Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Certain POSSESSED Personalities are Riding the Midnight Train to Madness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am sure I have mentioned before that it used to confuse me as to why people did not see what was happening to and around them in times of local, regional, and global distress. I wonder no more. Forces of mental and emotional impetus move around the world as if they were the wind. You don't see the forces themselves but you certainly see the effects, just like the wind.

For a very long time now, we have spoken here about the intensification of insanity in the world. We have tied it, and rightly so, to Materialism and its many offspring. Octomom doesn't even make it on to the radar screen. Materialism has litter after litter of... litter. It's like a cartoon; a bad cartoon with the mindless violence you routinely see in Tom and Jerry, or Roadrunner and Coyote. In a cartoon, it is all fun and games. In real life, it can be painful and final... seemingly.

Certain POSSESSED personalities have been riding the Midnight Train to Madness. They are reckless for the speed of it. The train had been swaying round the bends like a drunk on a skateboard. Now it regularly runs off the rails and the repair squads are on 24-hour alert. They get the train back on track only for it to run off the track again, and again, and again. They don't seem to notice how it keeps happening. Perhaps they are just too busy to notice, or maybe they just don't care. The problem is not that the train runs off the track. The problem is who causes it and why. You don't fix a problem by returning it to the same condition it occurred in as if it had never happened. You fix the cause, or you don't, or you don't.

Crazed battalions of gay and transgender sex Nazis have joined forces with the Communist and Antifa thugs and we are now subject to a knuckle-dragging troglodyte, Hell on Earth, deep-city style. It's localized and it is regionalized and they intend to make it global IF nothing gets in their way. Modern-day Chamberlains, versed in the process of appeasement, but ignorant of the predictable result, have at it with confused and lackluster wills. “Can I help you out?” “Huh?” “Which way did you come in?”

The given end state, CERTAINLY NOT the expressed intention of End State, is Absurdity and a pervasive stupidity; not to mention, mindlessness and cluelessness, running like Dodos frozen in flight. I'm guessing that doesn't make a great deal of sense. Neither do they. Here is one of the latest outrages upon Common Sense. There is no possibility of anything sane coming out of this sort of deranged perspective. How will they handle the matter when the signal case of Necrophilia Rights comes before The Supreme Court Buzzards?

They wear their chadors of darkness, black as night to symbolize their working in the dark, with no light in the room, or in their heads. Perhaps they think the outfits indicate Gravitas and Solemnity? When you are perpetually in the dark you can't tell what anything is, but you can make educated guesses. I guess that is what they do. Too bad they are not educated in anything but applied ignorance and that is only for the purpose of display. They are proud of what they do, probably because they have bonafide evidence that the people they serve are far more stupid than they, but that isn't saying much.

The limbo bar of Stupid was brought so low that no one could get under it anymore. At first, the participants tried fasting and that worked for a while until there was no one left to limbo. Then it occurred to them that they could cut a furrow under the bar and... whoopee!!! Now there is no Stupid they cannot accomplish, at least until they get to China.

Stupid is the objective of those who think they are in control of everything. A reader sent in this comment a little while ago;

“Flat Earth doctrine is a future component of a universal MK Ultra scheme, and Alfred Bester told it in detail. Jaw-jaw Well either introduced it accidentally (in 1984) or revealed it, in less detail than Bester (in The Demolished Man). People are meant to be taught there is no sun, moon, planets, stars , or Space. If we were taught accurate natural philosophy the belief would be impossible. Kozyrev told the truth. Gravity comes with ether science. In Britain we have only a tightly-controlled network of dogma--but are people ready for anything better?”

Once you render people completely Stupid, they won't need Christianity anymore.

They CERTAINLY know the tactics needed to pacify the faith.

That won't work in the end because the more you try to kill the native faith in people, the more it plays Wack a Mole in too many places to police. It doesn't matter if it is Christianity, or Islam, or any other temporary form of worship that is overlaid upon the eternal. The allegory lived by Jesus the Christ has been represented in religions beyond the counting in an unremembered or recorded past out of memory. The killed and resurrected God is not new with Christianity. It has, as they say, “been of old.”

The way, the truth, and the light in the head contingent start to foam at the mouth when you impugn their grasp of Truth. Didn't Pilate ask such a question of Jesus? “What is Truth?” What did Jesus say to that? Then he got turned over to the mob. What crucifies the truth over and over again is IGNORANCE; the maternal uncle of Stupid. "Father forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do."

Here is ALL you will EVER need to know; LOVE. Love is all you ever need to know. By employing Love as your primary statement upon everything previous and yet to be encountered, you WILL acquire Wisdom and the union of Love and Wisdom produces Truth. That's it!!! I don't care what amount of convoluted horseshit you got from Heidegger or Sartre, or the crowd of simpering atheists who come and go round here, from Hawking to Dawkins. They are completely in the dark, just as Freud was about the human mind. Everything he came up with was based on his own demographic of genetic disturbance.

I read... mostly briefly, many of these clowns and I could not figure out why I did not get what they were saying, until I realized that they did not know what they were saying. After that, it all became clear to me; well... not all of it, but enough.

Discover IMPERSONAL LOVE. Discover personal detachment from the fruits of your EVERY industry, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, except for the love part... and even there, the attachment angle proves it NOT TO BE LOVE. Love sets you free. That is what Love does. It does not confine or attach you to temporary things. That is NOT LOVE. You DO NOT have this Love. This Love COMES TO YOU when you put yourself in the way of it, to the EXCLUSION OF ALL ELSE. Become selfless and engage in selfless enterprise and you WILL HAVE NO OTHER CONCERNS.

The job of The World is to trap you. That is what it does. One must go to the mother and ask her to free you from her Maya. It is She that weaves it. She brings you forth in form, again and again, and again for the fulfillment of your desire and for the balancing of scales DUE TO THE FULFILLMENT OF PAST DESIRE!!! Desire is the Agent of the Will of God. Yes... it is confusing, but it is also NOT CONFUSING if you embrace it in the simplicity of its intrinsic nature. Court Higher Love. Romance higher Love and higher Love will come to you. Love is the ATTRACTIVE FORCE. Hate is LOVE SUPPRESSED. Love is looking for any avenue to find its way out of you, BUT... self-interest blocks its progress.

You don't have to look outside yourself for ANYTHING. Everything... the entire cosmos, is within you. That's a fact, Jack. Of course... you will NEVER discover this unless you go that route. You CAN'T discover it externally through the senses. It is just NOT possible. Ultimately... we hope... the futility will dawn on you. Discover Impersonal Love and you will need nothing else because EVERYTHING is connected and Love is what connects it. One Love traps you and One Love frees you. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” WHO... who was Jesus the Christ talking to in the Lord's Prayer? What color was General Grant's white horse? Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

Wise up and do not aspire to be clever or smart. Watch the movie, “Harvey” if you need an idea of an acceptable human prototype to embrace; “Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be," - she always called me Elwood - "In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.”

Give up the idea of being famous. Anonymous is much better. I have seen his name attached to many things. I am not talking about the Anonymous who is anonymous because of cowardice or an agenda. I am talking about Anonymous for the sake of The Kingdom of Heaven! Impersonality is the personality of Heaven, and you don't get in otherwise. If God needs you to be famous for some reason, you will be, but it's not like he's doing you a favor but rather you doing him a favor under duress.

We all get to be rich and famous, or infamous, sooner or later and they are all a pain in the ass. We also get to be queens and then drones in waiting. We get to be whores and gamblers, cowboys and Indians. We get to be oil lords and galley slaves, IF we have such preferences for the one, the price of the ticket is to be the other(s) as well. Stop seeing Good and Evil because it traps you between the pinball bumpers. Don't get in the way of others and... definitely DO NOT get that brain fever about saving others. Let your example speak. If you DON'T KNOW WHY something exists, or what brought it into being, you are not appointed to fix it. Duh...

Get your own house in order by not interfering with the one whose loving wish is to PUT IT IN ORDER FOR YOU. Stop obsessing over the countless permutations of passing phenomena. You are chasing ghosts. The righteous enterprise is to permit The Kingdom of Heaven to express through you HERE and there will be no question of where you will be when you are no longer here.

ONLY selfless and impersonal LOVE will meet the every challenge of existence. It is the universal skeleton key that opens EVERY DOOR into the higher planes of being. Once you are in possession of The Kingdom of Heaven, or otherwise, it is in possession of you, you have gained regenerated innocence, you have restored the Edenic state of being and it is a passport TO and THROUGH every possibility of existence. Nothing can harm you, or retard you. You WILL BE FREE. Love, in its simplicity, is in command of every complexity.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
In Spirit of Synchronicity
please watch and if you so choose comment.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ew8bXO3Wko
Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Thomas said...

Some really solid advice in this post. The first half (before "Here is ALL you will EVER need to know") was hilarious! (despite the grimness of the world) - it seems so incredibly foolish of the idiotic "elites" to persecute those pastors, as if that is not the exact way to increase their credibility as men of faith.

And aye, of all the wonderful qualities of God, LOVE must be the greatest of them! It is also in the CENTER of the energy system, 4th chakra, and that probably means something, seeing that, as the alchemists say, the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm.

The play is also beautiful and interesting, even though it can hurt like a motherfucker. I can sort of see why God wants it to exist.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

People confuse me in general. I don't know why they do 75% of what they do. They keep self-destructive traditions alive and condemn those who have a brain and break away, they cause themselves extra stress by overextending themselves in pointless ways, they arrange their lives so they have no discretionary time, and they seem incapable of critical thinking, writes the one who actually tried to pull up a floor board whilst sitting on it. . .once.

But you kinda said that in different words, here.

As for the world trapping us, me thinks I'm almost done sawing that chain that binds me. I see it as a prison to escape from now, though I definitely did ask for that one last round. There is so much I had to prove to myself, but I did that; yet I'm still here. All I can say is I'm glad I'm on the downhill part of life. Maybe I can make things move a little faster by taking up fire dancing?


Naaaaah. The concept terrifies the shoite oota me. Hence I continue to be a slave to life and everything in it until whatever time I decided I'm outta here before I got here.

Be pleasant. But I like being obnoxious. May I be pleasantly obnoxious, or obnoxiously pleasant. I dunno. I'll work sumthin' out.

Last paragraph. . .get back to where I was before life coerced me into bein' so damn reactive in so many a negative way. Well, there's improvement there from my teens, 20's and early 30s. I'll see if my fuse is 2 nanometres as opposed to the usual current 1 nanometre next year. (In my 20s, I think it was 1/999999999999 of a nanometre.)

Great post, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Israel is getting completely destroyed. Such an evil country, there's open civil war now in many cities, with Arab Israelis openly attacking jews, burning their synagogues, and so on. Israel is getting exactly what it deserves. God is great, the demons are finally being destroyed! Israel may not exist within 48 hours.

Thomas said...

@Love to Push those Buttons;

Hey, you *should* take up fire dancing if you feel like it!

It's not so dangerous. I did it for a little while (wasn't very good at it), and I can tell you that even if the burning ball hits you right in the face, the impact is so short that it doesn't burn you. I guess it may be a good idea to put a sort of cap on if you have long hair, or to tie it up. I've been told that the worst is if the chain gets wrapped around your arm and the ball comes to rest against a single spot of skin - then you can get a serious burn.

I met a guy Guatemalan guy who did it for a living, on the streets. He was ripped! And his arms and the backs of his hands were also covered in burn scars. I liked him, a very kind heart, and a sweet, sincere smile, and oh my, what a dance he could perform!

But you practice without fire, of course! And you don't need to have huge fireball for it to look cool. You can also get pois (that's what they're called) with LED-lights, or simply a piece of garment trailing after the weight.

Anonymous said...

Seems like one's investment in the good/evil dichotomy is just so much spiritual flypaper to keep one stuck on the manifest treadmill.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Good News is that the Grace of God can Wash it All Away in a Heartsbeat."

Anonymous said...

This is one that I will commit to writing for mine and my daughters sake. Thanks Les


Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much Master Les.



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