Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visible Resonance and Visible Dissonance.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here it is, we're into May and the weather is cold and gray, as it has been for weeks. It appears that the mental climate on this Earth, has now commandeered the actual weather. My focus on what's been going down is pretty narrow. I look at the bankers, the politicians and the Israelis. I also look at the sleeping classes and the partially awakened classes. As for these latter, I do not exist for the one and I have some contact with the others in many, many countries around the world. I still notice, now and again, some country I had never even heard of before it showed up in the virtual Rolodex of the visitors of the moment.

Readers come and go, occasionally I will recall a name that has not crossed my mind in some time. Where did they go? I haven't seen Bholanath, Stickman or various others in awhile. For some I know the reason for their departures. For some, I do not. Occasionally, I piss someone off. It's hard not to do that for various reasons. One reason is certainly the controversial end of things, in respect of what I say. One reason is concerned with my acting out in real life, though these are few and far between, they do happen. Irrepressible urges will surface on occasion. I'm not sure what the cosmic motivation is but I suspect it has to do with my Anti-Guru 2.0 software. I'm pretty sure that's the culprit. It only surfaces under circumstances where it appears to be necessary. It never comes up at any other time.

Then there is the occasional blunt comment, lacking in diplomacy. It is under consideration that I alter my long standing policies. Some of you are aware of these and some of you are not. My policy has been to respond in kind, according to the particular blog where the comment appears. Visible Origami is supposed to have the lightest touch and Reflections in a Petri Dish, the strongest. Lately I have come to believe that some of my long standing tactics have become outdated. It can happen that you get into a groove and it turns out to be a rut. It can happen that you are frustrated and do not realize that you are frustrated. This can make one edgy.

It also happens that when one is communicating with tens of thousands of people, the thoughts of those people influence you for good and for ill. It also happens that when you are communicating controversial information and ideas about the most powerful and ruthless psychopaths on the planet that they will eventually notice you. Very strangely, Visible Origami is the site that comes up most often as as forbidden site, a dangerous site, a site that does not come up but a warning page does. It mystifies me why this would happen to Origami but I hear about it often. However, I should mention that there are many ways to react to people like me. Some of them you know about and some you may not know about. These people have people who focus various kinds of negative attention on those who cry out against them. They have chants and they have magical procedures. I've run into these. I ran into some of this in India. I haven’t talked about some number of things here. I probably should have but... there's not very much that anyone can do for me. It's all in the hands of my invisible friends and they have been, for the most part, very effective.

One thing I am aware of and which some of you may be aware of, is what goes down when you are employed by a particular force. You confer responsibility upon that force and that force takes over your life and your destiny and we are talking about the most powerful force there is. Nothing happens without the say so of this force, no matter what anyone may think about the Prince of this World. The Prince of this World works for this force. Ergo, none of his minions and those who have allegiance to the Prince of this World, are capable of acting in any way that is not permitted for them to act because ALL FORCE comes from this one force. There is no motive action of any kind that is not motivated by some portion of this force, either a direct application of this force, or a perversion of it, a permitted perversion. I mentioned earlier that servants of the darkness have chants and magical procedures that they can activate against people like some of you and I. Some amount of this is permitted. I am not totally surrendered, very few of us are. The process of existence is to bring us to that point of total surrender. This can be painful and exhausting, or it can come about in various ways. It can be painful and exhausting for a time and then turn into something else. We have to let things go ...but we often do not even know what these things are.

I have tried to serve you in the best way that I know how. I studied for many years in order to become versed in the subjects I present here. I heavily research in order to present what shows up at the other blogs. I experienced radical transformations that opened up areas of information and communication with entities from other realms. It seems that these posted efforts have been of some use to some, meaningless to others and occasionally, the back and forth between myself and some of you has led to various degrees of friendship and occasionally to estrangement and bad feeling. For this latter condition, I must say, my heart is often heavy from this, so it necessitates my mentioning it. I have pretty much an endless capacity to forgive, even those who tried to put my life in danger, or send me away to prison for life, or quite injuriously betrayed me, often for reasons I have yet to understand. I know there are people who resent me for the usual reasons of ego, vanity and not understanding where I’m coming from ...because people of this sort always measure you against themselves and see you as they subconsciously view themselves as you and they are not you. This is a peculiarity I have some degree of awareness concerning and have seen it in operation many times. I recognize that I am flawed in some ways and then there are some common flaws I don't have; jealousy, envy, vanity. They don't fit and they don't stick. Other things do and I struggle near daily with them.

I realize I'm talking about myself but it has to do with my relationship with you. Though I have forgiven practically everyone I have had a falling out with, none of them have forgiven me. When I say practically everyone, it's possible I've simply forgotten someone. Maybe that's the same thing, sort of.

They say in the direct mail order business that you have a guaranteed 2% demographic of positive response in terms of sales. I think this carries over into many things. Predicated on this, I believe I can say that most of the people who come to these blogs have never left a comment. Some of you have been coming here for years and never left a comment. I get from a low of four thousand to a high of around 20,000 visits per posting. They tend to average out around 10,000 to 12,000 usually. That means I'm not even getting the 2% demographic. That's okay, if the general impact is positive and... years of doing this has proven that out to me then, I'm okay doing this for some mystery population from somewhere out there and... in there as well.

I guess there's something I've been trying to say through this whole post but I can't seem to get around to it. I guess I'll just say it right out and those who have any compassion for me can say what they like and those who don't care about me can say what they like too. My having to get it together after 14 years in a certain reality (if that's the word for it) and going somewhere I have never been, in what seems like a permanent fashion, where I know one fantastic person and where another seemingly decent guy has also contacted me from is... disconcerting. I'm not only having trouble getting it together, I'm having trouble getting anything together. I'm having trouble focusing on my book but... I suspect that will shortly get done by pure dint of forceful returning, over and over. I'm having trouble taking care of the things I need to take care of, before I get where I am going. There are movies playing all the time. I go through the motions of the routines I have to carry out each day.

I know God has arranged all of this, just as God arranges everything in my life, brings things into my life and takes things out of my life, brings people into my life and takes them out of my life. It's all that responsibility that God bears for however much my surrender amounts to, in terms of required oversight. God, or whomever the agent is that speaks for God, has told me he's responsible for what is happening, for transiting me out of all that has been familiar for such a length of time and into this new adventure, where new people will come into my life, to fill up the nooks and corners that will now have a vacancy sign hanging in them.

I guess I'm trying to say my hearts not in what I'm doing these days and for those of you who have been able to bear with me, I hope you will bear with me, as I attempt to sort out an avenue of passage that will make me more comfortable about it all. It's not like attachment is the big problem. I've been through so much 'catch and release' in this life, so many total transformations, that it is as if I have already lived a hundred lives. Some of them have been diametrical opposites of others.

I was told that I would be taken somewhere, that someone would come for me. Mistakenly, I thought that was meant to be India ...but it was not India, not in any way. India does not possess Visible Resonance, although it did in some regards, concerning a collection of Indians, who showed up across the time-line and then all showed up at the same time ...but nothing else really. The place I am going does possess Visible Resonance. I already know this and it is there that I am going to have many meetings of a transformative nature. I can see the land and my house. I go there in my dreams and have met people that I will meet... Some of these have been lucid dreams.

My heart isn't in anything I'm doing right now. I feel like I am behind glass and different things are talking place on either side of that window. I'm kind of shell shocked and disappearing into movies. Right now I'm watching everything with Timothy Olyphant in it. A few days ago, I was watching everything with Billy Bob Thornton in it. In a few days I will be watching everything with Guy Pearce in it and then get on to Emily Page and maybe Keanu Reeves and Aaron Eckhart. As you have probably surmised, these are my favorite actors.

I don't want to let anyone down here. I'm going to keep doing what I do because I know there is some segment of the readership that relies on me to do it and to keep this virtual community running, humming along, or limping along, as the case may be at the moment. I'm pretty resilient and I am a committed optimist-glass half full kind of a guy. For those I have pushed away, in one fashion or another, or convinced that they want nothing further to do with me, I've got nothing to say. I've said what I had to say so many times. I've apologized, sincerely. I don't have the problem with my ego that so many people have. The reality of existence is that we are all hosting someone or something. We are hosting God, or the devil, or we are hosting some version of whatever amalgam of temporary personification we have come up with and maintain as a false front, over our essential being. I get no joy or peace with anything but my essential being and no amount of self denigration, or vulnerability, even in the presence of my enemies,is too much to experience in order to hold on to my own particular resonance with myself. I hope the right people have seen some portion of themselves in all of this. I'm sure the wrong people won't (grin).

End Transmission........

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Visible said...

Bee Wrangler Lady, you have been far too generous with me and paying so much for shipping well, I thank you but you could have sent it cheaper. I know you didn't want to and I love you for your kind and wonderful gesture. Honey is a big part of my life and you sent me two large bottles and a big honeycomb too. thank you my friend. It meant a lot to me to get it on a day like this one, reflected in the posting I made.

God sure has interesting timing. I'm going to send you some honey too. It won't be in a jar though.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Les...


bee wrangler said...

your words are honey to my eyes. i miss you when i am too busy sucking bees out of houses to read your posts. This morning I am catching up... and here is this from you. wow...the timing of this world never stops being right on. i am looking to move from this place too... but do not know where this life will lead me. i do know - it is for good- for all of us. purpose of demonstration- very strong words... take care my friend, more honey coming soon! love, jen

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
The times, they are a changing.....
For everyone. Just a question of the awareness of thr changes. The prow of any ship, even Serendipity, is the first to get into unchartered waters, so what sense does it make to complain to itself about the changes of temperature or even state of the waters, especially if Serendipity is some ice-breaker, Antarctic or Montevideo included.
That honey sure sound sweet, mmmm, on any part of the toungue.
Sweet tastings to ya.
Be well, Be alert

Anonymous said...

dear sir

if i read between the lines here with any degree of insight this is what i see...

you are in a (yet another) transition period. you feel responsible for 'your readers' because you have been given this opportunity to articulate/communicate information that is valuable. but at the same time you are changing -- life is changing -- you don't want to drop the ball or let anyone down -- but what you also realize is that there is a percentage of people who come here and comment and genuinely like you (i.e. LIKE you and do not just see you as this authority figure to argue with but someone to visit and communicate with) and in your shy boy way you are reaching out and saying i can't do this alone -- no one can. "bear with me." now that's a beautiful phrase, isn't it? i don't think it means what people use it 'shut up while i tell a long story' but me carry this load....join with me for a goal. and so maybe i'm just the friendly type -- but so are a lot of other 'commenters' -- we like you. we don't come here to 'get something' from you -- we come here to share and communicate and think and laugh together. so yes -- we are here -- i am here -- and you aren't alone in a sea of judgment and antagonism and need. you are eclipse on the 9th of may....big month for everyone.
enjoy the ride.
liz in l.a.

Pete said...

Good Post Les !

insiam said...

We all have hearts to love, brains to think and souls to be. live your life in your own way and don't let others judge you. you are the only judge of your life!

You always have my best wishes and kindest regards

insiam :)

Pete said...

Sup LV ! I am still reading and loving your stuff. I probably havent commented in a year or two, what with myself being a householder and all. But Im with ya Holmes !
Your Smoking Mirrors yesterday talked about how bad things had gotten in the States. Its hard to be objective about that as a recently awakened person, as everything looks shitty and grotesque in the material world, but I can objectively say that in the last few years, the hordes of mentally ill, drug addicted homeless zombie walkers has exponentially increased. I work in an urban hellscape that is definitely on the downtick, at least in that respect.
You happen to deal with some of the worst personality types, doing what you do. That personality type is that of the "partially awakened." The partially awakened will temporarily resonate with you, then they will inexplicably become filled with terror, that turns to anger, at the source of info (you) that is threatening their tenuosly constituted reality. Its as if the force of involution, or satan, or maya, or the 3-d mind , or whatever, to which they are still inured , comes down on them like a flood hatch on the titanic and they react with scorn , derision, anger, psycopathy, etc to you or any other spiritual evolutionary force that might tend to awaken them, thereby "killing" them, or at least the ego that they mistakenly think is "them." If it makes you feel better it isnt personal but part of the age old struggle of the dualistic realms. It is of course, forces in action; intelligent forces which fight for every soul to keep the soul mired in this realm. That is why the Hindus personify these forces and give them such gnarly resumes. But you know all this already. Even the obvious psychopathic attacks you come under are attendant to this force. All the same thing. Alice Bailey refers to persons in this state as the "Dweller on the threshhold." These types can get upto some serious mischief in the world, as they have awakened some of their dormant power, but lack the overall context to know how to handle it. The force of involution will rise up like white blood cells fighting a disese, when they are threatened by a reality that might take them out of their comfort zone.
Hell, I lived in one house for over 30 years and when I moved it felt like death, and that is just a house ! So I know how you are feeling with your move, but remember, those who attack you have the exact some sense of loneliness and fear that we get when we are forced out of our comfort zones, whether they be physical or metaphysical. Sorry if I sound preachy. Keep on keeping on ese. I have not found the ultimate answers, but folks like you sure have put me on the right path, so, thank you.

mike m said...

Felling in limbo?
I, too have the same feeling.

I, too have been offered a chance to go to a place that I know is transforming.

I, too seem to be running around in circles knowing there is a breakthrough on the horizon but patience is becoming frustrating.

I, too don't want to blow this opportunity.

I, too would like an easier way but that is not how it works.

I also appreciate your efforts here Vis and you have made me realize that our intuition is usually our most reliable indicator of this plane we presently exist on.

Peace to you, now and to wherever you find yourself.

Visible said...

Man, listen to what Candice
Glover did to the Billie Holiday song, You've Changed

Visible said...

Wow! Some serious articulation here.

Doug Pearson said...

Whatever you do, you do it for the good of everybody. Least that's what I see and I've been coming here for a while now. That pretty much shows a strong character and one that's not conditional.
Anywho, ah reckon you're just getting a little skeert or nervous going into the unknown. Nothing wrong with that. You can see in your mind or predict what it's gonna be like but hey, you never know until you do it. It's all speculation until you jump.
Like the Desert guy said yesterday, 'relax'. You're heart is in the right place so it'll work out OK. It's usually not as scary once we cross over. We just think it is cause it's somewhere we ain't been before. Vavoooooom!

missingarib said...

Vis,remember these lyrics:

Down the street the dogs are barkin’
And the day is a-gettin’ dark
As the night comes in a-fallin’
The dogs’ll lose their bark
An’ the silent night will shatter
From the sounds inside my mind
For I’m one too many mornings
And a thousand miles behind

From the crossroads of my doorstep
My eyes they start to fade
As I turn my head back to the room
Where my love and I have laid
An’ I gaze back to the street
The sidewalk and the sign
And I’m one too many mornings
An’ a thousand miles behind

It’s a restless hungry feeling
That don’t mean no one no good
When ev’rything I’m a-sayin’
You can say it just as good.
You’re right from your side
I’m right from mine
We’re both just one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind!

The nuances of language you conjure is never dependent on the times but the depth of commitment to the pillars and vicissitudes of our existence; our age, our beliefs, our compassion, and our understanding of how and where these feelings get plugged in to harmonize and restore our strength , both physically and emotionally-

MY force of will seems diminished as my journey through my sixtieth years began .
I embrace the words of the lord Buddha to wit impermanent are all compound things,their nature is to rise and fall ,be mindful ,seek out your personal peace.

we understand that if things don't turn around few will to be left to begin to clean up the garden .
Your tireless(never thankless) efforts exposing the litters of this world. Unholy alchemists turning what was gold to radioactive waste,than slithering away .
be of good cheer
live long

Visible said...

Vavooooom indeed.

Yes, I know that song very well. I used to play and sing it, along with some of my other favorites by him, such as, "If you See Her Say Hello". Oh well, I won't start listing them, there are too many.

nina said...

It appears you are experiencing redefinition extreme, actually an excellent condition in which to prepare yourself for relocating into an as yet unknown, and it is unknown I assure you, geography with all of its own karma and personality. Its always best to unpack your baggage now before arriving, assimilating and accumulating the wonders that await.

The phrase, "Your problems follow you wherever you go" is meaningless, revealing only a deep seated separation anxiety on the part of the speaker and especially hurtful to a self-examining person because it is more than likely where you are before you go elsewhere that is the problem.

Also, about the lack of comments from formerly active commenters, you would have noticed these people are either bloggers themselves or forum managers, which makes it unwieldy to be everywhere at once, you know yourself very well that there is just so much time in the day available to sit in front of a screen, but I know for a fact you are as widely read as ever. I mention you quite often on my blog, the larger majority of my readers require no intro.

Still love you after all these years ...

Visible said...

Thank you Nina, the feeling is mutu7al.

Anonymous said...

It's been unseasonably beutiful here in Montevideo for the last couple of weeks. Winter arrived today though, so hopefully so will your summer.
I don't feel like my heart is in what I'm doing right now either, and my recent short break from the norm hasn't helped like it usually does. Saying that, I'm full of optimism and a good sense of where to go next when my present situation permits it. For the first time I'm really looking forward to leaping into the unknown.
As always sending you love and good vibes.

With love and un abrazo,

Visible said...

Si, un abrazo, Mi Amigo. I look forward to our hanging out for a bit once I get settled. Please don't mention where I'm going. I'[m keeping it to myself.

Anonymous said...

No worries, as they say in Australia (Though they seem to be on the brink of voting in that smug misogynist piece of shit Tony Abbott, but I digress), your secret is safe with me. See you when the time is right.


Rob in WI said...

The comments are certainly great today, and fit well with the post. I think liz in l.a. stated, most empathicly, why many of us come here (thanks liz, for another one).
It took me awhile, over the years, to understand the VO, PD, SM construct, but it makes perfect sense. The metaphysical offers clues to the social and political manifestations. Profiles in evil was fun, but didn't fit.
All the best to you Visible, trust that many who don't know you personally, DO like you, and consider you a friend.
Be well, all, Rob

martin said...

To my eye Les Visible is creations(?) finest example of Les Visible, unique, absolutely essential and expressed to perfection.

Without such an expression of presence this would be a much lesser place and there would be a big hole in the fabric of existence that none else could fill. So i deem myself fortunate in that there isn't such an absence and thus i am the more complete for it. Thank you Les


Anonymous said...

If you were not as puzzled and undecided as you sound, then you would not have described what the thinking majority of us are feeling once again!! (this must be your major trait, at least with me it sure is). I really enjoy your honesty which obviously has led you to understand the nessecity of BIG GUY up (or down) there having fun with us and has resulted at you pointing your finger at him quite marvelously. Thank you for keeping us company with your blogs and may you soon realize that even the devil or any of the other dark forces or whatever are actually part of the same god were are all part of. If that is the reason you dont have your heart into it at the moment, may you become one inside as you understand the one outside and use your magnificent talent with words to preach peace more often than talking about all the helpless people having become slaves to the side which is causing all the pain.
Be well, love ya

Doug Pearson said...

Listen to this, it'll make you feel better. It's whatcha are...

Remember, the blues is just in your head.

Odin's Raven said...

Mr. Visible, your courage, determination, generosity and spiritual clarity continue to be an inspiration. Thank you.

Best wishes for the next stage of your life journey. When it is completed, like St. Paul you will be able to say that you have finished the course and run a good race.

Kazz said...

Dear Vis,

I read you religiously because your words touch me deeply. Often your words are like reading an extention of myself. An example of this would be how you are simply watching movies lately. I am doing the same thing. I know what is happening in this world. I, like you, have been blessed (cursed) to see the full outlay of what is unfolding on this plain. I have struggled to distance myself from my ego, and vanity has taken care of itself as my body has aged it has forced me to face any delusions that looks are still an issue. I sense your doubt and feel this personally also. It is not the divine I doubt but merely where I am to be placed in this grand play, called life, as it unfolds. Perhaps what I have come to understand lately might be of help in some small way. The divine is telling me not to worry about how others view me because most people merely see a reflection of themselves in others. For this reason my focus is being directed inwardly at this time, and I am being motioned towards slaying my own demons.

You cannot allow yourself to be worried about what others think, unless they are offering constructive criticism. From this you can learn more about yourself. Your angst over those you have upset is admirably Vis but a waste of your valuable time, because the universe has removed these people for reasons only known to it. As long as your conscience is clear you can be sure that you are not the problem.

I sense your vulnerability at the moment, which illustrates how childlike you really are, and I mean that in the nicest way. Jesus said be like little children.

Know this Vis, you are loved, and your contribution is much appreciated. You have suffered much to bring those of us who look forward to your thoughts into closer proximity of each other. This transition may take a long time Vis so pace yourself and simply accept whatever is, as I am sure you have and will continue to do so.

Hubby and I live on a small island off the south east coast of Australia, which use to be the lucky country, and is now the land of the oppressed. I try to make a dent, because so many around me are still deeply entrenched in the Satanist's illusion, and this tells me that there is still some time to go. I could get depressed about this, but following your cup half full example I have decided that advanced knowledge gives one an ability to better choose the right path to follow, and this is a major blessing at this time, so we will not fall short of the divine's plan for us.

I pray for you, for me, and for all the people of this earth, that the divine will take mercy upon us and free us from the destructive cycle we find ourselves in. To this end you have provided much support and confirmation of the transmissions I receive from the collective conscious.

If you ever make it to Oz you are welcome to stay with us Vis. We are easy going and don't get pissed off, well hardly ever, and if you do something that did piss me off I would simply tell you and get back to business, because to err is human and to forgive is divine :o). That is a two way street Vis so if I piss you off, and I have been known to be fairly talented in this arena, then perhaps you will be forgiving of me :o). My father once told me I was as tactful as a train smash, and it would seem age has done little to alter this reality, so I can only conclude that the divine is using people like myself to awaken the slumbering masses. After all, maybe it is a good thing if people like you and me and are upsetting those around us. Maybe, just maybe, the divine wants them upset, and maybe, just maybe, once they stop being pissed off with me and you they might start getting pissed off with themselves, and then their inward journey of exploration will start, and with each individual who conquers their demons within the world will return to light,one person at a time.

Enjoy your movies Vis.

Luv Kazz

John Skead said...

What we see as "real" is analogous to what we see on the screen when we go to a movie. Yes, it's "real," but it's reality is only a shadow, cast by a strong light through a strip of plastic onto the white screen. It therefore is only a representation of the "reality" that the camera recorded earlier. Even that reality is normally highly arranged.

It's the same outside the theatre - it's a projection of sorts. (I know I'm just preaching to the choir here.) Just when I think I'm able to "turn and look to the mouth of the cave" at true reality, it seems to not work. Any you're finding the same thing.

It would be fun to talk it out over a beer...

Smyrna said...

I'd like to visit when you are settled, Vis. I can supply my own mosquito netting and quinine, but would be needing you to arrange a sidarm and porters for me (and hallucinogens, of course). Cheers.

Minus 3 celsius here Thursday morning. We had been having an Indian summer. That has abruptly stopped now.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! Good column and subsequent comments. Thanks!


"...I suspect it has to do with my Anti-Guru 2.0 software."

A previous loved one went to a retreat for Muktananda up in New York state a few decades ago. As she related it to me, they were all dancing around the 'guru'. She was in the circle closest to him. When she felt like giving another lady the 'slot', she moved to the outer circle. After some time, she felt like moving in, again. To her surprise, none of the other ladies would give up being next to Muktananda, and she was 'sealed out'. Period.

Even though I was not there, I learned a lot that day...


"I experienced radical transformations that opened up areas of information and communication with entities from other realms."

I just finished "God Games" by Neil Freer (1998), and believe I may also have seen you in that book:

p.158: "Many realize that the high consciousness of which 'The Book of the Tao' is a textbook and which is attainable through the use of powerful tools such as LSD or a lifetime of disciplined meditation and practice is a far more expanded and evolved kind than our ordinary consciousness."

p.219: "Certain experiential modes, such as facilitated by LSD and other powerful psychedelics, are quite certainly of a much higher speed of differentiation... Some have said that they have attained such insights routinely when using LSD. I believe that this is partly due to a heightened sensitivity of the neurological system to the body signals of others and subliminal signals embedded in events. But, beyond this, I believe that LSD can and does neurologically facilitate actual fourth-dimensional perception both temporarily and long term, through the habituation to the evolved consciousness."


Ray B. said...


"I'm not only having trouble getting it together, I'm having trouble getting anything together. I'm having trouble focusing on my book... I'm having trouble taking care of the things I need to take care of..."

In addition to normal stress, I find that glimpsing Otherwhere (and being there) leads me to that condition. There are old Celtic stories where contact with an Otherwhere entity is so 'magnificent' that the person - after returning to 'normal' society - basically has no more desire to live 'down here', stops eating, doing, etc., and eventually their body dies. I suspect that you may be feeling the 'fringes' of this...


"I guess I'm trying to say my heart's not in what I'm doing these days..."

I had that happen to me when I had my England / Scotland 'Otherwhere' magnificent happenings. I had built up a counseling practice, and was previously happily engaged in helping people that way. After returning, I had rage come up (inside) each time I did a counseling session. Examining it, I understood that my 'horizons' had expanded so hugely that I was unwilling to do normal counseling sessions. (Now, I do counseling work 'on the fly' with energy work thrown in for good measure.) Something of the sort may have happened to you as a consequence of the India trip...


"...I hope you will bear with me, as I attempt to sort out an avenue of passage that will make me more comfortable about it all."

There is a 'technique' that was taught to others (I was listening -grin-) that might help you with endings and beginnings. A couple was having trouble selling a sailing boat that they had cruised on for many years. They were told that they were still attached to all the times that they had experienced there, and that was what kept a buyer from 'manifesting'. They were told to go deeply into all the happenings that they had experienced aboard that boat, and especially the feelings involved at the time. Then, they were to 'thank' the boat for being there for them, wish it happiness in it's next 'life' (i.e., under a new owner), bless the boat, and pronounce it done. (Feeling, of course, whatever came up along the way...) The couple did this, and the boat sold almost immediately. I could see that this might help across many areas.

On the 'beginning' side, it helps if one imagines (and especially feels) the excitement and joy of a new adventure 'manifesting'. This sets a 'seed' for the manifestation, even if one has no idea of the various details...

I hope that some of this might help you in this time.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Lifetimes said...

Hi Vis
I tried posting a comment earlier ( for the FIRST time after reading your articles and absorbing the wisdom therein for many years )but for some reason I don't think it got through. If this one appears then I will try again.
Thank you for all you do.
Be well,

Anonymous said...

You're not the only castaway waiting for the tide to bring something in. Hard as I try, I just can't shit a sail for my boat. It's a wonder I don't have hemorrhoids. It seems to be going around.

I've gone back to the plantation to fund my evil projects.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

I am one of the guilty parties that read every blog, yet I have only posted a couple of comments. My communication skills are not what I would like, so I tend to listen and keep quite. If you are thinking that you are not appreciated, you are wrong. I can relate to most of what you have to say and I find comfort in knowing that there are people who see things the way I see them. I feel like I am pretty much alone in the world except for the people on the internet, such as you. I do not know anyone personally that has awaken, I sometimes pass them in the grocery store but I do not try to start a conversation. There wouldn’t be much to say anyway, we would both know what’s up, so there wouldn’t be much to share. I live in the US, so I am a bit paranoid; GUS is just about everywhere here now. I normally read your blogs from work and I normally log on through a proxy server. I have a good arrangement at work, they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work for them. I admire your courage for ditching the system, unfortunately for me I have a wife and a mortgage to repay when they loaned me the pretend money. My wife of forty years also has imaginary friends; unfortunately they seem to be from the dark side so she takes medication to suppress them. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you seem to be one of your worst critics. I don’t understand how you can force yourself to write a book, when it is time for you to write a book, you will write a book. It will come easy; you will not feel pressured to get it done. I am on vacation today and I work up at four AM. That’s normally a bad sign, I don’t know why but when I wake up at exactly that time GUS seems to blow something up that day. Well, our dog just came downstairs, drank a quart of water and threw it up on the floor; I guess it’s going to be a good day of vacation. Like you, I am a dog lover. Libby showed up at our door fourteen and one half years ago and decided to stay with us. She is one of the most loving creatures on the planet. We also have a one eyed cat that we brought home from the APL. I didn’t think anyone else would take him and I couldn’t let him spend his life in a cage. Barney is the typical cat and tolerates the grandkids carrying him around dressing him up. I will say again, you are appreciated.

Laura said...

I myself am going through a major shift in my life, so I have some sense and feeling for your experience, dear Vis. While not venturing to an unknown land, it's my own leap of faith and the ending to a very long pulse in my life. It is disconcerting and has lead to some months of rather intense challenges. Focusing on the usual has also been interesting. I have had the ebb and flow, the up and down, in this divine unfolding.

I feel in my heart what you have shared here. I have found with my own experience with writing that many more read than ever comment....most do not comment. Wisdom born of experience, and truth, expressed, enriches whether responses are given or not.

We can be detached and optimistic but endings have their own emotional passage. Blooming again after being dug up and replanted is coming to mind (grin).

May this transition for you be overlighted with ease and grace. Wherever you are going, if you choose, we will continue to be gifted with pearls of expressed divinity.

Thank you for being yourself and sharing as you do.

With love, in grace ~

Smyrna said...

Vis, have you ever seen a Greyhound race where one of the dogs jumps out of the gates then hops the rail, and runs across the infield to catch the lure?
Or it leaves the gates, turns around and goes in the opposite direction to catch the lure head-on?

They are dogs who have woken up to the game.

They aren't allowed to participate anymore. Like anyone who is clued up to the Satan-Synagogue of Satan matrix.

DaveS said...

Most Visible,

You rock. You're human. And I like your blogs. Keep living life, on or off the 'net.

These are weird times... as HST said, when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

Hope we're all becoming pros.


Anonymous said...

Some critical points from you over the years:

Question where thoughts come from.

We are who we’ve been waiting for.

Lao Tzu – I also gave the Tao Te Ching and Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World to a few people I thought it would be useful to and that could handle it (I even gave one person a pair of cheap reading glasses to do it-it was appreciated)

The change of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood between ’67 and ’69. This explained a lot.

Ernest Holmes, Alice Bailey, Helena P. Blavatsky, Laurel Canyon, the Man on the Beach

How we forget (Ecclesiastes) – The Yugas

That we really can get into each others’ heads. I’ve always thought that we could understand each other better if we knew the back story – we’d just have to have the proper respect
And due credit to the experiences of the peoples that come here – most helpful.
I woke up this morning feeling like and picturing the American Indian in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” at the end of the movie. (odd for me to make a movie analogy, let alone actually think it)

We’re all Bozos on This Bus.


Anonymous said...

It is called growth my son.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Well said Liz @4:26. Well said.


I'll be in Deutschland for a few weeks from May 20th. If time and circunstances permit......and it's not too much bother for you..... Well, I'll email you then.


Visible said...

Mandocello; That sounds fantastic!

David Fiske said...

Yes Les the times we live in require endurance. I try to surround myself with beauty and aesthetic appreciations for if one listens and with empathy one can not fail to do this there is such shrieking of despair in the world, so much going wrong When I close my eyes and the ripples cease I am so grateful for the silent joy that is there. That is what waits for me when the body is dropped. I am 74 so it can't be long. Till then I tap briefly into all the sordid news and then retreat to my world which currently has over 3000 daffodils blooming and the trees coming like whispers of God into leaf.
No one can guess the future and I tire of those who try to be prophets. It is a Mystery and if we can endure and still laugh and smile we are fortunate
I thought your 9/11 video posted on Forbidden Knowledge well done.

John Poot said...

Les--For the Purposes Of Demonstration:-)
This long-time reader of your material is staying,

Is recommending to friends and family – and the odd Litmus Tested enemy:-)

Remaining both uplifted and in awe of your supreme, nay, magical ability in nailing whatever it is, to its perch.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

flying cossack said...

80/infinite only matters 80/infinite ... no meaningful score of any type is accomplished here ... about the only thing meaningful in this blink-of-an-eye, is to create/cultivate an ambition ... if the extent of one's ambition is that of a cockroach, such will be granted

Anonymous said...

Angry or Hungry?

Fuck the CockRoach, Yuck!
Gum the KingPrawn, Yum!!

Angry Son or Hungry Mom?

Teresa said...

An analogy--
Like computers, we all have operatingsystems.exe running in the background. For the past while, our regular apps aren't functioning as we would like. Our bandwidth and RAM are getting chewed up by the massive cosmic downloads and upgrades.

Another analogy--
Neo in the Matrix couldn't move when he was getting downloaded either.

I don't know about you, but Saturn in Scorpio is like a massive spring cleaning for me. It isn't over, not by a long shot, but I can already see better now that the windows are clean and letting in some light.



Flecker's Magik said...

My navel gazin' friends, you might want to lift your heads and and have a look out beyond.

They're firin' up the Liberator 3000 again.

Attack was a ‘declaration of war’ by Israel
By wmw_admin on May 5, 2013

Israeli air strikes could lead to a potentially catastrophic escalation in the Syrian conflict with reports that Depleted Uranium was used

Anonymous said...

Please continue to write for us. I give you a strong vote of confidence. I comment when you strike a harmonious note. Not being able to do what you did before can be a painful syndrome. Much soul-searching is required to find out exactly what the next gig should be. My uprooting 5 years ago was catastrophic but led to waves of enlightenment. I sincerely hope you will continue to share your revelations with us, your vast army of unwashed anonymous but appreciative readers!

Richie (Dana) said...

You have my gratitude for your intelligent and truthful view of what is commonly thought of as reality.

You are the pilot, and the voice of the story. You are the one who creates and tells the stories for those who could not be there. You are unable to be comforted but wish to comfort others. There is a great something missing in your life. Do not forget that you are much loved. Let your sorrow be comforted…~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The absence of duality will result in the awareness that we are not separate.

The absence of separation will bring the realization that there is no right or wrong.

Only the Love is real. all else is an illusion.


JohnB said...

When I'm feeling I'm between rut and groove sometimes I'll go to the Oblique Strategies and see what worthwhile dilemmas it has to offer. Today I chose 3 and it says "Cut a vital connection", "You can only make one dot at a time", and "Ghost echoes".

Which I suppose means some of us are all in this together, and that your words and thoughts we carry throughout the days, nights, and routines - even if many of us aren't more visible about it. Those whose paths are diabolical to those of us who are together can't help but go out of their way and make extra effort to be seen, heard, displayed, etc. They think the world is a ghetto, that we should all be in that together, while they scream "kum bay ya muh sepulchre motherfucker, kum bah ya" over the front end of their mechanical Caterpillars. Sometimes they just scream "Jesus, #1 motherfucker!", whole choruses joining in full heartedly(they do know their true deity, and stay true to form by way of deception). It can be overwhelming, if not draining. Your presence is a much needed light and antidote in the world.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Wverh! Whoop! Kerplash! The Shit has Hit the Fan.

zen shaman said...

i understand. my love to you kenny. from my shattered heart to yours.

Wullow said...

Les, this is my first comment. I enjoy reading your stuff, though I don't accept everything you say. Not that I disagree with any of it, only that you have awareness of forces and dimensions that I do not, and I'm of the nondualistic bent.

Nevertheless, I think you're spot-on about who the darkest players are in this realm and what their psychopathic motivations are.

As you know perfectly well, truth is offensive. I know this from my own life, but you have taken it to a much higher level -- tens of thousands of people -- and I don't know how you withstand the blowback.

One bit of encouragement I can offer: There have to be many, many people like me who dig what you're saying but don't comment. We don't see you as a guru, nor are we offended by things you say. We see you simply as one more source of information to be considered, albeit a brilliant and entertaining source.

The internet is a wonderful place to argue and play-act one's projections and fantasies. The Rules of Debate are all but forgotten, so NO ONE ever wins.

Ed Howes said...

okiesouHey Les, surely you understand the publicly appreciative speak for the subdued collective and silent observers. The public critics speak for themselves. The numbers smile upon you. 8)pshrnssi

Anonymous said...

Les, I agree with what others have said: it is a transition. In that respect I think many of us feel it. This era of things generally turning to muck will be followed by one in which we can clearly identify goals and the steps to achieve them. Your words matter. Don't be downhearted; you have many friends whom you don't know.

David Fiske said...

Dear Les,
This a second response.

In my life twice when I didn't make required changes I got butt kicked. The first instead of walking timely out of a marriage full of sexual jealousy and tension my wife ended it for me by getting involved with a man and taking our son with her.

In my first Tai Chi club instead of departing gracefully, of my own volition and starting my own club I hung on till I was kicked out for being too much of an individual and teaching from my own knowledge. Then I started my Esoteric Arts.

I don't know where you fit in with this but if you are tired of doing these posts stop. People can find the information if they want. It is not up to you to do it for them. Life is vast and full of opportunities. Don't wait till you break.

One door shuts an other opens.

My kundalini rose spectacularly and totally blissfully in 1962. I don't know where this puts me in the scale of things. I don't think I'm much different, from most people, maybe some different focuses that's all. And a quiet centre that 'knows'.

If what you are doing interferes with that Quiet Space quit doing it. You are not duty bound by any of this.

Be like a flower, bloom when it is right and be dormant when it is right. Speak when it is necessary. I talk truth only on 'random' encounters and when appropriate. You don't have to save anyone or the world unless your dharma is suffering and martyrdom. And no one likes a martyr.

The world can suck you dry or, if you make like a door mat, wipe its feet on you. That's the way it seems to go. And donations probably get thin.

It is better and wiser to go dancing and singing and let the world make of that what it wants. Ikt is great teaching.

Enjoying and being happy is wonderful for the world.
Love and a hug,

Anonymous said...


I know that I have not commented on any post in a long time. I appologize for that. It is not that I was mad at you or anyone else. I have just been very very busy. I am trying to build a what you invision in one of the most communistic states in the republic. An gathering freedom lovers togeather is like trying to heard cats. It is almost imposible to get them all headed in the same direction. Then again perhaps that is one of the built in survival systems of freedom itself. It never likes to have all it eggs in one basket so to speak.

I hope this next adventure that you are soon to set out on will be better than the last and something is telling me that it is going to be. It may not be everything you are hoping it will manifest into but much of it will be there.

Stay frosty brother and keep on keeping on.

From the trenches,


Visible said...

The is a new Petri Dish up now-

Blood Ticks, Lampreys and the Running of the Beasts.

Anonymous said...

Last summer when we had 3 inches of rain in 3 months a neighbor said even the earth is unhappy with how things are going in this world.

est said...

we are all here
to help each-other

find the light within us
nothing else exists

Alan said...

Every time i come here it's like snuggling up to a warm fire.

My blessings,
thanks for everything
Alan from (near) Perth

Anonymous said...


Put your life in danger???!!! Send you away to prison???!!! Who are these people. I'm so tired of demons.

I just moved again. Curse. Maybe landed in OK spot. Some crazies though.

Thank you. I did see myself in that. The phrase, "faithful 'til death" comes to mind.





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