Thursday, April 04, 2013

Is it Real, or just Passing Strange?

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On and on it goes. One day follows the next. One post follows the other. The news is not the news and there's nothing new about it. Very bad people are getting worse and we dwell in the Theater of the Ridiculous. The irrepressible Bernie Madoff has transformed into a Bayou Nutria, standing up on his hind legs and reciting chapter and verse about his cronies, his former partners in crime; J.P. Morgan and the rest of the scoundrels. Methinks Bernie is angling for a jail house necktie party. Well, it's all crashing down around their ears and we are the silent and sometimes not so silent witnesses to this.

Lately I haven't been able to read the news very often. I sit here ruminating about something. I don't know what that something is. It's out of sight and something nebulous is what it is, sheathed in a cloud of unknowing. I assume it is the approaching future, bearing those things already arranged at some point in the past. We make all kinds of things happen without knowing about it. Then we're surprised when this or that shows up at our door and the guy in the uniform wants you to sign for something, or it's just on the doorstep when you walk outside. So it goes. So it comes and goes, like the tides and with about the same lasting results. This is how life shapes up when you're on the wheel. The wheel keeps on turning. It will turn forever, so long as the motive power is in operation. Sometimes that motive power is you, as in the hamster on the wheel. Of course, it is never your motive power. All power comes from and is acquired from the same source. You might think of it as The Sun. There's that one energy and it converts and inverts into all sorts of things. Everything that you see here that has life comes from the sun. Ergo, sun gods... and of course Moon Goddesses and Gods.

If you inquire deeply into the scriptures you will come across many parallels between all 'legitimate' 'religions. I don't count Scientology in that mix and I don't count Talmudic Judaism in that group. I don't count Satanism but all three of these are pretty much the same in terms of inspiration and application. One of those parallels is that we are all gods in the making. Sometimes you discover this by dint of something else that does not directly state it in any way. Sometimes through logical associations; provided you possess that very valuable component, objective reasoning, you are able to intuit meaning. For instance, Jesus Christ was God on Earth, right? He was and is considered a god so, when he says, “greater things than I have done ye shall do, for I go now unto my father” or, when he says “call me not Master for a servant does not know what his master is about, rather call me 'friend'. These quotes imply a conferring of equality upon those who are willing to go the distance. Jesus was a man, Christ is a station..Some numbers of people have attained to this same state. You can find similar commentaries wherever you go but you have to have the proper mindset to get them to reveal their ancillary, as well as their higher meaning. A lot of people read The Bible but it does not speak to them. They get some benefit by this, like a moral code of behavior and exhortations to different kinds of action. However, those who come into sync with the mind that brought the words into being, receive something of much, much greater value.

Most of you know that everything is a particular vibration. This accounts for it being a dog, a person, or a table. Don't be shocked when I tell you there are people on this planet, who are by comparison with ordinary humanity, similar in relationship to that between a man and a dog in all respects.

We know that everything is in a state of vibration and that the original 'word' and the original vibration comes out of Shiva's drum, according to the Hindus. You get various themes from the different traditions. The key to existence is to 'harmonize your vibrations'. First you have to come into harmony with yourself. That's what that 'house divided against itself' is all about. Once you have come into harmony with yourself and... there are all sorts of techniques for that, you can then tune in to higher vibrations. Once you come into resonance with that, you are 'raised up'. There will always be higher vibrations. People unnecessarily complicate this process and confuse themselves, or that other force assists; given that the devil is in the details.

At this time, some number of higher vibrations are accessible because of the tenor of the times and the point we are at in the greater rotation of the Earth, as it is seated in the Milky Way. We are in momentous times. This is why the lure of materialism is so great and why so many billions of people have come here... and promptly forgot. If you vibrate to the music of the world, you are dancing in the dimension of the world. If you are vibrating to entities of higher consciousness, you are dancing with that. This is what The Sufi Dancers do and similar forms exists across the board, even if you are jumping around like a fish out of water at some tent revival...

Focus on the simplicity of the essential concern and all will go well. We don't do the work, although it seems as if we do. Most people are 'driven' by the devil. You can be led by the Master. Sure, it's a struggle until you no longer have to struggle. That can come at any time, depending on who it is and their level of awareness. One of the things that makes the whole process much, much easier, is to be in a state of full commitment. It's only when you are not fully committed that you have that stress and strain. Certain martial arts, as well as Qigong and various other modalities, teach one to come into harmony with themselves. Meditation is effective at this but many people won't continue for the 6 weeks to two months that is required before you start seeing noticeable benefits. It's the same with pretty much whatever you do. If you keep doing it you will attain to some level of proficiency. The critical lookout is; just what is it that you are getting good at?

People aspire to higher consciousness; some few of us anyway. One thing that hinders our sure, certain and more rapid progress is that we are viscerally unaware of the fact that higher consciousness is helping us. This is something you have to know, believe and depend on. It will make the road easier if you are aware that you are never walking alone. You have to visualize being overshadowed by angelic forces at all times. You have to live in that state of being, as if you were already where you are intending to be, as if at any moment it might materialize around you. One should live in a state of quiet expectation, unshakably believing that much good is on the way. As I have said many times, 'Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground'. You have to go about your existence as if God is indwelling. You have to speak and act as if God were inspiring all that you do within you. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. You become like that which you emulate, in every good way and in every bad way. You can see, or read about, all of the examples all around you. The source of all power can easily reroute its force as it so pleases, So, whatever you are seeing down here can change in a twinkling of an eye.

All those powerful movers and shakers with their armies and looted treasures can be rendered into vegetables or driven suicidally mad. They can be compelled to commit irrational acts that get them into deep shit. They can be compelled to inform on each other or let slip costly information that whips them into ignominy. Whatever the case may be, it's all under control and the divine has it well in hand and always does. “Why, if there is a God does he/she let the things happen here that happen here”? This is Kali Yuga. This is the plane of outworking Karma, created by those engaged in it. Take some time for once and just seat yourself at a bench in The Mall, or in a park. Cruise through the supermarkets and look closely. Look very closely. There are unseen depths, for those with the vision to see into them. Watch people. Vibrate into tune with them and explore their thoughts. It is unlikely you will find them contemplating God, or actually carrying on a conversation with their angel, while they wait in the checkout line. I do, so it is to be supposed that others do as well. Be one of those people. On the matter of telepathy, I don't probe into people's private details, although much of it is not private and thought forms hover over their heads. I just tune in on the surface chatter, it's broadcasting on the ether anyway.

Okay, I think we've covered some ground here today and I would now like to digress into another area of concern. Through the good offices and steady industry of some of the readers, we have collected an impressive number of Neil's poetry. Credit will be given where credit is due,at the appropriate time. Here's another example of following through because now we come to the next stage. Rather than email all of you individually, let me present my vision of what comes next and of course, we are, 'open to suggestion'.

At this juncture , I would like those readers, so inclined, to write a testimonial or anecdotal foray; whatever comes to mind and works for you. I am suggesting in the neighborhood of 500 words or less. Also, any pictures you have of Neil (I will be getting some from his family I would imagine) and I think it might be nice to have a head-shot of yourself, or whatever you prefer, to accompany your testimonial. That would go at the top of that page. One of us must write the forward but we can sort that out later on. Some of you were closer to Neil than I, meaning you developed a regular communication with him.

I am thinking we will assemble the book online at the Les Visible Blog and then we can all see the shaping and progress of the work. How's that sound? Good (grin).

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

simply put, very very good.

verily verily I say unto thee,
..just so glad your not an AB.

In recent years, Waters has become a prominent supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

Last month, he took partial credit for Stevie Wonder’s decision to pull out of a U.S. concert in aid of Friends of TALMUDIA TERRORIST Forces.

“I wrote a letter to [Wonder] saying that this would be like playing a police ball in Johannesburg the day after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960,” Waters told pro-Palestinian website, Electronic Intifada.

Read more: about the vibrations of Truth & Love....Harmony

Billie Sol famously remarked once..

"cast your bread upon the waters"

...that was after he was released from the gulag...naturally.

Peace be with you, and all who love truth & Justice


DaveS said...

Another post for the WOW! file. Thanks again for sharing your mind.

Anonymous said...


At what point did you become aware of a telepathic ability? Was it before, during or after your Kundalini Awakening? Did it manifest all at once or was there a gradual, increasing awareness of it?


Anaughty Mouser said...

Lots of fine practical spiritual advice. You are at your very best when you serve God to get His truth out.

Peace and love

Visible said...

It happened as a result of it and it has never been so strong as it was then. Certain conditions make is more powerful too.

Anonymous said...

Chaotically hypnotizing Sufi dance Zikr in Chechnya

thom j

niijii said...

Since they opened the Gate to Hell...

Would it be a good place to put the motherfracking demons?

Best to us.

Anonymous said...

Yet another brill essay, Les, for anyone searching for God.
Why does God permit Evil on the Earth?
The answer is extremely simple for those who are sincere in their curiosity.
God has given us Free Will - He wants us to take part in His Creation as Divine Beings.
We are free to choose - to accept Him OR reject Him.
Regardless of our choice we suffer (or enjoy!!!) the consequences of our actions.
We are responsible for the world - collectively.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you.

In these times, especially, we need reminding and nudging over and over again. Your gift with words makes the message fresh each time.

Incidentally, it is a Foreword (preface, fore-word) not Forward.

Best to all.

-"Kingfisher Blue"

Anonymous said...

Hah you sure do get some nitpicking tightasses in here. There's a reason that people like this don't get laid very often.

Anonymous said...


Simply put, I Feel the Love.

This post (in my opinion) is one of your very best.

Feel It People!!!

I Love This Place.

walking hawk

Smyrna said...

Top sermon, Vis.

Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas (I think) says about 'making the two one', which I would take as being the same thing as the house divided etc.

I have experienced telepathy a few times with certain people. Not 'Hollywood telepathy' like some dictaphone speaking words in your head; Telepathy as in being in total sync and on the same wavelength and knowing each others thoughts.

You just tend to laugh with each other all the time.

This has happened with Awake people in the nut house, but that is common and par for the course.

It has also happened with my best friend from the Army (an Aborigine), which is interesting because some years later, at the instant I connected to the Jesus, and was flooded in a beam of golden light, there was a chorus of Aboriginal jibber-jabber, tongues, corroboree sounds and song etc.

No doubt identical twins have it going on also. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

speaking of telepathy (though speaking would hardly be necessary in that case)... the
Green Beautiful
covered that hallowed ground splendidly, worth another plug I think
pedantically paraphrasing Neil it would then be

OnWord, Forword, and to the Lite.
nice polished post today on the chandaliers , keep on shining.

Anonymous said...

the difference between
stupidity and foolishness

one doesn't know any better
the other has no excuse

Visible said...

Well said, Smyma. In the beginning I had the Hollywood version too. That has since receded. It was not just annoying, people could sense I was in their heads and Fear and Resistance were a common occurrence. It's not like I was doing it on purpose. It was just happening.

Anonymous said...

Outta the park.. you smacked that sucker right outta the park Les!

Oh man! What inspiration in these times! I always knew "Angels were on our side" - thanks for the confirmation ;)

_ Frankie

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Anonymous... are They Real? We Shall See

Ty said...

I must have read this at least half a dozen times. You wove the essence of many different religions and cultures together in a way that made perfect sense and transcends many barriers between them. I have recently finished reading the Bhagavad Gita, Lao Tzu, Brother Lawrence, Easy Journey to Other Planets, and a few others that you recommended. The left hand path of God seems like an interesting read as well, so I've got that on my list. Of all the religions, Hinduism seems to make the most sense to me. I had no idea before reading the Gita that a 5000 year old culture knew perfectly well that countless lifeforms and habitable planets permeate the cosmos. I don't often say much around here as I used to... but I just want to say thank you Visible.



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