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The Enemy of Humanity is going to their Grave

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This may be the most important thing of its kind that you will ever read. It, perhaps, does not belong in Origami but it will show up in Smoking Mirrors tomorrow, in any case. Please read both pages and be transfixed and in awe of what is unmistakably true. You have only to look around on your own to see this.

This is The Apocalypse. This is the time of revelation and summing up. However true the truth about the darkness may be, we have more to fear from ourselves that we do from Sauronstein, which might translate into the rock of shapeless evil. We are the enemy of our own freedom and would not lose it unless we surrender it. No man becomes a slave until he ceases to be his own master. This means stockpiling cans of worms to make it through a cold and hungry winter.

Ordinarily, we would continue to be the victims of controlled confusion that undermines and defeats every revolution for change that does not come about. As I have said more than once; when the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there. This will not continue for much longer. That age is dying. It is passing. You might say, “Well Visible, this was happening in the age previous”. I might say, “Yeah, that's so and some element of the kind is residually with us in any age but so is culling”. This coming age is an age of brotherhood and for that we can be grateful; in all of its implications.

Many of us are cynical and despairing. We have nothing to place our faith in because we are victims of false history. Very little of what we read or have read is real. It is fabricated for the control of the minds and perceptions of those absorbing it. When your initial premise is wrong, all that follows is flawed too. This is why I subscribe to occult history. For those of you who do not possess The Secret Teachings of All Ages, I offer it to you again. There are many sources of occult, or hidden, history. One of them, now long gone, was the library at Alexandria. Careful reading of this link could be an implication that the main clan for historical revisionism was possibly behind this as well. It could well be imagined that quite a bit of damming evidence was stored there. When we don't know who did it and the blame is apportioned to all of those who are most hated by those who have performed their relentless terror upon the world, it can be surmised that that is who actually did it. At least that is what I think.

The degree of nasty indifference to those serving the country, coupled with the continuous assaults upon those returning from combat, is a wonder to behold. How low can they go, is the watchword of our times. Insult is piled upon insult and each of them are being uncovered in this time. Newt Gingrich suddenly shoots out of nowhere to the top of the heap, based on manufactured polls. No one felt this way before. He was at the bottom of the heap before. Now he is at the top and a more corrupt and despicable character is hard to find, even in a crowd of despicable characters. Is it possible in anyway that he could survive the public disclosure of all of his contemptible behavior across the course of his time in the arena? What does this suggest? It suggests that there is no better way to assure the continuance of Obama that to put this stalking 'hor'se up against him. The socio-political scene is very much like a game of chess; three dimensional chess. They show you one thing that acts as a blind and a diversion from what is really taking place, which is further hidden by another distraction beneath the primary distraction.

When you read that first link, you can see the intent that is operational in this world. I was stunned by how nearly everything that has been said, over the term of these blogs is mirrored therein. I kept hearing, 'ping', 'ping', 'clang', 'bong', over and over again. It is a riveting train wreck of mendacity. The cannibals are at the buffet table of another Tribe celebration of another ruined and destroyed culture. The intent here is to turn the country into a gulag that reflects the return of mass murder, Russian style. It would be a fait accompli were it not for Mr. Apocalypse. We've no way of knowing exactly what he intends because he's playing Texas Hold'em. What's on The River? What's running in the deep current?

I look at the faces that appear on the news and they are the faces of corruption, put in place as markers for the moment and where we find ourselves. It's fitting that Madonna will perform at The Super Bowl. It's fitting that Newt is to politics what Twitter is to communication. It's fitting that every important news item, that repeats with the greatest regularity, is all about the tiniest minorities, triumphing over the largest majorities. It is fitting that the world's most professional and shrillest victims, turn out to be the most relentless and vicious predators. It is fitting that the greatest disasters are performed by the largest corporations, upon the widest reach of the most ignorant of the population. It is fitting that nothing fits, unless it is forced and that the more wrong something is, according to basic nature, the more right it it trumpeted to be. It is fitting that the more insane and unreasonable our conditions become, the more justified and correct they are made to appear, until collective insanity is crowned with the imprimatur of normality; a kid is suspended from school for saying his teacher is cute. What is most surprising is that the principal responsible for it got fired. That's not what usually happens as five year olds are handcuffed and taken away for sexual harassment and assault.

The government is exposed for giving automatic weapons to drug cartels and then is revealed to be laundering their money, as some kind of evidence gathering and preventive measure. The president of the United States and the joint military arm of the West creates terrible genocidal wars, on behalf of one of the smallest and most vicious nations on Earth, simply because they took control of the presses that print the currencies, which they used to buy up all of the information sources on the planet, in order to carry out unceasing war against humanity. It's an inescapable fact, routinely ignored by the larger number of the people it is happening to.

Sorry to use Origami for this but things happen according to their own dynamic and I'm just here in the meantime. We are engaged in a spiritual conflict for all the marbles. Some have lost their marbles. Some have imaginary marbles. Some are marbled with interwoven hues of white and gray. The enemy of humanity is the same rapacious crowd of slither snakes who move through the underbrush, striking and biting at will, while injecting the venom of confusion and despair. Their hour 'has come round at last' and the jury is out on how the cosmos will handle it but handle it it will. I'm guessing they will finally get the numbers they have been claiming for so long. It is a 'consummation devoutly to be wished'.

Nothing much will change or be accomplished, until we are rid of these psychopathic vampires who rub together their bloodstained hands with glee. Humanity must awaken and so it shall; unwillingly and uncomprehendingly at the outset but we shall see what the result of that is when the resulting reaction takes place.

Reading the first link in this article had a powerful affect on me. It is the total picture of what's been and is. This is a dark and desperate hour. Evidence piles upon evidence, while the public operates like a comatose simulacrum of itself, inside a deranged Gameboy. Gleaning what I have over recent hours, I now believe that even the most hideous of tales are true. You name it, it's in operation.

The important thing to keep in mind is that those of you who are encased in the protective shield of your awareness have nothing to fear but the possibility of fear intruding. You can only be the victim of that which you convince yourself is possible. Don't go down that road. Every time you see the awful lies that scroll before you as your daily fare, simply cry 'bullshit'! Recognize that the names no longer attend the copy because it is all them, all the time; them and their manipulated stooges. The traitors to our kind like Hillary Clinton and John Bolton, are in action for the purpose of demonstration. Newt Gingrich has no human supporters of any measure. It is a complete fabrication of those who have preyed upon us for so long.

Monsanto; the massive bad food industries, the medical community, the military industrial combine, the banks, the media and all the rest of them are being outed and convicted across the board. Humanity may have an endless capacity for corruption and confusion but The Cosmos does not. It will right the scales and it will now go turbo on kicking ass and taking names. Watch and wait, stand and deliver. You've got magic arrows in your quiver.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

just me, laurel here.....under anon, too lazy/tired to go open gmail......hell of a bit of info in there.......wish i could further digress on what my young one stumbled upon, for her thesis paper, the one that has all these old guys over here all would be like nectar to read, but i mustnt until it hits full peer review status in the academia circles. yeah, its that big. yeah, les you are so dead on. and yeah, you will realize your influence on the young and strong soon enough :)).....they hear you, and you have inspired them. locked and loaded. coffee pot filling. can of worms stuffed and wiggly.

Rastalate said...

I have to say you know how to say all those things that so many people are thinking. Its a gift you have there and I believe you are doing a wonderful job with your pen. The Karma thing is SO is happening so fast too.
Thanks Les, Godspeed to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

One's measure rests in the mirror.



Visible said...

How about this?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Les, I don't care where you write this stuff, Mirrors or here or Petri, it is great.
I comment to articles in our local paper and almost without fail they are printed. I reflect what transpires here when I feel it will be accepted and feel I am carrying your work to the people – big of me I know (He! He!); but reading and learning from how you conduct yourself (with much decorum nowdays) here and your writing of course has improved my ability to comprehend and give written comment. Thanks again for all you do.


Sliver said...

Priceless. :)

Anonymous said...

just me again, ....... alright! what a link! the chinese. hey les, you could be the big brother! this would make a lot of unpalatable insanities much easier to endure. well, maybe not.

JerseyCynic said...

How about that?

Smyrna said...

The Synagogue of Satan (those who say they are Jews, and are not) are the ultimate useful idiots in this divine comedy. When you understand that, you will laugh because you are free.

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,
I remember the day I first read your first link about 1 1/2 years ago. Once the cold truth sunk in that I had reached the end of my quest on why the world was so fucked up everything turned grey.
You have been one of only lights I could find anywhere.
All these "truth" sites urging us to write our congressman or talking about our "rights" are bullshit. These guys are laughing their ass off all the way to the bank.

Anyway I really appreciate the hope that you hold out to us all.

I thank you Mr. Visible.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and the heads up on the two-part article yesterday. How many people including our former selves have had an implanted allergic reaction to this gem that has been sitting there unaltered for more than 11 years.

"simply cry 'bullshit'" is a superpower to be attained even without silly costume. Karl Pilkington explains how this works.


Pete said...

Fear, or as you have called it in a past post "atavistic paranoia" is funny when it creeps up. I use a mantra when I am assailed. The mind itself can be the greatest enemey of the seeker as it clings to the material phantasmagoria that no longer serves the seeker. To transcend the mind is a tough one. The secret teachings of all ages is the single best occult book for the nascent western occultist as Hall is so masterful at putting difficult philosophical subtleties in terms that the western mind can comprehend. It was my gateway to the study of the vedas and of kundalini and such. Endure Mr. Visible, endure. I look forward to meeting you at Shamballa where we can pow-wow with our 1st ray master, Master Morya. I've heard that's where he takes residence. Don't go wandering the Gobi in physical form without etheric provisions, Love you bro.

Rebel 4E said...

Interesting that you should link to the 'The Hidden Tyranny' today.
I've just finished reading (for the third time) 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' in my tattered old copy of 'Behold A Pale Horse'.
Real or bogus, it certainly 'Pings' true.

L.L & P


amarynth said...

Good catch Anonymous Michael - you did exactly what I was going to do and then saw that you had checked.

I'm stunned. Many bells are ringing and assorted meters are pinging. This is contrary to my 'life stance' if you like. I want to see the sun rise and set on others - even if they are very different and I don't understand them. I try not to condemn groups for what a few do. But this stuff? seems like some further scales need to fall from my eyes.

Thing is, this tracks with certain experiences ... and it is much to real to ignore. I always spoke up for these people. Uhm, word verification trater (traitor). Uhm ...

Anonymous said...

You Dog brother Visible,
You've been reading my collectivly attachted mind again and transforming it artfully to word. I must say I knew deep down that the tribe was a different species spawned by an evil force. Confirmation is always needed on issies such as this

much graditude Visible and everyone hear for your comments.

from a remote area of Oregon

Visible said...

Speaking of The Gobi Desert, I thought you guys might like to read this prosaic travelogue and-

I should add that Master Morya's reputed habitation is actually, Temple of God's Will, in the etheric realm at Darjeeling, India.

Visible said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

That Rosenthal interview was INCREDIBLE!

I can see the game is going to reach its conclusion. I just wish it would happen faster.

Interesting on how the Afterlife is not considered in Jewish culture. Then again, they would have no power in the Afterlife, where all are self-contained, and one has no use for anything outside of oneself as far as sustaining one's existence goes.

As far as the aware ones go, anyway. If you're messed up enough, you can still give your rightful control of yourself to another, I suppose.

You know something, though? Considering I almost died once, if anyone is so obsessed with this Hell-Hole of a place, they can have it. This is my last time around, and quite frankly, I never want to see it again in any way, shape or form.

I couldn't imagine living with those philosophies Harold Rosenthal talked about.

Anonymous said...

It is amply evident that The Tribe is doing some foul things, yes - but the universe is like an onion and there is always another layer underneath the one you just peeled away. And if you do your homework and keep digging you will find that The Tribe is a mere pawn - a pawn that is about to be sacrificed for the king.

The application of critical thinking is indispensible to the accumulation of increased awareness. The Mayans kept detailed records of all sorts of significant celestial events, most importantly lunar eclipses (one is about to occur this Saturday), and those records were destroyed by the Church shortly after their minions began swarming the Americas. And yet, we are supposed to believe that the Mayans' Greatest Secret of All ("The Apocalypse", occurring on or about Dec. 21st or 23rd, 2012, depending on which brand of Kool-Aid you drink) was left intact? We are supposed to believe that the documenation surrounding this incredibly significant event (the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar) somehow escaped the grasp of the Church? This is a stretch for anyone who is capable of tying their own shoes and whistling at the same time. The mainstream media has pushed the Mayan Apocalypse down our throats for decades, and we all know who owns the media, don't we.

As yet another interesting side note, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. were likewise mere pawns for the puppet-masters. The idea behind their creation was that if you can convince the people that non-violent resistance provides the key to unfettered freedom, they will hold placards over their heads and protest non-violently and wave their little Masonic flags till the cows come home, thereby making it infinitely easier for those in control to imprison them, beat them to a pulp, or flat-out kill them.

Which is what Occupy Wall Street is really all about.

Ah...I heard a couple of tumblers click into place inside your brains there.

The movie "Gandhi" was produced by an elitist corporation. Do you think the elitists would actully lay out the recipe for their own destruction within a mainstream film? Think again.

Bullshit is bullshit no matter how eloquent - and if you believe in apocalypses and/or mysterious, interplanetary forces like Jesus, Buddha, Mr. Apocalypse, or any of a thousand other God Men/Easter Bunny-type beings, who are coming to the rescue any second now...yep...any second, just lay down your arms and wait...the rapture is at hand - well, you are screwed, to put it bluntly.

Knowledge protects and ignorance endangers and if you are not aware of who is pulling the strings and oiling up the guillotines then you will be forever at their mercy.

You cannot fight an enemy if you do not know that he exists.

And with that I will say "class dismissed".

Pete said...

Darjeeling India ? Damn it, after a minute of research I see you are right. Well then, I guess Mater M is going to have to travel, cause I want to go where you are going Les. Even in the etheric realms I am going to need a dog poet. Then again, I guess I'll go where my soul directs. Learn to precipitate from etheric to physical and I wont have to go anywhere. Thanks again L.V.

Anonymous said...

Thank the Cosmos for mighty companions. It is always a relief to know we're not alone.
Thank you Les

Anonymous said...


Be safe on your journey to Mexico.


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The amazing part of the Rosenthal confession was not what it revealed about the Jooos, that pretty much a given if one looks around.

For me the fact that it was recorded in 19 seventy fucking six and dipshit has been done about it since. There really is no hope for this mutton crowd.

There are solutions for our dilemma but that would be over their thick heads as well.


Visible said...

I do not believe they are mere pawns unless you are indicating that they are the servants of Satan, which i will surely entertain. The thing is, those occasional 'unnamed' individuals who come around and make this claim, never give me the names of the actual culprits they are implying except on those occasions where they always say it is The Jesuits.

I find it amusing and dare I say, disingenuous for you to say "You cannot fight an enemy if you do not know that he exists". and then not give the name of whoever it is that you are trying to shoehorn into our consciousness.

Your arrogance of delivery and pompous, self important projection is breathtaking. You know less than nothing about me or my sources for what I believe and I will point out that those forces coming to save us often work through human agency. Class dismissed my ass.

You are more likely to be advantaged by being in class rather than presuming to teach it. You offered little in the way of information and much in an unpleasant projection of insecurity driven superiority. I take it you are a member of The Tribe?

Please be informative and precise or we will just all assume you are not informed and please provide provenance as well. In conclusion, do you ever listen to yourself and apprehend how you come across? I can't imagine you are any fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

Attainment of entertainment is featured on the bill via the TinPan Alley update for the Wreck Creation Nation. Entry into a tainted cultural matrix is easy for those born into it and a materialistic chimera of streets paved with gold for those economic refugees who dream of flush toilets and bubblebaths, but get flushed out by the psychopaths after they have done their time on the line at a corporate chicken slaughterhouse at $8.65 per hour cutting and packaging slimy 'meat products' sold at your local Hooper Super Duper Pooper Scooper markets at a mere $3.29 per pound.

Those with the partly media-imposed and partly their own reality fantasies go along to get along agendas of normalcies buy that tainted meat and even feed the McNuggets to their very own offspring, who themselves are circumcised within 24 hours of popping outta the womb and sit benumbed and bedizened before the electron-spewing plug-in babysitter for countless hours before being processed through one of those places highlighting the back bumper of my truck in the thoughtform: "Maximum Security Education?"

Like a horde of locusts they descended on this land hand in glove with the machinations of the wizards of finance. They arrived at Ellis Island from steamers departing from ports such as Odessa, Trieste and Hamburg. They came with a vision of owning the land and the people. In this, following the rule of their debt-incurring rulers, they have largely succeeded.

Little do they know, the Ma$ters, their Archons, their Minions, the serfs and the slaves. Little do they know that the totalitarian totality of toe-tapping tiddlywinks is running on fumes anymore. Les tells it. The signs are everywhere. The Age is in flux. The Silence is overwhelming.

A few weeks back and it was all the rage over the media about the horrors of the Assad regime in Syria and the egregious Mullahs in Iran. Push was getting awful close to shove. Looking like the inevitability of another run of wars of conquests. China and Russia drew lines in the sand, too talking of war. Russia provided the latest in anti-ship missiles to Syria while sending their own naval units to the eastern Med. Conjunctively, they also provided top of the line ground to air missiles.

Suddenly, the media campaign against Assad and Ahmedinajad has hushed. Funny thing about bluffs getting called. China too, made some rather direct statements about any attacks on their major sources of petroleum. So stand up to a bully and...behold.

Three more days and another numerologically-attuned stargate opens on 12-12; extending the opening without attendant fanfare on 11-11-11. A quantum jump in human consciousness may be in the works. DNA upgrades. The whole kittenKaboodle of a dimensional uptick, foreshadowed by the recent announcement of discovery by earth scientists of a potentially human life sustainable planet out there beyond the O Zone.

Yes, Les and gang, we are in for one helluva ride coming to a MegaMax Multiplex near you soonest. The Helljammers who have been running the show for five millenia plus will find themselves comprising the crew of something other than your standard pleasure cruise up the Nile and down the crevasses of the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile Friends from Away will come to stay for long enough for those not too seriously compromised by the promises and pleas of Kali Yuga in its penultimate steroid state, to get fixed up with their latest personal upgrades, quite essential to existence within the coming effervescence of earth.

Creedence Clearwater Revival were among the many rock revelators during the era running roughly from '65-75: Cosmo's Factory is about ready to roll.

"As long as i can see the light."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, Les.

I found the Rosenthal interview quite hard hitting and I struggle to comprehend how he can be so blasé. "Money before morality" and "we get away with murder". It's also very frustrating that he/ they can't believe how easy it is to fool the stupid goyim. But for how much longer...?

WV- exscooda (no, I will not exscooda the jooda for what they have done and continue to do)

Anonymous said...

Human authority is like the reed. It is strong yet hollow, it will bend or it will break. Indian arrows and Amazonian war darts are also made of reads. As are wind instruments. We too must bend with the times or be broken by them.
abe inela

Anonymous said...


6350293,00 kilograms of human remains,

(including 60 million teeth - remains that cannot be destroyed even by cremation) -

which magically vanished, disappeared, no trace remaining

"$54,000.00 REWARD, For proving - just 1 / 1,000 of 1 % - of the magically disappearing mass grave claims"

“August, 1944 the Soviets carried out a thorough forensic investigation at Treblinka. And what did their numerous excavations uncover? Refuse pits - filled with burned and unburned trash. No graves were found - mass or otherwise…

Another forensic examination was carried out by the Poles in November of 1945 which included more excavations…


After his investigation, Lukaszkiewicz issued a protocol which was presented by the Soviets at the Nuremberg show trial as Document USSR-344. ...

Lukaszkiewicz admitted the truth about his investigation of Treblinka with this telling confession:

‘During the work on the terrain, I found no mass graves.’”

More on exposing this big lie
is Visible here

Visible said...

A great album, mention of which is embedded in a great posting. I love UP Around the Bend! But that whole album is filled with some of their finest classics.

The Cosmic Player said...

In Kabbalah, our planet and our physical bodies correlate with the sphere of Malkuth found on the tree of life, and Malkuth is also known as a "fallen" sphere or sephora. Malkuth or the Earth always falls during the Kali Yuga, this current age as Les has stated time and time again. The point I'm trying to make is that this planet and it current humanity is loss and cannot be reclaimed (in it's current state) and the only way that it can return back to a pristine state is through a global catastrophe, I think Madame Blavatsky said it best " a great tilling of the Earth" in which all things are balanced. Muhammad the author of the Qur'an and a master of the white lodge spoke of destroying the infidels and decapitating the non believers but I'll ask you, who are the infidels, who are those non believers? They are the negative qualities that currently rule the human psyche. Greed, lust, envy, hatred, those are the infidels. Lack of faith and separatism those are the non-believers. Our greatest enemy lies within, not with the Illuminati or those wicked people who currently run this planet. As I stated earlier the dice have been cast and this planet has "crap out". Wasting our time and energy on trying to survive what coming is foolish. Our souls are eternal so it would be best if we worked on ourself and we will secure a much higher plane or better planetary situation for our next incarnation, it could even be this planet after the "Great Tilling". I' not pessimist (I'm actually in a great mood at the moment), but we must deal with the reality of the situation. The planet is in the state that it is because we all failed a stewards and stewardess and allowed it to get to this point, those "evil Jews" rule the planet because we let them, remember there are more of us then them and on a planet in which at least 20% of the population was in service to others than service to self would never get to this point.


Visible said...

How about this? Read it and weep.

I guess we can trace this to the usual suspects. What a horror show.

Alpha Silex said...

Sorry Vis, I intended to put this on today's post. Here it is again. I was just thinking about several things Ray mentioned too. Apologies again for posting this to the wrong one.

Great post, Vis and Stickman comes out with another nice one, as well.....I wish the static levels here would just drop a little bit. There's enough of that out there and it kind of sucks when it's flying around this space. I've noticed it a lot lately and have been trying to ignore it. However, I do realize that typed messages can often be misconstrued very easily when tonal aspects are absent and we don't really know the person.....Anyway, they say a pictoris says a thousand words. Check it out:

missingarib said...

vis, the threat is real and the outcome of all their machinations are visible in their awful potential.

I expect quite a few people feel the bad vibes and as the slogan "Ya ain't seen notin yet" comes to mind.

The pictures are real understanding what we see well God help U S and forgive them for they know not what they do.

thank ya vis for point a flashlight into those dark places on the light.

Teresa said...

Dear Les,

I read your blogs, and I thank you for writing them. I read Clif High, Jay Weidner (, John Lash, and I listen to programs such as .

I soak up the information like a sponge. However, I feel like I am about to hit a brick wall, in a matter of saying. I am running out of sources and fonts of knowledge. Sounds arrogant, I know. I understand the overarching, Malthusian program, I see the evil, and I know that part of my role in all this is to love and show guidance, when requested. What else am I supposed to do?

The paragraph immediately above is rhetorical. I am not asking for an answer--I have to figure it out for myself. But, damn, it is getting frustrating, waiting for the next bit of the play . . .

It is not a feeling of impending doom that I have, it is more like I am too stupid to see what is next on this plane. I have listened, learned, studied, and I have lived, a lot. And still it niggles, this feeling of my inadequacy to understand the new task at hand. I don't know what the new task will be, I just know it is coming.

On another note, I do have a few real questions. Does anyone feel vibrations coming up through your feet from the ground? Does anyone hear sounds as from a tuning fork at low frequency, at a very close distance, sometimes just inside your ear (including different tones in either ear)? Is anyone having recurring dreams? Is anyone having difficulty eating more than one meal a day?


lightandlongshadows said...

As Rosenthal says, they are parasites, they create nothing, but manipulate what already is for their own ends. While they are a (arguably the) major player at the table these days, the story begins long before they banded together to plot and scheme.

onething said...

part 1
Although I agree that the evidence on this topic is pretty solid, I nonetheless think that there is a trap here that we can easily fall into. I also have a couple of questions.
The trap is to blame and vilify a whole group, and shirk personal responsibility. I certainly have known some very decent, kind Jews, and all those Jewish doctors do not despise or lack care for their patients. Then, too, there are some Jewish whistleblowers such as Brother Nathaniel and Makow, as well as many thousands of J's who are against the state of Israel.
From the few conversations I've had with J's about Israel, I conclude that the emotional power that causes them to support zio nism is almost entirely due to the holocaust. Whatever the holocaust did to gentiles, it did twice as much to J's. So it kind of deletes their ability to reason.

The thing I've noticed in regards to morality in a Christian or just general societal context is that if one is enticed to do evil, it is because they were morally weak. For example, let us say that these people have fomented wars. But what if they gave a war and nobody came? Why do we fall for it again and again? So the Gulf of Tonkin was faked. Yet why were people willing to go to a war in which 100 Vietnamese died for every American and we were defoliating (poisoning) their land? Why aren't we ashamed?
When I asked a few young people why they signed up for Iraq/Afghanistan, they generally mentioned the great benefits, or getting their education paid for, or even the adventure. These are blatantly immoral reasons for going to kill people who did not volunteer to play.
Here's a youtube video that is pretty stunning:

So in this light I have taken an interest in why Christianity has failed to be a morally uplifting religion, and I had settled upon the Old Testament and its Jehovah as important reasons. Which is interesting in light of what R said in the interview, that they have a different God. Because I had come to the very conclusion that Jehovah of the OT is an imposter and there are even clues in the Bible that he is a demonic being. Now, I had said here before, that when you study the whole of mesopotamia and its myths, we see that the ancient Hebrews were part of that culture, they had the same or different names for the same gods and other persons, and that they were originally most certainly not monotheists, but henotheists, as were all the others as well. There was a great mesopotamian god known as El. As you all know, the Bible uses the word Elohim, which is a plural word, and every one just pretends that is not a problem. They translate it as God but it should be gods.

o said...

part 2
Now, there is a mesopotamian myth that El had seventy sons and Jehovah was an adopted son. Meanwhile, in Deuteronomy 39 it states that when the Most High El divided the nations, Jacob (Israel)was Jehovah's inheritance. It comes out way clearer in some translations than others. THIS is why they are the chosen people. He inherited them, and by the way, his inheritance was not particularly great because there were many great civilizations at that time. Somewhere in the Bible there is an ancient divisions of the nations, and that division contains seventy.

So who was Jehovah? About this I could write a book, but it's a shame more people don't read that horrible old tome, because the stuff in there is just terrible, and damning. There's almost no interest in spiritual matters, and total interest in conquest and obedience to Jehovah. I get the distinct impression that Jehovah more or less despises his people, and he is ruthless with them. It is obvious to any open mind that Jehovah is not good and therefore is not God.

The thing is though, we have to take responsibility for being so easily duped when in reality the lie is pretty obvious. No wonder the Catholic Church didn't want the laity reading it!

I found it frustrating that in the interview R mentioned more than once that his people had infiltrated Christian theology, and yet the interviewer never asked him the particulars! I found that extremely strange, and I am not completely believing this interview is real.

A question I have is about all this business about the Khazars. What about the rest of them? They had also been in diaspora and many of them in Europe. It was the diaspora rabbis who came up with the Talmud in the early centuries of this era and I think the midrash too. And appearance wise, they appear to be middle eastern just like all the many others. The area the khazars lived was near Turkey. Perhaps they even were the lost tribes of Israel? So I find all this a muddle and don't understand its import.

Visible said...

You are making no sense to me. Maybe others will understand it. I don't. I suggest you study this so called Holocaust and then explain to me how it could possibly by any stretch of the imagination reflect anything like what is claimed. I don't get your logic either. I must just be very tired

1448 said...

Kaaba Allah = Cube God.

Anonymous said...

um one thing. You do seem to be all over the map with not much coherence.


Smyrna said...


I can't speak for the vibrations, the tuning fork or the dreams. One meal a day, sure.

One phenomena I have experienced for the last few years is the 11:11. (It's 11:11 now, wow) Since 11/11/11 I feel alot more energised and 'with it'. There are many theories on the web about the 11:11 phenomenon, some are silly, some resonate more than others, but it doesn't matter. Something is going on and I'm part of it. Don't be frustrated like some control freak info junkie, just 'be'.

Smyrna said...


The Khazars were not part of the Jewish Diaspora. They were a people of the Byzantine empire from around the Ukraine region who adopted Judaism 900? years ago etc. They are not Semites or biblical Jews. They are impostors. They own and run Israel. They are the synagogue of Satan. Its importance is fucking critical. Check out the Neturei Karta site if you want to see a real Jew.

Sim said...

Here's a curiosity....

Google "Illuminati" backwards....

or click here

Somebody, somewhere with a dark sense of humour...

Anonymous said...

Having lived on this planet for 48 years I have concluded that the real enemy of humankind are psychopaths wherever they may be found. They are in every race and every class and in every country and every occupation on the earth.

Yes, the psychopaths have been in power for a very long time upon the earth and yet I worry about the people without a conscience that live in the neighborhood.

The creepy guy three doors down who has whistled at two 12 year old girls as they waited for the schoolbus and who has watched me through binoculars out of his kitchen window. He has the aura of evil about him.

It is the people around us who are the sharks of humanity that we all have to be ever vigilant against.

My only hope is that evil itself is in the end a self-destructive force. Eventually it eats itself and turns against itself because that is the nature of this beast.

But in the meantime I hope we will look out for eachother to guard against the psychopaths who lurk within our own neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:55

You've got all the answers but you're still just a zio-troll.


katz said...

One Thing, good points.
I had been considering that same idea about the person called J.
He was a mean SOB.

I kept thinking of something I heard from the Tibetan Book of the Dead about what you will encounter upon death: The world of the gods, the world of the animals, and the world of the humans. You are supposed to chose carefully, bc all three worlds are subject to instant death, are all fallible, and are not the creator.

It's supposed to be confusing. If there is another dimension operating, and these entities are feeding off energy from this dimension, that could explain the existence of someone like J. So long as he has followers to give him that attention and energy, that is.

On the other hand, it could be that the ancient stories are true, and that this was a division based on an alien hybrid race. The actors were real. The humans were property to feed upon.

In that case, J was just an adopted child of a hybrid race, and inherited his property.

I have noticed that whomever this entity is, it hides behind a religion, and by it's works, you can know it.

neal said...

They say the rain falls on the good and the wicked alike. Funny how they don't like to talk about the Whirlwind, and how that is choice, and battle, and getting in the game. Man makes machines, and machines eat Man, even true sons and daughters.

They say She likes it on top, and now we are on our backs, and remembering when being on the knees was the past, and not a way forward.

There is a Whirlwind, it cuts almost every way, except the machinery involved never seems to learn from it.

That's OK, that is close now, and machinery will assume it's proper place, maybe not without complaining.

If this one was not half that there would not be anything more than noise. Native Sons can get lonely, maybe that's the point.

No edit, just trying to sneak in some Gnostic stuff, we called this something else in the past, more like whispered it, and carved it, and tried to live up to it.

Being crazy as a cosmic strategy has it's perks, but those things really are getting buried, lately.

Anonymous said...

In addition to first link, see M.
Hoffman, Revisionist History No.59,
"'Free Trade' and the Terrorist-
Industrial Complex have forged
a new nation: United States of
Chinese-Israeli America (USCIA)"

Anonymous said...

One of their greatest defenses is the falsehood that they are human like the rest of us. As soon as I knew there was a kabbalistic, cannibalistic, carnal, "non-people" out to destroy me and attack me, my life was greatly improved, as I could then start fighting back. Another one of the defenses that they plant in their slaves minds is the falsehood that non-violence is the only ethical form of resistance. This limits resistance to their tyranny to pale symbolic actions. The soulless creatures are presently ruling in the physical realm with physical means and physical means will be used by those called by God for the purpose of uprooting them and burning them.

Anonymous said...

There you go with that synchronicity thing again, Les! (grin). I bullshit you not, I was just trolling the 'interwebs' yesterday because Madonna kept crossing my mind(I had no idea that she was doing the Superbowl until I read your post today).

I stumbled upon a search result about a story of Madonna's daughter (Lourdes Leon) crying as she and Madonna left a "prayer service" at the New York Kabballah Center:

There is something very sad and deep about these images! My initial thought was what a strikingly beautiful young lady Miss Lourdes Leon is growing up to be; my very next thought after that observation was a quick silent prayer for the Divine Mother and the angels to protect her from the zio-ghouls and their predation.
Perhaps Lourdes was crying because she is conflicted about who her mother truly serves. One can only wonder, huh, everybody?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Hey Pete~!

"All over the map..."

Linear is lost...

There is a new concept called Random.... try and appreciate it.



B. Bombay said...


I have been wondering lately where, I as a Black person fits in with what is coming down the mountain. You refer to it as the Apocalypse. So be it. Now that I have read the link that you provided, I need wonder no more.

To put it mildly... I'm to be done with. No matter which side wins, I do not. I knew if I kept coming to this site long enough, I would find a answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how "far up" you have to be on the American political golem pole to have a "joe pesci" moment ala "good fellas". You know, when the young, new, guy indicates that he finds Joe "funny"...."WTF do you mean I'm funny" says Joe, " I'm some sort of f****n' clown to you!?!" etc. The political wannabe will do anything to be a "good fella". But accepting the holocaust, as well as many other historical narratives is a given. An outspoken revisionist couldn't win a high-school presidency, let alone the seat of Mayor in New York. Holocasut revisionism has an audience, but most people couldn't care less. Although, they may indeed be hostile rather than friendly to your opinion, showing the strength of the propaganda. So I'm hard-pressed to see Rosenthal's fear of a "pogrom"

Andrea Doria said...

December 22, 2012

lightandlongshadows said...

When the intellect doesn't surrender to the heart, for this is where the essence of wisdom lies, one is lost in the material world.
Lucifer is the intellect and Satan is the salesman.
(I don't like the words God, lucifer or satan but what do you do.....words....).
I've been "high" as a result of your blogs and more importantly the commentary recently Les et al. A sincere thank you.
I haven't experienced such a "high" since listening to Genesis as Ancient Cosmology - Dr John Walton on youtube about a year ago, make of that what you will.

MIH said...

A thing implies an environment of perception and so is not one. Awareness is one.

The trap of material existence is not recognizing the lesson which is freedom from it. Since the trap was not made at the level it is perceived, no action will have effect on it but the perceiver will know only involvement. The trap is confusion, and your name is the source.

Only the child that seeks the identity without name can recognize nodes of confusion; here’s the writhing node of aggressive consumption, there the node of ponderous vacuity. They are the same environment of perception; they’re one.

Jo said...

Les-Jeesus- It’s been awhile since my last comment. Just couldn’t muster the effort and time to try and convey my complete and total grokking of the topics at hand and gratitude for the way you move us continually with your wit and wisdom…you crazy coyote trickster Heyoka Magic Man!!!

A big shout out to my brothers and sisters in these here blog spheres:..SM, VO, PD…I get so much…so many blessings and insights from those of you who respond and reply with your heartfelt sharing, musings, poetry and questions…answers… info…

Can I get an Amen or Amon? Got to watch out for that slippery snake in the grass!!!

There is so muchI could say; a lot more if only I had the patience or perseverance to deal with hunt and peck typing. Suffice it to say that I love this place! An oasis in the desert… of the Matrix…are we copper top batteries or free will individuals who understand the power of Choice?

Is God a sadistic fiend who cares not for the suffering of his/her children? Or a benevolent elder who allows us our folly and ignorance??? Gotta wonder…

“I don’t know”….one of LV’s favorite excuses-just kidding! ;)

All I know is; I want to touch you all with a song that touches me…

Just listen to it with all your heart and all your Soul. It doesn’t make any sense in the real world but maybe it will remind you that all this…everything is a great big Cosmic Game. If you listen very closely you will hear that all I am saying is give Peace a Chance!!!

Above, below, and beyond all that, I just want to remind y’all that we are one family, one planet and one heart:

Much Gratitude;…for all you friends that come round these here parts…I can’t decide if I’m a realistic Idealist or an Idealistic realist…what’s the difference?

Regardless, I ask you to remember this:

Can’t we all just get along??? ~Rainbow Warriors Unite!!!~xojo

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~ All My Relations

MachtNichts said...

Just watched O-bomber's Hannukah speech, didn't know they had a director of jiddische outreach. Whodathunk?

The linked interview is the most hideous account of our sorry situation I have come across in the past few years.

Time to play some cosmic table tennis and hit those bongo balls into the out, far-out, where no more damage can be done. I am also quite incensed, to put it mildly, and hope I haven't lost my 11th marble which wasn't there in the first place.

What to do? Focus, empty, snort, make room for those 50' cobras I am sure you mentioned awhile ago, Vis. And I don't mean dancing with the devil. A little walk in the desert would be nice. If I don't see you there or Shangri-La, we'll meet in the Akash. Books are my passion.

Take a dip in the river of thought, open up your horizon, refuse to conform to the Walmart conformity.

Couple of my posts got lost recently, probably due to my stupidity. Sorry. wv: persiv, could mean anything like persuasive, persian invasion, now that is ominous. So long cowboy, Silvia

Visible said...

I'm not picking up anything specifically about black people, even though they have been victims of The Tribe agenda probably more than any other race and if you include their oppression of Arab culture who are themselves darker hued. I get more a sense of eliminating the people's of the Third World in general but I am not a seer in this respect and don't know much that way.

Sorry if I seemed a little bent last night all. I was dog tired and couldn't see straight (grin).

Okay! Smoking Mirrors time coming up.

Jo said...

Okay-just one more song:

Is he communing with flying saucers?

I dunno. But when I listen, I feel an otherwordly sense of how we might be. Just hanging with a drum.

And each other. Wish I could hang with y'all in Mexico come soon.

Alas instead I must go south to Florida-to be with my dear old Pop who is dying. One more hug.

I'll be with you in Spirit-ShangriLa is only a breath/snort away! Ha Ha.

Be at Peace My Friends...and know that you are part of something beautiful:

Guess there was another song afterall...

I thought I saw a light shine...

Musta been a speck or maybe a log...

Tryin' to keep things clear. Not too easy in these times of darkness...

Keep Shining my friends~xojo

kikz said...

the enemy of humanity is going to their grave...

i for one will be proud to tell my (someday) grandchildren i was there to witness the righting of a wrong that has plagued mankind for 2thousand yrs.... :)

Anonymous said...

Ali's mom said: Arab culture's far from oppressed - it's alive and well and always will be. Not that they haven't tried, and not that they haven't plagiarized, but still, Jews in the Arab countries are fairly non-existent, unless you count Israel and we all know that Israel doesn't count :) Jewish culuture(!) has been most effective in the US and the West. Now I'll contradict myself and say though that I suspect there are some crypto-jews around, posing as mulsims...

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

you always find a way to express exactly the vibration of those awakened...

Les, this is the final awakening...

this is the Apocolypse...those awakened know final Judgement is coming to Satan and his minions/robots...this dimension is coming to a close...a dramatic close at that...for this is the end of has no place in creation and must be destroyed...

in order to end evil it has to be exposed for ALL to see and understand why...and it will end...these demons created by Satan and supporting minions will be transmuted into primordial energy (inert energy) after they experience the misery and pain they have placed on the True Beings trapped here for eons...

we are in very exciting times...our Liberation is around the corner...

at the most 20 years...what is 20 years but a blimp in time...if that long...there is one person that knows exactly when that time will be...

Some of us will move on to something far greater...the new energy is already here for those awakening...and we will again live in a spiritually higher vibration as we did before the evil takeover...called "the Celestial Error"

what we are witnessing is evil destroying itself for it knows no other way of being...all demons know is death, destruction, misery, pain, disease, greed, they have no inner truth...they are truly "souless ones" and were created by Satan with stolen divine energy stolen from True Beings trapped here to maintain this evil dimension and make it appear as though everything is normal...when in fact it is the complete opposite of the rest of creation...

Hang on tight..things are going to get crazier by the minute as these demons loose control and their whole system fragments and fails...they are starting to panic hence all these crazy laws coming out...but, this is the same conciousness that destroyed the planet Vulcan that is destroying this one...they have done it before...this time it is ALL going to come to an end...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Good day Vis and all :

Two things jumped out at me in your last couple of blogs. Call it synchronicity .

The interviewer of Rosenthal was Walter White. Reading this just after you have previously mentioned you just finished watching the Breaking Bad series made that indescribable subconscious flash of electricity happen.

Secondly you recently mentioned specifically the "Vatican is going down". Almost immediately after reading that blog I accidentally came across this year old article and it sent a high voltage through my body.

Pope Claims Child Porn Normal

For the record. Katz I think you are a very brave person. Also Onething. I do get some of what you are saying. I also believe there is a God Poser running around out there.

Patrick V1.0

Alpha Silex said...

Sounds like you've read Dr. Chiappalone's work, Laurie. I think the man is brilliant and his insights played a huge part in my giving up meat. I still need to e-mail him to thank him for this. This dimension is the celestial error and I'm eagerly awaiting its burning and final purification. I don't see what's coming down as being an opportunity for our ego and extensions (children) therof, to sit and gloat about on the porch of some castle made of sand.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Straight up said Les Visible. Like you, I've been on this exact awareness about the sunagogue of Satan admitted in the Rosenthal interview parts 1 + 2 for over a year.

"Nothing much will change or be accomplished, until we are rid of these psychopathic vampires who rub together their bloodstained hands with glee."

Oh, all you motherfucking secret service ziotrolls, you are all going to hell!

Rage on brother - 'kill them all and let God figure it out'.

For our world, our children and the moral truth, I stand against the evil jewish zionists.

Juri Lina from Estland just gave a lecture how the zionist communists set up a plan in Spain to conquer Europe as they did Russia with literal secret police execution squads, but Franko rallied the Spanish people and defeated them - but not before 300,000 Spanish men, women and children were slaughtered 1946-47, like the ca 150 million slaughtered by the zionist Bolsheviks.

Don't read about that in the zio controlled history courses at uni do ya?

Fuck the zionist new world order and ALL who actively support them for mammon.

Frothing but happy,


Agelbert said...

This is my first comment. I've been enjoying your writing for a couple of years now.

I want to thank you for helping me cling to my sanity in a world that has thrown logic and decency to the winds.

I am writing to inform you of an observation I made yesterday after watching a u-tube video on the symbols on the dollar bill and a fellow named Roerich who appears to have been an Iluminati satan worshipper.

Since these Satan worshippers, be thay Zionists or Iluminati/Masons or whatever are fond of human sacrifices to be made in return for demonic power, I wondered if the original Roerich building (Now called the Masters Apartments) in Manhattan had something to do with 9/11. That building supposedly has a stone inside the cornerstone linked to the founding of the US and the symbols on the dollar bill that give the US occult power.

Since the video claimed that the layout of D.C. has the Capitol building located at parcel 666 and the lucifer lovers seem to love that number, I measured the distance from the Roerich building to the WTC complex using google earth. It measure 6.66 miles.

I have no idea if that has anything to do with anything but since you are schooled in esoteric matters, perhaps it may be of interest to you.

Thanks again.

Visible said...

Wow Agelbert,you learn something new every day. Thanks for the input!

Agelbert said...

You are quite welcome.

kikz said...

concerning 666..
crichton miller and his research on the 'working celtic cross' goes into some detail as to its astro-gnostic significance..
has zip to do w/satan....
(nose crinkle)

here's someone's blog that references it.

too lazy to post the hyperlink...

onething said...


It seemed my post was so long yet perhaps I still didn't make myself clear. My point about the loyalty to Israel because of the holocaust - the point is that they believe it.
From further perusing, I see the need to explain more. Yes, the Khazars converted in the 800s or so. Are they Semites? Who knows. We don't know who they are but they look middle eastern. Abraham was the father of several peoples, not just the ones who ended up as the Hebrews. But also, regardless of that, the real Jews also were in diaspora and some of them were in Europe. And it is the early diaspora Jews, the ones who are the true Semites, who wrote the Talmud.

Now, the interviewer of Rosenthal was extremely interested in the origin of the idea that the Jews are the Chosen people. And I think I have found it in that passage from Deuteronomy.

Reading the Old Testament in light of Sitchin's works re the gods of old, and of mesopotamian mythology, one sees that these Hewbrews were deeply embedded in the mesopotamian worldview and there are many, many places of agreement. That the great god El had seventy sons, and that the Old Testament describes a dividing of nations into seventy, and that Jehovah inherited Israel, how is this incoherent and how is it not interesting? And if Rosenthal says they have a different god, and if Jehovah is not a candidate for the true god, we've got a clincher.

Visible said...

Well, I didn't say anything about coherence and I think I treated with my perspective in the recent Smoking Mirrors. Anyway, for the moment, they are the bad guys in my book. As for the Old Testament, it is a work of Gematria and has little to do with what is actually said and more to do with a rearrangement of letters and numbers and now we go to Petri Dish.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Mystery Babylon and the Coming Darkness.



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