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Enduring Adytums and Castles made of Sand.

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May your noses always be upwind from the Central Bankers.

In the Western Mystery Tradition, an adytum is used to refer to the human body. It's the inner sanctum, not for public entrance, forbidden to be entered by anyone but legitimate priests. It's a kind of 'holies of holies'. Of course, that part about no one but priests being able to enter is a bit of a blind. We are all priests, given the temperament and behavior that reflects the state. It's reflective of that statement, “know ye not that your body is the temple of the living God”? So, if we want to take it all literally, we can see that the modus operandi of times like these, is that people use their bodies near exclusively for the purpose of physical pleasures on the one hand, or are instead swallowed up in self righteousness, certain that a stern and reproving heaven, is delighting in their exceptionalism and bringing to mind quotes like, “all your righteousness is as filthy rags” and terms like “whitened sepulchers”. As much as a true spiritual life is serious business, one should always remember to have a lightness of being and to never lose their sense of humor. Certainly God has a sense of humor, he made us, didn't he? One might almost call it 'black humor' at this stage of 'the game'.

Many people look at life as a Crackerjack Box. Ironically it often resembles one; a collection of syrupy garbage that gets in between your teeth and is attended by what is called 'a prize' (I think), which turns out to be a piece of useless plastic shit. Of course, that's only one end of life. The biggest downturn of materialism, is the crushing disappointment that attends it. Most of us have a conscience. A lot of the time we are not entirely familiar with all of the duties of the conscience. I don't think there's any difference between it and 'the still small voice'. There's something else too. I don't believe the condition is exclusive to me but... I have noticed that this internal voice, which in earlier times was chiding, exhorting and generally being annoying (grin) has... over time, become reassuring, encouraging and even complimentary.

I've heard it said, more or less, that this voice is always a critical voice and if you are getting anything else, it is not authentic and you are 'probably' hearing from a malicious spirit or some-such. At this point I don't believe that. I think it is altogether possible that later on 'up the road', we might well hear positive affirmations, given that we are more or less, either on course, or not far off. It defies my sense of logic that the divine would beat on us the whole way.

Modern culture is a cesspit. It is no easy thing to move through it and yet remain apart from its attractions (much less avoid stepping in it or falling face down) and blandishments that appeal to our vanity and sense of self importance. This is where so many people go wrong. In a manner of speaking, 'they believe their own press' and quite often, that press is prepared for them, as a matter of course, by sycophants and hangers on, who feed in the wake of the great and near great, as they bask and prosper in their temporary hours. It's like a great rotating wheel of fortune. Your time comes and you get the spotlight and the audience, alternatively you get the power, privilege and gold. People want different things and eventually they get them, for awhile. Often ill prepared for it, they mishandle their blessings and wind up miserable.

There's nothing wrong with being rich, famous, powerful and anything of like kind, so long as it is properly managed; so long as ones priorities and values are what they should be. Unfortunately, few of us are strong enough and detached enough, to resist the dark side of certain powers and possessions. They wind up getting possessed. It is far better never to have these things than to become one more of the victims in a long list of victims of these things.

It never fails to make me smile when I hear people say, “Well, if I had all that money, or fortune, or fame, I wouldn't behave like that”. For some strange reason, most people do. There is tremendous force latent in the things that people covet and the power of the force increases as it gains a greater amount of any of it and then, for some reason, a violent passion arises that demands more and more. Once civilized individuals begin to behave like beasts, indifferent to the effects of their actions and indifferent to their effect on others. I'm reminded of that old saying, “be careful of what you wish for”.

The thing about Lady Fortune is that she is as fickle as they come. She'll walk into the room on one person's arm and then walk out on the arm of another. She'll come into your life and turn it upside down and then walk out the door, never to return. When I see people in various stages of distress, I have to tell myself there is a reason. No one gets where they are for no reason. Everything we see in operation on this planet is the outworking of Karma and a lot of it has to do with the tenor and conditions of the times. This is one of the reasons that the bulk of the artists in every field are presently talentless frauds. This is why the very worst of us occupy the highest positions and also possess the vast majority of wealth. In terms of the Apocalypse, this is all set up for the purpose of demonstration. It is all about revealing, uncovering and spotlighting the various personalities for what they are. Things can change dramatically in the twinkling of an eye. Suddenly the whole world can change and nothing is what it was before.

I don't know what's waiting around the corner. I do know that whatever it is, it's going to change our world and the way we see our world and the way we see each other.

People in great distress, very often had some part in creating the same for others. At a certain level, Karma is inflexible and inexorable, until realization arrives. We only suffer for so long as we do not see the origins and causes for why we suffer. As The Buddha said, “All life is pain, caused by ignorant desire”. We hear things like this but then we don't extrapolate and follow the thought out into a useful awareness of the dynamic. If all life is pain, caused by ignorant desire then it behooves us to cease to be ignorant. It also serves not to desire anything (this is not entirely true or comprehensive but it is in context). The real benefit that comes with not desiring anything is that whatever is meant for you will show up regardless. Of course, I do not espouse the position of not desiring anything. I think we should very much desire certain things and that is the difference between ignorant and intelligent desires. The world promotes ignorant desires because those who manipulate them, make a great deal of profit off of making the objects of ignorant desire available. We're being worked ...because the wonderful alternatives are hidden from view. That doesn't mean they're not around. You have to look for them. “Seek and ye shall find”, “ask and it will be given to you”, knock and the door will be opened unto you”.

We live in an impatient and gladhanding period. People want things right away. If they don't get them they get annoyed, pissed off and walk away. Too many people have a sense of entitlement and privilege. Things of true value are not handed out like samples in a department store. Those phrases would be more effective if they were phrased like this, “Seek deeply and sincerely, without respite and you will find”, “Ask sincerely and with certitude and it will be given unto you”, “Knock with determination and conviction and it will be opened unto you”. We're supposed to think for ourselves. We're supposed to follow up and elaborate on things. The idea comes from one place and the expression manifests through another vehicle. We are the hands of God. This is the tragedy of fundamentalism and why it is so oppressive; why it turns to inquisitions and witch-burning. There is no independence of thought, except... except on the part of the people interpreting it. Ah! Ah indeed! This is what happens when the priesthood gets corrupted and is no longer filled with the spirit but rather filled with something else.

You must question everything. You must prove it out to your working satisfaction. If you study the ancient mystery schools, you will see they are all about inquiry, especially self inquiry and the reason for that is because there is a universe within you. Just because you may have yet to experience it, does not disprove what has been stated by the wise in every age.

A person of spiritual consistency, when they discover something that works, they acquire and employ it. Others look for a way around it, thinking it's too much work, or gets in the way of what they want. “But what if I don't get what I want”? The irony is that you get everything your heart desires, once your heart desires the one thing that makes everything possible. Spirituality and the spiritual path are not just esoteric musings and the promise of a world beyond. They are also absolutely practical and applicable to life. A lot of people don't get this. It's kind of like a guy called visible, having no visible means of support (grin). When you serve the gospel, the gospel will cover your needs. It may be minimal for some long period of time. So what? Sooner or later the cornucopia materializes, right about the time you are able to handle it, finally.

What a lot of people don't get is that the divine is waiting all the time, eager to assist you in every way in order to bring you home. The divine is engaged in looking for you at the same time you are also looking for the divine. Many of us do not trust God. There's a certain fear that attends the relationship, given that the divine is both the rewarder and punisher. Mostly it's about our guilt. We're apprehensive because; “Lord, Lord we knows we done wrong”. The kicker is, as soon as the recognition dawns, forgiveness is pretty much a reflex on the part of the divine and then you also find out that good and evil are very much not like what you thought they were. If we knew the essential nature of things we would not be painfully sleepwalking through a world of delusion. Freedom is straight ahead and to both sides as well. Most people don't want to be free. It's too much responsibility. This is the same thing as their not wanting to know what's actually going on with the government, the banks etc. You become responsible for what you know. Freedom is not for the timid.

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bee wrangler said...

freedom is not for the perfect timing for me today. I am out the door now and off to a bee job, knowing that at the end of a long day I can look at that homeowner n say, wow it sux to be a human slave huh? n start a conversation, leading to the links on my site that lead to your do the rest. the world is a wonderful place- i love it...this life is REAL! jen

Karyn Weese said...

A most beautiful and inspiring lesson today, filled with great truth. Thank you Visible.

Anonymous said...

Know Thyself

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visble

The alchemy of perfume.

Takes 7kg of rose petals, in optimum conditions, to get a single drop of genuine rose oil.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew, the rose stems full of sharp and pointy Thorns

Be well, be alert

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very good column!

Vis: “I don't know what’s waiting around the corner. I do know that whatever it is, it’s going to change our world and the way we see our world and the way we see each other.”

[‘Bat-shit insane’ disclaimer...] -grin-

I have an ‘update’ on that...

Back on April 13th, I had commented, “The two planets (Earth and ‘Other’) have still not ‘turned’. As all the hundreds of ‘just-turned’ planets averaged about 2-3% of the populace to be ‘de-pained’ for the switch, there is general confusion. Earth is at about 8% and ‘Other’ is around 10%. Higher forces seem to be ‘stalling’ the ‘turning’, for now. So, we are simply ‘de-paining’ folks as usual.”

A couple of weeks ago, I had been in conversation with my High Self, just ‘poking around’ about the above. On a whim, I phrased a question in a radical manner. Bam! I was presented with the folks ‘stalling’ the ‘turning’. First of all, they are ‘good guys’. They are 36-level beings, which is upper soul-level. (Impressive...) They are not human. They are currently on Earth, but not from Earth. They are compassionate entities, having walked on earth-plane (but not on Earth) and experienced the ‘slings and arrows’ of existing down here. Kind of like Buddha* on steroids (to craft a slightly-disturbing picture -grin-). They never ‘fell’ as we did, but maintained higher consciousness through their experiences. Of course, it was probably easier if you were not being ‘farmed’ .

As such, these beings are looking for the best possible outcome for ‘us’. In effect, they have set in support-columns for the overfilled-dam, to keep it from rupturing until the right moment. They have been waiting for humanity to reach a ‘sweet spot’ before removing the ‘braces’ and allowing a ‘turning’. Hence, the ‘stalling’...

Knowing the above, I debated whether it was ‘wise’ to inform higher-conscious coalition members of these beings’ ‘operation’. (Our higher folks knew of their ‘existence’, but essentially no contact had been made.) After posing this to Higher Self, I got the go-ahead. So, I let them know. I did not know whether this would promote a ‘tussle’, as several of our members have not been down to earth-plane and might have a very different ‘take’ on the delay.

After a few weeks, a conclusion has been reached. Fortunately, all parties behaved in a friendly and courteous manner. Much was taught and learned by both ‘sides’.

The ‘picture’ that I now get is this:

Before, these beings were allowing humanity to drift in the direction of a positive ‘set of possibilities’. (A ‘drift' that the coalition was more-or-less providing...) Once we crossed into it, the ‘braces’ would be pulled.

Now, humanity is being ‘steered’ by all involved. The ‘set of possibilities’ looks more like a well-defined ‘hole’. Once we are steered into it, the ‘braces’ will be pulled. The mutual-learning and cooperation has sped up the ‘operation’ considerably...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

*Gautama Buddha was 28-level after his Bodhi-tree sitting, for comparison.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but I wanted to address something from the last Petri Dish.

DumbGoyNot asserted that Brother Nathaniel was a Zionist plant who shills for Israel.

Where is the evidence for this statement?!

As far as I have seen, Brother Nathaniel passes every litmus test and is the real deal and is very very courageous.

Any thoughts on this Vis?

est said...

as far as buddha i was the tree
that he sat under that set him free

i was the stone that he became
i was the wind i was the rain

i was a cloud passing by
what the hell i was the sky

i was the night i was the day
and not one word did i ever say

Visible said...

He's about as anti-Zionist as it gets. My only critique of him is that he comes off looking like a cartoon character (a lampoon of himself), someone you might find in a sitcom. This should not bear upon the veracity of what he says- but I can't help but notice it. Let me stress that I do not mean this as criticism, it's merely how he hits me. I haven't seen him in awhile because I am not allowed to view his videos here in Europe.

Usually you get that when copyright issues with GEMA, BMI (which I am with) or ASCAP comes up, or some other interested copyright troll faction. I am going to assume it is part of Jewtubes non proliferation policy because I don't get the feeling that Bro Nathanial is signed with Columbia or anything like that.

Ray B. said...


Very beautiful. Thanks!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Vis, I've been reading your column for a while now, and this is one of the most on-point, wisdom-packed posts that I have ever read online. You took us to church today! (or what church *should* be: personal enlightenment instead of mind control and money-grubbing).This post so resonated with me that I was thinking about what you wrote in the next paragraph before I even read it! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Wow! 3 days of fantastic commentary and I haven't even got around to the radio show yet! Thanks Vis.

And Ray B: Your links to previous posts are blowing my mind. I'm looking forward to my visit to Scotland even more now with the prospect of checking out Temple Wood stone circle.

With love and un abrazo


Rabbit said...

Hi Les. I was thinking of Meatloaf's song and the Crackerjack box myself a day or two ago. Dropped a comment on some half awake conservative blog regarding the USA with it. A few other synchronicities in this one too, one reason I usually like to catch anything you throw out there for a look and think. Definitely the journey has to be independent. Even if the starting and end are the same for all, the journey stops being shared the moment we enter the heavier realms. It is good to take what works as you go. I learned about conscience being that still small voice back when I was a Mormon and I learned most about interconnectedness and responsibility to life in Buddhism and later from animals who I'd remembered how to talk to along the way. Empathy is a wonderful tool. Painful sometimes, in the extreme but it does allow communication across the barriers normally seen by those without enough empathy.
A few other sidelines along the way, but now as a Muslim I find all the things I have learned about God make more sense than ever and here I am learning the discipline and respect for the life I've been given and learning that even with His awesomeness and mystery somehow He is accessible to me and actually pays attention to my requests if I go about asking the right way. It is as you pointed out of course, entirely dependent on your own input. There are steps required, preconditions and of course your requests would be in line with what should happen if you are doing that anyway. It is also not magic. Things happen by means perfectly natural it is just the serendipity which beggars belief in coincidence alone. Miracles, sure I've seen them many times the past few years as direct answers to prayer. Nothing for free but if you commit and keep on getting up and slogging away at your end, somehow the Cosmic power which I call Allah will see to the ends even if your own efforts seemed too puny on the way.
I don't know what's waiting around the corner, but I am not afraid of it or the future. Nervous, as before a battle and wary but afraid no. I know I live forever and I am aware of the few entities which can get in my way along the way. I am armed for them and I know I am not alone anyway.

david griffith said...

Great post and - from later, in the comments, Brother Nathaniel - who makes me smile in the heart.

He does have echoes of Groucho Marx in the way in which he comes across - should be more of it - but I've never heard him be anything but fearless in exposing Israel and the worst aspects of Judaism.... and I love his theatrical grin.

Government shill was a label also applied to Dr Judy Woods who mused very briefly as to the possibility of directed energy weapons during 9/11 while expressing, with painful hesitation, the precise work that she had done on 'where did the towers go ?' All physics.

As you point out - thinking for yourself is essential and the labels came from a comment and link within the comments section.

Sorry that this is off topic but the lines blur - for me - between your various articles and I find that bits and pieces can resonate for days or weeks ... plus I've had ongoing difficulty separating the profound from the profane ... they walk hand in hand so often.

Well - appearance ARE deceptive and - at one point - I thought Tony Blair was a very nice chap so that shows how much I know.

So pleased that you're back to Tai Chi and music - I love the image of you playing in your lounge room, with no humans present but invisable friends and the Divine and of them being an appreciative audience and that you talk to them between songs. "Er - this ones for you God!"

If I don't do my 'Salutes to the sun.' it takes quite awhile for the 'good' energy to dissapate and then I have to creak back into it complete with 'oh bloody hell' I don't want to do this. Being honest - months can go by before I creak back into action.

God does have a sense of humour. Fame and fortune haven't come my way ( ideally only as a by-product of having resonance with others ) and I mention it publically, the other day, only to get a very rare royalty statement the following day for twenty dollars or so and this being from radio airplay - over four years - and from Slovenia of all places.

The song was 'Walk this way.'and the royalty maybe should have gone to a famous band who wrote a song with the same title. Mine was about the beckoning of fame and fortune and - be careful what you wish for.
Horray to God and playful jokes.

Your words have power and there are odd things where I am puzzled or taken aback.... or just disagree.

So - Morris has been in my mind for weeks. I don't know why you found him wanting in some way as a commentator. He always struck me as earnest, sincere and slightly miserable .... and very much a man, doing it tough but speaking the truth as best he can.

It's not a gripe. I don't get the sense that you expect or want everything you say to be taken as gospel.

cheers to all.

kf said...

"It defies my sense of logic that the divine would beat on us the whole way."

Thanks - I needed to hear that.


Anonymous said...

repent defined is...change your way of thinking

thinking defined means actually reaching a true conclusion

reaching a true conclusion involves actually using true information

Bro. Nathan still "believes" that there were actually {so-called} "Jews" in the Old Testament

["Power is not alluring to pure minds." -- Thomas Jefferson]h/t MR - WRH

No Dallas Cowboys at the "Jews" in the Old Testament !

Truth isn't on holiday on account of the "Jewish" narrative . . .

who sanctifies the gold ?

or more esoterically stated...

why did Adoram get stoned ?

Have fun

I can tell you "Who" are going in the Ovens...of Truth.


Cassandra said...

Inspired, in every sense of the word, including its etymology. Thank you more than I can express. It's just what I needed. I am saving it to read when the fog gets thick again.

Interesting word verif: partGon One I thought it said "paragon" at first. part-gone one? Hmm...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Talking about The Black Widow Spider Family and Sundry.

Southern Hungary said...

Les,Here in Hungary Brother Nats videos are never blocked,however if you are not able to view then he says all are available on vmedeo without restrictions.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous / D Tuesday, May 14, 2013 2:30:00 AM

"And Ray B: Your links to previous posts are blowing my mind."

Vis keeps up such a rapid posting pace that I throw in links every once in a while to prime 'source material' (grin) for new readers, etc. Glad to hear they were useful!

"I'm looking forward to my visit to Scotland even more now with the prospect of checking out Temple Wood stone circle."

I am slightly jealous (grin). Enjoy! The Ancients knew a lot more than we (the Establishment) give them credit for. A main thing to remember is to have an 'openness to possibility' as you enter areas like these. I often ask Higher Self to show me if there is anything I need to know, needs to be done, etc., as I approach a site. "Prime's the pump." (Also, all primary perception is filtered down through our individual 'wiring'. Your experience will be 'interpreted' through yours, and it may be subtly to majorly different to mine. Be open to Whatever comes. You might even swap senses; what I got in movement, say, you might get in colors. Again, enjoy...)

Good to hear from you!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Liz just called me "Strangely Unique." I told her that I took it as a compliment (grin)!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Viral Denial, When the Revolution Come.

lightandlongshadows said...

"I don't know what's waiting around the corner. I do know that whatever it is, it's going to change our world and the way we see our world and the way we see each other."

Appearances indicate Syria, then Iran, then this way of being burns.

Anonymous said...

"Freedom is straight ahead and to both sides as well. Most people don't want to be free. It's too much responsibility. This is the same thing as their not wanting to know what's actually going on with the government, the banks etc. You become responsible for what you know. Freedom is not for the timid."

Amen! And as you once said to me, "lonely are the brave."

It's well worth it for me to strive to be free and to be brave. To do anything else has much too high a price.

Mike in PA said...

Mr. Visible,

Beautiful! I have read you many times over the last few years, never have commented. It's always good stuff and a model for writing for me. But once in a while you are at the top of your game and simply "nail it" and express truth in a brilliant way, and I always mean to tell you so. So that's what I'm doing now. Bravo, my friend!



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