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The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil.

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Every time I find myself pondering the state of the times and... that happens often, I look for the basic keys of disturbance and negative change that are responsible for a culture being out of balance. In America, probably the most noticeable and pervasive negative is the Culture of Greed. The Culture of Greed is responsible for the vast gulf between rich and poor. Well... there's always a gap between rich and poor and I don't have a problem with that because I have somewhat of a grasp of the forces and precedents that bring this equation about. Karma, in my mind, is a fixed reality and... like The Wheel of Fortune spinning over lifetimes, inevitably you will be rich sometimes and poor others and then there's the middle of the pack.

The Middle Class is the glue that holds a society together. A prosperous middle class is usually indicative of a thriving culture. In these times, the oligarch, plutocratic rich are deliberately seeking to destroy the middle class and remove the clout of the middle class from the social and political structure, so as to control the direction of the nation. Some of these individuals, members of the super privileged class, are vicious monsters; The Koch Brothers, George Soros, The Chicago Mob of Oligarchs that put Obama in office, Wall Street and the elite players who manipulate the operation of the market for their own gain. Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan are examples of this. They have nothing but contempt for humanity and whatever laws of the land may be operative at the time. They lobby fiercely behind the scenes to do away with all restrictions on their ability to loot and plunder at will. They see humanity as chattel. Of course, a prominent group of players in this environment believe the arguably Satanic preachings of The Talmud ...and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, clearly state where these characters are coming from. You hear from affiliated sources that 'the protocols' are a fabrication. Since they mirror to a precise degree the actual and observable behavior of this group and since the historical record also corroborates much of their previous activities, I'm in the camp that believes it is legitimate.

Many of these maldoers like to paint themselves as progressives on behalf of the common good. Soros is one of these and the reality is that he is anything but. His policies and financial grants are directly responsible for significant loss of life around the world.

So... it is the corruptions of the culture of greed that accounts for much of what is wrong in Western lands. More so, it is the celebration of it, the affirming of that Randian quote, "Greed is good". The culture accommodates excess as a badge of success. Yeah, that's one thing that is not only wrong in every way, it is ultimately destructive of the system it operates in. It is akin to loading a horse down with goods and then whipping it forward until it can go no further and drops dead. Now the means of transport is gone.

There are no circumstances anywhere, where this sort of behavior is not certifiably insane. It's not as visible and obvious to the population because they are collectively dysfunctional. Once it has been established that it's okay to do anything you can get away with and once criminals are in charge of the legal system, whatever nation it is happening in is toast. The reason for that is that there is a correct way, a certain natural order that receives the imprimatur of the invisible hierarchy. Once this is deviated from, certain reactive forces are set into motion, to return existence to that former state. The impact of these forces becomes ever more increasingly severe, as the remonstrations are not acted upon. Remonstrations can take all manner of forms such as natural disasters, unpleasant weather, continuous warfare, ubiquitous crime, widespread ill health and opportunistic infections and diseases. Given that the society is diseased, it logically follows that disease will be a predominant feature in any culture that has gone off the rails... as most of the ones alluded to here have done.

When you are mentally unfit, physical unfitness is a predictable result. Everything is made out of mindstuff and comes down, via precipitation, from that plane. Once the general mind becomes fertile soil for aberrant thought and action, that is when things like political correctness shows up. Political correctness has nothing to do with redressing observable wrongs, unfairness or inequality. One can understand it best by considering that Tribe creation, Communism. In principle, in theory, Communism has much to recommend it. In application it is nothing like what it seemed to be in principle and theory. This is because this socio-political construct is ruled by a cabal of self styled elites, who manipulate it in all kinds of evil and horrific ways. The greatest holocaust in history was performed by these people in Russia and the second greatest in the Ukraine was done by them as well. Political correctness is a bastard offspring of Communism. It is used to promote all kinds of unqualified people into situations they are incapable of effectively managing. It does away with the merit system. It is a vehicle for any number of questionable behaviors. It is a system of enforced restriction, an engine of behavior modification. It is a very, very bad thing.

Political correctness began to insinuate itself into the education system as a result of changes brought about in the 60's. A lot of good things came out of the 60s. This is not one of them. Because the same Satanic forces that were behind political correctness are also in control of the entertainment and music industries, as well as publishing, there came a multi-pronged offensive to dumb down the population in order to make them more manageable for enslavement and extermination.

Presently, there is something really bad in the wind. Early signs of this are to be seen in the purging of the ranks of the military. There are only so many ways to take it, unless you just don't want to know and in those cases where you don't want to know, there are all manner of unpleasant ways in which you will be shown. Knowing and seeing are ultimate requirements in an apocalypse. The reason for what's coming to be coming now, aside from planetary configurations, is the fact that the world is waking up and reacting against the will of the overlords. This time history is on the side of the people, so whatever these bloodstained clowns get up to, it's going to turn against them. A part of them knows this and that's why nothing has happened so far but... they are increasingly up against it.

In America there is a rising tide of opposition against the policies of Obama. Some amount of it is getting into the press but it's much bigger than it seems. There's a lot more to certain recent events, like the cheating and drug scandal at the missile encampments, than is being brought out. There is a very active wave of resistance going on behind the scenes in critical locations. Some number of factions have seen the writing on the wall and the Snowden affair has brought about changes in the international theater of a most undesirable kind. The kind that affect economic realities as well as strategic alliances. It's one thing to have a strategic alliance, where the principals are going to do what they say they will and another where the structure is still there but the will is absent. There's a whole lot of musical chairs going on all over the place and affected parties are hearing the music.

I apologize for this dry polemic, in lieu of more entertaining fare. On any given day, what comes to me is what comes to me. People can argue until they are blue in the face and- in some cases- red in the face, about the facts presented here but... since all of these facts are a matter of public record, the rare arguments against are the usual disingenuous garbage, designed to muddy the waters. One of the spurious arguments I got lately was, "So, if we do away with these criminals is that going to change this and this and this and this?" As a matter of fact, yes, it will affect 'this and this and this' but... such arguments are rather more stupid than useful. It's like saying there's no point in stopping one bad thing because this other bad thing is still going on. What kind of reasoning is that? It's the reasoning of aligned and associated players, seeking to take the scrutiny off of their despicable deeds. Of course, they could just stop what they're doing but they are not inclined in that direction. It is an element of their basic nature to prey upon their fellows. It's what they do and the only realistic solution is to have a land or location where they are denied the influence they will invariably acquire that allows them to do what they do. Either people wake up to what is happening to them or they are inevitably plowed under.

One thing you can count on is that evil will destroy itself. The principle is that nearly all evil comes out of the preeminence of self interest over the good of the whole. In the ranks of evil, there are cabals and lone wolves and they strive against each other, as much as they strive in any direction. There is no honor among them, so they continuously plot against their fellows just as they are plotted against. They inform on one another. They destroy one another. Generally they are all after the same things and- in their minds- there is only so much to go around. In truth there is more than enough for everyone but their minds don't work that way. It's why they never, ever have enough. It's a sickness and it's terminal, thankfully. One of the great movies of all time, "the Treasure of Sierra Madre", really shows the essential nature of these misfits. It is enough to stand aside and watch. It's all inevitable and it's all just a matter of time.

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Anonymous said...

I cant hotlink. But if the condition of this city is any indication of what is endemic thru the rest of the usa, then its even worse than you thought.

Smyrna said...

The Protocols of Zion are the play-book for this age, and a fatal curse for its practitioners. Divine comedy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you ended the post with, "It's just a matter of time."

So I'm walking the dog this morning and had a nice morning greeting from Lord Vivasvahn as the sun rose and bang! This thought pops right in and says, "Whatever you plan on doing with this life, you better do it now because you are now living in a time where you can be immediately killed in any kind of catastrophe, natural or man made."

Ok then!

After coming home and giving the doggie her breakfast, I went to my usual websites to see what's really going on in the world and find a link to the Fat Man from Austin's website and read an article about how The New World Order types need to create an immense crisis in order for the movement to survive. A member of some think tank mentioned in the article stated that we need to see self sufficient people 'eliminated' so the NWO can re-assert its dominance.

Basically, it time to actually kill lots of awakened people. What absolute psychopaths!

Message received!

Are you ready?


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I generally ignore these, but this psychic. . .Thomas John (As opposed to John Thomas) seems to resonate with LV on a few things, and the Northern Calipornia fires have already started. In January, of all things. I'm expecting to be hit locally, too a bit later in the year with all the idiots we have in this town. Do I care? Not particularly.

Oh yeah! The link:

Thomas John Predictions

Look out for March, huh? The month LV predicted a few days back. And February 19 isn't far off, so let's see if something really awesome happens then.

Dayam this dude sure charges enough, huh?

Visible said...

Maybe that's why I'm for free. Good grief, this guy has to be bogus. What does he not predict and all that slimy celebrity shit at the end, yuck!

Whoever did his website is seriously impaired. the color of the text against the background is awful.

Heh! I too predicted the passing of Kissinger and Bush Sr. this year. We'll see.

Visible said...

I predict that visible will find someone to invest in his manufacturing idea to purchase wholesale job lots of penis pumps from aging medicare patients and turn them into asthma inhalers.

He has also converted a bicycle pump into a device that can be inserted into breast nipples and used for home breast enlargements. I'm trying to operate in areas of genuine public interest. All my previous efforts seem to have no appreciable value in mass consciousness (grin).

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Maharaja Yudhisthira asked, “Please tell me- what is the origin of sin?”

Bhishma replied, “Greed (covetousness), which is the hankering to possess more than one’s naturally ordained quota is the origin of sin. This covetousness is called trishna (thirst), for the desire to possess that which belongs to another is insatiable. Greed is the cause of all kinds of hypocrisy and cunning behavior. It is the force that drives men to commit sinful acts.”

“From greed comes anger, lust, loss of judgement, arrogance, miserliness, lack of compassion, enviousness, mistrust of others, insincerity, theft, adultery, habitual lying, gluttony, harsh speech, faultfinding, procrastination- as well as pride of birth, wealth, learning and beauty. Greed cannot easily be given up, and it does not diminish with the decay of the body. Like an ocean that cannot be filled by the influx of innumerable rivers, greed can never become gratified by any amount of acquisition.”

Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira

Anonymous said...

HAHA! That makes me think of "Fight Club"


Anonymous said...

Yet another excellent post placing today's events in a cosmic context.

Anyone remember WWII?
That's when the Brits decided that the Poles (don't forget - the Krauts were marching AWAY from the Brits NOT towards them) needed to be saved from German fascists . . . . . . . in order to turn them over to the Russian communists 6 years later.
Explanations on a postage stamp, please.

Anonymous said...

Ah, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
Very instructive indeed.
The good man prospered, while the bad went down.
It was a book before the film, written by a mysterious author, B. Traven.
"The treasure which you think not worth taking trouble and pains to find, this one alone is the real treasure you are longing for all your life."
-from the book

Thank you les, as always, for pointing out the inevitability of evil's defeat.
-the beggar

Anonymous said...

"Certainly the Protocols are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever." - Ezra Pound

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Krauts? We live in the u.s.. That would be CABBAGE PEOPLE in English! Or people of the cabbage. And I CAN say that because I was born there. . .to a pycho Nazi bitch who may as well have had cabbage for brains! At least for her first 3 crotch droppings, of which I was number one. Thank the gods I only had to live with that vile thing that makes the Ebola virus look like Baldr for 5 years.

Visible said...

Good grief! Love to Push those Buttons. I've often been in awe of your cynicism and fatalist tone but this, this is a new high? Low? Holy flaming hyena shit!

zepheri said...

Gives a whole new meaning to adopting the cabbage patch dolls with Dresden doll insides.

Visible said...

There's a great film about Russian dolls (not necessarily associated with the points being made here) called Transiberian w/ Ben Kingsley and Woody Harrelson; excellent thriller.

Love to Push those Buttons, I don't usually hype my musical work in posts and comments. although I do include a song each day; speaking of which, I'm recording again, right at this moment as a matter of fact and there will be all kinds of new tunes shortly for those who like that end of things; Armageddon Train, Sirius Song, to name a couple. Anyway, today's song is and was my answer to that sort of a mind state in descent upon me and believe me, I was feeling it. The song was self defense more than anything else and always in darker moments I remember it. It's like I lived it somehow, those days down in the jungle in my place in Nahiku Maui.

Regardless of what we have been through in this life... and I had a father who pounded the shit out of me, nearly every day until I was 16 and got too quick and big to mess with and I know, bad as my own thing was (I had an adult ulcer at the age of 12. the doctors couldn't believe it, they'd never seen that before- and my father said I was in a conspiracy with them to make it up. There was nothing wrong with me, even when I was jack-knifing in pain. I've had a couple of kidney stones but... that ranks right up there. It's why they say stomach cancer is the worst.) others had it worse. Many others didn't survive. Though my father raped my psyche, blessedly he wasn't the other kind of perv. It took me awhile to recognize that it was worse for others, cause I never saw anyone going thru what I went thru but, as it turns out, others have gone through much worse and as a result of all those whoopings I became fearsomely strong, skilled and quick and with no concern about what the other party could do to me cause I already been there so, that has proved a lasting benefit in this life cause, as you can imagine, all kinds of cheap shot artists would like to punch me out but the moment we are standing there, face to face, all the animosity goes away until it can be useful in some other locale. I've seen that time and again. Things aren't as bad as they seem. We will get by, maybe God will even drop a little coin on me and we'll have somewhere to congregate.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, I have some issues that I just can't get over. I admit it! I hold grudges forever. I also get revenge forever.

Go figure. Rumour has it some of my distant ancestors were cats, according to this:

“While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.”
― Mark Twain

I do have red highlights, so hey. Cats DEFINITELY hold grudges forever. They also never stop messing with each other when they hate each other. I should know. I have 5.5 feline room mates. One is a timeshare. I can also pretty much speak their language. Come in handy when you're their slave.

Thank you, by the way. I took your response as a compliment.

Visible said...

Well, you should, I genuinely like you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Posted before I read your last post. I did NOT have it worse than you, Les. For me the abuse was more psychological, though I did get somewhat thrashed a few times. It was quite a wake-up call after living in a strange faery tale phantasy for the first 6 1/2 years of my life.

I didn't deal too well with it, and if then was now I probably would have been drugged up the yin-yang with that worse than worthless psychiatric medication, but on the other hand that haggersnash would also have been in jail more from what she did to my much younger half siblings than me, since they got the crap beat out of them every day, considering they couldn't stay out of her way. I also guess they weren't opposed to pain, since they were a couple of defiant little bastards from all the time I remember having live with them. I suppose I could have taken them with me on my extended hikes in the forest in our rather rural 'hood of the time, but quite frankly, I couldn't stand them. I was forced to babysit the rest of her brood, didn't appreciate it one iota, and let's just say that this was the start of a revulsion of small children that is with me to this day. Looking back at my own past gives me even more reason to not want anything to do with wee crotch droppings. I was a nightmare to deal with after I was free of that twat.

Yes, I do take a strange demented pleasure in these thoughts. Especially considering it's been over 30 years since I'd communicated with them. But, oh; the works of art my state of mind hath inspired. (MUAHAHAHAHAHA!)

I can't get your song to play. I'll see if the proper owner of this compooter can do something about that.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I like you too. In fact, I love you. In the 'right' way of course. So does my humanoid flat mate who claims to be a space alien. (I'm rather inclined to believe it. How can anything but a space alien stand living with something like me?!) We've got strong connexions with you. We talk about this or that, then you post something related the next day. Happens all the time. See you on the Otherside when we get there.

Flecker's Magick said...

"The Graveyard of Empires and The Taliban Rules."

The IMF has reported that its resident respresentative in Afghanistan - 60-year-old Wabel Abdallah - is among the 15 people killed in a coordinated assault at a Kabul restaurant by the Taliban. The upscale taverna is well-known to be frequented by foreigners and ex-pats. As Reuters reports, Abdallah had been leading the IMF's office in the Afgan capital since 2008 and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said "this is tragic news, and we at the fund are all devastated."

bigloner said...

Out of the blue yesterday, in thought I was going thru all the neat stuff in Sierra Madre. Walter Huston, where do I start, what was the best?

Gold was just the mortar holding Howard's wisdom together, 'Water's more valuable than gold.....'

'Why you two are dumber than the dumbest jackasses....yer so dumb you cant see the fortune lyin at yer feet....'

'Call it God or Nature or Whatever....' his sense of humor as the desert sandstorm blows all the gold dust back where it came from.

What a great great movie, despite the anachronism in the process shot 'Tampico, 1925' where Bogart is Bogarting a butt on the park bench as a '46 Ford or Plymouth drives past. 1925? 1946? 2014? Makes no difference, the gold is going back to where it came from.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Got the song. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Les.

On the surface, it's really hard to know just who is who anymore.

We can see the increasing storm approaching around us all, no thanks to today's generation is not of sound mind/body and soul, they will now kill themselves to save their phones from drowning. Pretty damn sad when you think about it.

And that is exactly the kind of behavior the elite have been waiting for.

Also, today's modern generation-xxx seems to be going for everything in black and go for the lowly gross and what used to be sickening. TV media, in Canada, predatory news anchors trying to entice today's youth also heavily wear black to bait them into watching. I just want to say that Neil Young has Canada's support in what he's doing. Taking on the oil industry is what Canadians do best. (Don't mess with Canadians, America. OK from the start, THE driving force, that very supernatural essence of 1814 very much thrives) .

Modern day corporate cannan's are testing like mad now to see if the population's ready for the final harvest. It's not good at all. CBC and Bell Media Canada, the gay god marketeers of satan, show themselves to be thoroughly enjoying bullying. They mock Jesus & all true Christian believers and demand silence when they do so. They now play transgendered tv shows and entertain kids with puppets that look like brown feces piles(Mamma Yamma. Nevermind the Toronto Mayor that does crack and threatens to kill people, he aslo sells bobble heads of himself.

Insane the people have become. Whether it's by some orally taken micro cell genetic receiver or by hand, it certainly looks like the demons know time is about up. The zombi snail parasites from hell are so excited by this notion that they're causing the bodies they inhabit to think everything evil is the best fun.

William G. Ellipseer

Les, don't ever give up.

Anonymous said...

Testing, one two..

Anonymous said...

Love To Push Those Buttons,
Good conversation.
I've also grown to enjoy your sense of humor. ? :)
Please don't be offended if put this in for you. I asked for a healing poem.

some men seek some do find
some men teach some tell lie
some ask why
it has to be this way
to find ourselve's
so hard to explain
but thats the way it is
wise men told
better tell no lie
or collect gold
but keep to the truth
a feeling grows
inspires our hearts
like a warm wind blows
off to peace
that lovely place
that place within
all men need a taste
maybe they will
I dont know
I am only a pupil
with puzzles to solve
by sun and moon
and star in sky
I practice peace
that feels wise
it calms me down
opens within
love pours out
nature sing.


Monday, December 28, 2009 7:18:00 PM

Thanks Neil.
And All you people on this journey.

w h

Anonymous said...

"In truth there is more than enough for everyone."

You're right, but this dimwitted, puritanical culture "can't see the abundance for the shortage of income". We haven't advanced in wisdom or love for our fellow men/women since the Great Depression, when milk was poured down gutters and harvests intentionally destroyed while people were going hungry.

insaim said...


Re. John Thomas. If anyone made so many off the cuff predictions then they would need to be very unlucky not to hit on one or two.

Having hit on one or two any budding John Thomas coud then simply hype their correct throw of the dart.

'Hey, didn't that guy John Thomas predict that'

Skepticfrog said...

Anon #9 @6:20

99.9% of people are literally clueless about the origins of WWII. You've been taught BULLSHIT (by the winners). I took history in the university as an elective. That's when my first inkling came that things don't fit, I've been lied to. It took DECADES(!) of search and study to get a semblance of truth.

Let me tell you: The Poles richly DESERVED the 1939 Sept. 1st. invasion. The Germans had plenty of Casus Belli, not just one! OK, the Poles were egged-on by the British to be intransigent about Danzig; to brutalize the German population and attack and kill a German military unit on its way to Danzig in the spring. All of these were British inspired, including the attack on the German truck/ convoy. The British supplied the fake Enigma (cypher) machine to the Poles, to be burned-up with the truck. The real machine was flown from Warsaw to London on the last day of August.
The Germans were restrained for not retaliating for the killing of all those soldiers, however, they did not realize, that the genuine Enigma machine - on its way to Danzig - was stolen and now you know how the British were able to decipher German communications during the War. It was not British genius... (Unless you count the genius for evil)
Let's be clear about it, the Germans KNEW it was a deliberate attack and killings by the Poles. Wars were started for lesser things throughout history.

This shit is so sensitive and damaging to Poland'd lily-white innocence to THIS DAY, that when a TV movie (they called it "documentary" [my ass]) was made of it (book: "The man called Intrepid") they put the attack and killing of German soldiers into Sudatenland(!) committed by "partisans", moving the date well over a year later (1940). FYI: there were no partisans in Sudatenland - ever.

The other issues I mentioned, and the Polish nasties I do not want to get into here, they can fill a book, but with diligent, persistent research you can find out a LOT.

My parents and two sets of grandparents lived through WWII in Central Europe. I had a girlfriend (in N. America) whose father was an ex-panzer commander.
So you can surmise, I've heard plenty of first-hand stories from discrete, various sources also, in addition to relentless study and research. Their first hand, personal observations, experiences do NOT match the "History ("tall tales and lies") book".

Trust me: You've been, and being LIED to, BIG time. It's interesting, the further we get from WWII, the wilder and bigger the lies get. The whoppers I hear nowadays, would not fly in the 1970s; yet today they're gospel.

Smyrna said...

You're not that desperate for a new home that you will turn into a Bay Area Poofter, Vis? Surely!

Visible said...

Walter Huston? In any case, anyone who hasn't seen that film really should. It often comes to mind.

Smyma... you are going to have to give me some context. However I can assure you that neither that location or designation holds any appeal for me. Just out of curiosity though, how much does it pay (grin)?

Curtis M. Ellsworth said...

Long time, no comment, though I've certainly been reading them. It's the whole "broken record" thing about that which I'd only ever have to say and how effective it's never been. That being said, I don't think it's up to me about whether or whether not what I've ever said has been of some import or not. It's about the spirit of that in regards to the seriousness of the times in contrast with much superficial ideations of the g-pop, so to speak. It's just sad that people take what they're told by, in my strongly intuited opinion, professional liars in the media "for granted" and as, not like, the truth. This is an age of big lies in which not so discerning types may have to find out, through experience, what saps they were and about what, precisely, in "the end". I've actually been in a better mood about the whole affair, given that such individuals were given free will for a reason, and those that do want to go on a quest for something rather elusive, the actual truth, are doing so, while the rest "already know" what they want to know, and that's their bed to lay in, though they will want to complain that "everyone was doing it" petulantly once they find out, through experience, they're on the karmic hook for existential bills coming due due to writing checks with their collective mouth that their collective mind never intended to cash. Oh, the "purposeful" fecklessness of it all, especially at the top, not that many a plebe doesn't still, at this late hour, long to be a banker, politician and the slimy like. At least the Cosmos acts as a type of example making machine, demonstration-style, of what people's character has become, for better and for worse, and I'm aware of not having the best karma but am trying not to garner the worst, and want to see karma unleashed on me and the rest, top to bottom. I have high hopes for the future because it's just quite empirically true and always has been about evil eating its dumb dumb self alive, but I can't say I'm too happy about the passionate apathy and the results, sad as literal hell, already rendered, yet they don't care, given the whole dearth of the facility of empathy I'm seeing as of yet en masse. Many are wising up "though", and once they do that, they don't go back to taking reality for granted and where rapidly-worsening situations will go when left unchecked. The initiative's still not lost there, perhaps, to be good stewards in bad times, and I hope for a metaphysical quickening for the lot, which could be precipitated if there was a data dump by principled people in the middle of the shitty system about the extent of gangster's damages, if such people even exist, that is. In closing and as a funny aside, someone named Jim in the above posting, called someone The Fat Man from Austin, so I'm pretty sure he's talking about Alex Jones. I knew he was a Texan, but that's it. Ha ha ha! I'm truly not sure if I got that exact moniker that I've been using for over two years from here, if Les called him that and I got it subliminally, but it's the thought about The Fat Man, co-intel "genius", that counts.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

24, I liked the poem. 26, it's actually Thomas John; but if you're being sarcastic, I can understand.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

24, I forgot something. I'm a Cabbage Person. We don't HAVE a sense of humour.

Smyrna said...

Vis, if you can handle watching Cricket, you're home man.

Visible said...

I can handle Cricket, not that I catch what you're implying but I can handle Cricket. Golf on the other hand, ballet, opera, not so much.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force.

Anonymous said...

Love To Push Those Buttons,

My great grandfather was 100%german and his perants came over on the boat. Made sour krout for 60 yrs., lived to age of 87 ,was still here to see my 2 kids born.
5 generations. I know there is a sense of humor in there for you.
Peace Brother.

w h

Anonymous said...

I see the world much like as described here. I enjoy reading your posts as well as the commentary. I do believe Ayn Rand didn't fully recognize the message she was given when she wrote Atlas Shrugged. People can say what they want, but I think the very intents and actions people whom the book shuns are those that hijacked the message.

In my opinion, if people were to follow their true hearts and passions beyond what perspective this world would have them follow, then things would take a more natural course instead of this crazed slant we are on. I want for the deep down pull of the universe within every person to become stronger and soon overpower the forces on the surface. It is growing.

Thanks for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

Lots of misfits show up here. I like that about this place. Like "Love To Push Those Buttons", I, too, was neglected and verbally abused. It seemed that every day I was told how stupid and ugly I was. The experience fucked up my head and my personality. But, I seem to have grown out of it. Here I am only a year away from sixty. And I am happy. I am glad I am not a guy with a home, mortgage, 2 and 1/2 kids living on a tree lined street. I am glad I am not what my parents wanted me to be. I would rather be a stoner. I have learned the value of forgiveness; nothing more important, and I have learned to love misfits which is what I am. You're a misfit, too, Les. I think you know this already. Most of your readers are misfits.

The 10 commandments aint worth a fuck. There is only one commandment and that is: Don't violate others. And outside of some petty thievery and vandalism I did when I was a stupid kid I live by that commandment.

Hate school, hate church, hate government and the military. Hate the media. But I love life and I love misfits.

Bless all of you misfits!


the BCth said...

Hi everyone,

I must say it's been a pleasure of a rarefied degree to follow these blogs of Visible's in the past couple of months. Our dog poet has really hit a new level with his muse, and so have the comment sections evolved likewise. Warm greetings and much love to you all.

I wanted to step in with a cordial heads-up regarding the Wes Penre Papers. I know some of us are familiar with them already, because this is where I found out about them last summer. (If you're not already familiar with them, and you have an interest in broadening your info base pertaining to the big picture of things, I heartily recommend taking a look.) Wes has now begun publishing his Level 4 series of papers, which really starts to get to the meat of the matter concerning the alien manipulation of humanity. There's some new information coming out there that starts to tie the whole thing together and correct or refine some things that weren't clear or accurate before. Even if you don't take it as a necessarily credible view on the reality of things in total, it is still quite a gripping tale and is sure to make you think!

In brotherhood and solid faith,
Juho William Tauriainen

Ray B. said...

McCob: That was a great posting! I can think of nothing worse than being a 'fit' in today's misinformed world. You make misfit a badge of honor. Glad to know you (and all).
Vis, I remember your earlier postings about the continuing eradication of the Middle Class, and how that was the dumbest thing the 1% were doing. That it would trigger the pushback. It really rang true at the time for me. (Not your exact words, but I am too lazy to search for the relevant column...)
On "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," David Icke did a good, deep analysis on who the original 'naysayers' were a few books back. I can't remember the exact players now, but the evidence really stacked up for a cover-up. It convinced me.

I actually read Protocols through some years back, and do not believe it originated on 'earth plane'. The nastiness is just too deep. I got such an impression of rending and tearing and joy in pain that I believe it is in effect a 'channeled' work; just not of the light side. Very powerful. (That document is one reason I went for 'allies' of higher levels. Gotta get the originators...)

Vis: " is ultimately destructive of the system it operates in."

That quote is right in line with the 'energy' behind Protocols. I do not believe those who originated Protocols gave a damn (pun intended) about whether society crashed; they might 'delight' in it. (And possibly feed.)

The one good thing in this is that the above is history. The past. If real, the 'coalition' has cleared/cleaned most of the baddies within the higher levels in the last decade or so. As such, we are just seeing the final working-out down towards earth plane. I do not know what form this working-out will take, but the good news is that their ancient 'power base' is gone...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#36, I'm a chick! A concha! A twat plug perch can be nowhere near as obnoxious as I. And yes, I do lick my plate at restaurants. Once very ostentatiously with a lot of loud and heavy slurps at a pricey Japanese restaurant. My flat mate told me the cooks looked amused.

Might be fun to do that a Yakusa (Or so I read.) owned Benihana. If I had the bucks. . .

Anonymous said...

Ray B.
Have you ever read any of this ?
I would appreciate any input from you.
Also I really enjoy your personal veiws on Visibles work. Thanks.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Skepticfrog # 27
Very interesting what you are saying. I'd like to know more about the attack of the Poles on a German convoy in the Corridor in spring of 1939.
Thank you in advance!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Art of Camouflaged Agendas and Other Things.

Ray B. said...

walking hawk, January 18, 2014 11:31:00 PM

Thank you for the encouraging comments!

The page you referred to is channeling by Karen Kirschbaum, who I have not seen/read before. The page was channeled in the Winter of 2003-2004, which (from my perspective) meant that the 'coalition' was about halfway-through sweeping-down from higher to lower consciousness-levels. So, it's hard to know. I will spend a little time reading and feeling...

In a very quick flicking around this massive page, I encountered the following - which seems spot on:

"Elora: Please tell us why something we create in the Void doesn't manifest in the physical, and what we can do to change that.

Heru [Horus]: Remember that you are living in a world with tremendous amounts of interference. And so with that premise, it is not always going to be successful. All I can say to that is to work at finding interference, clearing interference, and then trying again. [Elora: What types of interference should we look for?] Interference manifests on every level. It is Dark Beings, it is unconscious thought, it is the Dark, it is everywhere. It does include any self-sabotaging, subconscious thought forms. And just remember that the Dark Beings cloak themselves and travel on many of the Dimensions, and are many shapes and sizes."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Skepticfrog, I would also be interested in more on the Polish attack on the German convoy, and any deeper machinations around that critical period.

the BCth said...

walking hawk and Ray B.,

Reading The Return of Light while slightly high on prime ganja. I am "seeing" it, "getting" it, feeling it. Rings true so far.

Juho William Tauriainen (call me William)

Anonymous said...

Ray B.
BCth (William)

Thanks you guys.
I first came in contact with this a little over a year ago. It took a few (many) days to read it but I also felt there was a lot of truth in it because of my own life experiences.
I figured I would throw that out there for anyone to check out.

Thanks again guys.

I Love This Place.
walking hawk

Ray B. said...

BCth (William), January 19, 2014 9:22:00 PM

I just realized that I had not acknowledged you on your contribution of the Wes Penre website. Thanks! I flipped around the various Sitemaps yesterday, and what an enormous mass of material! Almost intimidating. I will start reading at basic level, and see/feel what I get. Thanks again.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Thanks again, too, walking hawk. Your presence is appreciated!



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