lifetimes!) to bootstrap ourselves above the muck of human waste, we may be fortunate enough to realize that there is a better way!

I thrash and resist my puppet master, throwing bitter recriminations at my higher Being: “If all You desire was a “good puppet”, why grant me the intelligence and creativity if I am merely to suppress my fledgling will in favor of Yours and act like an automaton for God!

Slowly realizing that there is plenty of room for intelligence and creativity to grow in service to the Will, because being a “good puppet” is not being “possessed” by the Divine, like a medium whose awareness is totally displaced during the “channeling”. Since we are charged with showing ourselves approved to wield the same power which continually creates the Universe, we MUST be present and responsible wielders of our power, certainly not give way to the mass mind!

Like being a musician, faithful to the composer’s music, we must play our song as we are directed from within, true to the intent and passion of the creator, despite the friction of social unconsciousness!

The game: to see ever more clearly the BIG picture and to CREATIVELY apply our will in painting our part of it, to serve our deep need to participate in Creation AND to act in a balanced demeanor in every moment.

When you hear an empowered quisling of the State’s agenda try a brow beat down on you, as if from a higher moral position, and tell you that your individuality and individual drive for freedom to become Divine is wrong, obsolete or the worst, unjust!, you will know that voice is NOT The Divine but merely a demonic imitation trying, ever more futilely, to stop all the caterpillars from becoming Monarch butterflies!


est said...

yes , i'm about due [for a trip]

everything, and i mean everything
comes from the sun

[unless we are talking geo-thermal
which also came from the sun]

that is the best argument for vegieism because the animals eat the plants and if we eat the animals, we are getting that same energy, once removed

same with weed, you are smoking the sun
and shrooms and peyote and so on

i smoke weed every day
it is a tonic and a sacrament
and i am thankful for it, and all the rest

although things like alcohol
and pills of any kind, are evil

i take what the dr. ordered and i am still alive
[even with the 'side effects']

weeds not for everyone, but it helps many, and i am one > with the plant

Thomas said...

wow, this is some heavy stuff. I don't know if I'll make it to the age of brotherhood this time, but I'll give it my best try. And I know that Something Infinite and Good-natured is behind everything, so I'm not afraid to fail.

Thanks Vis, for reminding us of the important things.

best of Luck, Everyone. May the Light of the Good Lord shine on and guide your way.

p.s.(That Yogananda book is amazing!)

Anonymous said...

A little problem

How many of those templates that Christianity was founded upon predate the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden?

Who is founding religions on templates?

Do they worship at tombs?

How many phonies in the likeness of, for every truth?

Claude Elsinore said...

"Incorruptibility" (as noted in the post with Paramhansa Yogananda) has been observed in numerous saints in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches:

Smyrna said...

Marijuana works but you need to eat it. Lots of it. Cake made with THC infused butter. Breakfast and dinner.

You also need lots of time, if not all your time, devoted to contemplation. It's no good if you have to go to work or school or participate in consensus reality too often.

Anonymous said...

I like the moose.
Somehow an amazingly apropos representation. Looks just like the guy.
Re: Swedenborg, reading Swedenborg is like trying to wade through his antithesis Marx. They both put me to sleep.
There is an elegance to simplicity, the Gospel is plain and simple enough, and so is Justice.
Do we need (all rise) 'professional' theologians and/or money-grubbing all-too-human 'Judges'?

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously for your perseverance, the radio show is quite worthwhile.

Most consider Ayahuasca to be a Lady, although rather scaly one at that, have you found the masculine context of that vine in your use ? And the gate -keeper , the wonderful San Pedro ? Pure Heart, when combined with a zikr, la'ill'laha il'allah, the crimson red starts to return even to the northern Incas. The collibri snuggles up into the condor neck......

Dancing shoe time, Shiva/Shakti tango, Lady Kali dressed up as Mrs. A.

Be well, be Alert, Love

Visible said...

It's not the delivery system that matters, it's what's being delivered (Swedenborg). As I have pointed out ad nauseum, everything recommended here is not tailored for every reader, that's an impossibility. therefore the reader is encouraged to adopt what applies to them rather than to presume that judgment applies simply because the entirety of what is crafted here is not specifically for them.

I don't intend to be mean in my response but your particular delivery system contains all sorts of 'tells' so I'm left with the difficult task of speaking true and trying to work a torturous diplomacy into my words.

Swedenborg said, "the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith."


I certainly get turned into a female (metaphorically speaking) but the deity within the item is extremely male to my experience of it. Far more so than other substances. Mushrooms for instance are often goddess like for my experience.

It's said, everyone is female to God. A living saint once told me that every pore on our body was a vagina. I can understand that in line with certain breathing techniques that sucks sunlight through every pore. The sun is the ultimate make figure in this system

Chatdesourise said...


C'est merveilleuse non? Comment en chose si elegant? Bravo mon frere!

galen said...

Suggestion: Re-read yesterday's Petri.

If we don't get right with the animals, we ain't goin' anywhere.

For the Record said...

Thought this might be relevant to some round here.

"What the sun's magnetic flip means for Earth here: Sun's Magnetic Field Flip Won't Doom Earth, Scientists Say"

(can't hot-link, sorry)

The sun is gearing up for a major solar flip, NASA says.

In an event that occurs once every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of months, according new observations by NASA-supported observatories.

The flipping of the sun's magnetic field marks the peak of the star's 11-year solar cycle and the halfway point in the sun's "solar maximum" — the peak of its solar weather cycle.

"This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system." The "current sheet" — a surface that radiates billions of kilometers outward from the sun's equator — becomes very wavy, NASA officials said. Earth orbits the sun, dipping in and out of the waves of the current sheet. The transition from a wave to a dip can create stormy space weather around Earth, NASA officials said.(!)

"The sun's polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero, and then emerge again with the opposite polarity," Stanford solar physicist Phil Scherrer said in a statement. "This is a regular part of the solar cycle."

While the polarity shift can stir up some stormy weather, it also provides extra shielding from dangerous cosmic rays. These high-energy particles, which are accelerated by events like supernova explosions, zip through the universe at nearly the speed of light. They can harm satellites and astronauts in space, and the wrinkled current sheet better protects the planet from these particles.

"The sun's north pole has already changed sign, while the south pole is racing to catch up," Scherrer said. "Soon, however, both poles will be reversed, and the second half of solar max will be underway."

The current solar maximum is the weakest in 100 years, experts have said. Usually, at the height of a solar cycle, sunspot activity increases. These dark regions on the sun's surface can give birth to solar flares and ejections, but there have been fewer observed sunspots this year than in the maximums of previous cycles.

Visible said...

The thing I appreciate most about anonymous is their assumption that they have any impact. The cowardice implicit in the cloaking speaks volumes to me. The next thing is how it presumes I'm stupid and don't see the passive aggressive baiting for reaction. I just smile and go right on my way.

It's always the same cabal of repeat serial offenders, composing far less than one percent of my visitors. Now, given that, how would anyone think I would take it?

When you come around here pompously prancing about like devoted psuedo-intellectuals do and make comments proving to me that you don't know what you're talking about and I call you on it, it wounds your vanity so much, primarily because the truth stings when you are swelled with falsehood.

Immediately after, no matter how delicately I phrase something, fully aware of what an inflated ego I am dealing with... oh, the outrage. What you really can't take is that I see what's going on. I know all about you and you've got no way in. Anyway, keep at it, it's not my time you're wasting.

Have a wonderful day!

galen said...

R.I.P., Phil (sad face)

Ray B. said...

I had an interesting occurrence around Swedenborg, a few months ago. I had to move, and was questing about for a new location. One place was recommended to me, and I went out to meet the landlady. In the middle of a conversation, she asked me if I knew about Swedenborg. I answered yes, and related a bit that I know. She was blown away that anyone these days knew about him. It turns out that she was a major 'devotee' of his, and even attended a Swedenborgian church! (Needless to say, I was accepted as a new tenant...) I haven't had time to yack much Swedenborg with her yet, but should be interesting. She even has a rack of very old Swedenborg books that I have been invited to check out!
Vis: "What is going to be happening (is happening) is that a new cosmic template is going to be superimposed over the old template and everything we knew, symbolically, iconically and externally is going to be changed, whether you like it or not ... For those who have managed to grasp the essentials behind the temporary forms, you can adapt with little problem."

I think the universe has been attempting to prepare us for that through certain science fiction shows. In the old "Star Trek" days, various crews would have to take everything around them potentially as illusion, and quest for what was really there. Sometimes it was bad guys doing it for their own amusement, and sometimes it was very enlightened beings either literally changing reality or changing our perceptions. Characters had to 'stay awake' for deeper meanings. Good training for the future 'template' change...

For some reason, the beings inhabiting the wormhole in "Deep Space 9" strongly stand out for me. I get kind of a "Look here, look here," direction from my Higher Self. They can't possibly be matter. However, every time the station commander, Benjamin Sisko, encounters them in the wormhole, they appear to him as people he knows. Each has an 'unworldly' way of being, but walks, talks, and acts like one physical person. Sisko knows this, and so a kind of dual-level conversation is going on. Recommended viewing for 'stretching exercises'!
Vis: "Of great importance too, is to be in a community of kindred spirits who embrace that hallmark integrity of the coming age."

That is one of my great questions: What is that going to look/feel like? Right now, it seems like I am 'marking time' until the opportunity arises. One of my great learnings from Peter Caddy (met him once) was to maintain oneself in a state of 'listening' such that, when the universe said 'jump', you both heard it and were prepared to 'act'. I have used it successfully in the past, and hope to use it around 'community'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

wiggins said...

Thanks Les for the chance to read "The Autobiography Of A Yogi". I have just finished reading "The Second Coming Of Christ" Vol I & II so look forward to this treat.....

Unknown said...

the draconian brainwashing of the masses regarding cannabis is almost OVER...

more and more the benefits of this miracle plant are being seen and felt by those suffering from one form of disease or another...especially could go on and on...i personally know several...yet, the doctors refuse to acknowledge it on their patient files...that is how brainwashed most doctors are...

once you start to treat cannabis as the medicinal plant that it is it wins hands down to any chemcial pill that the medical profession is going to throw at fact with the chemcial laden pill all you are doing is dying a slow chemical death...just enough so you don't die too quickly so as to make a scene...

cannabis oil is even more medicinal...many cannabis supporting doctors are seeing patients come off of the chemically laden pills that produce side effects...and are now using cannabis for their pain and suffering with NO SIDE EFFECTS and NO ADDICTIONS as can smoke it one day and leave alone the next with no addiction problems...

i have always been on the side of natural healing anyway, but i would have to say that this is by far one of the safest out there...

more so than mind numbing falling down blacked out alcohol...that makes one open to walk in demonic possesion...that is why so many become violent and mean when drugged out on alcohol...they opened themselves up for demonic walk-ins...i am sure many of you have experienced this with friends or family members...

breaking the brainwashing by the demons in power about cannabis is long many of their industries could not compete with hemp...either in industrial or personal use so they demonized it with brainwashing to the masses and they were stupid enough to believe the many ruined lives over such an innocent yet beneficial plant to this plant...

it really was a crime against humanity the way they stiffled cannabis use all these years...the true benefits are coming out daily especially in the health venue...

also they way the movies and TV has portrayed someone stoned as a bummbling idiot is ridiculous...most wouldn't even know when someone has been smoking pot but you sure do know when someone has had one too many drinks...we some ass backwards thinking on this planet...everything else is a lie from these demons mouths so why would this be any different...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

To AwakenedLaurie ;

I seem to recall a passage in the bible when god is telling one of his prophets ( I will make, give you a plant of world renown so that no man shall go hungry.)

Maybe one of our readers knows this passage and can chime in on this conversation ?

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

"The secret of improved plant breeding, apart from scientific knowledge, is Love."-Luther Burbank

Monsanto got the first part but not the second.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada: Naturally. Animal means "living being, spiritual being," not some dead stone. So he can understand, "This man is giving me food -- he's my friend." The feeling of love, friendship -- everything is there, even in the animals.

Disciple: Everything is there except God consciousness.

Srila Prabhupada: Generally the soul can come to God consciousness only in the human form of life. But even in an animal form he can become God conscious, by associating with someone who is God conscious.

10,000 words

Anonymous said...


In the past 5000 years of recorded human history there is not one instance of anyone having fatally overdosed from cannabis.


Anonymous said...

My bad. I had some beers and let my personal directive to be more Aristotelian slip. Aristotle didn't meet dissent with intimidation and mockery of the dissenter. That's a behavior of the enemy. He encouraged it with phrases like "I beg to differ, Sir" and "Allow me to submit for your approval"... The root of those charming southern manners. Aristotle wasn't afraid o no dissent. Even the jew Moses Maimonides loved him.

Is it the truth we're after or victory for our egos? Greeting dissent with mockery and overblown emotions is also a behavior I learned subliminally from the beast, that I've recognized and will correct.

Some deserve mockery and derision though. I'll reserve my harshest words for them.

JackB said...

i´ve been reading these blogs for ages and even though synchronicity always abounded i never commented before. funnily enough it was the comments section that finally got me going. i am just rereading terrence mckenna´s "food of the gods - a radical history of plants, drugs and human evolution" and can only warmly recommend it to anyone trying to reconnect with a healthier past which we may still carry within ourselves.

thanks for riding the wave and using your talent to express what we feel.

bohemia is a nice place. not just in your head ;-)

Elec onnortem. Oh, really...

hanja-shi said...

Les visible, if you keep on keeping on, some bad people might target you. But if you ever set up a commune, please, please invite me.

Visible said...

All power comes from God and all permission to do anything comes from God. Nothing will be permitted to occur to me that is not for the purpose of demonstration. The truth of this is real to the degree that one believes it. It is certainly true to begin with.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

How to Avoid being an Extra in Lifestyles of the Rich Man's Anus.



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