Sunday, January 26, 2014

The End of the Bad Drummers who Hijacked Holy Drummerland

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Bad drummers are the bottom feeders of the music business and... they're organized. They're organized world wide and they've got a malevolent agenda. They want music, all music, to conform to their way of doing things and if you don't 'play along', you're not going to be able to make music. I make music and in the process of it I pretend to play the guitar and the piano. I see nothing wrong with this, given that there are also plenty of other musicians who actually do play the guitar and piano but who pretend to compose music and pretend to include meaning and intent into their compositions, which I eschew because there is no need to pretend.

For a long time, the bad drummers kept their fascistic intentions below the radar. They were a powerful political force, with a lot of funds to carry out their plans for the domination of world music. They got this money by convincing the international music council of their superior capacity to maintain and print the currency, due to their claim of being in possession of the original beat and here is where the whole tale gets murky so... maybe I should start at the beginning and even before I begin to reference the panel of experts, consisting of Gilad Atzmon and Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala. The latter's complete name is actually Mon Dieu Dieu Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala M'Bala Trop Ennui but that doesn't fit into the Pentatonic Scale and so he had it chromatically shortened, in order to conform to something other than the musical standards, set into place by this gang of well organized bad drummers, who claim to possess the original beat. It's a lot like the 440 controversy but... I digress.

Anyway, some thousands of years ago there was a group, a Tribe of drummers who were the original drummers and they lived in what is called these days, "The Holy Drummerland". They were a simple people who made their way, as most did in those days by herding animals along with seasonal farming and they hosted semi annual music festivals, where people from all the lands of the time would attend and, according to the historical record, which these days is no longer the historical record, a good time was had by all.

Then, about 13 hundred years ago a King, who declared himself the King of Drummers, King Bulan Bo-Diddleme came into town, metaphorically speaking and he converted a mercenary army into a army of drummers, whose intent then and intent now, was to take over the music of the world and make everyone dance to their beat. They were known as AscashNAZIS, so called because they had a pathologically fascist method of appropriating the money systems in whatever country they temporarily settled in. By the time they moved on to their next victim, the country had no resources and everyone was dancing to a different drummer and, according to historical records, which no longer exist, no one was dancing very well because the beat had no connection to primal Earth rhythms. It was an artificially constructed beat that forced everyone to dance unnaturally and you see it very much these days, as their particular beat is applied to everything, including basic sexual expression and not in the way that Nature intended it to be but rather in a dysfunctional way that reversed the direction of the flow of the Kundalini. This flooded the world with guilt so that the peoples of the world were unable to build up any resistance to them and became easy prey.

For centuries, these unnatural drummers schemed and dreamed about possessing the lands that the original drummers lived in, which was Holy Drummerland. They knew they had no genetic claim to this land, so what they did was to insinuate themselves into the economic systems of the more powerful countries and finally they were in a position, after fomenting a world war for that purpose, to lay a spurious claim to these lands, with historical revisions that replaced original histories. From that point it was easy for them to drive the original drummers out and take their lands. Now the original drummers live in the world's largest open air concentration camp and they are forbidden to drum according to the old ways. The usurper drummers changed the names of all the old towns and created new historical records, which said they had always been there, which they had not.

All over the world, musicians were oppressed and offended by the new beat and the unpleasant music that came out of it and all of them had to pay a Kosher tax to the Kosher Nostra of Bad Music in order to make any music at all.

It seemed that nothing could stop these false drummers from their plans of world domination. In recent times they have entered into a conspiracy with bass players, in order to force all the guitar and piano players out of the picture, so that now, most of the music being played is only bass and drums and this is accompanied by pornographic rap artists who recite profane lyrics that attack the sanctity of the feminine, reducing the divine feminine into a demonic slut and celebrating the acquisition of glittering garbage that serves to force the public mind into a worship of material things, while at the same time, killing off the public appreciation of spiritual things and turning the world into an infernal realm of darkness. Because these demented drummers had taken control of the manufacture of currency around the world, they could get away with anything and anyone who criticized or opposed them, was mercilessly slandered or murdered because they controlled the public information medium as well, which they had bought with money they printed out of thin air. So... anything they did, no matter how hideous, was explained away in the newspapers and on the electronic media, which they controlled. They also controlled the world of entertainment where cultural perspectives were shaped and they controlled the art world so that they could determine which artists would be celebrated. If you didn't go along with the program, you didn't get to sell your art and your music didn't get heard. That's just how it was. They controlled all the mediums that determined what books would be read, what music would be heard, what art would be appreciated and they controlled the means of distribution as well. If you didn't dance to their music, or write what they wanted you to write, or created what they wanted you to create, you were in trouble.

So... one day in France, a very intelligent and talented man, named Mon Dieu Dieu Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala M'Bala Trop Ennui, called, for the sake of brevity, Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala ...and in order to conform to The Pentatonic Scale, was taking a nap in his hammock outside his home somewhere in France. He had a dream and in his dream, an angel appeared to him. The angel told Dieudonne that his name was Du Pain and that he had been sent by God to tell Dieudonne that he had been chosen by God to bake a special loaf of bread called Le Quenelle. He said that Dieudonne must make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, which means House of Bread and that once there, he would be led by the spirit to a special oven, where the spirit would instruct him on how to prepare Le Quenelle. The angel said that the spirit would enter into the bread and that once baked, Dieudonne must take Le Quenelle home to France and then hide the loaf in a secret location. The angel showed Dieudonne how to make a magical sign called The Quenelle and which had the power to expose the false music of the false drummers, to make them tremble in fear for all the evil they had done and finally, to drive them out of Holy Drummerland and everywhere else that they were making bad things happen, under the spell of their bad music.

Any musician knows that drummers are control freaks to begin with. They insist that all the other musicians play in time with them and not deviate or do their own thing. Who decided that? If you didn't have a drummer you could play as fast as you want or at any time you wanted; slow down, speed up, so what? Even good drummers who do not manufacture perverted beats, like the followers of King Bulan Bo-Diddleme are control freaks.

In a way it is like the construction industry. All of the trades vie for importance over each other. The Electricians proclaim that they are the heavyweights. The Carpenters and Masons say the same thing. The Architects insist that since they drew up the plans that everyone else is secondary. It's the same thing in the music world, with composers and conductors. They insist there is no music without them. The truth is that it's the painters who are the true heavyweights and important players. All of the other tradesmen make mistakes and produce ugly results. Look at any house before the painters come in. They are all ugly. After the painters leave, the house looks beautiful and all of the mistakes are hidden. My job, is to come in before the painters arrive and make note of what it all looks like before it gets covered up but... I digress. Well, not really, see, the painters are running things because they control appearances. You see what they want you to see and that is not everything. This means they can control what you see and how you think, based on what you see.

A disgruntled saxophone player named Gilad came around some time before Dieudonne had his vision and he saw what the false drummers were up to. He was able to see clearly into the lies about genetic claims to stolen lands and... as a real musician, he could tell what the bad drumming was doing to the music, so he began to publicize the lies and reveal the inconsistencies, which he was able to do to great effect because he worked for Mr. Apocalypse, just like Dieudonne does. Although Gilad was essentially a musician through and through, he migrated into the realm of words, to make another kind of music that would neutralize the bad music being made by the bad drummers. This has made the bad drummers very angry. Meanwhile, Diedonne began to make the sign of the Quenelle and because it was a magic sign, it unleashed a new power into the world that made it possible for people to hear how bad the music had become and what a drag it was to try to dance to it. This began to give the bad drummers heart attacks and all of them started to grab their left arm as they fell to the floor. Wait! Isn't that the wrong arm? So...? Don't they do everything backwards?

People began to see how really bad the music had gotten. They began to see how much the music sucked. Le Quenelle was waking them up, vibrating from its secret location. It was waking them up because it is an apocalypse and all things hidden are being revealed. This is bad news for the bad drummers, who hijacked Holy Drummerland and have been genociding the original residents. The whole world has turned against them because of disgruntled multi-tasking sax players and comedians turned into bakers. They are soon to be followed by people from every walk of life. Soccer players are making the quenelle sign on the soccer field. The bad drummers who own just about everything, because their Satanically possessed drumming gave them the power to print ghost money, are not amused but their time has come to an end. Everyone is waking up to how bad their music is and what a bummer it is to dance to it and how expensive it is to dance to it and have no fun doing it.

These bad drummers have a way of saying things wrong, so that you are operating with the wrong information. They'll invite you to an orgy and tell you that your uncle's sister, on the one side will be there and your uncles brother on the other will too. They don't tell you it's your mother and father; not that they care, except to what a degree it might degrade you. That's the point of the music they make. Because it is evil music, it inspires bad behavior and that creates guilt. You get enough guilt going on and it's easy to send young people to war under false pretenses. Once they go to war they have ten times the guilt they left with when they come back. This works fine for the bad drummers, who have more guilt than anyone and for very legitimate reasons, given what they've been up to for centuries and centuries now.

The day of the bad drummers is coming to an end. They are going to have to face the music, the real music and the real music will make them come apart at the seams. Real music has integrity. They have none. I'm sure you can figure out what the impact of one upon the other will be.

Do you want to help? As you pass through this world, when you see a bad drummer, offer them a symbolic loaf of quenelle. Tell them it means exactly what they think it does but since they are not who they say they are, what difference does it make? Their bad drumming is going to be silenced. Their false histories are going to be exposed. Mr Apocalypse is going to see to that. Better get your own house in order and stay away from the bad music.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio broadcast tonight.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Do you EVER post anything me and the flat mate haven't talked about a day or two ago? We were just discussing 440/432 Hz on Friday, when I asked if he had the equipment to convert his music. Almost every post. I swear on my. . .DRY nose! (I suppose I could put moisturiser on it.)

David V said...

I know that this is all metaphor, but I once played keyboards with a drummer who was very good, but the drums were all that mattered to him. His vision for his "band" (his wife and me) was to play hymns straight out of the church hymnal, using pads, choirs, and symphonic sounds, all accompanied by thundering, crashing drums. He was so loud that he had to surround himself with a plastic barrier, and it still drowned out everything. I had to wear earplugs and tap my foot furiously just to keep track of the tunes. During our one or two actual concerts, the few attendees sat against the back wall and winced. I tried to tell him that the music most people like is actually about the music, and not just the drums, i.e. tone it down a bit...but he would have none of it.

I have noticed that, with musicians who are very good on their instrument, it's always all about them and their instrument, and not about the band or the overall sound. Thus, in spite of their obvious talent, they play small gigs if any, or close out of town. It takes a forceful person, which I'm not, to get them to blend into the overall production.

I often wonder how any band or church or university ever got started in the first place, because these days it's nearly impossible to get any two people to agree on anything. Everyone has to dominate, to have it their way or the highway.


David V said...

p.s. I worked in construction too, doing the wiring. The electricians always came in dead last on the pecking order. I could make a beautiful conduit run, only to come in the next day and find that the plumber or HVAC guy had ripped it out and stomped on it because it was in his way. There was no recourse but to do it over again. However, when it came time to finish up and the building was behind schedule, it was always the electrician's fault.


wiggins said...

Great stuff.....

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What you said about artists. There is one who I think may defy what you said. Ever hear of Lindsey Stirling? Here's a good intro:

Cat On Violin

This chick is HOT! Looks damn good, too. And POWERFUL! The way she dances. . . Check out her other vids.

JerseyCynic said...

LTPTB -- NO he does not!! I'm beginning to wonder if we've somehow downloaded Les Visible into our mental circuitry and everyday upon waking, our thoughts are transferred back out and into his words on the various blogs. Yup - that's my story and I'm sticking to it -- for now!

I also was talking about this very subject of drumming last evening, trying to convince our children that their so-called music today has been hijacked by the beat masters. (my daughter and I are/were drummers). I was the first female drummer in our school's marching band until those male control freaks pushed me out of their section forever -- I had more rhythm than all of them combined ---- and it was obvious they just couldn't handle it! In order to remain in the section, I had to become quite the glock player.

Bo-diddleme -- TOO funny!


This delightful post of yours must have been inspired by this?......A French Clown’s Hateful Gesture

the BCth said...

Excellent "metaphor mashing." Divinely inspired.

I suppose the Little Drummer Boy was one of these original drummers? The Tribe didn't like him, I bet. Drummin' to the beat of nature, spreadin' the word about Sananda. (grin)


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Yup, the Shiva/Shakti tango is picking up the beat. Gotan project stuff this post, the revenge of the tango for the 'pelvic sinus' boys, you know the ones that have constant mucus drip from their lower nose.

Gratitude arise spontaneously.

Conversion software for your digital music to 432 is available online,for those interested, no such luck for the analogue fans as yet.

Looking forward to the radio show, the Heart timbre on the tounge is beating to a different drummer lately, as if the skin got tightened.

Be well, be Alert

the BCth said...

I know the norm on this Planet is that when the Twins meet it’s often a train wreck, because of the distortion and the Twin Flame Rift. But for those of you reading this — if you have experienced the meeting of your Twin and have felt the great pain of this rift — I think what I have to say can bring comfort and healing. There is a great tendency to focus obsessively on the physical form of the other half of the Twin, which narrows the heart and cuts off the flow of the universality of this Love. For those of you who have met your Twins and have found the relationship to be one clouded by Karma and disharmony and heartbreak, I would recommend this: Instead of reaching forward to grasp the other, that you lean back into your heart and open yourself to this Universal River of Love and allow it to pour forth through you, opening your heart to the magnificence of this fantastic dynamic that exists in every atom of this Creation. Realize that your Love is not so small as to be contained only in two bodies, but your Love is part of what makes the Earth go around the Sun, and the Sun go around the Central Sun, and all the Stars pour forth their Light on Creation. The dynamic of your Twin Love is contained within the moonlit dewdrops in a summer’s night, it is contained within the rainbows, it is contained within the ocean spray and the nectar that the butterflies sip. Open yourself up to that magic movement and understand that you are an intrinsic part of the fabric of life, that all life within this Creation has its foundation in polarity, and polarity is the great engine that moves this particular Creation. Your Love is the fuel of that polarity; your love is the dynamic of that polarity. And once you tap into it, you can experience the Universal Love and the universal dynamic of this motion. You may constrict your focus on the physical desire for your Twin in a Third Dimensional body. But if you reverse your vision and understand that this is but the nerve endings of vast, giant hands touching, and expand that awareness to let this love flow through your heart, then more and more you will see your beloved in everything, in everyone, and everywhere.


captcha ends with a the number 188. "The BCth" means "the 188th" in hexadecimal. (It's also a string of three runes, actually four, but the first one is the same as the last one.)

Ginnie said...

The drum thing. Was just researching last night on how to order the reindeer skin and get permission from the Sami (I am one)in Norway to reproduce the spiritual symbols myself...they aren't "allowed" to sell their own drums with the symbols on them! It is not to be commercialized because it is spiritual and you need a darn good reason to use them! All the old ones except a few were burned by the "ChurchPeople".

Synchronicity again!

Besides which you are so gifted at storytelling I feel like I have met Aesop and Kurt Vonnegut all rolled into one.

Had to red this one was so much fun.

Drums are powerful...for good or ill!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible.
I've been dancin' to the natural beat of mother earth for almost
10 yrs. now and it's just gettin' stronger. Kick ass post.

BCth. Thanks.. check my reply on reflections.

Time to get a poem. I'll be back.
walking hawk Love you guys.

the BCth said...

The Quenelle story is inspired, too.



Lindsey Stirling is awake on a lot of levels. Perhaps not so much intellectually aware, but "tuned in" to the currents of life. All great artists are.


I must have been triggered into this opening event. I talked about wanting dearly to have my higher senses open up. Signaling my desire, putting it out there in words. Then Visible said to me, "I wouldn't worry too much about not having what you may only be unaware of. Pursue the inner light and all such things will be added unto you (grin). The more intensely you focus and the more relentlessly you apply, the speedier the result." I drank in those words somehow. Then came Ray B., who was so kind to me in his response that it gave my frequencies a tangible boost.

NOTE: I am not suggesting toking as a route to enlightenment. This just happened to be something that came my way while under that influence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Criminal overcrowded division
Corruption just won't hide
Financial destruction imminent
A debt to the people in lies
For all those slaves that were Mongered
All the dead that it cheat
The soldiers put in asylums
Who learn they were used and deceived
The banking cartel is unlawful
A parasite sucking the Life blood
Murdering genocidal psychopath
Making war on the heavens above
A danger to the earth a menace
Unrepentful of the discord it sow
People need to join all together
Away from this system we go


Tuesday, August 28, 2012 9:56:00 PM
Anonymous said...
Calling of attention
Opening the here
bringing to the moment
Sharpening the sphere
Focusing attention
Lifting up the now
Blossoms in the sunshine
Weaving through the cloud
Flowers in the breeze
Livening of source
Lotions made of wonderful
swirling bringing forth
Stirring up the fire
Binding in the deep
Calming of the ocean
Where harmony leaps


Tuesday, August 28, 2012 11:23:00 PM

We all got lucky, two for one.
Thanks Neil, Always.

w h

Ray B. said...

Vis: " one was dancing very well because the beat had no connection to primal Earth rhythms. It was an artificially constructed beat..."

This brought up two memories for me. First was an long-ago 'dream' I had that was amazingly strong and long. It kind of detailed a perfect culture, or 'beat', at least for my tastes. In it, a person was drawn to do something by an inner urging. Because of that, the person was naturally happy while doing whatever it was, and his/her 'output' reflected that. If, after some time, this urge waned, the person put down whatever he/she was doing - even if it was in the middle of something - and just walked on to whatever was next called from within. The surprising thing about this 'world' was that - after some time - someone else would be drawn-in by inner urges and start working on the unfinished-something in their own way. Somehow, this great complexity all worked out, and everyone was happy.

I was shown several examples, but the one I remember was a person simply 'attracted' to painting a fence. As long as he wanted to, he kept painting. When it no longer appealed to him, he put down the can & brush and moved on. Soon, another person was drawn to pick up the brush - because they wanted to - and continued to paint the fence. Et cetera, along the same principle...

The second memory involved the purported intervention by the Anunnaki in what may have been a native Earth and native proto-human population. This produced a decidedly-different 'beat' to what was natively-evolving over the millenia. One can see echoes of this in how the European 'beat' submerged the Amerindian 'beat'. Possibly, this was necessary for some "purpose of demonstration" or timetable. Who knows? (It would be interesting to see who "we" would have worked out to be, without this intervention.)

Maybe, we need a "global reset" to some beneficial beat...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

What’s needed is a million man (and woman), quenelle. In Europe first and foremost.

All the neutered nations in monthly rotation, until it's done.

A 21st century battle cry!
Show us your Quenelle!

The neo-eunuch uprising!
It will go down in history!
Call it the Yellow revolution..

A dream of all the peoples of Europe willing and able to shout from the mountain tops and river valleys -


the BCth said...

Vis, or Elves, I guess I got too graphic with my description of what's been happening with me, since it was cut out of my comment. Sorry about that. Should I try to rephrase it or reframe the ideas with less of the gory real-life details?

The quote I posted (missing quotation marks) came from The Return of Light. It seemed to touch on precisely the nature of my event. The preceding paragraph, which was redacted above, reads:

"One of the great miracles and mysteries of this vast polarity [Yin and Yang] is that a particle of the unique signature of the Love of each pair of Twin Flames exists within every atom of this Creation. This is true not just for Humans but for Creator Gods as well, and anyone else who has a Twin. That Love is a truly infinite river, and when it is allowed to flow through the Human heart it brings an expanded awakening, a very rapid growth, of that Being."

3rd Elf from the left said...

theBCth; absolutely not guilty here!

Visible said...

The BCth, I'm shocked that you think I would do something like that. Whatever came in went up, so help me god. There is no reason on Earth to censor your thoughts here, which, by the way are quite erudite and remarkably coherent and clear. Sometimes people are always coherent around here (me included)for one reason or another. This time that was not the case.

Well... I can't be one hundred percent sure (grin) because apparently one of the comments didn't get through. That's why all posters should save their posts in Notepad. I have something called Notepad +. It is very cool and sounds like something the 3rd Elf from the left should have and which I would send him/her if they thought so.

Carry on B (ahaullah)Cth.

Visible said...

Dammit! "Sometimes people are 'NOT' always coherent"

the BCth said...

Must have been a Zio-grinch. (grin) Thank you, Vis. I aspire to be a good writer, actually. So you're definitely a hero of mine that way.

Anyway, I posted the uncut version on my own blog, now updated with blanket warning for adult content.

Cheers, all,

galen said...

Homer... Million man quenelle? I'm in.

Beyond brilliant, Vis. And they all lived happily ever after in that big jazz bakery in the sky. Qui savait?

This one will go down in the books, right up there with Gulliver and his neighbors who lived next door at the Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les ,
I think you and your readers should be interested in this film coproduced by the great Jon Rappoport , AMERICAN ADDICT:
I was three hours ago in La Patinoire de Bordeaux , hearing DIEUDONNE .
Thanks Les , you're one of my friends!
Pierre from France

Visible said...

But you can put it here! Good grief (grin). It really never came through.

Okay folks, I wrote another song today and recorded a rough draft, lacking the polish of the finished version yet to come and I'm not happy with the formation of the lyrics in all cases, that will definitely be upgraded later. What I did was just go with the thought intended, then I can apply the poetics later (grin). Okay, now I'm going to do the radio broadcast.

Visible said...

God I'm spacing out. what I mean is the song should appear here and on the front page sometime in coming moments.

Anonymous said...

Genius analogy - "bad drummers"endlessly making shitty music

And Visible is right on course - as always - as no matter how much the bad drummers try to disguise their deplorable drumming, it is always the same lame untalented bad beats that give them away - no matter what they call it, how they try to hide it, how they use it to cover up their endless crime actions;

just another of endless list of examples; 110 million personal identifications with credit card and debit card informations was supposedly stolen from a big corporate chain store of USA recently ... i happened to hear about this, a few days ago, while passing by a crass media (jewish) outlet - a TV (talmud-vision), and heard a report, with the main goal not about the massive theft, but about slandering the latest targeted enemies of the new world order (jew-world order) - Russians

the report claimed that "Russian language" was found in the hacking programming code

what the crass media (jewish media) did not include in this slanderous "report"

- the fact that 20% (officially) -50% (reality) of israhell are russian language speakering jews

... you can do the arithmetic to see what the implications mean...

Thanks for your works Visible!

respects to all

9th Elf from the right said...

Alrighty, here is lord Visible's new song:

I have to Walk in the Sunlight

theBCth: it wasn't me, either, but I do have my suspicions about the Elf in the middle.

Visible said...

The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine is out now. I hope those of you who have read the fdigital version will go to Amazon and leave a review. It would be a big help.

thank you.

Skepticfrog said...

I play and listen to (only) classic (or hot) jazz.
We don't need nor want no stinkin' drummers.
A washboard maybe and cymbals. No effing drums.
They are a horrible, disgusting abomination; RUIN music; they don't make musical notes, melody, harmony or chords.

They should be illegal and outlawed forever.
You get my drift...

Musically, in my genre we can make a tune HOT and toetapping swinging without stinkin' drums. A good stride pianist (like Stephanie Trick) will make both your feet tapping maniacally and grinning ear-to-ear - if you got "ears" - sans drums and other intrusive non-musical crap.

Visible said...

About that radio broadcast tonight; not one of my best I don't think. I guess I said a whole lot of things, hopefully I made some sense. The whole day was one of those 'one thing after another' days so... my apologies if I failed to turn the lights on this time (grin).

Be well.

The 7th Elf said...

Here's a link to that latest Radio Show.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

OK. In an effort to not be so loquaciously engaged in making massive sentences geared towards a more rhetorical utilization of words that comprise sentences that aren't aren't arranged in paragraphs, rendering what I say incomprehensible or whatever, I'll make this short and sweet. The bad vibes produced by bad musicians will soon morph into another analogical situation in which, when the bad vibe-ridden music is forced to stop, there will be a musical chairs moment in finding the nearest hot seat for idiots to deal with sitting in. @David V….There. I can use paragraphs (Copy and pasted, sir, after proofreading but it, text edit, compacted it on back to no paragraphs, soooo), and it's never the intention of myself to try to make or engender cross comments in relation to my non-utilization of paragraphs. Nevertheless, there "has to be" some people that "have to" say whatever they feel like if things aren't squarely like the way they want to hear what's to be said by someone else, and this time it's about me not using paragraphs. I come here to show solidarity to someone whom I actually trust in regards to his existential take on a reality about major issues and for the satanic PTBGD to notice my whole name and see if those ninnies ever "deal" with it. In short and in closing with this, I dislike making cross comments back to you, given I don't want this type of crappola dirtying up the blog. Pretty simple. I truly don't take it to be ever-so mean-spirited, what you said, so don't get too upset and just ignore this. You have a point, but it's just not my thing to use paragraphs, given its not done in real confabs, sooooo that's just my little, grammatically imperfect thing I do. It's is truly just that, until roused or whatever and given that was just a slight slight, I truly don't say something cross about other people on here on account of the adage that: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I'm just a poster, sir, and if you don't follow or don't want to follow, that's your thing, and you could keep the snotty advice to yourself. You didn't. @Les Visible…Sorry about this. I'm not asking for cross comments about the way I type, which is analogous to the way I speak, and don't endeavor to snipe at people about what they have to say, the way they say it and so forth. Some people just don't want to help themselves about saying what-ev in being smart-alecs with me, so I just try to, less than casually yet firmly, tell them what I said about keeping whatever cross comments to themselves unless that have something decent to say in regards to, contextually, what I say on here, given I don't always agree or directly follow that which everybody here says but would never try to start crap just on "the merits" of telling people how they should talk/type. Lastly, I didn't mean to be so mean-spirited about the way I talked about Mr. Rivero, given the whole story's not out yet. I hope there's a misunderstanding going on. I get pretty dogmatic myself about seeing people who say they know such and such, when we live on a planet that's had perennial issues with knowing such knowledge (That such and such certainly DOES NOT exist, and that's scientifically that) the way Mr. Rivero often comes off to me, and was venting a little too vehemently methinks. One more thing. I just used text edit like I usually do, did try to use paragraphs, yet it just scrunched what I had to say in three paragraphs into this. I tried to fix it, tabbing away and trying to space it into paragraphs, but to no avail. Oh the irony, and I'd try some more stuff to try to get the editing to actually use paragraphs, but I flat ran out of time. Oh, the irony. Ha ha.

galen said...

Well I happen to really like today's radio broadcast. It was like a friend talking to a good friend. It was honest and tenderly vulnerable, yet full of faith. Folks don't share much about their changes these days. Those are as important as any epiphanies or gestalts. They are our humanness. Today's show demonstrates the subtle difference between teaching and sharing. Both have their place, and each is contained in the other, often disguised. I LOVED THIS BROADCAST!!

Nate said...

Sans drummers:

Cue Kelly Joe Phelps

"Fare Thee Well"

No damn drummers. I was in a "band" once. Am aware that it is a cover, but a good one.

Love to all

Anonymous said...

a long time before men had raised one stone on top of another or had a language to talk of or clothes on their backs their was always a painter quietly going about his buisness and perspective is everything to some in a dark cave

Skepticfrog said...

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Two white doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds.

As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, a seagull and a large black crow/raven swept down on the doves right after they were set free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.

I would say, the seagull represents America (oceans on both sides; the Gulf on the bottom), and the black crow of course Israel (the orthodoxes wear black from head to toe, worship the angry, mean, vindictive dark god of theirs...). The raven/crow represents death in many cultures. One culture I know, if a raven/crow land on the window ledge of a house with an ill, bedridden person, he/she will die in 24 hours...

Raven/crow - watch the video. In the beginning, note the bald eagle - which represents...
In the other (fishing), note the thievery of the fisherman's effort.
It FITS as a symbol of the Tribe - like a glove - doesn't it??|aad547274f5c0152eb7a7204e7e49615

Prophetic omen; fits PERFECTLY... (Time will tell)

Skepticfrog said...

Curtis Matthew Ellisworth:

Nobody criticized what you wrote (content). It's the form which is near impossible to read.

You can write in any shape or form you wish. But some of us - including me - just will not read it. If it suits you, be it.

I happen to believe in forms and courtesies - even though English is NOT my mother tongue.

I believe, if I wish to communicate and convey thoughts and ideas in THIS language, I should TRY to follow all the associated rules, customs, grammar, syntax and courtesies associated with the language I'm trying to express myself.

BTW: It IS a measure of RESPECT toward the would-be readers.

Hedonistic discarding of the conventions associated with this language in spite of polite request to follow form, for simple comprehension, speaks volumes about you.
Disdain, uppityness and arrogance come to mind - first...

Arhooo said...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth:

Notwithstanding the continued lumpiness prevalent in your most recent verbiage, I did still read it all (although now with the benefit of hindsight, I wish I hadn't).

For the purpose of demonstration - or proof, if you prefer, of my having read it all - it's "who" not "whom".

That aside, I'm using paragraphs, do you see? The implementation of these parapraphs, enable me, should I choose, to write vast swathes of bollocks (much as you do!) - but at least my bollocks arrive in handy, bite-sized pieces, while your own bollocks are of such a size as to intimidate or cause confusion in the mind of the reader.

I side with David on this one - please, cut the bollocks.

Anonymous said...

I'll lay 10-1 odds Rivero picks up Visible's work again. He cut him off at least once before - I think it's a content issue with him, not a slammed door. Visible, I know you aren't keen on Henry Makow by and large, but he recognizes Israel's grip on things. I'd send him an email. Ask him if he wants to swap banner ads. He got shown the door by Rense and Icke, as you well know. Politics makes strange bedfellows. A blog needs traffic - give it a shot My two cents' anyway.

the BCth said...

Good afternoon!

I'm still very much trying to grok what's been happening to me. The reefer high and its attendant supercharged intensity are gone, but the awakening seems to have remained in place. I asked for it to continue in the background, like a minimized application, and to integrate at a pace I can manage in my day-to-day life.

At one point it felt like being on a rocket ship. (grin) Getting lit up like a Christmas tree with the DNA activation.

I had a thought: since DNA is a code, and everything is thought-stuff vibrating, then genes are like MP3 files....

I figure someone had a problem with what I wrote, since it didn't get through. There was nothing dirty about it, it was just more explicit about the sexual dynamic and my experience of it than some might be used to. In any case, it's posted on my own blog, so whoever wants to can read it.

A new radio show and a new song! Great. I'll be back.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical.

Anonymous said...

Flaming Brilliant, Viz!

432 great, especially if we lose the high notes.

Dry nose? I've nosebleeds, said to be a symptom of radiation poisoning. But:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, lift up your voice and sing
Hosanna in the highest, Hosanna to the King

Begone, you haters of white people. Be you exiled and erased and bind unto you the poisons and corruption you birthed into our lovely green place. A loud Allelujah and it is done. Rum pum pum pum.

Tiresome, Curtis, tiresome.


Melkiventa Melchizedek

the BCth said...

Turns out it was a captcha fail that ate my post, not some anonymous gremlin. Sorry for the drama.



WARNING! The following contains explicit description of actual sexual energies and effects.

"One of the great miracles and mysteries of this vast polarity [Yin and Yang] is that a particle of the unique signature of the Love of each pair of Twin Flames exists within every atom of this Creation. This is true not just for Humans but for Creator Gods as well, and anyone else who has a Twin. That Love is a truly infinite river, and when it is allowed to flow through the Human heart it brings an expanded awakening, a very rapid growth, of that Being."

- The Return of Light

I just had a heart opening on a level beyond anything previous. It seems to have awakened my Kundalini; or, at least, initiated a "test run" of my chakra/DNA circuits. (I had help from sweet Mary Jane. She makes the lens of consciousness magnify, but fogs it up somewhat, too.) No idea how permanent this is, I'm still high.

It started with a rush of the pleasure of Presence while having coffee with my wife. I began to slip into a sweet surrender to the energies of Creation. It was a sexual feeling. I felt that I was female, and God was my Lover. It became an Ecstasy of Love. Pure Desire, perfectly mirrored between me and my wife. I went alone for a bit. I drink You, God! An unbelievably deep, rich, and intense (female) orgasm came over me, going on and on and on. I did not 'come,' I just rode the wave. My wife thought I was doing something naughty, because I was kinda loud.

I then took a few notes before I went to join my love in bed.

This thing is pretty intense. It's like having the lights turned on all up and down your chromosomes. Funny, that: chromo. I felt like we were marrying the colours of the spectrum, bringing it all together into balance and unity. I asked my wife, "What shall we create?", as I felt how sexual union drives the engines of Creation. I answered for us both, I said, "We do this for Great Healing." It became a ritual of Sacred Sex, devoted to manifesting the maximum possible Healing for both of us.

I have been in near-constant initiation. It's pretty wild stuff. But it still feels like a practice run to check my readiness for the real thing....

Visible said...

I love it when mysteries resolve themselves in our favor and they seem to do that fairly often.

The elves and I enjoy the truth that no detail is too insignificant for the cosmos to take an interest in 'when we' take an interest in the cosmos.

Visible said...

Anon 12:07

Thanks for thinking of me. It is doubtful that Makow would have anything to do with me because of my defense of Jeff Rense and I am featured on Jeff's site and that gets me many, many time more visitors than Henry's site would; not the reason I defended Jeff, I just happened to believe he was right in that instance.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Bearding the Zio-Ogre Bankers in their Den.

Unknown said...

Hi Vis,

I thought I saw you in the store the other day. The day you posted this.

I know you don't live around here but I had to walk up to this guy and look carefully.

So in reading this post and find you talking to me, I feel I must post.

Construction painter and Bluegrass musician (no drums).

Just bought the new book. Looking forward to it's delivery. Thanks for your work.

Love to you and all.



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