Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hackers, Indifferent Slackers and Metaphysical Trackers.

Dog poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's April 7th. Israel says not much is happening but other news sources say differently. We have to assume as usual that Israel is lying and the truth is otherwise. It is a much hoped for result that Anonymous is really playing havoc with these monsters. There's a great gangnam dancer at this site, a gangnam terror dancer! As usual, I have no idea what is going on but... I'm hopeful. The usual cynics are reporting that this is all being set up by TPTB because they consider them still to be and I consider them TPTW. I guess it's all how you look at it. Maybe the way you look at it, these days, is how it turns out to be also; at least for you. I'd like to think so.

Whatever the case may be, we are close to the edge of something. Now, how are we supposed to view and process this? Should we run around like chickens with their heads cut off, or should we be measured and circumspect and trust the cosmos to deliver what's needed and... maybe you “take what you need and leave the rest”? It feels like we are in an any day now status. It's as if you could put your ear to the ground and hear the conversations at a cocktail party in Monaco, except that there are hundreds of other conversations all taking place at the same time. One thing we do know is that the terminally insane are getting crazier by the minute. What can possibly account for or justify something like this? This seems so far out that the location has no dimensions.

I can no longer even attempt to analyze any of it. It's like trying to predict which way a football will bounce. I just get up each morning and go about whatever it is that I do and then, later on, I go to bed and I lay there and think about what I've seen and done in my day. I ask for guidance and help. I'm always asking, reaching, striving to surrender, as if that could possibly make any sense. I got five and a half to six months of watching paint dry ahead of me; given that I'm terrifically busy nearly every minute of the day. I can still find time to watch the paint dry and though the paint here in this room has already been dry for years, that doesn't mean there isn't still some kind of evaporation still taking place, or is that ♫just my imagination♫?

If I sound a little weird today it's because I'm picking up all kinds of things I can't translate into Visible-speak. I hear massive gears turning and clicking against other gears deep inside the Earth. I can hear chains rattling and what sounds like a portcullis being raised. Unlike as so often is the case (grin), I find myself with nothing more to say. I can't imagine this turning into a posting of the usual length. I am being told to just end it right here and tell you that a radio show will be going up this evening and that will probably be as scattered and unfocused as what you just got here. I'm going to sit back and reflect on this sensation I have that something momentous is about to occur, though I have no idea what that might be.

Chances are I'll take the next several days off. I've been putting up a post a day for a month now at least and it's time I turned my attention to finishing that novel if I ever expect to get it done. There's very little left to do so I'd best be about getting it done. Many blessings upon all of you; supporters and naysayers alike. Let's hope we make it through the whitewater that I can hear roaring in the distance...

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Anaughty Mouser said...

All the best getting your book done.


Murphy151 said...

And shepherds we shall be,

For Thee, my Lord, for Thee.

Power hath descended forth from Thy hand,

That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command

So we shall flow a river forth to thee

And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

Visible said...

Sim's gone to sleep so here's tonight's show, for the moment.

neal said...

Heh. Lee county jail, the locals know better, that place, too much Battelle Memorial, Wright Patterson AFB, and old Rockefeller stuff on burial grounds to think about it, I guess, I do not know, I was there once, Mom worked for the cops, they were afraid of her. Got busted, for blowing up mailboxes just by looking, she slammmed my head into the car door twice, never made this skull elongate, now they leave me alone, just suicide news, and such.

You know, back in the day, they would take prisoners to the carnival. Just fortune tellers, and freaks, and sad animals, jumping through flaming hoops.

I think they just were examining the realm of fear, they seemed to need that, they do not yet jump.

They really do not fall until there is no time left, I forgive them. That is ironiic, little children work it out, even twins.

That is a hell of a thing, mabe not subject to much, maybe better this way. Fear, gets old, battle, just what is lost in translation. Who knows, there are many bones hiding in the light, the bleaching is another trick of that, all that glitters, and such, maybe with this sun, lately.

Anonymous said...

I just painted the green room.


Rob in WI said...

May many blessings be yours, too. When you take a hiatus, you come back clearer than ever. So be well, sir, whatever may come to pass.
A supporter, Rob (a.k.a. anon Will, who was only looking for a chuckle)

Ray B. said...

(Nothing to Do about Anything Dept.)

Vis, I was re-reading Neil Freer's 1987 book, "Breaking the Godspell," and ran across a couple of quotations that reminded me of you:

p.83 "[Timothy] Leary's primary interest as a psychologist in the specific chemical compounds called psychedelics is based on his recognition that they are the only type of substances yet known (heavy trauma, childbirth, near-death experiences can also but they certainly are not convenient means) that reach down far enough into the neurological system to actually allow effective change of behavior under the control of the individual by allowing re-imprinting."

p.84-5 "A 'futant', one of whose future circuits have begun to be activated, whose genetic direction is too explore the future. ... And who are they? Those of us who are programmed to be the scouts in front of the wagon train, handicapped, perhaps, in so far as we could not do otherwise, ready to risk the arrow or the micrometeorite for knowledge of what's up ahead, who are programmed to the future rather than the past, who live in the future in so far as what seems remote to many is already obvious and present to them."


I thought of you when I read the above, and wanted to thank you for what you 'do'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

that capsicum spray cop killers (no, the cops are the killers) immediately like the last episode of series 3 of The Walking Dead I watched last night.
and the eternal question , why would Fox news show this anyway? cred gained on trivia? fear factor? goading? need for cameras everywhere? smart arsed boasting? habituation? nothing better to report? I do not know, of course, but they CANNOT control these doubts and a measure of applied intelligence, pattern recognition, and of course, the hand that binds (and liberates). ♫ put your hand in the hand of the man that stilled the water...♫
same applies to me (as I know) as to them (as I am coming to know).... projection and revelation through ANY expression. and for them, its ALL about them. it's quite a mind shift from the "it's only entertainment" or "it's about me and all my fault". have to be careful with judgements and broadsiding, but that's where the intuition comes in, thank God.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

waiting on Sim to put the radio show up on the web page for comments.. but for now..
I came across this saying this week somewhere on the web..not here I think

make people think they can think and they will love you. make them really think and they will hate you.

wv (second attempt) crulyin. tryuy, really , crying for the cruelty and lies.
I can understand why JC was crucified though, maybe it all means more deckchairs for the truly illumined on the HMS eternal.

and bottomly, or bottom wise, it IS all very interesting.

Visible said...

Ray; I believe I mentioned that I knew Neil for many years in Woodstock and that his stepdaughter, Tania/Svargo was my girlfriend for 5 years.

Sim said...

Good morning.

Sorry, I was more unconscious than asleep.

The radio show went up maybe an hour ago, but it's only now that I'm feeling human enough to tell anyone. Sorry.

Time now for a nap.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "Ray; I believe I mentioned that I knew Neil for many years in Woodstock and that his stepdaughter, Tania/Svargo was my girlfriend for 5 years."

I remember that now, from around a year ago. I had 'spaced' it. I was just re-reading his first book, and those passages popped out at me.

You don't have to answer this, but do you believe that your psychedelic 're-programming' efforts, subsequent kundalini experiences, and realigned mind-set might have influenced Freer on new ways of being (and made it into his book)? Just wondering... [No idea of the relative time frames of the two.]

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Heh heh. I make no such claims.

insiam said...

that pepper spray link knocked me sideways. i actually forgot where i linked from and took me a while to get back here.

it is obvious that for many years now the profiling of police has been re-adjusted to select the worst group of psychopaths. so when your son or daughter or partner opens the letter that says 'i'm glad to inform you that you have passed the selection process' you should be very concerened.

this is worse than the room 101 scene from the movie 1984. we are here and beyond folks. same reason as before. most people are cowards. just doing their jobs.

evil evil evil

anyone that tries to justify this is evil

anyone that stood by when this happened is evil or a coward or both.

america has really become everthing it thought not to be. i really mean it when i say this could only happen in america. i mean for no other reason that to torture and kill. ok, it may happen in some shitholes in the mid east, but perhaps for a reason. to find information. or at least under that pretence.

the gardener said...

"God's not dead, he's only hiding... you can see him when the Sun is rising..." loved that song Vis and loved your show.

The part where you said how we surrender either willingly or unwillingly all of what possesses us made me think of how Pluto works in our charts/lives... "either deal with it or Pluto will deal with it for you"...always gentler to deal with it yourself versus getting Pluto involvement.

but sometimes we just can't... can't deal with 'it'... so that's when divine energies take over and it happens to you or for you.

(going through a Pluto event myself right now. Couldn't/wouldn't deal with it so Pluto in 7th deals with it. Great that Pluto is sextile my Sun at the top rather than any other more harsh aspect as I don't believe I could meat bag survive it)

As far as your being 'generous to others' in India-no good deed goes unpunished. {{{grins like mad dog}}}

the gardener

Visible said...

Yeah, that pepper spray event was outrageous. The most important feature of this is that these police forces are being trained by the Israelis.

niijii said...

Thanks for the post(s) visible.

The ole point your finger at someone else and three are pointing back at you comes to mind.

Ran across this:

Got that gut feeling (you know the one) about this. Some cool comments too.

Hang in there all.

Visible said...


I get routinely punished for that on a regular basis (Hmmm, I doubled up on time progressions; just like it doubles up on me). Yeah, I got hammered; slandered is probably a better word, for doing things that other people do all the time but... I'm not allowed to do these things because I am not supposed to have a human side, which makes it all the more amusing when I hear about certain ironic parallels.


This is very similar to something that happened to me a couple of years ago. This person was watching me through her kitchen window and made the assumption that I was "plotting against her', so, without considering any other possible option, this person went off on a tear about me doing just that and couldn't even be bothered to inquire of the party I was talking to, in order to find out what I was really saying, which was an effort on my part to convince the person not to leave due to the behavior of the person observing through the window.

This person also had a major investment in believing what she wanted to believe and the truth be damned. This led to some insane exaggerations, which totally bankrupted any legitimate argument she might have had when the truth would have served perfectly fine.

I don't know what it is with people needing to add all kinds of colorful lies to their portfolio on me but I will say that it tends to indicate that their original position just wasn't strong enough for the original premise. Otherwise, why do it?


Visible said...



Invariably, and I say invariably... everyone taking a hostile position in respect of me, invariably over-extends and makes themselves look like a jumped up neurotic with St. Vitus Dance.

Another person wanted to publish my first novel. In anticipation of their visit I totally rearranged my office room and Susanne did all kinds of work for the downstairs apartment. It was one of those periods where I couldn't sleep so I was up for four days and working the whole time. The night they arrived I collapsed at the foot of the stairs to my room. They weren't around for it; showed up later. It was no big deal, I was up and about in a few minutes and I did sleep that night.

This couple split with no mention or warning and later said the apartment we had given them was substandard and didn't have (insert litany of items, many of which were actually there). Many people have stayed in that apartment and we've never had another complaint in all the passing years about that space or the guest room upstairs.

A little while later this person gets all pissed off at me because the book isn't selling as well as they had hoped; like it was my fault that the public did not bend to their mercantile will. Now several years have passed and not once have I received any itemization on what sales there have been; not once.

These people are rich so, I suppose regular business practices are beneath them. I've waited. I've been patient so... now I am going to take the book back without notice and publish it once again on my own behalf.

Most of the people I encounter are decent people and I am glad to know them. I do have strange karma however, or let me say, 'have had'.

One should probably look out that they don't bend over backwards to the point that they snap their spine.

None of this is to say that I haven't, on occasion, behaved in ways people might have wished I did not but... given what came about in the process, I'd have to say it was supposed to be that way for the purpose of demonstration. I certainly learned things I didn't know previously.

I could tell tale after tale but I don't. I don't publish people's names either. I just move on, though this probably doesn't fall into that category (grin). I try to be discreet and spare people's persona and their feelings, not that that is reciprocal in anyway.

Now, the very person who is the subject of Gardener's response to me just showed up and wants a favor, like nothing happened in the mean time. I suppose I am supposed to be the good guy here and simply act like nothing happened and help out; which I probably will do.

Back in Hawaii, I helped a guy relocate, helped him get a prestigious job (with the police department). he promptly went and told his bosses that I was a major league drug dealer. I helped another fellow out and even got involved (or so I thought) in saving his life and he had sold me out to the police for a plane ticket home, telling them all kinds of ridiculous lies about me, which later came back to burn all of them in the ass. The first person got thrown off the police force and the other fellow went to jail.

There's a lesson for me in all of this. I hope I learned it. Sorry for taking up space with all of this. It just sort of happened, probably because I didn't write a post today (grin). And I've got plenty more stories about good deeds not going unpunished. Anyway, moving right along (sigh).

the gardener said...

I had a funny little dream the other day where there was a live version of the Fool card being played out by myself and my good dog (who is golden not white)... we were tripping around and just like the card came upon the cliff... lol it was such a cute scene it took me until I noticed the cliff with my good doggie bouncing around me to recognize where/who we were and what was going on.

"It’s been more than two and a half years and his wife still can’t accept what happened."

well she might very well consider herself as a 'domestic terrorist' under the new guidelines where questioning authority is now grounds for instant dissolution of her reality previously known to her.

The DA SAID THE COPS WERE NOT AT FAULT FOR THAT MAN'S HOMICIDE! So that leaves the man at fault for his own homicide or as one commenter stated 'the wife's fault for calling the cops in the first place... shee-it everyone knows the cops kill people all the time and get away with it!"

so either her now dead husband or she can be at least partly responsible for his homicide.

See how easy that is? Between the devils running amok and the devil's advocates defending them it has gotten to the rock/hard place time again. I am sorry for her to have to wait another year or so for the wrongful death trial-what seems so cut and dried isn't any more in this new world disordered.

I came across a long time ago a site talking about all the gangs at the 20th century-Chicago's gangs, Kansas City, MO gangs (where Truman came out from) and it was always after a spell of utter lawlessness by the officers of the courts coupled with cutting the working class out of work. It was really interesting how those gangs started giving those in bully power some competition.

the gardener

JerseyCynic said...

Visible, I don't know - I don't know - I don't know

would you like the long version

or the shorter

happy trails. good luck finishing that novel!

The US is dead! said...

"they (politicians) don't even pretend to know what they're talking about. The charade has been played out. The game is over. There's no pillow talk, no caress, no sweet-nothings to be whispered. The politicians today present bills that were written in some back room (think maybe right in 'J Street's' conference room?) and they all get together and vote on these bills and then pass 'em on to that psychopath in the WH who signs 'em. And all the while none of them care enough to know what the hell they're voting on! I guess it doesn't matter when you are a bought and paid for whore. You'll vote however your told to vote so it really makes no difference if you know a shotgun from a rifle or a gentile from a jew."

Alan Jong said...

God Ain't hiding..That is a fools perception.

Anonymous said...

What's your opinion on this news?

If Hugo Chavez reincarnated as a bird, does that mean that he was not that nice of a person?

the gardener said...

Well Galan Elias Tollbanks, just yesterday I had to remind one of another big secret tribe that "God is watching" (him)... rolled off his back like nothing.

Though it was blowing frigid winds 90 to nothing and maybe that's where God 'hides' so well, since so many do what they do regardless of knowing it or not-God's whereabouts.

Regretting I wasn't able to allow the Latin for that to roll off or under my tongue. :)

ChewyBees said...

When I was young, my mind was a sand box, waiting to be played in, and developed by the friendliest of sages.

Along the way something happened, and my mind became the claying tool of men and women that only wished to write judgment into my pages.

As time progressed, I found that my being became an infertile soil for the seeds of doubt of my self-proclaimed, superior masters

And as my own life progressed, I followed the whims of strangers, incompetents and greed driven bastards.

My sandbox grew hard and pasteurized, lacking soul or grace.

All I could understand was the certification and license of my face.

I descended into hell.

I wrestled with the dead, the dying and the unborn.

I held myself in contempt and scorn.

Yet soon, the sun shined, and cast its bounty upon my being.

The box of concrete I had become began to sing.

Enabled, and aware, a man emerged from a mausoleum that bound a mind.

A man kicked down doors, crushed walls, and found again the place he had left behind.

The walls of doubt and oppression soon faded away, along with fear that held him at bay.

And once again the child of God emerged; willing, awake and aware enough to make the choice of the courageous.

The question has been put forth by the chosen of a god: "are you the son of God?"

And the answer is always and forevermore...I Am He.

Eamon said...

Well, if you truly finish the manuscript of your book, I would still be happy to proofread it for you. Godspeed, my brother :)

Visible said...

How weird is that? I was just thinking of your tonight and out of the blue Susanne asks me, "Do you have an editor"? And I said, "Oh yeah, I do". I'll eave out the complimentary follow up that I continued with (grin). How's this sound? I'm not writing another blog posting until the book is done and on its way to you. I am stone cold committed to that.

est said...

all i had
was a few clues
puzzling puzzling
was this a ruse ?

all i left
i shan't regain
innocence innocence
i shall feign

all i want
i might yet get
gambling gambling
my minds set

all i give
comes back double
forgetting forgetting
all my trouble

Ray B. said...


Here is where I started musing. Suppose that the proto-Hebrews had collected some indisputedly-alien artifacts along the way. They needn't have been awesome or powerful, like "Ark of the Covenant" stuff. Perhaps an alien boom-box, long-range communicator, and/or even body parts. (The Annunaki had the equivalent of a nuclear war amongst themselves at one point, so come-across debris might have been there for the taking...) This 'collection' would have been sequestered by the priest class, and formed the basis for their 'core beliefs'.

Now, imagine that this 'collection' was passed down from generation to generation, and is still intact to this day. The 'purpose' of these objects might have been lost within a few generations, and a 'religious' veneration might have substituted into the 'void'. (These would have been the first items to leave town, when any threat appeared on the horizon. These would have been the must-not-lose 'Family Jewels'.)

With the slow rise of humanity's scientific ability, especially post-Renaissance, the inner priest-class may have grown to see these artifacts in a technological way rather than simply 'worshipful objects'. In a certain sense, they may have grown to want to 'see the Creator'. In this, I see a 'germ' of our present situation...

Toward the end of the first "Star Trek" movie, "V'ger" melted the probe's communication leads in order to 'force' a face-to-face with it's 'Creator'. I see the possibility that the inner priest-class (a few levels inward from the Rothschilds, etc.) may be similarly trying to 'force' a face-to-face with their 'Creator'. This may be the underlying 'rationale' for the attempts to force an 'Armageddon'.

Deep in the proto-Hebrew 'psyche' is an agonizing 'abandonment' issue. If there were any 'love' in their 'Creator' (Yahweh), surely this sublimated Father-figure would come to their aid in the extremis of a major nuclear conflagration. After all, 'he' promised...


However, if the inner priest-class has actually reviewed the 'personality profiles' of typical Annunaki / Nephilim figures, they would see that humanity represented somewhere between 'objects' and 'slaves' to them. Only Enki / Ea showed the slightest interest in our welfare, and it is uncertain whether this was out of affection, because we were 'property', or to simply 'piss off' his half-brother, Enlil. (This is assuming that the Annunaki / Nephilim are still in our solar system for aid, at all.)


I have been trying to make sense out of the seeming non-sense of a certain Tribe overtly attempting to provoke a general conflagration. "What is in it for them?" The above possibility appeared to me as a result of reading the books.

What do you think? What does your 'gut' tell you?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. I am not attempting to promote atheism with this possibility. Long-time readers know that I have had many spiritual experiences. The above discussion would simply 'differentiate' between technologically-advanced types and 'higher-consciousness' types. (Both can overlap, of course...)

Visible said...

Well, Ray, that may all be true, though vague (grin) but... for me the answer always comes down to Satan, Lucifer and the rest of the infernal gang.

Just as there is ageless wisdom, there is an ageless font of evil and the source for that resides within all of us, should be open that door.

From the Great Invocation; "Seal the door where evil dwells". So I do not concern myself with the possibilities of haphazardly speculative weapons and demises. What I consider is that evil and virtue have residence in the human mind; especially so in times of material preeminence for the former.

How they did whatever they did is less important than who they were listening to when they did it. For me it's simple, two fountains where humanity sips the wine of the two intoxications. So long as I do not sip at the one, I am free of the consequences of that ♫strange brew to do what's inside of you♫.

Two choices often confused with each other ...because of motive. Without motive or hope of gain, there will be no pain (grin).

Visible said...

Footnote; I didn't intend to appear patronizing, if that seemed to be the case, that was just my rocket response to an age old condition of internal sedition.

Visible said...

Here's a nicely done piece of writing with atmosphere.

Ray B. said...

As the first part of my two-part post never appeared (above), here it is again...


Since Vis is 'on sabbatical' writing his novel, I thought I might promote some discussion.


I have just finished Neil Freer's "Breaking the Godspell" (1987) and am halfway through his "God Games; What Do You Do Forever?" (1998). These have given rise to an intriguing possibility for those of our 'bent', which I'll get to after some background to get readers up to speed.

Freer is elaborating on Zecharia Sitchin's work, primarily on the ramifications for our society. Sitchin made the point that the unearthed archeological evidence from Sumerian times led inevitably to a stark choice: Either the Sumerian 'gods' were real, flesh-and-blood humanoids walking among the populace for a time, or the entire body of Sumerian scripture (clay tablets) was 'made up' (only reflecting a primitive mindset and/or a justification for 'divine right' to rule). Sitchin and Freer chose the former, and I am leaning in that direction. [I am re-reading these books as a baseline because I just bought a couple current books of this ilk, and wanted to see if anything 'new' is being added...]

(By the way, please do not argue with me over this assertion. I am using it to make an interesting point below. That is where I would like the discussion to be...)

Freer, especially, brings up how traumatic it would have been to the populace as the Annunaki / Nephilim 'phased off' the planet, as he puts it. First, there would be propitiation and prayer to 'bring them back'. Celebrations, rituals, and even maintenance would be continued in case they returned. Finally, even human sacrifice was undertaken as the anguish grew. Eventually, the old ways faltered, and self-made kings and/or priests would fight to fill the new power-vacuum.

Now (according to Sitchin / Freer), the proto-Hebrews seemed to be one of the last 'groups' to physically interact with a Nephilim. They had been kicked out of Egypt (you might want to read some of Ralph Ellis' books on this), and were 'enlisted' by one self-proclaimed 'god' called Yahweh. This is mainly important for this discussion in that the group's whole ethos centered around this interaction. Imagine (or read parts of the Old Testament) how intensely traumatic this must have been when Yahweh 'phased-off' to join his peer group, thus 'abandoning' his charges.

(continues here)


P.P.S. Vis, your response is of course true. I was trying to stay 'physical' for the moment (grin)...

Visible said...

I mentioned watching American Idol because I love to watch people develop and reach their potential. It is flat out amazing what happens sometimes. I know it's Fox Network; the belly of the beast but these contestants are mostly just ordinary people, occasionally with extra ordinary talent.

This year they are down to the last five and all of them are females. This has never happened before. For years, it's been guys, fueled by the teenage girl vote.

The last guy to get bumped last night was Lazlo, a Hispanic American with a serious speech impediment, yet when he sings, he has no problem whatsoever. I keep thinking I should write him and tell him just to sing his conversations (makes sense, right?)

I'm going to give you a link where you can watch the whole season- Here is the link. If you go from about episode 14 or 15 you will catch it where they've thinned it down.

I'm mentioning this to you because there is some very serious talent on this year and there has never ever been 5 ladies left with no guys. Often it is the other way round.

There are some very interesting things going on behind the scenes there.

Somehow the guys that made it were mostly all gay.I tend to believe these things are orchestrated. Now they're all gone but there is this African American lady there named Candice. You really should go and watch her development. Then there is Kree and Angie who just oozes sex and talent and Amber.

Amber, they are trying to turn into a whore. It's worth watching simply for the cultural voyeur aspect and Candice is nothing short of amazing. Since Susanne and I are both singers and musicians we can tell when they go out of pitch and all that subtle stuff that only those tuned to this kind of thing can see..

You can watch it commercial free at this site. Pick 'sockshare', 'movshare' or 'muchshare' usually work but 'sockshare is the best. You'll get a lot of popup ads, just delete them and you're good to go. Click on the small text that says things like 'skip ads and go to video. then it will start to load. pause it by clicking on the screen and let it download for half an hour or so and you can see the whole thing without it starting and stopping all the time. I wouldn't steer you wrong, there's a lot that is very interesting.

Susanne and I can almost always pick who is going down and our critiques actually would put us at the judging table (grin). You've got to see Candice. She is going to be a major star. Give the show a chance and you will find yourself really enjoying it. I love singing harmonies with the contestants. I don't watch any of the other similar shows. They all suck compared to this one.

When Angie sits down at the piano she can blow your mind. Amber, the blooming slut (watch what the behind the scenes people are doing). Kree is going to be a major country star. You'll see past winners appearing and they really suck by comparison.

Anyway, it's an education. You can also go to the American Idol website and listen to the contestants, or go to youtube, just put in their first names, which I have given you and put Season 12, American Idol in the search box. You should see what Candice did with a song by The Cure last night, seriously impressive. She is easily as good as Adele.

I might not be back for ten days or so. I have sworn to myself to finish the book before I come back. If that's what it takes then that is what it takes. I'll put this at Origami too. Be well all.



Visible said...

Gods do walk among us and they show up in times of transformative upheavals. Gods walk within us too, if we are walking in the spirit. I call us 'spiritwalkers'



Visible said...

Uh oh, I might be hinting at something again... nodding, winking and possibly wanking. "Paranoia runs deep, into your mind it might creep". Or something to that effect; probably got the words wrong but there is no mistaking certain other things... "Ahrooooooooooooooooo! werewolves of London". Time for some banker Armageddon.

Visible said...

Here is the link for Candice singing The Cure's "Lovesong".. A few weeks earlier she was not at this level. She's like some kind of fast forward time lapse flower blooming in what seems to be no time at all.

Visible said...

You gotta scroll down for the tune.

Woof said...

Not if you do it like this, you don't...

Candice performs Lovesong

est said...

well you're right about that l v
that girl can certainly sing

thanks for passing that along

the only time i've ever watched
was the adam lambert shows

as his father [Eber] was a friend
from high school ha

he was nothing like his kid though
he was hilarious and very bright

Visible said...

Oh yeah! Check out the other song from that show- she even makes Burt Bachrach sound good (grin)- or go back through the weeks. She's amazing.

Well, I'm singing along with Bob Seeger at the moment, dancing like one of The temptations and wailing, just wailing and loving to be able to sing. What a joy!!!

Visible said...

This is when you know someone is a legend when there are just so many great songs you don't know what to say. . The times may be tragic but some real beauty has slipped out of the invisible to serenade us, href=""this classic.. All the proof I need that there is a God is Joni Mitchell, or any of the few who agreed to become channels for the magnificence of the unseen.

I'd be here for awhile if I tried to list even part of this man's fantastic song collection like this great classic.

You can tell he lived these songs. That's generally what I tend to listen to.

Otherwise I'm listening to Brazilian jazz, most South American jazz; ambient sound, which I really love or simply the great songwriters. I don't listen to music much these days. I tend to love the sounds of Nature. Listen closely enough, like you give a shit and... she can tell. Then she just might play you a symphony and rock your world in her secret bowers; by invitation only (grin).

Visible said...

This is when you know someone is a legend when there are just so many great songs you don't know what to say. . The times may be tragic but some real beauty has slipped out of the invisible to serenade us, href=""this classic.. All the proof I need that there is a God is Joni Mitchell, or any of the few who agreed to become channels for the magnificence of the unseen.

I'd be here for awhile if I tried to list even part of this man's fantastic song collection like this great classic.

You can tell he lived these songs. That's generally what I tend to listen to.

Otherwise I'm listening to Brazilian jazz, most South American jazz; ambient sound, which I really love or simply the great songwriters. I don't listen to music much these days. I tend to love the sounds of Nature. Listen closely enough, like you give a shit and... she can tell. Then she just might play you a symphony and rock your world in her secret bowers; by invitation only (grin).

Visible said...

I have always believed that the second coming and the appearance of the Avatar would come forth in the human heart, for those providing suitable habitation. Whatever you set your Adytum up to hold will dwell there.

Visible said...

Well, I didn't sleep at all last night but... it was beautiful to be in a trance like I was. However, it plays havoc with my trying to do html or spell correctly. So I'm definitely watching myself go up and down the stairs. meanwhile I'm playing Candace over and over. Here's another beauty, I who have nothing.

Visible said...

When she sings, "I love you". You can tell she means it. It's scary. On the latest show she was talking about how she doesn't have a boyfriend so she doesn't know who the songs are directed at. You could see the sorrow in her heart. then she says something like "Love is the most important thing to me so you can expect it to be referred to, often, in the songs I will do". When she first showed up in the auditions she looked like a bag lady (grin). She cleans up real good though.

Visible said...

Homer; that latest over at Streams of Consciousness. Made a direct impact on me. I deal with that on a daily basis. Urging and pleading with her to make the jump. It's the nature of the beast (grin) to identify and act out on the level it is trapped or stuck in.

Ray B. said...

Coruscant L'amore / Gene Friday, April 12, 2013 9:08:00 PM

"I just tried to post but it dumped it..."

I've had that happen a few times; I hate it (grin). My latest double-post got that treatment; they are here and here in proper order.


"I was noting the film Zardoz. There's always been some premise that if the world becomes evil enough good must appear. The film is about trying to force such, and in the failure of such appearing, the play is just over. Next."

Ironically, that premise is based in the metaphysical view of 'duality'. It is quite true in the 'manifested' world (day/night, dry/wet, hot/cold, male/female, etc.). Why wouldn't we see it on the good/evil 'axis'? In addition, the Western 'active' world view is such that one can attempt to 'force' an outcome through spiritual 'technology' (as manifested in the Cabala, ceremonial magick, etc.). Combine the two, and you get "Zardoz" or the proto-Hebrew, inner priest-class attempt to influence "God".


"I'm left with the thought that Good has appeared, but not in the way they were expecting. It hasn't come in the form of a single avatar but an army of avatar-ish people being woken up..."

I agree. (Of course, one can argue that - if you go 'up' far enough - it will be a single 'force' directing the show...) In my own batshit-crazy world, this 'waking up' has been assisted by a vast amalgam of "All Creatures Great and Small" (grin) who have banded together to end this 'farm' permanently.

Speaking of which, a quick update on "Life, the Universe, and Everything" (grin). The two planets (Earth and 'Other') have still not 'turned'. As all the hundreds of 'just-turned' planets averaged about 2-3% of the populace to be 'de-pained' for the switch, there is general confusion. Earth is at about 8% and 'Other' is around 10%. Higher forces seem to be 'stalling' the 'turning', for now. So, we are simply 'de-paining' folks as usual...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Janus Anus, Self Sodomizing Hiatus.

Eamon said...

Your plan sounds good and I look forward to doing my part to help your creation come to press. Love, light and peace to you, my friend :)

Visible said...

Thank you Eamon;

It's like wresting with tigers in teh swamp but, I'm getting there.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Speaking of saucer pods..

"Pushpaka Vimana"

"The Pushpaka chariot that resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravana; that aerial and excellent chariot going everywhere at will .... that chariot resembling a bright cloud in the sky ... and the King [Rama] got in, and the excellent chariot at the command of the Raghira, rose up into the higher atmosphere."

Anonymous said...

Ram Navami - April 20, 2013

Jaya Sri Rama!


Jaya Sri Rama!

Oh wonderful son like no other
You followed the order of a hoodwinked mother.
And went to the forest with Your wife and Your Brother
But your father couldn't take it in his grief he would smother.

Jaya Rama Sri Rama Jaya Jaya Rama,
Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Sri Rama.

When Bharata returned and heard the news
He went out for Rama but came back with His shoes.
This humble soul put them on the throne,
And outside of town He lived all alone.

One day in Their forest and blissful sweet life,
A magical deer enchanted Rama's wife.
The seed was thus planted like the stab of a knife
When a villain kidnapped Sita causing ultimate strife.

Monkeys and bears came to Rama's aide
Searching for Sita a stone bridge was laid.
Marching with force this fearsome brigade
Beholding Rama's power Ravana's pride began to fade.

Jaya Rama Sri Rama Jaya Jaya Rama,
Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Sri Rama.

Sita sat waiting for Her sweet Lord
Surrounded by demons with harsh words and sword.
Remaining chaste, caring not for these threats
Knowing Rama's promise, which He never forgets.
If one gives his heart and calls out Rama's name
The Lord has avowed, Let all proclaim!
That soul becomes free from material stain,
Protected forever under Rama's domain.

Rama rescued Sita from Ravana's grip
They boarded a flowerplane and set off on a trip.
With Laksmana and Hanuman They all returned home
With this divine joy I now end my poem.

Jaya Rama Sri Rama Jaya Jaya Rama!



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