Saturday, May 18, 2013

Virtue, Integrity ...and What we Get.

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The situation keeps changing without anything meaningful taking place; threatening to go from threatening to lethal. There's all kinds of ways for circumstances to go from threatening to lethal, because there are all kinds of threats and many possibilities of lethal. There are alleged climatic threats and the even bigger threat of rich people, seeking to take what little the poor have, in order to comfort themselves with the vanishing of the middle class, whose exit they facilitated at turbo speed. There's wars and rumors of wars, so many in fact that we can't even keep track of the contents of either one of those categories. There’s the threat of a very pissed off Lady Nature, whose agenda we will separate from the climatic concerns ...because the majority of the climatic concerns are fabrications of bankers and bullshit artists, masquerading as academics because they get a piece of the action for so long as they keep this particular Halloween going.

I don't know how this medley of scandals is going to impact on the administration and the nitwits employed in it. My personal preference is that it comes down so hard on them that they can't tell the difference between themselves and a ten penny nail. It would suit me just fine to see this administration and all similar administrations, sink into the deep blue sea and never be seen again. There's so many various cross currents in the ocean of bad motivation that it's hard to tell what the malicious cretins on the right might attempt to do in respect of the cretins on the left. You can't really compare the lack of virtue (gasp) and integrity on the part of a decades long, possibly centuries long, absolutely corrupt whore, like Mitch McConnell, to the lack of virtue and integrity on the part of a decades long, possibly centuries long, absolutely corrupt whore, like Nancy Pelosi or, nearly every other member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

You might well ask yourself; how did such a Skank Posse, like that which infests the national legislature, ever manage to get into office all at the same time? That's a good question, with an easy answer. The banking system and most of the economic sector, as well as the money-men, who determine which sewer rat gets into which elected niche, control pretty much everything that goes on and... because of that, they have shoehorned only the most rotten scoundrels, available for selection into every crevasse and vale, where the sun is too embarrassed to shine. Not even florescent lights want to shine on creatures like this.

You might well ask what something like this is doing in Visible Origami. Well, there is a moral and metaphysical direction and intent to what is going to eventually get said here, eventually.

The best way to explain it all, if it can be explained, is to reference the medium of astrology and to show, by demonstrable evidence how it works and applies, without seeking to sell you on the system because I am neither an astrologer or a salesman. I'm just a person who looks into things, as opposed to someone who looks at them. I'd like to think that's the difference between me and that huge baaing chorus I hear sometimes up close but mostly at a distance, on purpose.

I'll keep it simple, in the hopes that it transmits as effectively as possible. Let's start off by saying that the sun has a tremendous impact on all life on this planet. I think it is safe to say there would be no life without it; none. We can feel the effects of The Sun in numerous ways, every day. The same can be said of The Moon, in a lesser sense, as it influences the tides, human emotions and the lunatics in that institution, or what used to be an institution (where I actually lived for a period of time) but is now going to be the new multibillion dollar residence of Fascism International, AKA , Homeland InSecurity.

Since the effect of The Sun and The Moon are a given, does it not stand to reason that the planets are also exerting a collective influence on us, as so many of us run around in circles down here? One of the arguments given by those who like to run their mouths without being informed, since that would entirety discredit their argument (if they were informed) is; “Well now, if the planets have an effect on us then how come they are not having the same effect on all of us”? That's a no brainer but... you kind of have to have a brain to figure that out, if that makes any sense.. We're each born at a different time and in a different location and finally, there is the matter of individual Karma.

The reason so many tens of thousands of people are running around sexually confused is because the turning of the age is bringing a serious feminine influence into our human affairs and they are not processing the energy as it was intended but... because this is an age of powerful materialism, they are processing it through a particular expression of sexual force.

The reason so many people don't care one way or another how many people die and... even support the efforts to make it happen, is because of certain planetary interactions. This is the same cause of why we have so many bad and corrupt leaders. This is the same cause behind all this religious fanaticism in tandem with the breaking down of what we remember to have once been a more acceptable, moral climate but... which may have never even existed but was only something we imagined. Let's keep in mind what Shakespeare said, “The wise man rules the stars”. That's also true because your degree of wisdom determines how you surf the waves you find yourself riding on. Or you could go in another direction and heed the words of Sri Richard Pryor, “Kiss my ass and give me a fish sandwich”.

The planets move in their courses for the purpose of demonstration. They set up the scenes through which we move, depending on what it is we have to learn and depending on our willingness to learn; a motivation in short supply these days. Shakespeare also said, “There is a destiny (or possibly he said 'divinity') that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we may”. Pay especial attention to the last phrase in that quote. You get it back the way you put it out. As long as you are comfortable with that, no doubt, “Jimmy will fix it”.

I'm not looking to sell anyone on astrology. I scarcely pay attention to it myself, except according to a particular esoteric awareness that I always like to employ in the case of large bodies moving rapidly through space, with a propensity toward having an effect, or impact on me. Pythagoras mentioned 'the music of the spheres'. It is our ability to hear them and to adjust ourselves accordingly that makes all the difference in our lives and alters us so that we do not, “live lives of quiet desperation”. If you're determined to go with the mortal flow, you'll get what the majority gets.

I will not always be 'visible here' to blow smoke up your posteriors (grin). No doubt there are those who believe that is what I am employed at and there are those otherwise convinced. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, “what is is the was of what shall be”. I only post this in this way so that someone can come along and correct me. I am probably only on this planet for that same reason (grin). We are here until we have exhausted our reason for being here. That's what terms like, 'jivanmukti' are all about. We don't really have western correspondences for something like this. We don't have a lot of western correspondences for things we hear from The East. As Kipling said, “East is east and west is west and never the 'twain' shall meet. It might have been better if Mark Twain had said it but... he didn't.

I just want people to think and think deeply and intensely with a serious focus, because only then can you make the deep reveal itself. The face of the deep is your own but unless you've worked out that thing about the Dweller on the Threshold, it will likely terrify you beyond articulation. I recommend that everyone read the novel “Zanoni”. You got to get past the first 65 pages or so of floral language. The novel will repay your attention. I have an original copy and I've read it about ten times so... that says something about me. There's a Bulwer Lytton prize for bad writing, I guess that says something about me too. He's not Zane Grey. Some bibliophiles will get what I mean by that mention.

It is less important to study the actions of the planets outside yourself than it is to make a study of the planets within you. It is of less importance what others do and what you think of them, than what you do and think of yourself. The world without is of far less importance than the world within and it is far less important what others think of you than what you think of yourself. You are the universe entire and how you define it determines your status in Heaven and in Hell.

I know this might seem to be one of those unusual postings I come up with now and then but, given what's about to happen, I thought it appropriate.

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bee wrangler said...

Well said...whats about to happen. The bees have been working furiously storing honey like theres no tomorrow...hmmm. bee well, love-jen

DaveS said...

Your words always strum upon the cords of my soul. Your writing is food, music, inspiration.

Lifetimes said...

Lifetimes said
Holy Shit Vis... you've done it again.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada remark as to astrology.

"So our philosophy is as Maharaja Kulashekhar said, ‘Whatever may come by Your mercy, let it come.' That's our philosophy. That's our siddhanta. But if you know it's going to rain, it's better to take an umbrella."

zepheri said...

bravo bravo
pure gold
once again
thank you

seven eighths underwater said...

Loosely termed feminine influence here. Yes, something is getting ready to happen.

mike m said...

"It is of less importance what others do and what you think of them, than what you do and think of yourself. The world without is of far less importance than the world within and it is far less important what others think of you than what you think of yourself. You are the universe entire and how you define it determines your status in Heaven and in Hell."

This is why I constantly read you. You seem to come up with certain things just when I need them the most.

After recently ending a relationship that was on shakey ground as it was what you posted above lifted my heart and soul.

At least I walked away without escalating the situation by just saying "I have nothing to say, good luck" and not looking back.

I can't thank you enough for the pearls that you produce.

Thank you Vis and peace for you!

seven eighths underwater said...

6,000 years of poison’re-addicted-to-zionism/

Anonymous said...

Cheers Vis, beautiful post.
I was excited to see '2 visitors from Uruguay' on the counter for the first time... Who are you? perhaps we can get in touch; God knows it's hard to find people worth talking to around here!

With love and un abrazo,


Anonymous said...

went for a before dawn early morning stroll in the rain...the honeysuckle and flowers ...bluebirds and cardinals..fed the neighbors pup

she's a beaut, and your songs don't get the mention they deserve

happy celestial events


Peter of Lone Tree said...

Sounds like you may have been reading Half Past Human and The Watchers.

lightandlongshadows said...

"given what's about to happen"

Yes, I see. Epic irony, full circle.

Allison said...

The esotericist is the student and the laboratory, nice mention of the necessary looking within. Rock on LV

Anonymous said...

"My personal preference is that it comes down so hard on them that they can't tell the difference between themselves and a ten penny nail."

There are all kinds of hammers. There are strait claw, curve claw, roofing, framing, finishing, plumbing, tacking, club, and sledgehammers, all in different weights. The reason there is such a cornucopia of hammers is that there is a cornucopia of nails. Although there is some overlap, one size, or type cannot do it all. While all are different in design, they do have one common quality; all pound, and most are capable of pulling too. When it comes to pounding and pulling, they are one.

With a string and a few sticks, it is possible to determine the cardinal points of both day and night with a resolution defined by the rose. During the day, local time can be derived, and by night, the great celestial clock provides greater profundity of the ever-unwinding chronology. With a magnetic compass, local magnetic declination can also be determined.

It is important to get your bearings strait to know where and when you are in order to navigate to where and when you want to be. Wherever you choose to go you will always be there, so make yourself comfortable there first.

To find plumb use a plummet, and to find level tie three Pythagorean knots in a looped string to find the right angle of the plumb, or use a level. To determine if a level is on the level draw a line along the length with a centered bubble, and then flip the level repeating the procedure. If the lines are parallel, the level is good, the argument is sound, but should they intersect the level is off, the argument unsound.

The level works because water seeks its own level. It pools low, and when confined rises high. Aqua apes, snowflakes, raindrops, tear drops; it’s all water, be water my friend.

Stop carrying Satan’s water and he will surly die of thirst. Call things what they are, or the memes of your destruction will tag along for the ride. Calling things what they are is like hurling a lightning bolt. Hit the nail on the head, and hammer it home; a good carpenter with Popeye arms can do it in three, with spinach, or a nail gun, in one.

You know the cui bono; teach the modi operandi, so that people can defend themselves. In this case, the common defense is the offensive. We are the water.

Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry tomorrow. Teach a man to fish, and both oceans, and all seven seas will be vacuumed clean of every last vestige of fish tomorrow. Teach a man he is a fish in the water he swims, and you have freed him for a lifetime.

Stay in Satan’s fish tank, and you will die of thirst as the big fish in a little evaporating puddle complete with popping bobbles. Noah made an ark, I made an ocean from the logs of the eye. Good luck front running light Wild E.

Anonymous said...

Briefing for a Descent Into Hell

Does everybody get to make it someday or do the baddies eventually get recycled/deleted?

Alan Jong said...

You mention sex as a force that other life forms feed on. Here's what I know from personal contact with the divine. Sex generates a magnetic field, the orgasm is it's dispersion. The male releases along with seamen and sperm, a magnetic field sophisticated enough to local the females egg, and generate a path that sperm without any senses except sonar to move within the magnetic field, to the egg. That magnetic field also contains information related to the potential soul that would incarnate in the event a fertile egg is detected, if an egg is detected a soul is assigned to it and no matter which sperm arrives to the egg first, the soul has been elected in the active magnetic field. What soul is born from that conception is related to what energy pool the soul of the mother is magnetized to in the Sun. This all occurs through information moving faster than the speed of light. The Sun moves information through both light and magnetism, the latter is faster, or instant. The only thing sexual energy creates are magnetic fields.

I'm not a scientist, but I do maintain a connection with my higher-self.

JerseyCynic said... (some great russian research!)

he Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia measured solar effects from 1948 to 1997 and discovered that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October).

Every peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk.

This led scientist to believe that solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm, in other words our biological clock. The pineal gland in our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity.

This causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, and melatonin is the brain's built in "downer" that helps us sleep.

"The circadian regulatory system depends on repeated environmental cues to [synchronize] internal clocks," says psychiatrist Kelly Posner, Columbia University. "Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues."

Psychological effects of coronal mass ejections can result in headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking and erratic behaviors also increase.

According to Professor Raymond Wheeler of the University of Kansas and Russian scientist Alexander Chizhevsky solar storms cab directly cause conflict, wars and even death among humans on Earth.

Wheeler expanded on Chishevsky's work by studying violence during 1913; measuring the time between battles and severity. These findings were compared with the suns 11 year sunspot cycle.

The results showed that as the sun cycle peaked, there was a rise in human unrest, uprisings, rebellions, revolutions, and wars between nations. As the magnetic fields intensified, the reaction within the human brain was a mixture of deadly emotional tantrums and unadulterated killing sprees.

As Wheeler further compared his findings with human history, he found a startling pattern that could be traced back 2,500 years.

From a scientific point of view it is clear that solar flares can affect our health and cause changes in our mind and body.

one is heading our way tomorrow...

Light the way, Visible.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

An Ignorance and Denial too Vast to Measure.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Schmoo Nation and their Disneyland Jesus Christ.



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