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Heavenly Wine and the Purpose of Demonstration

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've been receiving cautions here and there about this and that, related to my comings and goings and I am not unappreciative, though some of the admonitory giftings, seem a little woo woo by more than half. This provokes me to speak on the matter. Every moment we are in is possibly our last and the reality of where and when and how is not in our hands, to the exclusion of reckless behavior on some accounts and even then, that's not necessarily fatal; that's just asking for a demonstration and that demonstration depends of the whim of the demonstrator.

A lot of people talk about faith in God. They talk about the existence of God. They speculate, postulate and theorize. People talk about what God is or is not and what God does or does not permit or approve of. Nothing is real, everything is permitted... for a time, for the purpose of demonstration. I don't just believe there is a God. I know there is a God. That is an important distinction. Visceral is very different from intellectual. The Divine is all powerful. The Divine lives in everything; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The Divine exists, differently aspected in everything and can move from unconsciousness to dream to self consciousness to full awakening in the space of a breath and certainly less; “I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham”.

There is absolutely no limit to the power of The Divine, none whatsoever. There is nothing that The Divine cannot accomplish in you but your fear stands in the way. Fear is the parent of uncertainty and also the father of much that is evil. One of the truisms that I take as gospel is that Fear and Love displace each other. Neither can exist in the presence of the other and... God is Love. Think about what this implies. Let us say that you have powerful enemies (insert the 23rd Psalm). The Divine lives in these enemies. They have no life, no existence, except that it is granted to them by The Divine. This means that they can do nothing to harm you, unless they are allowed to. Nothing can touch you except what is permitted to, for the purpose of demonstration. Much of this is dependent on your fear; “that which we have feared has come upon us”. The use of demonstration is a process by which The Divine increases your faith, according to The Divine's own mysterious reasons.

Certain dangers attend everyone, no matter WHERE they are. Many a powerful person has been taught the lessons of depending upon a fortress or a fortune, or an army or an armada. What happens is not dependent on who your enemies are but on whether you please The Divine. That is Job One. Who do you spend your time seeking to please? There is a VERY IMPORTANT lesson to be gained here; very important. I am less than nothing and I know this. I serve, I breathe, I move at the pleasure of The Divine and NO ONE ELSE. I owe no one anything, except insofar as I am inspired to feel it and that inspiration comes from The Divine.

Many new age types like to paint angels as soft loving creatures, that hover around their atmosphere, spilling astral roses and whatnot, like they were some kind of traveling sachet dispenser. I suppose many of the lesser assistants of the seraphim and cherubim may have qualities of this kind and certainly Nature spirits do, if they can be encouraged to appear, due to an excess of virtue in the person they present themselves to. However, real angels, especially the big guns, are fearsome beyond description and their mere approach is sure to send most people into a trembling, bowel evacuating state of terror. Anyone who thinks differently hasn't had the pleasure, or otherwise. People who presume to be channeling archangels cause me some degree of mirth.

Their counterparts from the infernal regions are also indescribable ...and serious fools seek to court their favor or command them. Do they have the slightest idea what they are dealing with? No. Yet a friend of God can shoo them away like a house-cat. One of the purposes of life on this planet is to make war on Heaven. That is the intent of the inspiration in the minds of men and women who think themselves powerful and who, in their arrogance, rise to the bait. Eventually, Heaven accommodates them. It is no coincidence that so many movies of this sort are being made at this time. As my invisible friend never tires of telling me, “You haven't seen anything yet”, along with, “You have no idea”.

Another purpose of life on this planet, is for any and all to realize their destiny and to awaken, by virtue of the conditions that surround them and by contemplation upon these things, until inspiration grants them understanding. Some of you are looking for work. You would be glad of an opportunity to serve. You may be sure there are opportunities in abundance. However, many people mistake what being in the service of The Divine implies. They overlook the simple duties and those things calling out for their attention all around them in every day. Most true heroes are unsung 'here' and those that are, are for the purpose of demonstration. They are there to be seen as evidence of potential, as an example of what can be.

Being afraid of enemies and dangerous possibilities is a foolish thing. Your life hangs in the balance every moment and inexorably approaches the moment in which it will be claimed, one way or another or... well, there are quite a few or's... Consider this truth, if you are older and have been here for a time. Consider how quickly your life went by. It seems like no time at all on occasion, even while the very moment you are in, can appear to drag on forever. Points are being made to us all the time. We just don't pay attention. Why don't we pay attention? It isn't what we want to hear. It interferes with what we want to do otherwise; like we have a clue what is best for us. We don't. I'm including myself here, by the way, I always do. If you should catch me railing about something at any of the blogs, I'm talking to myself as well. Don't imagine that I am not.

The Divine put me through the grinder. It was done for a VERY GOOD REASON. I engaged in things and behaved certain ways that mystified the Hell out of me. Later I was told I had no choice. It's something to keep in mind. I was told, some little while ago that good and evil no longer applied. The only thing that applied was what The Divine wanted to occur. Good and evil is for those who have not met The Divine. This does not mean, anything goes. Some people who get to a certain place think it does mean that and we've seen a recent example of that. What it means is that good and evil isn't what we think it is and certainly not what society dictates. All kinds of rules cease to apply once one has come closer to the one who makes the rules in the first place.

Some people have been a bit aghast at my leaving my beloved consort and my faithful companion Poncho, not realizing that over the last several years I have been away for up to six months in Italy by myself, except for Poncho. Both legs of my presently intended journey are less than time previously spent away. Some are aghast at what they may consider my cavalier manner concerning my relationship here, without realizing that it is mutual. We get put into situations and relationships that reflect the degree of our progress. That is the reason I am in a position where no constraints are put on my behavior whatsoever. This does not mean there are no constraints on my behavior. If I were alone in every sense I would still be constrained by my own true intentions and the intentions directed upon me. True freedom is to be aligned, without the desire for choice, with the will of the one who knows me better than I ever will and who, it is my fervent prayer will replace me, with all due haste; constantly changing is constantly dying into that which you are changing into, until less and less of what you thought you were transforms into who you are.

It is better to realize that you will lose everything, before you lose everything, than when you do. In truth you lose nothing of value. All that you had of value in anyone or anything was the same presence in everyone and everything. What do I aspire to most? I aspire to be drunk and ripped out of my mind on The Ineffable. This is an actual condition, demonstrated by certain Sufi dervishes and ecstatics of every stripe and denomination. This is that wine of Bacchus and Dionysus, as surely as it is the wine of Jesus. It's a real thing. It is part of the meaning of changing water into wine.

My chief responsibility is to seek The Divine, not to concern myself with the usual concerns of life, which are taken care of in any case, simply as a side effect of the primary responsibility. This is everyone's chief responsibility and the best way to manage your other concerns. It looks risky. What's risky is taking these responsibilities on yourself. What is risky is not having the necessary faith; “faith is 'the substance' of things unseen”.

If you want something you go to the source where it is acquired. If everything can be gained from a single source, it stands to reason that that is where you go. People say they tried that but it didn't work. They didn't try hard enough or long enough and when it invariably does show up, they have moved on. You have to be rooted in certitude. You have to be certain. If you’re not certain, neither is the universe. It is a mirror, after all. Looking into the mirror and speaking to The Ineffable is not a foolish practice.

Observe life. Look around you. Study it. Look deeply. What is it that people are doing and what does it result in? Where does it end? Study yourself. What are you doing? What follows? You are for the purpose of demonstration but.. what is the purpose of the demonstration?

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est said...


DaveR said...

It's been less than 20 hours since my earthly father abandoned this neck of the woods. My brother called last night with the news. I knew something was up the evening before - I'm good like that. Dad's body had been failing, no longer very useful as a vessel for exploring the physical world.

No service is planned as per his wishes. No point in going to where he was. I don't know anybody there and as bro said, "We'd just be standing around." In a few more hours or a couple days gas flames will cleave his body's component atoms asunder and restore them to their previous unorganized state. It was dad who gathered them all together, organizing them to bend to his will.

This morning in my waking dream an old Chinese man asked me if I had anything that my father had held, anything he'd touched. I thought a minute and said, "Yes. Me."

Mouser said...

Condolences Dave.

Yes Visible - to all that you wrote above.

Life is a test with lessons to help us see the truth about God and our-selves/lives.

One has to reach a temporal rock bottom on this mortal plane before true spiritual building can occur.

When we die it is only what we have built spiritually with God that matters.

I am glad God uses you to write posts such as this one.

Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

meaningless suffering
perverted abuse
calculated evil
disfiguring misuse
desecration of conscience
manipulative crime
disturber of the harmony
infector of the mind
contaminator of the earth
collapser of the feilds
pollutor of the air
maker of false ills
taker of the people
obstructor of the just
parasite by nature
fall back into dust


Anonymous said...

Moving words, Les !

I always Love to return here when Time allows.

Anonymous said...

tip toes the rainbows
rides on the planes
shakes the root deep
put storm clouds in chains
blows the high matter
a tip of a thorn
bindings of fracture
through the beast form
patterns of sunlight
vibrant intent
liberations vehicle
divine are the sense
revolution gathers
unity calls
one heart one love
one unified chord


tmcfall said...

Yes, all this has been demonstrated in spades to me over the last few years and I really needed a wake up call. I am ready for "something else, something better, something sane, something in tune with Ma Earth. Please bring it soon!"
Tom in Tempe Arizona


What a post. Spot on.

Like yourself, I have encountered the Divine. A very low point transformed, with a sudden realisation, into a soaring fear-free ecstasy that lasted for months.

It turned out to be very frightening in the end or, rather, I made it frightening.....because neither this world nor its churches have yet developed way to help a person in this experience. There is not that much faith about.

The individual cannot conform to the experience and to the world at large at the same time.
As (I now know) often happens I turned against myself, became very unwell, had an experience of being physically invaded by something(s) I can only call 'demons' and lost 20 years of my life. It was a sort of Schizoid breakdown.

The oppression/obsession ended with a 'deliverance' ritual performed by a famous man of faith, Martin Israel.

Yes, there certainly is a God. I want nothing more than to experience that presence again. Perfect healing. Fearlessness. A feeling of total readiness for death. It is all anybody can want.

It is hard work fathoming and removing the obstacles to the Divine, whatever It is, in one's life.....but nothing else matters. Nothing.

Compared to this.

May God reveal Himself to billions in 2012. May everything be transformed in His Light.

Anonymous said...

Requiescat in pace, Dave. My own father died 17 years ago Friday. Much love to you and yours... and to all who read these words. Well said, visible. Thank you. Eamon

Anonymous said...

Thomas More said the following to his daughter while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London, awaiting execution:
"Nothing can happen which God does not will. Moreover, what He wills, however much it may appear to us to be evil, is in reality the best thing that can happen. I will not distrust the Goodness of God, my Margaret, however weak and frail I may feel myself to be."

Anonymous said...

"...constantly changing is constantly dying into that which you are changing into, until less and less of what you thought you were transforms into who you are..."

Wow. That's all I can say at the moment. Fear and love. Fear is inimicable to change. Love--change without fear.


Anonymous said...

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your Destiny."

Mahatma Gandhi

P.S. Please don't sensor the Targeted Individual comments - there is REAL pain here.

Anonymous said...


My condolences. My mother died two years ago. I was at her bedside in that moment. It was an ineffable experience for me. I was shown that there is no death, only transformation.

Not long after I happened upon Vis's blogs.

Fear seems to be the only real death, as we tend to want to understand death in our blind alley sort of way.

Your father has held you. He will always hold you.

gurnygob said...

DaveR sorry for your loss.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible!

"True freedom is to be aligned, without the desire for choice, with the will of the one who knows me better than I ever will and who, it is my fervent prayer will replace me, with all due haste; constantly changing is constantly dying into that which you are changing into, until less and less of what you thought you were transforms into who you are".


Peace to all,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Invisible friends. . .except for in dreams. And I do wonder if they may materialise every now and then IF desperately required. (There were moments in time. . .) The 'reality manipulation'. . .I've done it more than once.

A long time ago, I got laid off from a job. I burned a letter to my 'invisible friends' (Demi-gods? Angels? Whatever! They are recognised by others.), and I informed them I needed the resources to do what I have to do, and my room mate found a job for me 2 days later, and I was told to go to the interview, and I got the job with a damn good starting salary, and opportunity for advancement which I took. There were other instances like that, and little things seem to happen on a weekly basis, though nothing groundbreaking. . .yet.

But hey! I've done everything I've set out to do. I've got my multi-volume book out (which really could use one more round of editing, but I don't feel like it. It is non-profit anyway, so. . .) with my own illustrations, hundreds of poems to go with it, and this 50 year old has lived a statistically damn good, 'glorious' life.

I've also studied metaphysics for most of my life, and had my own 'experiences', though mine have led to contemplate why the hell did I bother to go through with it? It seems so unimportant for me now, and I don't have a very high opinion of physical existence. I find it now rather disgusting. Not only the dependency of something outside of myself to keep this body going, but the functions of the body. I also feel like I've done everything I've set out to do, so why am I still here?

I have nothing left vested here, and every day it's like EEEEEEWWWWW! Another day of having to wipe the butt, and how much fibre did I eat yesterday? (Note! Raw carrots are not food, but nature's Drano!) But apparently my gods are not through abusing me yet.

On the other hand, perhaps I asked to be here to see this mess destroyed; which is one of the few pleasures this present state has to offer. Hey! If I walk a half metre up the hill I can see San Francisco, so maybe
I can be nuked? Unfortunately I think I'm too far from the major targets to be instantly vapourised, but hey! I can still have my fun. And I do have this feeling my self-imposed 'life sentence' is almost up, thank the gods.

Allison said...

Best one I've ever read from you, Les. "Breathe and serve" yes. I think of all the object lessons we have from the last century. Elvis had massive fame, women, money, you name it. Died fat, drugged out on a toilet seat. So many others too. Elvis is one of the big ones, we all have innumerable object lessons in our lives. Great post !
Condolences to you Dave.

Anonymous said...

Dave, loosing a parent is always
heartbreaking no matter how old are they or we.
My thoughts are with you.
Mr. VIS,, grin.... Thank you for another beautiful post. I so enjoy Origami

Visible said...

Targeted individual, you can't make this a targeted blog. I'm not sure even whether to take you seriously. Irrespective of that, it is such extreme tin foil hat land and so repetitious and laborious and jumbled that no one, I assure you, wants to hear it. I am almost certain it is some kind of an attention scam anyway, so, sorry, surely there is somewhere else.

Visible said...

My sympathies too Dave, I've been psycho multitasking trying to get out the door but that's no excuse.

amarynth said...

The Sufi Way is perhaps one of the two religious paths that I would choose if I was inclined to follow a specific religious discipline. There is just such a wealth of wonders hidden there but like all religious paths, there be dragons as well! If you can get your Western Minds around the fact that God is sometimes called Allah, read some on Dervish Dancing and Sufism.

- Let non dare to enter the Valley of Love, without the fire of yearning lighted in him.

- Love does not welcome him who burns not like a flame.

- When the madness of love overpowers, all thought of multiplicity disappears from thoughts.

- If the divine eye were opened in an individual, the very atoms of creation will reveal to him great secrets, and he shall see that all universe is a manifestation and gift of His love.

Dervish Dancing is a mad moving ceremonial love meditation, and in its pure form, has one purpose, and that is to love creator - or even if allowed, enjoy making love with creator in its highest form. But form follows function and there is form and substance to the dances. And now, not well known, the Dervishes, who are simply dancing in love, are also under very specific attack. Why is it that these people, who have as their only focus to love the Creator, are being wiped out?.

est said...

i have sent flowers out
three times this week

i do not want to share
my sadness

but i guess i just have

my thoughts
are with you dave

Anonymous said...

heavenly waters
unity beams
sentiment circles
harmony streams
rivers of living
a stir of change
signed through existance
tip of a wave
rising up outlook
vitality whole
streak on an instance
paradise blow
flow of the nature
glow of the feilds
the sky and the earth
harmonys wheels


Anonymous said...


You move to tears and love because of a situation back about 93.

I found out a very close realitive was being molested as a child. Many years had passed until I found this out and the dark cloud of hatred and revenge consumed me for 3 days.

I made my mind to visit the perp with knife and gun and take my toll on him.My wife and children were crying as I was ready to walk out the door to do the deed.

That made me stop and try to comfort my wife and found myself head in her lap literaly crying out to God.GOD GOD (in my deepest darkest hour)

In an instant I felt a fresh breeze blow the hate,revenge and Heard..."I'll handle it"

Some how I was transformed with Peace, Forgiveness, Understanding, and a Knowing.

More to the story but I wanted to share a very personal transformation in my life with all you.

Not just a believer but Knowlege of God. There Is ONE.!

I Love Ya All.

walking hawk

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

Your wine flowed purely and sweetly through the wisdom sieve this morning until the cruddy lump on the VERY important need to “please the divine” gummed up the works.


Dash board warning lights start flickering at even the mention of the word God or the Divine. It’s the case that those who talk about god know nothing of god… a god realized being, only becomes so after self realization, and after that bird is fully cooked, self realized enough to know that anything we say in language only approximates that reality. Anything uttered, will only have the effect of further misleading one to the divine’s true nature. To presume the divine’s intent from our puny monkey mind earthly perspective, is ludicrous. Other students of divinity have already well covered human nature, burnt offerings, an immature whimsical god figure. The need to transfer the responsibility of our divine relationship back onto god, and then hopelessly imagining ways to please the childish insecure prick of a god.

For me Judge Viz, you are performing a great job in your service, however, me thinks your little invisible friend hooked a wheel rut on the road of life this morning and was pulled back into that Yahweh insecure god shit (Neil’s cargo cult religions).

Tell him from me to stay grounded, stick to harmony with nature, certitudes, realizing our own divineness in cosmic consciousness choosing and leave it at that.



Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


Your Dad abviously raised a couple of fine sons. While his body may have expired his love certianlly will not.



DaveR said...

Thank you all for your kind remarks.

Ali's mom said...

Because Dear Amarynth it's considered sorcery by mainstream religious fanatics who know nothing of love and wouldn't recognise Allah if he was standing right beside them.

Visible said...

Sovereignty; people who play God have no use for God. Those who worship the personal self are incapable of enjoying the impersonal life.

There is only one supreme personality and it's not me and it's not you. You're lucky, I suppose. You already know everything and you haven't even gotten there yet. I won't argue whether or not one's chief duty is to please God, which is accomplished by Loving God with all their heart and mind and serving their fellows.

Everyone is going to find out what's what, so it doesn't matter what I say. You owed me a great deal more than to take me literally, as if the words were the whole of the affair and not really much more than a portal into what they are based on. In any case, your argument isn't with me, it's with the founders of every essential system of belief and with every man and women of wisdom who far surpasses my own and says the same thing.

Good luck making that stone. I got to tell you that that really amuses me that people get up to that, as if it were some kind of isolated personal process that anyone with the will and industry could make happen.

I have been engaged in what I am engaged in for lifetimes; quite a few actually and I've read a good portion of those books. It's pretty much all I did besides take psychedelics and I noted a peculiar feature concerning everyone who ever actually achieved this; most of them just ran into someone who gave them a piece, which only lasted so long, especially if they used it all on themselves. What I noticed is that every one of them met someone first. Call him the Mysterious Stranger.

I'm not upset or out of sorts from what you said. I'm taking the time to say these things for a reason, seeing as I met that mysterious stranger.

I'm going to give you a powerful piece of information about this article you imagine you are going to concoct. Those who are nearing their term and who have been mostly good fellows and who come into possession of this item; a piece of it... it is the very rare bird that does the right thing with it. I'm telling you something that I am pretty sure has never been written down before;

see... those who get that piece, encounter, without fail, many far less fortunate than themselves on the way to using it themselves and usually when they get it, the need for them to use it on themselves is relatively great; or at least they think so but on their way to making use of it they will encounter, in various forms and possibly... it is the person who gave it to them who is doing this; persons whom they could help and should they use some portion of what they possess to help another, even before they help themselves and so on and so on... because this story is rather complex, then they will find that what they possessed has increased in size and if they have the wit to understand, they will continue to assist others until something truly miraculous happens. See, the first time they do it, their heart changes just enough for greater things.

You can think me a fool. I am sure that many people do. In most cases I am still here and they are not; now, being here is not the prize by any stretch but the manner in which one is here surely is.

I love people but I have no illusions about them or how quickly they can change into something other than they first appeared to be but that doesn't change anything, though it does make it a lot easier to treat all creatures equally. I stand by what I said, please God and see what happens, or play God and see what happens.

Iris said...

Dear DaveR;

Thank you for your brave and wayshowing words. I care for my Mom who is 90 and struggle with facing the unthinkable and inevitable. Every day is, "no, not yet, not yet". You do everything you can to maintain the happy illusion of living in a magic bubble for as long as you can. You wonder what could be possibly left after this loss, how you survive it. Thank you for such inspiring wisdom. As Visible
finds value in everyone & everything in each shifting situation, here is love's essence and immortality. There you are.


Robin Redbreast said...

Fantastic :)

amarynth said...

Uhm, pleasing God (or whichever face by any other name is turned to you).

We're supposed to be sparks of the divine, chips off of the old block?

What is it that they say, first to love yourself and then love your neighbor as yourself? Is this 'you' or this 'neighbor' not perchance God?

quote: "To presume the divine’s intent from our puny monkey mind earthly perspective, is ludicrous. "

Maybe so, but not by presumption, and not by the monkey mind - We can only divine intent if we are intent on the divine.

Richie (Dana) said...

I can sympathize with you, as I lost my father a few months ago as well. I was struck by what I perceived to be lost opportunities on his part, and resolved that I would take another path.

Visible….I have been fascinated by this Love and Fear thing for some time now. I had typed up a response to Mr. Microwave yesterday and then it was lost because of my internet connection. It seems that you can trace all things on Earth back to either Love or Fear and most importantly, motivation.

A real turning point for me was the Fukashima thing. I knew all about Monsanto, Fluoride, Aspartame, and genocide agenda’s, and my response was to filter my water, eat healthy food and take fistfuls of supplements. The day that the radiation began raining from the sky in Northern California, I realized that there was nothing I could physically do to save myself.

In a way, I just gave up the fight and gave over my existence to the Divine. I still take supplements but it seems the reasons have changed. I no longer care about Monsanto because if there really are no bad guys as we were saying yesterday, then it is all in the hands of God along with my life and tenure.
Suddenly all the scary stories abounding on the internet took on a whole new light. I began to question the motivation of each writer. Was the person writing this piece, doing it from a place of Love or Fear?
Fear is simply a distraction designed to avert your attention from the Divine. TPTW have used this for years successfully, but it does not work if you keep your eyes and heart focused on the ruler of this universe. I personally believe this to be the ultimate litmus test.
We all have a great responsibility to our fellow humans, not only in what we say, but what our motivation really is in saying it. I do not wish to be responsible for leading others astray and divert their attention from the only thing that matters in this life.

I cannot begin to thank you for everything you have done for me. The blinders are slowly being lifted from my eyes as the truth stands there shining.
Your work is outstanding in every way and my only response is gratitude.
The attack of the shills on your site has been interesting to me. Some of them are quite intelligent and logically create complex arguments complete with math functions. It is all to no avail, as the wisdom of this world is foolishness to the Divine.

Mr. Visible, I thank you.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who are psychically inclined, I offer you the following tongue-in-cheek holiday song titles, for the enjoyment of your higher consciousness:

1) Frosty the Knowman
2) "Psi"-lent Night
3) I'll Be Home for Krishna
4) Aum Dreaming of a White Christmas
5) Guru Hear What I Hear?

Richie (Dana) said...


What can I say?

You would presume to teach God?
Good Luck, my friend.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

While I posted to your blog my problem was not with you per se. Had you wrote some thing to the effect, be in frequency harmonic resonance with the creator, or experiencing a love with the divine, you would have just received another note of gratitude from me on another fine post. I guess what triggered it for me was the VERY IMPORTANT to please the Divine twice in the same paragraph. My experience with love is that for it to be real its nature should also be equitable. While I have a tough time with a god concept where he is overly concerned with me personally, I can accept a being who takes some satisfaction when he sees the design of his creation, working more closely with how he has intended it (grin). More semantics I guess than anything of cosmic substance.

We are pretty much in agreement the matter of the Stone though I had a difficult time with the book you recommended. History has belaboured the risks and warnings of potential abuse of those that pursue the stone and we need not go there. Where we differ is in personal preference ie… we have a longevity DNA gene, and it’s been deactivated (no God did not deactivate it, it was some other son of a bitch) making it near impossible to make meaning full progress beyond poorly raising a family, roof and food on the table in a normal lifetime.

The Stone would restore the longevity where a life of love and service would be possible, to devote one’s time and attention to finishing the great work of transformation of the soul. Also appealing about the Stone work is that the needed insights can only be attained through “being in a conducive way with the Divine” (resonance entrained, or love pick your words) and that feedback fact is always certified or not in the crucible. You will not find me trudging down the road seeking that mysterious stranger, hoping to provide me with something that I not prepared to work for myself. Like you, I too am weary of the market place; I like the convenience and self reliance of making my own metal, thereby avoiding the distraction and time in the markets.



wv: trusness

Visible said...

And you realize it was semantics? Like I said, but phrasing it differently so as to not make a similar error; I would think I would have been allowed that latitude then.

Anyway, short of doing what thou wilt being the whole of the law, have at it. You don't get that option however when it comes to the mysterious stranger and as for semantics, though it may not seems so (grin), I am addressing people other than yourself. Heh heh... whatever.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

I’m laughing the absurdity to find myself in a position clarifying semantics to someone of your wordsmith abilities. I guess we split wood at the pile we find ourselves with axe. Terms like harmony, resonance, unity and oneness are appropriate cosmic descriptors; the term "pleasing" for me at least comes down a step from that level and with it inappropriate inferences.



gurnygob said...

I heard it said that knowledge is useless with wisdom but I have neither, so what would I know. To seek harmony with nature requires a certain amount of placating from the seeker. You can’t please something you have no respect for. You can’t respect what you have no knowledge of and without wisdom how would you know the difference? This is true wisdom; to love the lord thy god with thy whole heart and strength and mind, thy whole being; and love thy neighbour as thy self. How is this possible without first seeking to appease, which is the same as placate, which is the same as, to please the object of your love? It is in giving that we receive.

This is my beloved son in whom I Am well pleased.

Great post and comments Les.


gurnygob said...

Here is a good example of how “not” to love your neighbour


Visible said...

I can't stand Peter Shiff, now I know why.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible et al,
I too know that God is. I have been shown. Praise God.
"And to the ethereal vaults resound the praise of God." (Haydn)
And this unique spot in the ether is a sounding board for faith. Thank you, Visible.

Anonymous said...

Vis, Sov, Gang --

On that --do what thou wilt --thing-ie (and I'm not defending anything here, mind you) -- but it does state -- do what thou wilt UNDER LOVE...

Under love was understood to mean that you understood God's love and that it is omnipotent and you should model you will after the Divine -- not the other way around...

Just sayin' -- all the doctrine has been messed with...

Happy New Year to all and to all a good night --


nutbolik wv yessir!

Visible said...

'actually, so far as I remember the specific quote, it's "love is the law, love under will".

Heard It In A Love Song said...

This whole Tim Tebow thing is a fine demonstration of how the godless fear the Divine. They know Tebow is the real deal and it scares them. He has stated that God is not on the field or opening up coverage or holes for the backs and is not rooting for the Broncos.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Before the big battle, Arjuna had the favor from Krishna of choosing first.

Choose either Krishna's entire army or Krishna Himself as chariot driver who would not fight in the battle.

Arjuna chose Krishna, much to the delight of his rival Duryodhana who considered Arjuna a fool to turn away the huge and magnificently armed army of Krishna.

Duryodhana left feeling very fortunate.

He considered Arjuna already vanquished...

Lee said...

Thank you for the sermon on the Mount of Origami. This was the most honest you have been.

You have shown humility too. It opened my heart and eyes.

All things of value that I perceived, had none. Which is comforting since I don't have much in the first place. *pleasant smile*

I feel a sense of relief and less burdened.

Anonymous said...

Re "It is better to realize that you will lose everything, before you lose everything, than when you do. In truth you lose nothing of value. All that you had of value in anyone or anything was the same presence in everyone and everything."

Ahhh.. Viz - just when I thought you'd said it all, you go and hit it right outta the park again!

Blessings be upon you in the New Year ;)

- Frankie

MIH said...

“While I have a tough time with a god concept where he is overly concerned with me personally…”

God is not concerned with you personally, you are. God is concerned with the Child, and when you die it is clear the Child is Life.

Not a stone of the world is holy or it is all holy. No transformation was begun by you that is not merely transforming.

Between the Child and you is Inspiration – in the middle of time is the realization of a mysterious giving reflection.

Mo visible said...

Thank you Les, Sveta is there I hope I follow.
Mo visible

Terrance said...

Visible..great post!.....

Being here is not the prize, but the manner in which one is here surely is!.....right on!

People are itching for a fight over just about anything!....redemption thru struggle!

I will help you, has more weight than just saying I love you........onelove

Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,
Once again you cleave the diamond with a single blow.

"There is nothing that The Divine cannot accomplish in you but your fear stands in the way. Fear is the parent of uncertainty and also the father of much that is evil."

The worst enemy on my own path has been myself; more specifically, my own fear. Our egos are merely the psychological construct of our fear. Without fear, there is no separation. Easy to understand but hard to consistently practice, for me. Thus the value in reiteration and support I find here. Love truly displaces fear.

As to fear being the father of much evil, I can only say perhaps ALL evil is the product of fear. Just as Light banishes darkness, Love banishes evil.

LV, Thanks for your continued efforts, your substance and style.

Friends, Thanks for sharing your own insights; this, too, is Love.
DaveR, Iris, Richie(Dana), est: you have all become stronger through your passages, and strengthen the rest of us by sharing them. Thank You. Keep howlin', Blessed Pack!

Peace, Love, Awareness,


willie said...

LV - I was anonymously led to one of your radio broadcasts and was immediately blown away by what I heard. Which led me to your website and your various blogs. Which, after reading any of them, elicits a farrago of cortical chatter which bids me to engage in a game of one-upmanship as pertains to Ultimate Realization. But it's a fool's game and I get my ass handed to me, all wrapped up in crepe paper and ribbon, every time.
So, I will just offer my appropriate obeisance and fade into the background.
I'm glad I found you. I will learn a lot here.

Anonymous said...

all this speculating about god from people who don't know, in love with their ideas. there are some who actually know!

"There’s this recognition that, if consciousness is all there is, who is this Rick character trying to change everything? Who is he and what’s he working on? I mean, if consciousness is all there is, then there’s no-one separate from consciousness, it’s just consciousness, it’s just unfolding. In that instant there was a sense of great relief. It wasn’t like fireworks going off or ecstasy—just a deep relief. Like [exhales deeply] phew! And there was a great sense of freedom, because no longer was there anything to do.

At first it seemed like I didn’t have anything to do because that was the only language I had, but it became clear that not only didn’t I have anything to do, but there was no I to do it. There was no-one left, there was no I, there was no you, there was nothing to do, there was nothing separate; it was just consciousness, just oneness. It was just All There Is, just That, and the history disappeared too, because without the individual, what was this past like? What exactly was this story? It was just a story arising in the now, that’s what it is. What’s being discussed now is a story arising in the eternal present of this supposed individual who had a supposed history. That’s why, when I talk about before or after the shift, it’s just figurative, it’s just a story arising in the now."

scroll down to:
Rick Linchitz – No You and No Me

thom j

Rob in WI said...

Are you trying to provoke a "wordsmith" competition with Visible?
Can the Divine be relegated to word descriptions (in any tongue)? You seem to have accepted that, and yet continue to try to know how to make words (arrange them), that will describe the Divine. Reading your comments, the word "conceit" comes to mind. I've had my own struggles with that, so please don't take offense. It's an easy trap to get caught in. Peace, Rob

Anonymous said...

Let's pitifully fight with brooms in Bethlehem. Fuck me, but it's lots of fun being here.
Enjoy the ride, from Minnesota

Nate said...

Great post Visible.

There are many pearls to be gleaned from this one. You sometimes mention depth charges, there have been many of them lately in the blogs.

Thank you for your persistence.

Wishing I could go to Mexico, but it is not in the cards for me.

As a side note, here is a link to an article that states part of what you have been saying all along.

siamsaim said...


Sorry about your loss. The following song makes me sad but helps to appreciate what was ...

Anonymous said...

Les, nice to end the season with the meaning of the seed of potential. When the holy spirit can move unhindered, meaning create in all directions at once, the epiphany is prodigy.

The prodigy is the image created when the universal laws are working along with the laws of this world of formation. Free will dictates that everything in the universe abides by the law by free will. When everyone practices free will without impinging on the freedoms of another, the holy shekinal produces in all directions at once.

The random equation of natural selection is was and will always be the immacualte concept.

So when you see a small child who can act, sing dance or create beyond maturity and see him beyond genius, you are seeing the seed of potential fulfilled in it's time and in it's place.

That is what most people seek. To fulfil their lives in their time, and in their place. And when there is sinchronicity, than you are looking into the face of the whole image of God.

Just like Arjuna, who seen god and talked to him like a long lost friend.

but the spirit of genius is beyone uplifting, there is a real epiphany of the spirit when you witness it.

I had the absolute joy of watching a small child perform well beyone his years, and seen him reach his greatness in that moment.

This is why hope springs eternal. This is what we all want to witness, the heavenly child, beyond the maturity of grown men, co creators, not mere creatures.

We all want to reach that branch of orion, that is the great promise, that is the hope of this world. And we innately know that we must protect defend and fulfill the law, so that we can see that potential fulfilled.

This is what I live for, and I duly pray for a demonstration.....

here's to 2012


est said...

the purest water is

seeping through some
stones out west

i have never tasted it
but i've heard of it

the universal solvent
i need to bathe

don't forget to
wash your brothers feet

please forgive me
i'm not quite right

est said...

this should help
to explain what i feel

we got to get back
to the garden

Chinese Sneakers said...

Absolutely superb resonance achieved in the following:

"It is better to realize that you will lose everything, before you lose everything, than when you do. In truth you lose nothing of value. All that you had of value in anyone or anything was the same presence in everyone and everything. What do I aspire to most? I aspire to be drunk and ripped out of my mind on The Ineffable. THIS IS AN ACTUAL CONDITION, demonstrated by certain Sufi dervishes and ecstatics of every stripe and denomination. This is that wine of Bacchus and Dionysus, as surely as it is the wine of Jesus. It's a real thing. It is part of the meaning of changing water into wine"

(capitalization was mine)


Howard T. Lewis III said...

"We have a ‘christian’ group in our neighborhood sporting some very rough looking husbands that knew about the Deepwater Horizon oil well blowout and relocation campaign before the net got it. Maurice Strong’s name was mentioned by them at that time when I asked where they obtained relocation flyers and other info A DAY BEFORE WEBSITES RELAYED THEIR NEWS of the explosion and well destruction. NWO=OWO+CFRtv+IMF+UN. The oil well blowout was and is an ongoing attack on the economic welfare of the U.S. and against God/Gaea and nature. Al ‘D’ Gore is the queen of England’s ‘global warming’ wizard. The NWO a thinly veiled scam to put queen lizard back at the head of the table."

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Amen, brother Les.

Many good wishes,

Anonymous said...

full circle
meadow green
wild flower
spring stream
lighted candle
living touch
weaving song bird
rising up
warming cold
livened ground
sky and stars
calm of sound
crown of heart
union call
earth in one
love of all


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Blitzkrieg der Wunderbar, Together we Are.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Rob in Wi

"Reading your comments, the word "conceit" comes to mind. I've had my own struggles with that, so please don't take offense"

No offence taken Rob... your sincerity rings loud and clear. To travel the narrow cosmic trails transending conceit was task addressed long ago (vigil is always required continously). You may have mistaken certitude (which is rare) for conceit and is a common mistake.



Publius said...

Les Visible, you would profit from reading Lev Shestov. He is I think one you will resonate with in regards to the Divine. He too argues that the Divine is all powerful and not closed off by any laws of human reason. Namely his point that the philosophers prefer a Socrates poisoned like a dog forever to a Socrates resurrected by Divine pleasure. Or that contrary to all modern thought the world is a creation and man a creature of creation.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Leo Tolstoy is one of the greatest and finest human beings of whom the West and East has ever had the pleasure and pain of knowing..

Anonymous said...

I prefer Dr. Chopra and unlimited potentiality. That we are also the light and the Universe is at our figure tips, all one has to do is let the Universe in. We to can be Divine and have unlimited potential.

Like the power of desire, think how powerful that is...desire. Desire something and how much will do use to get what you desire, how much power do you use to get it, that is unlimited potential in all people, to get what you desire.

Visible said...

Gee, if only Deepak could get away from his busy and profitable schedule you might be right.

Anonymous said...


Deepack it in a suitcase, Deepack it in a mattress, Deepack it in a pillowcase, Deepack it in a CD, Deepack it in a gold chain, Deepack in a set of Raybans, Deepack it in my pockets, Deepack it in my gold grill, Deepack it in a cheap thrill.

The only thing missing is an extra p in the name and it would be God's funniest impersonation of a fleshy douche bag; ever.

no offense to the commentor but, for fuck's sake that scat was funny.

laffing deep,



vis or anyone, if more lyrics come to you with frolicking notes of does eat oats, and deepack goats while little lambs eat ivy... then by all means fill in the gaps of the deepack rap and add some versus and curses but don't let it get (wurses*w.v.). 420 be at my hizzy

ravenise said...

Aloha Visible! This was a magnificent read. It resonated deeply with a few experiences that I have had personally as well. As you say, you have met God. Occasionally I find myself questioning the providence of God... or, perhaps it is the common definition or simply the word 'God' that people often throw around without any deeper understanding that leaves me scratching my head. I am very skeptical person by nature because of my childhood religious indoctrination.... yet I'm always surprised and shown things, more and more often it seems, that remove any question to me that the divine exists. My experiences are often like dreams, where just as your feet hit the floor you are grasping to remember what happened. I've had encounters with the ineffable that could only be compared to full blown psychedelic experiences.

I know from personal experience that Angels (or whatever I expereinced) can be terrifying. After a kundalini awakening not too long ago I had one practically physically pick me up by the scruff of the neck. I had no control for the duration of the encounter. I'm talking full on physical / metaphysical presence. For lack of better words, it approached me as a holographic vibratory fractal with multiple facests, or copies of itself, folding into and out of itself. Each was a vibration, a sound starting from high frequencies and shifting like a vortex to lower frequencies. As it approached it almost sounded like a flock of birds chirping. I still don't know exactly what it was, or what it was doing, but I felt as though it could see me for who I was and... it felt like it was my karma, or my entire life experience being shown to me. It was speaking to me at a level that I could not comprehend conciously, only viscerally. It was ineffable. The only thing I could do was hang on to the couch for dear life and stare it in the 'eye' pouring out love.

I've had other experiences in nature and in the day to day where I completely understood that everything is exactly where it was supposed to be. Everything is under control, every single insect, every single seed in the air, every single particle. This left me without any doubt that we are always being looked after by an invisible cosmic force that runs through everything and guides us all.

Take good care Visible. I wish you a wonderful, relaxing, and safe journey into the great unknown.

Sliver said...

Wow, that was a great article, Les.
That really felt like it was about my current place where I am. Makes me feel like I am dancing in truth and light.
Less fear. More Awake.

Moe Flats said...

"Last, but not least: Call upon God within your mind if you feel the barrage of bad thoughts is too much for you to handle. It works for me EVERY TIME I do it. I was just mentally attacked, and as long as I prayed I remained perfectly calm and free of unwanted thoughts. I actually felt GREAT even though a "storm" of horrible thoughts was upon me. I just want whoever is reading this to know that I am pretty imperfect and it STILL WORKS. The Bible says "He who calls upon the name of God will be saved". Try this and you might get a taste of Heaven itself IN THOSE MOMENTS you ordinarily would be on the verge of losing your mind! I did."

neal said...

If creation is a by product of itself, then maybe buying and selling is to be expected. Well, no one much listens to the wind, these days, except when that gets kind of forced. Be maybe careful, it's some kind of beautiful force, and that will have what it what have, and those little tiny things get blown up, that is a strange brew. No bullies or bullets work around these parts, mostly. That is just the wind talking, no repeats asked for, or gibbon.

Anonymous said...

that's right. to think is to circumspect, to know is divine.



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