Thursday, May 27, 2021

"Set Your Sights on the Glory and Splendor of The One who Lights the Heavens."

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I dislocated my left arm around a year ago (I am left-handed). Longer than that, actually. They couldn't get it to go back in because they were incompetent, but that did not stop them from trying, and so they injured me worse than the dislocation did. The pain and discomfort were with me for many months. I started using my right hand in certain cases. I had some ability with my right hand because there are a few things I could do with both. I bring this up because of an interesting feature that came into play as a result. I began to get more left brain action and subjects that had previously perplexed me, I found easier now to understand; recording software, MIDI, and ancillary subjects, as well as various hardware.

For whatever reason, I have not been able to find someone to help me do the routing in my recording efforts, or to help me through understanding certain DAW (digital audio workstation) technology that I have found perplexing until now. One of The Divine's helpmates told me that we could probably work all of this out on our own, and pointed out that we had already produced over ten albums on our own, even though they are lacking in certain technical aspects, they were probably still good enough for rock and roll, even though I don't usually do rock and roll.

I mention this because it is not only possible but eminently negotiable that injury, seeming accidents, and related trauma can have a positive outcome, ESPECIALLY if you will brook no exceptions. Since life IS geared to bring us to better and better states of existence IF WE ARE WILLING, one has only SEE it as being so, and to follow through. Faith is the substance of things UNSEEN.” There is a powerful truth in that arcane maxim.

Most important in the search for truth is that you prove what you know to yourself, by your own experience. Some things we don't need direct proof of, and the experiences of others will suffice for personal experience in those matters; like jumping off a cliff, shooting yourself in the head. Others have proven the lack of efficacy in these. Then again, we don't know if their acts lacked efficacy. They're not here in their former form to tell us. Maybe no matter what you do, it's all bright on the other side. I would say, 'NOT'... given the truism= “As above, so below.” It will be as bright as you are.

Some shine in the material world. I once met Elvis Presley and was around him at several intervals. His charisma was palpable. He shined. It amazed me at the time. I think I left my copy of The Impersonal Life in his car because he seemed so full of himself. I did like him and I have continued to, but that's not the point here. The point is that there is temporal charisma and spiritual charisma. I have encountered both more than once. The temporal charisma of Elvis was off the charts. Give me spiritual charisma. This is what you have when the angels recognize you by the quality of your shine, AND... this is how the world recognizes your temporal charisma for its own purposes otherwise.

When I speak of The World, I am NOT speaking of the planet we are moving on. I mean the society and culture, and the outworking intentions of the figureheads who think they rule. There is an author's commentary in The Lord of the Rings, where he is talking about Saruman and his plots and ambitions. He remarks how Saruman imagines himself to be a master of the game, but he was, instead, like a child playing with blocks; a small figure, set against a much bigger Shadow and Darkness that had been around considerably longer.

Even more important, in the search for The Truth is to be after The Truth, to begin with, and not some self-serving and compromised variant, as a substitution for The Truth. Anyone who has put any time into it, learns... eventually, that acquiring The Truth will cost you everything that is not The Truth. However, the mind lies to itself... all the time... and tells itself (and others) that there must be an easier way. It's like the search for God, or Divine Love... well... you don't get any of these without the others coming along. It's like the qualities of God. They are the property of God and where you find them, God will also be present. Embracing God's qualities, and emulating God in the exercise of them, is one of the strongest attractors for The Divine.

Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita; “All roads, Arjuna, lead to me.” As humanity comes to him, by whatever route, he accepts them. He is also whatever other form of God they are worshiping because he IS all of the forms; all the forms that are eternal. He also says that wherever you see greatness, he is there. This does not mean he is representative of the personality of whoever is accomplishing that greatness, because there are flaws in human greatness. There are no flaws in The Divine. What is meant there is that he is the ability and the performance of it, just as he is the heat of fire, and the wetness of water. He is even... so it is said there, “the gambling of gamblers.” I take that to mean that he is Fortune when it comes. He is still Fortune when it goes.

What fascinates you is what forms your character. This is one of those places where one should know the end from the beginning. How many routes would so many of us have not taken, if we had known the end from the beginning?

The ardent pursuit of the lover, the passion of the inspired artist, the focus and concentration of the scientist... these are what you bring to the search for God. You ONLY have to want it more than anything else. People are not willing to do this in most cases. It is similar to the rich man that Jesus told to divest himself of his worldly goods. He went away disturbed because he had much of them.

We all find God, in some fashion, sooner or later. I've always been one who needed to get there ahead of time. Life can throw all kinds of problems at you that you did not factor in, or consider in your planning. Getting there ahead of time, for me, is the smart move. Intelligent outlaws do this in their own way, they study the scene of the crime ahead of time. If it is a meet, they are there early to see who else might show up before they are supposed to show up. Law enforcement does the same if they happen to be schooled on the matter. I was a Boy Scout; 'be prepared'. How can you be more prepared than to have God with you? Is it not said in the 23rd psalm, “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, thou art with me”?

I have been there, literally, a few times, and I can state unequivocally and with conviction that what the psalm says is TRUE! You have to live your life like this. Not doing so is like going to war without your guns. Not doing so, is like not studying a map of the terrain that you will be passing through, ahead of time. Foresight beats hindsight EVERY TIME.

I am trying to give you PRACTICAL reasons for searching for God, beyond the drive and pull of the emotion of Love. Yes... Love is Good. It is my primary motivation, along with a hunger to learn, BUT... not everyone is moved that way, so God comes at us from MANY angles; “All roads, Arjuna, lead to me.” So... it is also a matter of the greatest practicality to have God as your co-pilot. EVERYTHING you don't know, God knows. Why would God be in your life if he didn't want to help you? That is the work of another department.

It is better to see God in one of the classic forms of Mother, Father, Lover, and Friend. Some even see God as a child. God will respond to you in the fashion in which you come. I see God as The Lord of All and I as his servant. I also see God as my dearest friend, because I have both of those relationships. Actually, I have all of them except for The Child (grin); maybe The Child is me? ANYONE can have a relationship with God. He is no respecter of person. He will take you as you are, and like a doting mother, will wash off the dust of the trail and dry your tears of sorrow. When you head out too ambitiously onto God's Playground, there will be nicks and cuts and bruises and real injuries, even death. The Mother wants to keep you by her side, but The Child insists on having the freedom to run wild on the playground. What is a mother to do? She has to let him or her go. She does so with Love and Understanding because SHE KNOWS that he/she will be back, wiser (she hopes) by experience.

The Truth is that you CANNOT tell other people anything that they don't want to hear. In Times of Material Darkness, few want to hear... because the noise levels and forces of seduction in The World are very great. That is where global tragedy and natural catastrophe come in. The Trauma serves to get the attention that could not be gotten any other way. Trust me on this, God tries all manner of softer persuasions first. I was as hard-headed as anyone. Fortunately, I had the right intentions to begin with, but against the maelstroms of The World, we are less prepared than we might think. ANYONE can be brought low, and I don't care how high they may have gotten. Certain rules are inflexible for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Very spiritually accomplished souls have fallen a long way, lacking the proper wariness of The Manifest Sphere. What do they say; “Once burned, twice shy”? There are all sorts of homilies and aphorisms that line the thoroughfares of The World. They have been cast aside by those for whom these sayings are an inconvenience, an interference, or a hindrance. The Purpose of Demonstration awaits them. This is NOT something you can escape. Why not make the purpose of your demonstration be a joyful one? They say that he who dies with the most toys wins. That's one of the stupider comments I have ever heard.

NO! He who dies in the arms of the one who permits The Toymaker to operate is the one who wins. Set your sights on what The World holds out as dear, and you will get the lesson inherent in it. EVERYTHING comes with a lesson, or as a lesson. Set your sights on the glory and splendor of the one who lights the heavens, and who shines in The Sun, and breathes in the wind, and who lives from everlasting to everlasting. That seems a no-brainer to me. Still... to each their own... yeah?

I'm telling you, God is REAL and present, and you can contact him or her in whatever permutation pleases you. If it doesn't please God in any particular permutation, you WILL BE informed of that.

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I'll be including links again at the end of the posting. They are not necessarily representative of my own beliefs, but they will tell you something. I'll save what I have today for a greater relevance in one of the other blogs, which... ostensibly... are supposed to be about geopolitical issues or cultural matters. These days those targets of interest are much less important to me, and we wind up talking about God anyway.


robert said...

Visible One,

“Faith is the substance of things UNSEEN.” There is a powerful truth in that arcane maxim.

What is arcane is how we have all been programmed to misuse our words against our tue purpose:
To turn our need for emotional expression into an exercise in slang, idiom and repeating other people's words, especially the corrupted narrative from the manaagers
To get all sloppy with our words, blurring precision into a melancholy melange.
To miss the realization of our inspired desires by dampening our words with common doubts and sideways sentimentality.

When someone acts with or from faith ("on faith" cohabits with "on drugs"), the certainty, the conviction despite sensory evidence to the contrary, is the tell that unseen forces are in play.
While unseen forces are ALWAYS in play, when human consciousness is in harmony with the inner precision of the One, the power to create into being is in play.

Is it a surprise that this power must be discouraged among the human assets?
That obfuscation and deception must be brought to bear bad fruit to discourage and demoralize the children?

We create our experience with our daily power, with the lingering after-images of our habitual word usage.
When we are automatic with our words, we automatically get the usual results
When are conscious, really conscious that we we in sync with the One, those words matter more.
Those faith-filled words, with the intrinsic power to materialize any idea when in resonance with the Word of the One, the Christ Child Spirit, cut through miscreations of vain words like a light saber.

This is why deceivers must cloud our minds and degrade our use of language:
not just to steal our lifeforce and control us for the inverted pleasure of their dark host, but to prevent us from finding our power and not only freeing ourselves but turning their vampire aspirations to a choking dust.

ANYONE can have a relationship with God. He is no respecter of person. He will take you as you are, and like a doting mother, will wash off the dust of the trail and dry your tears of sorrow

Nothing is reliable in the sensorium.
No human can save us from ourselves
Only One-Being-One holds our lives more dearly than we do.
Time to cease abusing ourselves pretending to love our Creator

How did the actual narcissists co-opt our psyche into veering away from being loving toward ourselves as if we would slide the slippery slope into selfishness?
Our self-love must be tough on our automatic habits lulling us into deeper slumber but how can we claim to respect our Creator and owner of our generic avatar human host body, while cursing our selves and being cruel?
Not the fawning and preening to pacify the body mind but the impersonal duty to respect what we did not create, preserving its usefulness for a purpose above our pay grade.

Somehow the inverters of reality have the ensouled beings internalizing a subtle sadism which tqakes the shine off of the children who should be shiny!
Narcissism requires a commitment to the death spiral, not to be confused with being joyful to be alive.

Maintaining personal well-being at the expense of another is the tell of narcissists and their more corrupt cousins, psychopaths.

As hard as Pedowood has tried to sell the idea that narcissism/psychopathy is contagious and a in-group virus to catch, it takes dedication to destroy the integrity of the soul.
The relationship between our limited perception and the Unlimited One can become estranged but the One knows us completely and plans our lessons according to vanity of our plans!

Eskimo Joe said...

hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

Much love,
Eskimo Joe

Anonymous said...

Radhe Radhe from Vrindavan, Eskimo Joe! Praise the Queen of Vrindavan, who captures even the Supreme Personality of Godhead with the perfection of her divine feminine qualities!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"We have Witnessed a Put-Up, Backroom Job of a Deal Done in Darkness."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yup! Source or one of It's Otherworld servants is with us when. . .

Yesterday. I accidentally threw away an extension chord at work when I cleaned the vacuum cleaner. It took three people to tell me what I did because of the non-existent or bad English of the first two, but I tend to compensate for my mistakes; so as I head back to the car I think, 'Damn! I gotta go outta my way to go to the next town for Ace Hardware or Tennyson Hardware, if it's still there!' Then I literally hear a voice that says, "DUDE! YOU HAVE A HARDWARE STORE ACROSS THE PARKING LOT! DUUUUUUUH!" So I head to Lowes, and lo and behold! Had just enough to cover the replacement, and now I gotta fight with my boss who yelled at me, "RETURN IT! WE DON'T HOLD IT AGAINST YOU, AND NEVER ASKED YOU TO REPLACE IT!" Yeah, but it's a matter personal integrity and honour, so I ain't backin' down.

Anonymous said...

The One Who Lights the Heavens

"In the Vedic literature we find that in the spiritual kingdom there is no need of sun or moon, because the effulgence of the Supreme Lord is there."



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