Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Dung Beetles from Armageddon Babylon.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings! It's been a little while and much (little of it good) has transpired in the interim. We now have some measurement of just how corrupt America and several other western powers are and how completely the governments are controlled by the Satanic regime of Israel. There has never been a more evil and troublesome nation than Israel. Since they got here, from whatever pit they crawled out of, they have been a plague on the face of the planet. There is no exaggeration in this, If anything it is an underestimation.

(On a matter of personal note, it appears that I will need yet two more weeks to complete my book, so I see no reason why I can't put up some posts on the way to that epic moment, which has eluded me for so long (grin). Then a period of editing must take place before publication. That sorted, we will be on our way to whatever follows next).

The alternative news is filled with the outrageous and transparent doings of the criminal and fascist nation which attacked the Boston Marathon, under the direction and control of Israel. Yet one more time they ran a training exercise. during an obvious false flag event, whose intent was to put the nation even more under lock-down than it already is. Israeli doctors are treating the remaining suspect who had nothing to do with the adventure and who knows what these Mengele clones are up to.

There was a general impression that Chuck Hagel might turn out to be a relatively upright guy. We now know that he is a sleazy whore who works for Israel and is presently engaged in assisting in the planning of war against Syria, Iran and possibly their more powerful supporters. It is essentially a war against Islam. Satanism (the state religion of Israel) and Islam do not get along. Into the mix comes Turkey (who is being leaned on by NATO) and Israel wants to use them as a launching base against Iran. Jordan too is having it's arm twisted up behind its back and along with all of the other corrupt fiefdoms, littered about the playing fields of Armageddon.

Since the days of Reagan but... actually since 1913, more or less, when the Golden Calf dancing, Satan worshiping Central Bankers were able to shoehorn their counterfeiting operation into the richest country on Earth and then printed all necessary imaginary money and loaned it out to their surrogates in order to buy up all of the industries they needed to turn the US into Soviet Russia (which they were responsible for) or Nazi Germany, which they also played a large part in bringing about. Here is the legacy of the ancestors of the present day, Kingdom of Hell. These are facts. This is the impact they have had across the centuries and around the planet, as they sought to loot and subvert every nation they were resident in, until the natives had the prescience to throw them out.

We can only hope that their unremitting violence against the sleeping classes everywhere, will turn out very badly for them. Otherwise it will turn out very badly for us. They intend nothing less than the enslavement and destruction of the West, the East, the North and the South and all points in between. Once again, Netanyahoo has announced that a false flag attack on the American mainland is very good for Israel. That is why they arranged for it to happen; along with the abominably corrupt FBI and various intelligence agencies that exist as oxymorons.

Possibly the most startling and unbelievable news of recent days, is the purchase of Blackwater, now called Xe (soon to be called something else) by Monsanto. Monsanto is truly a play on words for My Satan. They are now threatening states with court proceedings, if they are not allowed to run roughshod over the health and well being of the public. Here is a listing of the vile entities who sit on the board of directors of Monsanto; Gregory H. Boyce (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation), David L. Chicoine (President of South Dakota State University and professor of economics), Janice L. Fields (President of McDonald’s USA, LLC, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation), Hugh Asmodeus Grant (Chairman and chief executive officer of Monsanto Company), Arthur H. Harper (Managing partner of GenNx360 Capital Partners), Laura K. Ipsen (Corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp.'s Worldwide Public Sector organization), Gwendolyn S. King (President of Podium Prose, a speakers bureau), C. Steven McMillan (Retired chairman of the board and CEO of Sara Lee Corporation), John R. Moeller (Chief financial officer of The Procter & Gamble Company), William U. Parfet (Chairman of the board, chief executive officer and President of MPI Research Inc), George H. Poste (Chief executive of Health Technology Networks), Robert J. Stevens (Executive chairman of the board of Lockheed Martin Corporation).

Here you can see some headshots of their visages. Here are the chief stockholders for Monsanto= Hugh Grant - Chairman, President, and CEO, Steve Mandel, Chris Davis, Richard Aster Jr, Bill Gates (hmmmm... he's also bent on vaccines), Mario Gabelli, Steven Mizell, Nicole M Ringenberg - VP and Controller. Here's a little rap on these ambulatory, fecal carcinogens. Some very nasty customers are connected to Monsanto and it is highly likely that there are invisible players who are set back out of the public view, who exercise some leverage in this cesspit of a corporation. It is to be reflexively and automatically assumed that everyone named so far in this posting, is either a deacon or an elder in the planetary wide, Universal Church of Satan. Why would Monsanto need to purchase Blackwater/Xe? It is because they are getting set to orchestrate black bag ops and assassinations in every location where sane people are opposed to them. We have come into the time when corporations now require, demand and insist on standing armies for the securing and protection of their bottom line. Because it is under the radar for the most part, the deep in a coma sleeping public (deserving of anything and everything that happens to them), Satanism is not visible in its day to day operations.

Hollywood is controlled by Satanists. The media and music business is controlled by Satanists. The government is controlled by Satanists. The top tier of religious, corporate person-hood is also controlled by Satanists. Of course, the corporations are controlled by them, as are the Judicial and Legislative bodies of the government. We've already mentioned the Administrative sector, where Howdy Doody is ensconced; also a practicing Satanist, as well as “The Man who Wasn't There”.

These are dark and dire times and one can only hope that China, Russia, Brazil, India Venezuela and others will band together to bring about the destruction of The Evil Empire. What are they called, Brics? Something like that. It is to be hoped that those super missiles that Russia gave to Syria and against which there is no defense, will prove to be adequate to the task. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that but... given what odious swine are pushing for mass murder and genocide, it's hard to expect a positive turn of events. Let us hope that Russia and China have outfitted Iran with serious armaments and that when the bloodthirsty psychopaths, who are attached to these kinds of actions, pull their expected psychotic aggressions, they will meet up with the unexpected and be reduced to tiny bubbles of carbon ash; with apologies to gangster boy, Don Ho.

I realize and those of you not in a deep narcotic and alcoholic slumber also realize that the depraved beasts among us are seriously now engaged in mayhem and pushing to their final denouement. Even now, after all that has been revealed and the more than obvious facts concerning false flags and pending martial law, the American public is committed to a mindset of bone dead stupid. How anyone can not know what's happening by this time is beyond me. They actually applaud and support the actions being carried out against them. In the history of the world, I doubt that there has ever been an aggregation of Dodo birds, like the collection we have in these times and... you know what happened to the Dodo birds.

I apologize for using Visible Origami for this kind of subject matter. I promise to make it up to you next time around. Let us hope that the invisible soon steps in and neutralizes all of these toxic viruses that have plied their evil ways upon us for so long and too long.

End Transmission.......

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Some strange microwave or negative pulse beam has been in operation upon the minds of formerly very close friends, who have simply gone into hibernation, with no explanation, no event, no contact of any kind except positive and then? Very strange indeed. I cannot fathom what has happened but maybe I'll find out and maybe I won't.


Unknown said...

Geez, glad you are back. Everytime you go away crazy shit happens. Once again you clarified for me what has been on the back burner of my mind. If there was ever a town that I thought Diogenes might stop and have a gander, Boston was it. But alas I am like a ghost at a pub holding an empty mug. No escape today. I will be haunted the rest of my days by the picture of Martin Richard holding a sign that said for people to stop hurting each other. And how I would so very much like to do just that to the scum who murdered him, except no one knows for sure who they are. Just another tricky way for Satan to get into my head rent free while I pay and pay. Thanks again.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Looking forward to your finished book. It's just the same old, same old out here.

Planned Zionist slaughter of Western gentiles - on schedule.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Visible. Here's some additional grist for the mill - the explosion in the little town of West, Texas, at the fertilizer plant, is looking more and more like a tactical missile strike.

Various experts who have worked closely with missiles as part of their jobs in the military, have heard the soundtrack of the little video that was shot by the soccer dad who was at the scene of the explosion. To a man, they claim that the noise prior to, and up to the point of, the explosion, is the noise of a cruising, tactical missile. A bright flash can be seen, coming from the left of the screen, in that little home-made cell phone video that is making the rounds on the Internet (slow it down, frame by frame, and you can see it). You can Google this video, or go to YouTube, and find it easily enough. (People with their eyes open might also find it interesting that Rense.com, Whatreallyhappened.com, and other Internet "Truth Sites" - cough, cough - haven't even mentioned this yet, in terms of the explosion in West, Texas, being the result of a tactical missile strike.)

Before you think this is yet another way-too-far-out-there conspiracy theory, ponder this particular nugget for a few electrified seconds - the company that owned the now-destroyed fertilizer plant in West, Texas, (West Fertilizer Co.), had filed a lawsuit against none other than (wait for it) - Monsanto, yes, Monsanto, in 2007, accusing said company of artificially inflating the prices of its deadly Roundup herbicide. (Payback is a motherfucker, ain't it?) A Satanic magistrate finally denied West Fertilizer Co.'s request to file the suit as a class-action lawsuit back in 2010, and it went into legal limbo, although the suit was not dead in a literal sense. (It's dead now, though, ain't it, in more ways than one.)

Of course, April 19th being a Satanic holiday and all - one that calls for ritual sacrifice by burning - well, this makes a heck of a lot of sense, now, doesn't it, in terms of WHY they hit the fertilizer plant with a missile. It actually happened on the 17th, which is close enough for horse shoes. I think the moon and other astrological/astronomical factors play a role in the precise timing of these mass-slaughter events. Not totally sure about that, since I'm not a Satanist. Maybe we could ask Bill Gates?

Anonymous said...

Forgot to include this in my last post about the West, Texas, fertilizer plant "explosion" (cough, cough). A Texas hospital, located 81 miles from the fertilizer plant, had scheduled a mass casualty drill for the very next day AFTER the actual explosion.

Conveniently for all involved, the drill was canceled, and the already-assembled medical teams were sent immediately to the scene of the "mass-casualty event" -


Game, set, match.

the gardener said...

my my my -good reporting on the monsanto board members. Probably would be good to read that 'monsanto protection' bill that passed when everyone wasn't looking which protects monsanto against liability and we all thought it was just from their genetic engineered consumables and plantables and poisonables.

BUT now I can see that if monsanto bought and paid for that black force/Xtroops org that it might be for THAT division of their corporation.

Then out of the corner of the eye burns up that hideous chem plant in West, Texas with barely a wink and a nod shown to that town's insane devastation.

People moving to new areas have got to be aware of all the hazards, strike zones, poison fields but I think it may be a bit too late for all that.

Robert Phoenix did a good radio show on monsanto -can't bring myself to use that nick... it ain't MINE ANYTHING... original producing about everything harmful to the human body-msg, saccharin, all the way up the food chain to now owning the other fake 'sweeteners' that are neurotoxins.

It will be a scary but good day when the human like masks drop off the fiends presenting at boards like Monsanto... and see how many cities applaud them and grunt "usa, usa, usa" probably more than we are comfortable with seeing act out.

the gardener

the gardener said...

Hagel's been crying for a Draft ever since his Diebold company brought in the wicked full force to this country prior to 9/11.

Very disturbing when one realizes just what a large percentage of this nation/world are totally sould out entities playing human.

Ten years ago the economy was still going through the set up phase for its full annihilation that it is in right now.

People hadn't been force ejected from their homes resulting in very traumatized generation of children whose parents couldn't protect them from homelessness and poverty.

Worked in the depression set up for the Draft in WWII-where many children were dropped off by their parents at all the convenient orphanages back then because they couldn't house or even feed them, works today for the invisible class of huge numbers who've lost their employment, all assets and are unable to house or feed, and thus protect, their kids today.

Uncle Sam will provide them with 3 hots, a cot and promises of a college education for signing up voluntarily or through a Draft.

So much hideous has come down in the past ten years it is really dizzying to realize it all.

Last Draft monsanto got to experiment on military and their targeted nations with another of their anti-life products AGENT ORANGE-wonder what treats they have in store for this latest round of 'kill all that is alive' for this last round?

the gardener

Cassandra said...

Maybe all this stuff going on is what the poet T.S. Eliot really meant by "April is the cruelest month." Was he on to something?

Anonymous said...

The most succinct way of putting all this
crap that's going down is to say:Gladio went global on Sept./11/2001. That at least is my latest attempt to clue people in.
Bryan in the UK

Anonymous said...

You know how the mainstream media beats the latest "terror event" to death, so as to terrorize the public even more than the actual event did itself? Well, the alternative media does the exact same thing, in a different way, and on a much wider scale. Go over to your favorite "truther site" and look at the headlines. It's all terror, all the time. All gloom-and-doom. "Obama Death Drones Will Soon Fill Skies", "Bankers Thumb Nose at Sheeple, Take Bail-ins From Their Accounts", "New Gun Allows Cops to Shoot and Capture Your DNA", "The Police State is Already Here", "The Game Is Over and We Have Lost", etc. Makes you wonder who is controlling these alternative media "truther sites", eh? (Well, I think we just figured that one out, eh.)

flying cossack said...

outside of america there is a lot of anti-american rhetoric ... america is being setup as the bad guys and russia is being setup as the good guys

do you really think the jews just packed up and left russia? ... leaving hundreds of nuclear warheads in gentile hands? ... what has putin said against jewry/zionism? ... has he even mentioned jewry (litmus test) and its role in 911/ real holocausts

we must be careful or we will be trolled into a country vs country conflict just like WWI and WWII ... and again it will be blacks whites orientals dying in battlefields and pow camps ... this is a war of world jewry against everyone else ... each country must solve the problem in their own country

this didnt start with israel and has little to do with israel ... israel will be handed over to islam as a goodwill gesture - which will consolidate jewish power ... israel was taken to be given ... the great manipulator has everyone fooled

we have to be careful not to feed the american/russia false divide ... or the cop/citizen false divide ... or the black/white false divide ... or the christian/muslim false divide ... we need to unite

Anonymous said...

The most depressing scene was of those Bostonian tards chanting "USA! USA! USA!" as the black clad,heavily armed robo-thug enforcment pigs swarmed through their city barging into resident's homes searching for one skinny 19 year old 'terrist'.


Monsanto is Thorn Industries.

Anonymous said...

Now the destruction of West Fertilizer Company makes sense. I tell anybody who will listen ( I know, not many )that Mon Santo means 'my satan' or 'single sacred',' mono sanctity', etc.

And why not? If A=6, B=12, C=12 etc, the Monsanto = 666.

There are lots of demonic fecalphiles out there with the same number. Rahm Emmanuel, Kissinger, Ed Bernays, Dave Axelrod, etc, etc.

Marcellus sez to Charleton Heston: 'You think it's over now, but it goes on Judah Ben Hur, it goes on....'

There hasn't yet been a revelation of a single uber antichrist, not yet, only a hideous army of dung beetles. They are legion.

Rob in WI said...

Good to hear from you. The pot is getting a hard stir the last week or so. Seems more and more like the "bizarro world" in the old Superman Comix.
Bryan in UK, "Gladio went global"; a most profound statement. Condensing a vast amount of info into a few words, (for those who have studied), is a treat; thanks.
Well, we received another 20cm of snow last night; I better get back to watching it melt.
Be well all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Maybe the "authorities" were so concerned about the older brother because of his namesake, Tamerlane. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Now they're trying hard to link al-queda-in-Iran(an oxymoron if ever there was one) to the Canadian rail "terror plot".

The ziofreaks are really desperate to get their 'Bomb Iran' show on the road.

The lumpen-sheeple swallow this plate of shit and many others without even flinching.


Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! Good to have you back 'online'.

"I apologize for using Visible Origami for this kind of subject matter."

Understood. Things have to be said. In line with that, this seemed appropriate...


"Let us hope that the invisible soon steps in and neutralizes all of these toxic viruses that have plied their evil ways upon us for so long and too long."

One of my favorite musings is for the 'turning' to include a kind of "They" moment, where all humanity gets at least partially psychic...


"Some strange microwave or negative pulse beam has been in operation upon the minds of formerly very close friends, who have simply gone into hibernation, with no explanation, no event, no contact of any kind except positive and then?"

Part of your 'attraction' to readers/friends (IMHO) is that you give out the 'vibrations' of the upper chakras. Heart's healthy vibe is "We Are". Throat's healthy vibe is "We Are Important". Third-eye's healthy vibe is "We Are One". (Crown's healthy vibe is not 'words'.)

In my own world (grin), there has been near-continuous effort to 'load up' the upper chakras. (Which has led to the de-paining of the entities involved. Thanks. Saved us coming after you!) The bad guys know that taking these effectively 'offline' then results in all kinds of lower thoughts/actions. I might hypothesize that some of your friends have been 'loaded up'...


the gardener: "sould out entities"

I love it!

On your 'thesis': Depression -> Desperation -> Draft (new army), I have had that as a nightmare scenario for some time. We have been 'herded' this way before...

The damage done by 'fear' during youth is long-lasting. One of my grandmothers lived through the Great Depression. When she finally could no longer maintain a house, my mother was going to take her in. Out of nowhere, my grandmother started pleading not to be "thrown out on the streets." As she and we were moderately well-off at that time and of benign intent, this was obviously trauma from her early past. Heart rending...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

mike m said...

I need to make an apology.

A couple months ago I asked that Chuck Hagel receive support for Secretary of Defense because he seemed like a stand up guy and was being vilified by the zionist.
But this was before he apparently received his marching orders and he had to get down on his knees to be nominated.

I hope I am wrong but by the recent turn of events it doesn't appear so.

It won't be the first time I was fooled and probably won't be the last in my search for some decency in this theater that we are witness to.

I try to own up to my mistakes so please forgive me for my ignorance that was exposed by my excitement for something I believed was a step in the right direction.

These cocksuckers think they have every angle figured out. I hope they are wrong, this time!

Rob in WI said...

mike m,
There's no need to apologize. Everybody gets fooled by "personalities", usually out of hope for a change. Ron Paul fooled me pre-2008. It was obvious he was compromised, in addition to having some stupid ideas and loyalties, but he seemed like the chance of a possible gamechanger. I campaigned for him then, my last political activity. Do I need to apologize?
Be well, mike m, Rob

Neko Kinoshita said...

Say whatever you are moved to say.

Time is so short and the 2X4 is sooo long.


Smyrna said...

The best we can do is just to observe and learn, and cultivate a good vibe. That's why some of us are here. Count your blessings for that.

Leave the sheeple to their fate; they aren't listening and have no means to. It is written. Pearls and Swine and all that.

And leave Monsanto and the Synagogue of Satan to their fate. They were all made for each other.

I have met, (outside of blogs like Vis' and a few others), maybe half a dozen people with any clue, and five of them were in the nuthouse.
No one in the age of the internet has an excuse for their ignorance, yet here we are.

Grab some popcorn and put your feet up.

No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Satan knows he has but a short time left..explains all the desporate moves as of late!

Anonymous said...

You might have noticed that nary a Tribe member is on the board of directors of Monsanto. Why is that? Well, there is always another layer outside the particular layer in which a person is currently immersed. Israel (Is, for Isis - Ra, for Horus - El, for Lucifer) is the Frankenstein-monster creation of the Satanists. (***Side note: Look at the word "Israel". Three syllables of two letters each - 3 by 2. Visualize the double-triangle symbol of Israel in your mind. Now it makes more sense.) William "Behold a Pale Horse" Cooper knew this, and of course he is dead now (shot by "sheriffs" outside his home over a decade ago). Cooper claimed it was Freemasons who were behind it all, but I think that is way too simplistic - these people come from all sorts of different organizations and/or secret societies, so let's just call them Satanists and be done with it. The scam works like this, and they've been carefully crafting it for centuries if not millennia - Israel was created by the Satanists and brought to life via their personally sculpted hand-puppet, the United Nations. The U.N. is likewise a Frankenstein-monster creation of the Satanists, who want their glorious New World Order to come to fruition via its underpinnings and are desperately trying to finalize that plan even as we speak. After the smoke clears, their plan is to have their headquarters in Jerusalem. So, by creating Israel, and by putting cartoon-cutout stooges (aka, Ashke-Nazi Jews) in place inside the state of Is-Ra-El, stooges who foment wars and suck money from the USA and control Hollywood (supposedly) as well as lots of other businesses, not to mention entire countries (supposedly - they sure as hell don't control Monsanto, though, and other Satanic corporations just like it, and that's what counts), the cry will rise to do away with Is-Ra-El. The world will then see that the Israelis are monsters. And they will be tried and convicted on the world stage, eventually, and they will go down with a great bang and a boom, and the Satanists will summarily step right in and take control of Is-Ra-El and they will then open up their headquarters in Jerusalem - where they will summarily step out from behind the curtain, and overtly demonstrate (demon-strate) that they are in charge of the show, and always have been. Some of you may have noticed that none other than Henry Kissinger made the statement in the MSM not too terribly long ago, that, "The State of Israel will not exist in 10 years". Well, now you know why he said that. And there you go, man - truth in a paragraph.

ChewyBees said...

You'll notice that the Monsanto logo is an image of a plant, encased in a box, with a period beside it. In my estimation, this means that Monsanto has declared that they are the controllers of agriculture, period.

Before I read this post, eager to see what Visible had to say, I thought to myself, what is Mr. Les Visible's favorite of his three main blogs, Origami, Smoking Mirrors, or Reflections. I think from a popularity standpoint, it is Smoking Mirrors, but I personally think that as Blake would term, All Religions Are One. Where do you stand, my friend?

I'm just finishing up Lucicfer's Hammer, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, written in 1978. It is an interesting depiction of the destruction of most of life on earth after apocalyptic circumstance, and how the remnant of mankind reacts. I read it as the lesser evil of imagined outcome, as in the story, most of mankind is killed off instantly.

If there were an ecological collapse on the same scale, and within it the end of most agricultural production due to no more positive. natural influence and participation (insects, pollination, clean waterways, and farming), then the slower degradation of societies is so much more gruesome, in my estimation, than the above story mentioned. Perhaps destruction of almost everything instantaneously is the easy way out, and maybe something to be hoped for if earth is more important than a smart phone.

Effin A that is grim. I still see a golden age in a far off future. In the most horrible of collapses, we are the platform that will be used to build a new and most wonderful humanity.

In 12000 years, the scales may tip again, and what was the most universally honest and beautiful of earth's existence may be destroyed to create the declination to what we have now, culminating another 12000 years later.

The cycles in play are greater than moment to moment, unless one has an unimaginable patience. We are always in the midst of the patient aspects of prescience.

Anonymous said...

Neither Russia nor China will save anyone. Parasites rule every government on the planet. There are no good options left.

The only strategies that are still applicable are Swarm (overloading control mechanism with too many targets to deal with) and Dead Man's Gambit (whoever survives will either be a starving parasite without hosts, or a thriving host without parasites).

Judging by the previous behavior, no one will do anything until both the parasites and the hosts die off. That will leave the treacherous observes as the only winners. The worst possible outcome of them all. I sincerely hope neither the parasites nor the hosts are dumb enough to let that happen.

est said...

it's a straw
i can not grasp

it's a breath
i can not gasp

it's a road
without a sign

it's a life
and it is mine

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hog Lagoon Heaven in the Late Great American States.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"I have met, (outside of blogs like Vis' and a few others), maybe half a dozen people with any clue, and five of them were in the nuthouse." - Smyrna

Smyrna, I concur. I laughed out loud when I read this because you have correctly identified that 5/6 of all people who are awake have been labelled as psychiatrically disordered by society.

I think it was John Lennon who said roughly 'the more I know about the world the more insane I realize it to be and the more I am aware the more society brands me as insane for knowing it'.


Anonymous said...

I don't really put too much value on numerology ( but the A=6, B=12, C=18 stuff is uncanny in ferreting out the beasts ). Last week I expanded the 'this day in history' with some quaint made up mishmash:
Boston Massacre / shot heard 'round the world. Also on 4/19 the Waco holocaust & Oklahoma City false flag. If I were into numerology, I'd be worried. What? Me Worried? Well, Friday was uneventful, but still, all those nines & 666s.

4 . 19 . 13 ----------- 4 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 3 = 18 ( 6 + 6 + 6 ) ------ 1 + 8 = 9 ---- or ---- 4 + 19 + 13 = 36 ( 6 x 6 ) ----------- 3 + 6 = 9

There could be ' news to the nines ' today as it's Friday, traditionally reserved for bad press releases intended to be forgotten & buried over the hectic weekend, such as unemployment numbers, financial indicators, stock market hijinks, and unconstitutional laws slipped in or declared by executive order. Lets see how the day unfolds.

Meantime how about some lightness & spirited LeviTea? "The only spirits he saw tonight were the ones I smelled on his breath..." or " We are all interested in the future for that is where we will spend the rest of our lives..."

Relax, it's Plan 9 Day!


JerseyCynic said...

Anonymous said...
"You know how the mainstream media beats the latest "terror event" to death, so as to terrorize the public even more than the actual event did itself? Well, the alternative media does the exact same thing, in a different way, and on a much wider scale. Go over to your favorite "truther site" and look at the headlines......It's all terror, all the time. All gloom-and-doom......"

Sure makes you wonder don't it, anon..... That's why Les Visible's sites are the real deal, imho. Just look at these "headlines"!! I never feel terrorized over here. He cuts right through it before it even has a chance to grab hold of you:

An Open Letter to the Police Commisioner of Boston.

The Dung Beetles from Armageddon Babylon.

Anonymous, are They Real? We Shall See.

Clarification for those who need it.

Hackers, Indifferent Slackers and Metaphysical Trackers.

Is it Real, or just Passing Strange?


Parzival said...

Unfortunately, there are many problems with the government's narrative. A few of them:

* FBI says two bombs were planted, in black backpacks. A photo of one of the backpack remains is published.

* FBI releases their 'video' they claim shows the two brothers arriving with backpacks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M80DXI932OE

Except it's not a video, it's faked up from a series of stills, and carefully arranged so you don't actually see the backpack worn by the second guy. Despite that one of the camera angles would have shown him walking away from the camera, so they definitely had pictures of his backpack. http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/04/19/why-did-fbi-fake-boston-bomber-sur...

* But... from the crowdsourced photos, it turns out the reason the FBI hid the second backpack, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's, is that his is a predominantly WHITE backpack. Oops! This one detail alone destroys the official narrative. And that the FBI made such an effort to avoid showing his backpack in the faked-up 'video', shows they know this. In light of which, one must examine everything else for alternatives to the official story.

* There were at least 8 guys on scene in similar uniforms, puffy black jackets and tan pants and boots, the 'black and tans', some wearing caps with the logo of Craft International, a mercenary paramilitary group. Most carrying bulky black backpacks that match the bomb remnant backpack photo. Some of them were photographed in the crowd very close to the bomb sites before the explosions. Right after, their black van with satellite coms dish pulls up directly across from the bomb site near the finish line, and they all gather round for a confab. Therefore they have official awareness and permission to be present. Then they leave. Not one sign of any of them offering any assistance. The MSM and FBI flatly refuse to mention the black and tans in any way.

* At least three other random guys can be traced in the crowdsourced photos, carrying backpacks that closely match the blown up one, who are seen to have put their backpacks down or been about to.

* There's some fairly convincing photo evidence suggesting at least some of the bombing victims were actors. Possibly including the 'blown off legs' guy, who may have been a military vet who lost his legs years ago.

* Of all the possible bomb-making materials that could have been used, it was black power or something similar. What a coincidence, and just when the government would like to ban the sale of ammunition reloading supplies, such as black power. The resulting bombs are relatively weak, producing injuries over just a few meters. If they'd used real explosives the kill/injury radius would have been far higher. Strange choice by bombers with supposed terrorist contacts and training.

* There were definitely official announcements early that day of an exercise being held, that would involve 'controlled explosions'.

Here's an alternative to the official story.
The bombing was carried out by elements of the government.
Purpose: ramping up the fear factor, distracting from other recent developments, and providing a pretext for new controls on ammunition reloading supplies.
Method: Same as the London bombings; hire a bunch of random guys (who happen to have backgrounds that make them believable patsies) to take part in 'an exercise.' Give them backpacks to place during the event, that they are told are just dummies. Have a team of professional minders in place, to deal with any glitches (such as someone trying to steal one of the placed backpacks). Possibly embellish the bombsite with some actors and fake blood.

And naturally, as with any complex production, there'll be a few screw-ups. Like one of the chosen patsies carrying the wrong colored backpack.

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