Friday, May 07, 2021

"None of Us are in Direct Contact with The Divine. Angels are the Step-Down Transformers of God."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it hasn't rained frogs yet. The waters haven't turned to blood, but the locusts are coming, the plague came as a reasonable facsimile. It's starting to look a lot like a period of Biblical Events. Rioting is becoming global. Sabers are rattling, especially now that the war-makers are ♫ back in the saddle again ♫ Sexual perversity has brought us to Babylon, and now her red skirts film the dawn, as the carriages of the world are drawn, to her door, for just a little more, FOR JUST A LITTLE MORE! I would say we are officially at that point where Lady Nature and all the other cosmic forces anoint the apocalypse and GET IT IN GEAR. Sooner or later, sooner becomes sooner, and then sooner becomes now. One of these days WILL BE the day, whatever day that is. Certain things are ordained according to the trend lines. The Newtonian Laws are ALWAYS active. Like it or not.

One had better come to an understanding of how things work, or else one will become the demonstration, and example for how they work. Yes... the ways of God are mysterious but the ways of humanity are not. One can get a clue if one is so inclined.

Take a good look at the lies that are being spread now by the Global Disinformation Service; Flat Earth BS, Annunkai invasions pending, reptiles in human suits, powerful politicians being hanged in secret by military tribunals, the lies have become ridiculous. There are MANY MORE besides these. This does not mean they cannot happen, only that they are not presently happening, so as to be factually provable. The REASON they are spreading these false narratives is in order to delegitimize ACTUAL conspiracies and crimes. Heh heh... nothing is more combustible than lies, as they are going to discover.

The Usual Suspects are up to their old absurdities. They really like their false flags. It must be heating up in their little cloisters of rot. Rot is flammable. When they start getting agitated, even though they own the media, publishing, every area of the entertainment industry, most of social networking, AND the central banks, and pretty much most of what is not nailed down; they're waiting for the crowbars to arrive, and that agitation almost certainly has a Divine Source. These crowbars are Revolution, pervasive fear and uncertainty, as well as lab-grown ignorance. That last is the parent of all the others.

Here's one of the ways they operate. They attack the prevailing religious institutions and their doctrine. The intent is to kill human Faith. Once Faith is in the ER, they go after the other support pillars of the human psyche. They want to create Hell on Earth and then watch from the sidelines. Somehow they have become convinced that Old Scratch is their buddy. Boy! Are they in for a surprise. Of course, all of the temporal infrastructure is set to pass according to the law of eternal change. They may hang around for AN AGE, but sooner or later, they are transformed into the new templates for the new performances of the age.

I'd rather not talk about these things today. They are all too apparent and they will; the good, the bad, and the indifferent, enjoy the inflexible destiny of the way of all flesh, UNLESS... they make other arrangements. I would like to talk about the arrangements I make. The ones I can talk about anyway. I've spoken about the disciplines I follow in videos from The First Church of the Presence of God. I don't know that I've gone into detail here. Even if I have mentioned them a time or two, I think they are important enough to visit again.

This is the skeleton that carries all else through my every day. When I awaken, I bring my tea into my workroom and I read a chapter from The Bhagavad Gita.

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Then I meditate and pray. Both of these are of great importance and neither can be left out. Meditation has a lot to do with the art of listening. There is a common misperception that is generally shared by most, and that is that they think they listen. Perhaps they listen but they don't hear; hear being a substitution for another process, like PAYING ATTENTION.

When YOU KNOW that God is present, you will be given reasons for listening; really listening. Focus and concentration are critical in order to get past the flotsam and jetsam of the pedestrian thought fields. One must get past the common chatter that is like freeways in the Lower Mind. If and when you can do this, you are on your way. You are no longer running in place or running in circles, you are spiraling. You are getting somewhere, even if you are already there, you are FINALLY being made aware of it, and... the profound magic of the eternal present.

Then... whenever I engage in physical elimination rituals, I repeat to myself and the angel of God;

“Beloved God, all negativity and evil, all doubt and fear, all personal shortcomings are being transformed by your grace, into your divine purity and love in me. Archangel/Angel-insert name, is completing the Operation of the Sun in me, and making me a fit habitation for angels to dwell in."

Probably better if I don't get into certain details. All that matters is my level of belief. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

I don't know how many people know this, BUT... just as some are possessed of evil spirits, it is also possible to host angels, if you have reached a level of spiritual virtue where they are not driven away by your toxic nature, they will take up residence, and come and go. All sorts of miraculous events can follow. Angels watch over us, and also guide us through the changes and the traumas of life. One CAN have angels in residence. None of us are in direct contact with God. Angels are the step-down transformers of God. God does hear EVERY PRAYER that is carried to him. HOWEVER... the angels DO NOT bring all prayers to God. They are empowered to edit and dismiss, given that they know God will not be interested in vain petitions and sundry selfish interests.

I have been repeating this elimination prayer-affirmation for a LONG TIME now, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. I KNOW that branding this into my consciousness, and being, sets it perpetually in motion, and it is continuously reinforced. IT WILL BECOME TRUE and I have forever in which to HAVE IT accomplished in me. Once again (with a will), “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

EVERY TIME I eat, I pray some permutation of the following;

Beloved Lord God, my dear Divine Mother, and my friends in the Devic and Angelic Realms. We pray that you will bless and consecrate this sacrament to our bodies, being, and spirit. Transform it into your divine substance and let it transform us into one who is pleasing to you.”

There are always variants in the theme. God DOES NOT appreciate when you mail-it in; when you are just going through the motions. It MUST BE REAL and passionate and filled with Certitude, which is one of the 3 must-haves of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Above all... you MUST be sincere. You can't fool God or his angels. The angels are an extension of God. They are part of the intricate splendor of his being, which... I ASSURE YOU, cannot be imagined.

At Dusk-Twilight, I come again to the workroom and pray, on this occasion. At every other time, I STRIVE to keep thoughts of The Divine uppermost in my mind. It doesn't matter if I am watching a film(s), if I am exercising, taking a walk, feeding the birds, coming and going in the world, which is rare; WHATEVER IT MAY BE... I TRY to remember and reapply the principle. I fail often. I forget for short periods, BUT... ALWAYS... I come back. I intend. I FULLY intend to become more consistent and purposeful with each new day. This is NOT subject to change.

I seek to engage the angels at every opportunity when it comes to mind. If I am persistent in calling out/in to them, THEY WILL COME. It happens to be true, “If you build it, they will come.”

Before I turn in for the night, I go outside in the back and I speak with The Divine Mother. This has been happening for quite a while. Then I come in and head to the sleeping chamber where I read from one of the books of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. Then I pray and put my attention on bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Let me point out that it is possible for anyone to have the Kingdom of Heaven descend into them, BUT... the ground MUST be prepared. Then you may carry it everywhere you go and share it with everyone you meet, where possible. Finally, I lay on the bed on my back, with my left hand on my heart, and my right hand on my Solar Plexus. I rotate my right hand around my Solar Plexus, counter-clockwise, and visualize receiving wisdom from there, and visualize coming into harmonic resonance with every aspect of my inner being, I remind myself that Truth is the offspring of Love and Wisdom.

After a time, I turn on my side and reach inwardly for God until I travel inward in dreams. The next day it starts all over again.

I have not always been so disciplined and focused, quite the opposite in fact. I was a reckless driver on life's highway. I was committed to storming the Gates of Heaven. They never let me stay for long. FINALLY... I have discovered the certainty of concentrated focus on an objective; on the realization of an Ideal.

I present these true statements on the possibility that they may prove useful in designing your own system of living for the single purpose of Communion with The Divine. We spend our time on what we think is important to us. THIS is important to me. It is MORE THAN life and death. It is so very much more.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

You may be a lot of things, dear Visible, but a more humble man surely does not exist on the internet. Is there ANYTHING you have not confessed to your readers? You are like an open book, one that continues to write itself with the hope and purpose of encouraging and guiding those who care to heed.

When I was seventeen a priest told me that I would not have many friends (at the time) because I was too idealistic. I had no idea what he meant. I do now. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are? The angels are my friends! I see them standing at the gates of Heaven just waiting for us to call them in! The joy that emanates from them when summoned is a sight to behold. Tonight I will send a couple your way. They tend to answer requests for others rather than for oneself. Funny how that works but it does. Then there is the anonymity factor which acts as rocket fuel for answering prayer. I kid you not, it is unfailing!

Thank you to all the angels who visit us here - seen and unseen. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you

First commenter after the post, Indeed that is how, with the transparancy and the dee deep thirst for the Presence of the Ineffable as an immediate experience, Les Visible became , in my perception, Mas and Mas Visible..... enriching my life in key moments as a result

still aspiring to be 'out function at armageddon junction' here, GranPa and GranMa.....

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yup! This has happened several times in my life, like whenever I was in need. Been laid off, financially rock bottom; I do a ritual and ask to get what I need to keep going and fulfill my contract. Something happens within the next couple of days that 'rescues' me. Always. Though I may be as obnoxious as anything, I'm programmed to be a total STO nose. Got several individuals of several species depending on me.

Ray B. said...

Musings brought-up by your thoughtful blog (thanks):

Vis: "They attack the prevailing religious institutions and their doctrine. The intent is to kill human Faith."

Synchronistically, last night I watched an old X-Files episode which dwelt on this. Mulder is usually portrayed as the out-there of the duo, with Scully as the hard-core scientist. In this episode, lots of indisputable religious phenomena (miracles) occurred around a 'gifted' child and his protectors/antagonists. Scully was 'forced' into a re-contemplation of God and higher purposes, and rekindled her Faith in Something Higher. Meanwhile, Mulder absolutely refused to go-beyond anything other than E.T.s and psychic phenomena. In this episode, Scully was shown to have deeper 'roots' than Mulder...
Vis: "Somehow they have become convinced that Old Scratch is their buddy. Boy! Are they in for a surprise."

Gandalf the Grey to Saruman the White (both high-level Wizards): "There is only one Lord of the Ring, and he does not share power!"
Vis: "Focus and concentration are critical in order to get past the flotsam and jetsam of the pedestrian thought fields. One must get past the common chatter that is like freeways in the Lower Mind."

My journey in that regard has been different than the "quiet the mind" and "zero thoughts" of the classic texts. Perhaps, it is because of The Monroe Institute and their emphasis on holding Beta while deepening into Delta & Theta brainwave-states. (This enables you to be 'There' while still being 'Here'.) My experience is that one can have the mind chattering-away while just disregarding it; it is a matter of where you pay attention. The 'sweet spot' seems to be with the Higher States two-thirds Real (so to speak) while Down Here is one-third Real (so to speak). That is where you can access "Angels" and actually hold-space 'alongside' them. (They benefit from an 'anchor' Down Here. It is hard for Angels to force themselves down to a level much lower than their native level.) With practice, it also becomes easier to maintain that dual State while walking down the street...
Vis: "None of us are in direct contact with God. Angels are the step-down transformers of God."

Several times, "Angels" have sent some form of light/love/energy 'down' into me. Sometimes, it has been to an almost-electrocuted intensity. I get the feeling that their "step-down transforming" is a carefully-metered-out level of a much-higher capability. This falls into Vis' "the ground MUST be prepared" observation. Newbies get less 'zap' (for their own good) than those who have developed a greater capacity/tolerance over time/practice...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gabriella Espinosa said...

Thank you!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Worshipers of Form have Imprisoned Themselves in the Temporal Forms of Their Religion."

Frog said...

Nice. Thank you, Visible.



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