Monday, May 24, 2021

"The Knower and The Field of Play for Doomed Flowers that Bloom and Fall."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It appears that very bad things are happening in the social order. Given the nature of the distress, we can expect a slew of zombie films shortly. It appears that the vaccines are not vaccines and that they bear dreadful possibilities with them. Wherever there is a legitimate study of the vaccines by legitimate scientists, the news is very bad. If they are even half-right about their conclusions, within a relatively brief period of time, many of us will no longer be here, and many who survive will never be the same.

You know, certainly, that the leaders are not getting a vaccine shot, Yes? It is most likely some saline solution.

I've received a number of links lately and discovered more on my own. They all keep adding up to the same understanding. I don't feel the need to inundate you with links. You can find more than you can ever read, on your own. What I can say is that the danger appears to be a definite thing. What we don't know is how bad it will get.

I use the word, appears, the same way I use the word seems. It is no easy job to attempt to explain things when most people do not know what The Field and The Knower are, and what their relationship is. EVERY EVENT in your life, no matter how ho-hum or dramatic they may be, are all included in the relationship between The Field and The Knower. Perhaps we are all occasionally aware of this interplay but we give it only cursory thought.

The Knower of The Field is You, apart from all that The Field contains. The Field is your body, your emotions, AND your mind, AND everything that personalizes you in the field of play, which is the world around you, and those parts of you that engage the world around you.

When you KNOW that The Knower of The Field is present within, you have the option of identifying with The Knower, as opposed to The Field. The Field is The Dreamscape. When you identify with that, you are in The Dance of Illusion, and you are simply one more animate object in conflict. That is ALL you will find out here until you make peace with it. You make peace with it by not wanting anything in it, nor contending with others for any particular turds that got painted gold by the undisciplined imagination. The Desire Body likes to hype this up in your mind, hoping you will go on IMPULSE.

Many people; most people... WANT to be here. If you gave them the option of stepping away from the trough and drinking from inner fountains, and dwelling in serene tranquility, they would not be interested. They don't know what that is and the shine on the golden turds fascinates them to the exclusion of wondering... why they keep doing the same crazy things over, and over, and over, and making themselves wealthy with disappointment.

Heavy and transformative force is being directed upon humanity from a mysterious source. Individuals and groups are all acting out in different ways as their nature interprets it. Those with savagery in their hearts are behaving in savage fashion. Each person DEMONSTRATES what they are by how they are handling it.

I am fairly convinced at this time that the COVID action was a Deep State invention to get rid of the sitting president, and then to pacify and subjugate the populace (they are still working that angle). This includes killing them off. The vaccines are a product made desirable by FEAR of something that was NEVER as dangerous as the vaccine. In other words, the cure is more deadly than the disease.

All of what you see happening in the streets is a distraction from what the Dark Side is up to on so many levels. Everywhere you turn there is some new evil being visited upon the people. An amazing number of people still think the government does what it does in their best interests. That they STILL think this, after all that has happened in recent times, is amazing.

This seasonal flu didn't kill any more people than any other garden variety, seasonal distress. The CDC said, clearly... that only 6% of the victims of COVID died from COVID. In every other case, it was only a part of the condition (or it wasn't even present) that led to death. This is why it was mostly the old and those with compromised immune systems who checked out. A rather transparent scam (at least to me) has been performed on the public, much like 9/11, staged school shootings, and all the other false flags.

Okay... so far... this sounds very Doom and Gloom but... I wanted to treat with that aspect first. Yes... it is doomy and gloomy. It is also REAL, in the terrestrial sense. However, none of this is important because The Avatar is coming. His power is absolute and limitless. In other words, what he says GOES. The servants of The Dark Side KNOW he is coming. At least the lowerarchy does. The rank and file know as much about what is going on as the rank and file ever do, which is very, very little, or they WOULDNT BE in The Rank and File.

Little can be done for those whose Fear intimidates their Faith, or whose suffocated love is suppressed by anger and rage, with a great deal of impotence included, to fuel the anger and rage. It brings us back to The Field and The Knower. Many DO NOT want to know. They want to be immersed in the dreamscape, and... most especially, to not have to think about how temporary it all is. If you are focused and intent upon The Knower-The Watcher, you cannot be touched. NOTHING touches or influences The Knower but Impersonal Love.

When you personalize existence, you WILL encounter those who are attracted to you and those who are repelled. They may be in your own blood relations. You WILL pinball back and forth through whatever temporary dreams your desire body and compromised intellect got you into. It IS possible to step beyond this and into the timeless and everlasting presence of Heaven Within. It is also possible to share this liberally as you may wish. You WILL need Wisdom to employ it, but Truth will be the fruit of that union, so... as the Aussies say, “No Worries.”

Of course it is not that easy because it can take a long time, relatively speaking, to get there. When The Prodigal Son awoke to the reality of his situation and of his Father's Home, his return journey DID NOT take place in a day or so. It could well be the result of lifetimes. I don't know what your karmic ledgers say. Every case is different, BUT... “SUCCESS IS SPEEDY FOR THE ENERGETIC.” It CAN BE near instantaneous; if you hit the Road to Damascus at the right hour, on the right day. If you are Elijah. If, for whatever reason (and he doesn't have to explain himself) he likes you. He loves us all. He DOES NOT like us all.

Let us translate The Knower and The Field through Hindu thought, which is that which I am most familiar with= FOR THIS PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Shiva is The Knower and Prakriti is The Field. This should throw great light upon the Father-Mother aspect of God. If you think about it, it will speak volumes about how life should be conducted when in this body and which to go to about which concern.

I should say at this point that ALL religions have a grain of truth if you look hard enough. I've made a lifetime of the study of comparative religions and the arcane portions of their roots. It has been enough to show the incredible similarity in all when they are viewed outside the perspective of dogma and cant. They simply use different terms to describe the same thing; keeping in mind that the significant parts are not describable. They MUST be experienced.

Adam means; Namer of Things. As you name it, so you identify it, so it becomes to you. You build your own paradise, Hell, and all there is between. The Knower knows things as they are, not just how they seem. Existence looks one way to The Knower and seems to be in countless ways otherwise in The Field.

Once you have made contact with your portal inward, that being your guide, your teacher, your angel; the instrument God uses to speak to you, THAT is the end of it. Of course, you still have whatever you have to go through in front of you, BUT it ALL changes now. You are not alone AND... it doesn't happen in the same way as it would have, had you not made this contact. Making that contact is not so hard right now, and with the situation appearing critical, angels and all manner of luminous beings are standing by; in a matter of speaking.

I have not communicated these thoughts as I wished to do. Words don't measure up to certain tasks unless you use a great many of them, and then the point gets lost in the verbiage.

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robert said...

Visible One,

You channel antidotes to being a dolt!

When you KNOW that The Knower of The Field is present within, you have the option of identifying with The Knower, as opposed to The Field

Just stepping back from the Field, making a thalamic pause, does wonders for detaching from the stress mongering!

Tres useful insights and timely as a $#1+

They don't know what that is and the shine on the golden turds fascinates them to the exclusion of wondering... why they keep doing the same crazy things over, and over, and over, and making themselves wealthy with disappointment

So fine to experience Visible riffing on spirit through words!

We are all enhanced when true passion takes someone for a ride right in front of us!
Yay team! (all those rooting for the One to win over the dark agendas as soon as humanly possible!!)

The servants of The Dark Side KNOW he is coming. At least the lowerarchy does

Delicious and true, what more can we do?

if you are focused and intent upon The Knower-The Watcher, you cannot be touched. NOTHING touches or influences The Knower but Impersonal Love.

We can point with moveable words to the Immovable
We can pay our attention to what is real and beautiful instead of what is false and ugly

Even us laggards will be getting the acceleration from the WAVE, like surfers waiting too long for their perfect wave, the big ones can sweep us off our defeat.

You are not alone AND... it doesn't happen in the same way as it would have, had you not made this contact

This realization is what all the distraction is all about:
Keep the human bodies believing that they are seperate atomic particles and they can be moved at the will of those determined to deceive.

Once awake to the game and in touch with who they are, direct creations of the One and directly loved beyond measure, the people will no longer be moved by cheap and destructive movies.
All the whips and prods are losing their power and the talking heads are losing their heads, shouting, knashing their teeth and losing their audience.

What a day to wake up to!

We love Visible's love in motion through the symbols of his intention.

NO worries, indeed!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Indeed. I attempted to give your last post a 'Nostrils up', but me thinks I may have forgotten to hit 'Publish your comment' or sumthin'.

That second to the last paragraph is so like, 'totally'. Personal experience. ;O)

Thomas said...

The last three posts are excellent!

As for the vaccines, I would not recommend them, as they are unnecessary and there are better therapies, but I remain (very) skeptical as regards their supposed danger. I know several handfulls of people who have had it, and none of them have had any negative effects. One could say "so far", yes, but I until I have seen evidence to the contrary, I do not think them dangerous, except insofar as they are part and parcel of a demonic agenda to divide, surveil and control.

To be sure, there are some who are unlucky, and it appears that there are more who suffer from the vaccines than from the virus itself (that doesn't say much, though). Has *anyone*, for example, seen magnets stick to the vaccine spot, in real life? It is so very easy to create fake videos... And so very easy to contort and twist statistics... and so very easy to stir up fear and terror, especially when so many people are already nervous and alert.

Truly, it is a service to remind people of God as you do, Vis!

dave1010 said...

Now they say 60% of the 'vaccines' were saline, so who knows? Those pictures of the blood after the shot were some of the most terrifying images I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You should check the VAERS website. Which is not even up to date and you can see over 3000 deaths in the US alone. These are not coincidental deaths, not when young healthy people get inflammation of the the heart of serious blood clots. Why would you keep on insisting that these vaccines are not harmful? This is your opinion and you are entitled to it but it is a misinformed one and I dont think you would want it on your conscience if people listen to your to opinion. There are top notch doctors and virologists and even the former CEO pof Pfizer saying beware. I dont think it was sour grapes on his part either otherwise there he would have been sued for liable. The ‘vaccine is dangerous in other ways as well. Everyone who yes to it is making it harder for the rest of us to live in freedom. If the majority does this insane vaccine, the rest of us will be forced to in one way or another. So please, don't take your show on the road.
No offense to you but this is a sore subject for me because the facts speak for themselves ie VAERS and I do not want to live in a world were I need a vaccine passport which will happen if all the people go along. Danger in this for sure

Anonymous said...

Over 19 years ago I had a N.D.E. It was not like anything I had read or saw. God cured my horrible life time migraines & told me & showed me things. He said people spirits turn evil by their Free choices, not forced & showed how he rips up an evil spirit. It scared me greatly. He said it was my Last earthly reincarnation & the Dali Lama has said the same. Interesting no? I had tried to live in Charlottesville Virginia & be a Supreme Court Case Witness Against Obamacare. I had become handicapped from CIPRO, which is a Super Fluoride Drug. I had not been organic enough & blamed myself & wanted to save others from that plight but mine & my family’s lives were destroyed over 9 years ago. Do you really think anything will change or is everyone watching them destroy earth the way they destroyed Atlantis? Noah? Test tube babies, chemical drugs, weapons of mass destruction & Quantum Computers used for? My heart is very heavy for Evil won or I would of been allowed to Testify. They destroyed my medical records & took my doctors. I am losing all of my teeth. Its too inhumane. Keep writing, please. I enjoy your blogs very much.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Hunger and Appetite Rule in Times of Material Darkness. and are The Cause of The Darkness."

Visible said...

Laura; uh... I think that may be the wrong approach. Myself, I tend to ask God for whatever it is that I think I need or want, and then The Divine considers my requests and acts on them in his own time frame. Years of experience gives me unshakable evidence that this is so.

What I am about to say, may sound simplistic, offensive; I don't know. It could sound all kinds of ways, depending on how one takes it. There IS a simple solution to this situation. This solution has been recommended by masters and recovery groups. I wouldn't pay much attention to the latter group unless it was corroborated by the former; You take the focus off of yourself and put it on others. Basically, it means, forget about yourself and lose yourself in others. If done SINCERELY it has remarkable benefits, while fixing what is actually troubling you at the same time.

I know for a fact you have more friends than that. They might not be around the corner, but DISTANCE is not a thing.

You have a deep interest in horses. You live in horse country. Penetrate that society and engage with others in mutual interests. You say you can't be in a room with more than two people. That is probably because you are trying to handle it. Let the whole mindset go completely and then let the Indwelling (who can handle anything) handle it.

It could be that being one of the awakening, you find yourself seeing too deeply into others and being too sensitive to the variations in vibration. This can trouble a person. I found that ceasing mind-altering substances put me in a heightened state of awareness, of which, I was using all manner of compounds to keep the awareness down. Subsequently, I can see into people in ways that might be distressing and make me even more of a hermit than I am already, but I don't focus on any of that. I focus on commonality because there are a number of areas we all share in common. I also find that I can harmonize almost any situation by disappearing my own sense of self and attending to the other players.

Cosmically, nothing I do of a personal nature is important whatsoever. Knowing this I find it easy to let it go. An impersonal state of mind is Heaven on Earth.

Thomas said...

Dear Linda;

As I wrote, I do not recommend the vaccines. And I am 100% against the demonic agenda that they are part of.

But 3000 out of 300 million americans equals 1 in 100.000, which is next to nothing, even considering that not all of the 300 million have had the vaccine. And even if one considers that only 1-10% percent of negative effects are reported, we are still left with a *very* small minority. It is terrible for those few, certainly, but this does not so far warrant putting a lot of fear into people over these vaccines - fear which also has negative consequences, and to my mind, far worse consequences than the vaccine itself.

All the best!



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